Late Night Call

30 Haziran 2020 0 Yazar: admin


Late Night CallIt was late and I was ready for bed. So as usual I stripped down to my underwear and got comfortable in my bed. While lying in my bed I began to drift off when suddenly I got a call. It was from her. As I answered the phone in my low voice that she found oh so sexy and I said “hello beautiful.” As she replied and said “hello handsome.” The normal non sex related conversation lasted for a little while before things took a turn for the freaky. As I started thinking about her gorgeous body her 34DD breast followed by her flat stomach which led to her beautiful labia and her small but soft nice ass. All of these curves complementing her short petite statue so well. My penis began to become erect. And I soon found myself asking her “What are you wearing baby?” she was quite then replied “A bra and panties.” As she told me this I closed my eyes and tried to imagine her beautiful body. Then before I knew it I let out a silent moan. This turned out to be not that silent when she asked me. “What are you doing over there sir?” she asked in a sassy but playful tone. I laughed a little and said “The thing I do the best.” “And that might be?” she quickly asked. And I answered and stated in my low voice bayraklı escort bayan “touching myself.” There was a silence for a short time which broke when she asked. “What are you thinking about?” and I told her “all the things I would do to you babe.” As I thought about what I do to her body I glanced down at my own body. I wasn’t a bad looking guy. I was 5’11” nice flat abs and a 10” penis. That was pretty thick as well. As I lay in my bed slowly stroking my member I began moaning a little bit louder and telling her what I would do to her. I told her in my low sexy voice how I would kiss her ever so passionately then slowly motion to kiss and lick her neck. While holding her close to my warm naked body and removing her bra. Once her bra was off I’d keep kissing and licking her neck as I gently pinched her hard nipples and rolled them between my fingers. Then I would slowly lick the top of her chest as I worked my way to her bare breast. As I licked the right nipple I never stopped pinching and playing with the left one. Then I motioned over and began to lick on the left nipple. As I switch back and forth I would slowly pull down her cute panties as she moaned in my ear and told me escort bayraklı not to stop. Once her panties where around her ankles I released her right breast and led my fingers down to her swollen wet labia. As I would begin to rub her wet moist pussy I could feel her breath on my neck. All the while I’m telling her this she’s moaning in my ear telling me “To keep going!” “I asked her what she was doing?” (The whole while I knew what was doing I just liked hearing her say it) “I’m playing with my pussy daddy.” She moaned and said in her sweet low sexy voice. As I continued to stroke my dick very slowly I went back to telling her what I would do to her. I told her that while I licked and sucked on her nipples my two fingers would go and explore what was her wet juicy pussy. Slowly they would move going up and down her wet labia while my thumb was pressed and rubbing her clit. Then my fingers would go inside of her. As I told her this she let out a loud moan and said “oh…daddy…yes tell me more!” there it was pretty clear she was fingering her self. Then I began to moan a little bit louder and started to stroke myself a little bit faster. Then I went back to telling her more. “Then with my fingers bayraklı escot in her pussy I would begin to go in and out while licking on her nipples still then as I would go in I would twirl my fingers making circles inside her pussy.” As I said this she began to moan louder and more frequent. Then I realized I couldn’t tell her the slow soft story any longer. I then told her how I … was going to bend her over and stick my throbbing penis inside her wet twat. When I told her this she began to moan more and louder as she went from fucking her pussy with two fingers to three. Then she told me to tell her more. So I told her I would drive my fat hard throbbing dick deep into her pussy as she screamed and called me daddy as I could feel her coming close to an orgasm. Then she moaned louder as she fucked herself harder and screamed “DADDY IM CUMING!” I replied in my soft voice “cum for daddy… cum for me baby.” She moaned more and more and she told me “Daddy I’m cuming …aw daddy I’m cuming for you.” Then I began to reach my own orgasm as I could feel the cum rushing from my shaft to the tip. I began to moan and say “baby I’m cuming!” “Aw yes daddy cum for me!” she said. Then I began to moan more and more as I looked down and saw the streams of cum flowing from my throbbing dick. I let out another big moan and laid there while we both recovered from are orgasms we laughed and told each other how much we loved each other and we slowly drifted asleep…