Kristy’s pregnant, and the men line up to tak

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Kristy’s pregnant, and the men line up to takThat’s one of the problem’s when you’re pregnant, it gives you an awkward gait, the hollow back look, as you involuntary arch upwards to counter your swollen belly, as you walk, flat footed and laboured.Another well known trait are our cravings, for strange foods, pickles, ice-cream and lemons, and in rare and extreme cases, sperm.’Got over the shock’, well that’s what this little story is about, that rare breed of pregnant females, who want a mouthful of others men’s sperm.I know a lot of you readers out there will think, ‘OMG, Mariel has gone a little too far this time’, but guys, it’s true, you see, we can trace all our peculiar traits down to hormonal imbalances, which also include emotional instability, our bodies convincing us we no longer look beautiful, so we need cuddling and constant attention, and for some women, physical love is emotional love, a good fuck is another way of telling us you love us, ask any pregnant teenager why she opened her legs.Now here is the conundrum we face, our bellies are swollen, so the act of taking sperm through the normal channels, have been exercised, so in the act of loving back, we take it in our mouths, to swallow and show the man loving us we appreciate his loving, twisted and weird, but great for the men supplying the seed, ‘Once you have shagged a pregnant woman, you never go back’, is the motto of these freeloaders, my part in all this sordid affair, I supply a steady stream of hormonal wet bitches, it makes for great viewing, and that’s what I like doing.NB: Check my video ‘Drinking Cum’, sorry if you thought it me, I liked the idea, but no, it’s my younger sister, heavily pregnant, I cut this short 30 second clip from the longer one, my sister consented to her being mentioned, we were entertaining six guys, she swallowed the lot. ON THIS STORY AND SEND YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS FOR THE FULL UNEDITED VERSION, YOU WILL SEE MY FACE, AND PERHAPS MY PHONE NUMBER.If you have not cum with her swallowing, let me tell you of an account when I met an old school girlfriend, whom I met and in such a dilemma, she needed a good fuck, and I true to form, phoned around and rounded up some of the dirtiest fuckers I know, I mean this girl, Kristy (Real name), was none other that the schools beauty queen, two years running, and some of the guys I phoned, were guys she would never have given the time of day, when she was queen, so you can imagine their excitement, at çorum escort being given the opportunity to blow their wads into her pretty bow mouth, with swollen lips.I wont bore you with the details as to how we got to the stage of her confessing her needs, just that we were sitting in the back of a cab, holding hands, speeding to where my selection of men were preparing for her immanent arrival, ‘Fuck them fresh’ is my motto, and Kristy was as fresh as you could get, ‘Are your knickers wet’, I whispered into her ear, laughing as I whispered, I caught a look of the drivers rear view mirror, as he watched us, I think he thought us a pair of Lesbians, ‘I took them off in the bathroom, when you phoned around’, she said out louder than she meant to, I bet the driver was creaming his underpants, I continued to eyeball him as she spoke, then smiling I spoke out loud to him, ‘A wank for the fare driver’, a huge smile broke across the mirror, ‘You’re on’, he said and immediately indicated and pulled into a lay-by, we were on the country road, so no time to waste, the engine off, he climbed in-between us, and slipped his denims off, while Kristy and I worked our hands, tongues and lips, his fascination on her pregnancy saw him ejaculate, with my hand clamped hard around his swollen shaft, deliver a hot steam of cum onto her naked belly, which she duly rubbed in, ‘The babies father loves to lick my belly, he will think it’s my salty sweat’, before adding her contempt for the man who impregnated her, ‘Dumb Fucker’.We arrived somewhat satiated, the poor driver providing us only with a savory snack, not even something to be considered an appetizer, no were outside where the main course had arrived, the men inside unawares of what we were chewing on recently, but as he drove off, so did any memory of what happened, that’s how quickly we forget, now the fun starts.As we made our way to the front door, Kristy must have thought the cock supply inside would be unknown to her, but the deviousness and the benevolence within me, made for a little of the forbidden and the ply on her, too late to say no, her need for sex, would have let the dog fuck her, if I and the others inside wished to see her perform on our four-legged friend.Back in our school days, when she was the queen bee, we were girls who ruled the roost, the difference being I would let a more unfortunate and lesser mortal have his oats, she on the other hand showed she was a cut above them, and would send them packing.One of the men inside was a guy, escort çorum who nearly had her, and in the most inappropriate place, her ass.When I first met him I was at a party and fucking the head boy. We were in a bedroom and naked, fucking standing up, my legs wrapped around his waist, my arms flung around his neck, bouncing up and down on his manhood, his pubic bone crushing my little clitoris, it was a great position and I was totally immersed in the fuck, cumming close to release, when I felt him push in behind me, his little cock, hard as a rock, skimming across the tight folds of my bum.He clung to my tits, as he humped furiously, shooting his load up my back and down my thighs, while his co-conspirator, offloaded inside my pussy, my reason for allowing it, was my own impending release, and this was a new and wondrous experience, two guys cumming on me simultaneously.Months later at another party, Kristy and I decided to share a bed, she was feeling shitty have smoked some pot and drank hard liqueur, so we stripped-off and went to bed.I was awoken by this guy trying to get into bed with us, in fact he had sneaked into the room, locked the door, and was in the process of climbing over me to get to her.We were both naked, as the room had no air-conditioning, and as I awoke he was leaning across me, his cock on my tits, kissing her in the mouth, the stench of his sweat in my nostril, but his cock somewhat enticing, as my own pussy was wet and felt like some attention, I slipped my hand down and took hold of him and started to wank him.He eased off of me and edged towards my mouth, and as I sucked on him, Kristy turned onto her face, her curvaceous ass now outlined poised high in the air, she lay there, her eyes open watching me suck him, I eased him out of my mouth, ‘Want a suck’, I asked her, feeling him freeze, as I spoke in hushed tones, she was the goddess and had blown him off before, not in the sense of sucking him, but telling him to fuck-off.In the small hours, she felt different and like me, was in the mood, ‘You continue’, she said, ‘I like to watch you’, then without warning, she slid her hand between her legs and stated wanking in front of both of us, her pert bum rising and falling as she stroked her wet pussy.That was too much of an opportunity for this guy to pass up on and he slid effortlessly across my front and right onto her arched bum, both their bodies enmeshing like a jigsaw puzzle piece, his cock finding route between her wet upper legs, he humped her like a man çorum escort bayan possessed.She had stopped frigging her pussy, ‘Mariel for fucks sake get him off of me’, she begged quietly, for fear others would hear us, but he was groaning and making strange noises, ‘Is he inside you’, I asked her, perhaps hoping he was, ‘No’, came her desperate plea, ‘He’s trying to get in my bum’, she said through clenched teeth, an indication her asshole was clamped tightly shut to the this marauding cock, ‘Relax’, I said, let him finish, ‘He will shot onto your bum’, and at that she did and he humped her cheeks, like a man taking a long cool drink after a day without water.She lay subserviently, ‘Dont you try to stick that inside me’, she turned and whispered to him, relaxing and letting him make full use of her pert cheeks, I reached between them both and felt both his hard cock thrusting against her wet flesh, and her cunt, as it poured forth more and more self lubrication, and as my hand maneuvered between their sex organs, I could feel her restart her own masturbation, soon she enjoyed the feeling of him humping her bum, and relaxed sufficiently to allow me to grip him and pull him down between her legs, where his next thrust put him inside her cunt, a thrust that made her cum, she was being barebacked and he one of the selected few, privileged to shoot his sperm into her fertile pussy, what was I doing as she came, I was massaging his balls of course, squeezing hard as if each squeeze would put more love juice inside her, he never got the holy grail, her ass, but he got the next best thing, he came in her playground, the sewer next door, would happen within the next few hours, we had discussed it on the phone, and I promised him she would submit this afternoon.As we entered they were all there, all of them naked and ready, their expectant cocks to attention, and after the brief introductions, we were asked to strip naked, all the men were older than us, one in particular, almost our combined age, I was happy to see she was receptive to him, but as she approached the only guy to have fucked us both at school, he put both his hands on her swollen belly, and as they kissed, he slipped his hand down onto and into her wet and open pussy, ‘This one mine Kristy’, he said laughingly, with reference to their bare-backing sex session with me that night, ‘No darling’, she replied somewhat dreamily, ‘I dropped that bastard, the minute I knew you made me so’, both him and I for that matter never knew he was successful, we all never knew he had impregnated her, how things come out in the future.I shall continue if you like this sort of stuff, I shall count the responses and comments, believe me, these men abuse pregnant ladies, so beware