James: Gay Sugar Daddy Part Three

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James: Gay Sugar Daddy Part ThreeAfter James plowed my ass and left me plastered with jizz, I couldn’t stop thinking about him. I couldn’t even make it through the morning without thinking about how good it felt sucking his cock and the warm salty taste of his sweaty rod penetrating my mouth. I relived the encounter with my dildo for several days afterwards. All I could think about was doing it again. Every time the bar door opened, I looked up, hoping to see my big greying bear, ready to give his dick to my cute little cub ass. A month or two passed and I was beginning to give up hope when James walked into the bar, but this time he wasn’t alone. The bar was empty expect for a large chubby black man pounding wine coolers. I found myself confused and a little angry with James, but I went over to take their order. James brought what I assumed was his partner, another very dashing man in his 40’s, with a burly build, tall, and masculine. I walked up and casually asked for their orders. I looked at James very intensely, but he only ignored me. I dropped off the drinks while they talked, not even looking at me. In defiant despair, I went over to talk with the chubby black man. He must have been close to 300 pounds, curly black hair, really nerdy looking guy. As I bent over to pick up his drink, I noticed James watching me now. I acted quickly and tried to make him jealous by falling into the black man’s lap. I acted ditzy and brought the black guy a free rounds of drinks. I started really flirting and rubbing the black man’s arm seeing casino siteleri James look on with a sly smile.When closing time came around, the whole bar was very drunk, including me. I was basically handing out free booze and drunkenly trying to make James jealous by throwing myself at the chubby black man, Melvin. Melvin said liked movies and I agreed. Melvin asked me what kind and I said loud enough for James and his partner to hear, “The kind where one guy fucks another guy”, I almost yelled. The whole bar laughed as I went to get everyone another round. I told everyone it was closing time and asked if I could get anybody anything else. “How about on of those dirty movies” James’ partner asked. I looked at him and smile. I went to the cash register and grabbed a DVD called something like “Cumpig bears 7”. I went to the DVD player and put on the hardcore cumshot reel. “Anything else?” I teased James, looking him in the eye. Just before James opened his mouth to speak, Melvin piped in. “Will you suck my dick please?” he asked hesitantly but with a spark of hope in his voice. We all looked at Melvin, his glasses, curly hair, chubby, and nerdy. It almost looked like he had never had a blow job before. “I am sure out other customers would love that” I said jokingly trying to brush off his request.”I wouldn’t mind”, the partner said slyly. James stood up and walked over to lock the front door and turn of the open sign.”Yeah,” James muttered cooly, “We’ll just mind our business and help ourselves to the bar” James said slowly, canlı casino with an almost evil tone to his voice. I gasped and was offended, but in a kinky kind of way, it turned me on. I was going to show James what he was missing by not wanting to fuck me any more, even if it was with a chubby nerdy guy like Melvin. I don’t like stereotypes, but I knew most black guys were well equipped in the meat department, so I took a chance. I went back and got the desk chair from the back office and instructed Melvin to sit down. I quickly unbuckled Melvin and discovered that despite his chubby body and pimply face, he had a great dick. Long caramel shaft with a pink tip pulsating with excitement, with saggy tennis-sized balls resting on the chair. I wrapped my mouth around the tip and starting giving an slow blow job. I slurped up Melvin, who must have been hard since I first started flirting with him. I worked and worked my mouth down, cramming inch after inch into my mouth. Melvin breathed heavy and nervously watched me. I wasn’t sure if it was his first blow job, but I treated it like it was. I was slow and tender, reminding me of the blow job I gave my ex-bf after prom. I lovingly cupped his balls and took his entire cock down my throat. I worked my head and worked my head to fuck my own throat with his big black cock. “Wow, look at him take that” I heard the partner whisper to James. I started to stroke faster and faster, trying my best to get Melvin to cum. I worked as fast as I could and started moaning with pleasure. I took kaçak casino off my shirt to get Melvin excited and sucked more. After ten minutes, my jaw was tired and it was clear that alcohol was interfering with Melvin’s ability to blow a load. “You might have to fuck him” James instructed from across the room, his hand trying to tame his dick through his jeans.I went to the cash register and grabbed some lube (yes, it’s sort of a sleezy bar). I lubed up my ass and warmed it with my fingers while I kissed Melvin, who forcefully kissed by sticking his tongue in my mouth. I pushed him back and straddled him reverse cowboy so I could look at James and his partner while I rode him. I worked up speed and got my own cock hard. It bounced up and down with the movements of my fucking. Melvin sat still as I slowing worked my ass down on his dick. He awkwardly tried to thrust, when I pushed down all the way and started to ride. I dripped lube on my chest and rubbed on my nipples, putting on a show. Before I knew it, Melvin burst and I felt him explode in my ass. I worked him harder as he gushed out cum, which was now leaking out of my ass and on to my leg. Melvin pulled out and finished his load on my ass cheeks. He slapped his cock on my ass and let out a huge sigh of satisfaction. James and his partner cheered and hollered. I took Melvin’s cum from my ass and spread it across my chest. Looking James dead in the eye from across the bar, I blew a small load. I got up to get some towels from the back to clean up. When I got back, Melvin had vanished, probably embarrassed about what I just did to him. I returned from the back from to see James and his parter walking out holding hands.”Fun night” James said, “We’ll see you soon. He kissed his partner and walked out. More to cum.