Jerking off with my Friend’s sister Part 2

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Jerking off with my Friend’s sister Part 2So Sam and I had been Jerking off together for about a week. I loved watching her climax covered in my cum. And apparently she loved getting sprayed down. Each time we would jerk off together, she wouldn’t cum until I did. It was easy for me to cum since she was so hot, I actually felt like I had to hold back a little, which made it feel all the better. It made it really easy for me to cum multiple times around her.The last time we jerked off together, I went into my friends house, walked up stairs, heard the sound of that vibrator going and decided to play a trick. I stripped down to nothing, and stood outside her door. I could hear her moaning through the cracked door, and noticed she was watching a little porn. I started jerking off in the hallway to get myself close. Once I felt myself about to cum, I walked into the room and approached her from behind. She had headphones on so she bursa escort couldn’t hear me approach. I got her good with my first shot of cum right over her shoulder and onto her tits. She jumped in surprise, but relaxed once she saw it was me.It had been a little bit since we started jerking off together, so I was ready to try new things. After I unloaded my cum onto her tits and into her hair, I decided to try something new. I turned her around in her chair and got on my knees. she was casually wiping my cum off of her, when I dove in head first. I didn’t even say a word the entire time. I immediately thrust my tongue into her already wet and pulsing pussy.The taste was so sweet, and her reaction was immediate. The sigh of pleasure, and relaxing of her muscles told me she wanted this, as I had wanted this. Her hand moved to my head to push my face harder into her pussy as I flicked her clit with my tongue. At this escort bursa point I was starting to get aroused again, and I could taste her juices flowing, and feel her pussy tightening. As she moaned louder I pushed my tongue harder into her clit, massaging it at a faster and faster pace. I reached my hand up to grab her tits, and thats when she started cumming.At first he breathing was hard and fast, and then it seems to stop. I could feel hea muscles clench around my tongue, as I thrust it as deep as I could inside of her. When She said “keep going” I resumes licking her clit up and down and she let out a loud yelp, followed by several moans, and shakes, until her body came to a rest. At this point I was fully erect and fully horny again. She was fully satisfied, and almost limp in her chair. I rose to be upright and looked down to notice my cock was only inches from her wet shaven pussy. I thought about ramming it bursa escort bayan straight into her, and fucking her until we both came again, but I didn’t have any condoms, and I knew she wasn’t on birth control. So I stood up, and straddled her.I grabbed the lotion on her desk and sprayed a big glob right between her tits. As I started rubbing it in with my erect cock, she almost instinctively pushed her tits together around my cock. I thrusted my cock back and forth as she put the pressure on with her firm perfect tits. I looked up and noticed the prn was still playing on her computer. It was a scene where a man was fucking some girl in the ass over the back of a couch. I didn’t recognize it at the time, but I loved that the porn was paing as I fucked Sam’s beautiful tits. This went on for a while, until I started to cum.I thrust my cock out of the top of her tits, and shot my first string of cum onto her nose and chin. After that I pulled out and jerked the rest straight onto her cheeks and chin. It was a beautiful sight once again, seeing her beautiful face covered in my cum. As she reached for the towel she said to me, “I’ve got a friend I’d like you to meet”…