Invitation to dinner with friends (Part 2)

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Invitation to dinner with friends (Part 2)Both John and Tim’s fingers were spreading apart their best friends wife’s pussy as the limo suddenly came to a halt and the interior lights came on. They all glanced through squinty eyes to see the men’s hands moving from under the dresses. Kathy and Ann quickly pulled their skirts down and moved back to sit next to their husbands. They looked presentable when James opened the door.”Here we are.” He said with a smile on his face. Although he could not see what was going on he could hear quite a bit of moaning. “I hope you all had an enjoyable ride.” He smiled as he saw a pair of panties by the vent.”Yes. It was quite nice.” John said while kissing Ann on the cheek. “Let’s go to dinner.”As soon as the two couples entered the restaurant Ann and Kathy went to the restroom. They didn’t say a word as they entered separate stalls and took some toilet paper to dry their wet pussies. “Are you OK with this?” Ann finally asked from her locked stall.”With what?” Kathy answered knowing fully well what she meant.”I saw John touching you and you saw Tim touching me.” Ann answered.”How do you feel about it?” Kathy asked unsure how this conversation was going. She would drop it in her friend’s hands. If she felt it was OK then she would go along.”I think it was the champagne.” Ann said trying to look for an excuse for her looseness.Kathy flushed her toilet and moved out to the sink. She waited for Ann to come out.”I don’t want to lose our friendship.” Kathy said holding her arms open to give Ann a hug.”Me neither.” Ann said as her body softly merged into Kathy’s.For the first time both women felt sexual desire for another female. They held the hug longer than a normal friend’s type of hug.”John has been the only one.” Ann whispered in Kathy’s ear. She could feel the hard tips of Kathy’s breasts jabbing into her own mounds.”Tim too.” Kathy said as her lips lightly brushed Ann’s earlobe. Both of their faces opened and turned until their lips were lined up together. Neither opened their eyes as their soft lips moved forward.”I’ve never.” Kathy whispered as her mouth opened and her tongue moved forward to taste Ann’s lipstick.”Me neither.” Ann whispered, as she tasted a woman’s mouth for the first time. They were lost in the moment when the restroom door opened and an elderly lady stood there looking at them kissing. The women put her hand over her mouth and stood as they broke apart and walked out of the restroom. They giggled as they walked hand in hand to find their husbands.John and Tim had a similar conversation but didn’t end up kissing.”Hey man. Are you cool with all this?” John asked Tim as they sat in the small bar waiting for their wives.”Sure. I’m sure they will chicken out before it goes too far.” Tim laughed as he slapped John on the back. But, they both took a sip of their beer and realized both men had touched the other’s wife’s pussy. They knew the ride back on the limo would be even wilder than the ride to the restaurant.The men kept ordering drinks for the women in hopes they would loosen up all the way. Both had thought they would be jealous seeing another man touch their wives but instead it made them hotter.Neither woman could finish their meals as they thought about the limo ride home. They had made a pact on the way to the table to not have intercourse. But, they both giggled when Ann suggested anything short of fucking.Normally a dinner in this restaurant would last at least an hour and a half. The four of them quickly ordered and rushed the waiter to bring each course. They were out of the restaurant in less than an hour and James was surprised when he saw them walking out the front door. He hurried to don his chauffeurs cap and noticed the two couples were not standing with their own spouse as he pulled the limo up next to them.Nothing was said as the couples slid into the limo sitting next to someone other than their spouse. They all knew it was time for some sexual experimenting.James closed the door and hurried to get the limo on the road. He quietly turned on the small intercom speaker and put his mike on mute. James unzipped his blue trousers and pulled out his 10 inch ebony prick. He wondered if any of the women had seen or had anything this big as he stoked it.At first the women just leaned over and put their heads on the shoulders of the men next to them. They closed their eyes and hummed the song playing on the radio. They had two hours and didn’t need to rush. Foreplay was something that needed time.”Why don’t we play Simon Says?” Ann asked as her eyes suddenly opened. They needed something to break the ice. The pretense of a game would make it OK in their minds.”OK.” Kathy answered. The men didn’t say a word. They wondered what she had in mind.”I’ll be the first Simon and then we all take turns.” She said.”Simon Says kiss the ısparta escort person next to you.” No one complained as their faces turned and their lips locked together. There was no hiding the fact that tongues were now involved. All four were moaning loudly as their lips finally broke apart. “Wow.” Kathy gasped.It was Tim’s turn. “OK. Simon Says for the guys to whisper dirty things to the woman next to you.”John smiled as his lips moved down to Kathy’s ear.”I want to kiss your whole body. Your lips.” He sucked on her earlobe.”Your neck.” He sucked again. Her body shivered.”Your breasts.” His tongue moved out to lick gently.”Your nipples.” His lips sucked her earlobe into his mouth where his tongue flicked across it. She moaned.”Your stomach.” He lightly pecked.”And, your…..pusssy.” He whispered as his tongue snuck out into her ear canal.Tim took more of a direct approach. “I want to kiss you and fuck you.” He whispered wondering what her response would be. He expected her to pull away but she kept her ear next to his mouth for more.”Where?” She whispered.Tim smiled as he answered.”In your mouth.” His tongue moved into her ear.”In your pussy.” His tongue moved again. He knew he should stop not knowing how she felt about anal sex.”Is that all?” She giggled teasing him along.”In your ass.” He moaned thinking about having anal sex for the first time.Things got real quiet. “My turn.” Kathy announced. “Simon Says….” She said thinking what to do next. She wanted to jump ahead but knew she should go slowly. “Simon Says for the men to lie down on the seat and have the woman next to you rub her body where ever she wants.”So far no one had removed clothing. Both women moved off the long seats to allow the men to lay back face upward.Kathy whispered to Ann next to her. “Rub wherever you want with whatever you want.” Ann giggled as she pulled up her short skirt and straddled Tim’s waist. She lowered her bare pussy until her bush rubbed against his belt buckle. It felt cold against her steaming oven. She pushed back until her slit contacted his prick pushing upward. She moaned as she pushed down harder. If he were not wearing pants his prick would be moving up inside her. She started a slow up and down fucking motion of her pussy against his prick. His hands moved up under her skirt until he cupped her naked ass.”No, no.” She said as she reached back to pull his fingers from her bare hips. “Simon didn’t say to do that.” She laughed.Kathy also pulled up her dress until her blonde pubes rested against John’s covered hard-on. She matched Ann’s motions as they dry humped strange pricks. First the first time she wished she had not made the no intercourse deal with Ann. All four were on the road to climaxing when Ann suddenly pulled off Tim’s bulge. She moved her legs up and over him and pulled her short skirt down.”Next.” She managed to say. Kathy didn’t want to stop but forced her body off of John’s rigid tool. Both men had huge wet spots from both inside and outside sources.John sat up and watched his wife’s dress rise up her muscular tan thighs. From his angle he could see her glistening pubic hairs under her short dress. He imagined Tim’s fingers worming their way through her full growth and into her pink lips.His imagination became real as he said. “Simon Says for the men to explore under the dress of the woman sitting next to you.” God, he said it and wondered if everyone was ready for the women to be finger-fucked.Ann looked at Kathy who returned the glance. They both smiled at the same time and leaned back on the seat. Kathy looked over at Ann’s legs as they slowly widened apart. As Ann’s hairy nest premiered Kathy pulled her own long skirt up until it was bunched around the tops of her thighs.Her slim thighs opened enough for Tim to see his wife’s golden fleece. Both women closed their eyes and waited for the men to touch him.”Ah.” Ann moaned as Tim’s fingers lightly touched the fine blonde hairs on her thighs. Her body hair was so light and fine she didn’t need to shave her legs. Besides, John liked to touch her blonde fuzz leading up to her yellow harvest.Ann could feel her passion juices flowing as Tim’s fingers took their time moving up towards her pussy. She never thought another man would touch her like this except in her fantasies. Her clit was swollen and pushing outward through her swollen lips when Tim’s fingertip lightly touched a curl of her golden mane. Her legs spread wider, which pulled her short skirt over her pubic mound. Her pussy was now out in the open for everyone to see.”OH GOD!” She gasped when Tim’s fingers pushed against her vulva. Her mind was now lost as all her thoughts moved to his fingers touching her where only she and John had ever touched before.Kathy peaked out to see Tim’s fingers moving north under Ann’s short hem. John’s hand moved to her thigh escort ısparta but froze as he too watched Tim’s fingers slide into Ann’s pussy lips. They had become voyeurs watching their mates perform a sex act so brazen and out of control. John’s fingers pushed into Kathy’s leg when Tim’s fingers moved down and into Ann’s open pussy. He watched as Tim’s middle finger disappeared into the light blonde and pink flesh. Tim slowly removed his glistening fingers and Ann moaned.John’s prick was about to explode as Tim finger-fucked his wife in front of him. He realized Kathy’s body was squirming around next to him waiting impatiently for his own touches. He didn’t let her down as his hand pulled up her dress and snaked underneath. He had imagined this moment for weeks since the day at the beach, which made it even more exciting when his fingers contacted her damp pussy hair.”Touch my pussy.” Kathy whispered into his ear. John’s fingers followed her command. He found her hard clit and lightly teased it.”OH YES!” She moaned as she pulled her dress up over his hand. She wanted Tim to watch as John finger-fucked her. She peaked over to see his eyes locked onto John’s manipulation of her raised knob. She looked down to see two of Tim’s fingers inside Ann’s wet cave.Both women were at their zenith at the same time. “OH JEEZ! I’M COMING!” Ann screamed as Tim’s fingers found her G-Spot just under her clit and rubbed harder and faster.”ME TOO!” Kathy yelled as John’s fingers brought her over the edge. Her legs clamped down on his hand as her body tensed tightly and suddenly collapsed. Both women took their time coming back down to earth.As Ann and Kathy pulled their dresses back down Tim offered everyone another drink.”Does everyone want to keep going?” Ann asked knowing they were crossing a line of no return.”Yes.” John said. Kathy whispered in Tim’s ear. “Do you?”Tim looked at his wife and smiled. “As long as you do.” He whispered back. She shook her head yes.”OK with us.” Tim replied.It was Ann’s turn for the second round. Ann had been thinking about Tim’s hard prick since the day she saw him masturbating in the shower.She didn’t know if Kathy did oral sex so she decided to leave it open. “OK, Simon Says for the women to do anything they want to the man’s penis sitting next to them.” She giggled as she took a big gulp of champagne.”Anything?” Kathy asked quickly remembering their deal of no fucking.”Oh no, I’m sorry.” Ann said. “Anything but intercourse.”Kathy still was uneasy about Ann’s command. She had never given Tim a blowjob mainly because he would never let her try. She had tried when they first got married but Tim pulled her mouth up off his knob.”You don’t have to do that.” Was all he said. Kathy figured he had a hang-up allowing his wife suck his penis. She never pressed him again to allow her to do it. And, he never tried to give her oral sex as well. She had always wondered how it would be to suck a man’s hard prick and how it would be to feel a tongue on her pussy. She was nervous as she watched Ann’s fingers pull down Tim’s zipper.Kathy wanted to watch but John grabbed her hand and guided it against his hard-on. She remembered how thick it was that day in the ocean. He was definitely thicker than Tim but she thought Tim might be a little longer. She would soon find out. Her fingers curled around his covered shaft as she delayed taking out his bare prick.”Let me help.” Tim laughed as Ann reached in to pull his hard-on out through his zippered opening. She was having trouble since he was so hard. Tim unbuckled his belt and unsnapped his pants. Suddenly his pants flew open and his bare shaft with Ann’s tiny hand wrapped around it popped out. Even with Ann’s fingers around him about five inches rose above her hand.John didn’t want to watch his wife jerk off another man as he tried to pull his own hard-on out into the open. Kathy was taking too much time. He noticed her eyes watching as Ann stroked Tim’s white tower of power.”Do me.” John whispered as he guided her fingers into his opened fly. She missed the opening in his boxers as her fingers slipped off to the side.”Shit.” John exclaimed.Tim smiled as Ann took out his large tool. He noticed the look on her face as she saw the size of it. He glanced over to see John forcing Kathy’s hand into his pants. He was afraid Kathy was backing out and would soon stop things. They had talked about swapping with other couples in the past but she said normal people don’t do those things. He never believed she would go this far. He hoped Ann would make him come before she blew the STOP whistle. Her fingers explored his grand salami and moved under to cup his balls.Ann was wondering how this long penis would feel sliding deeper into her depths than John had done before. She wanted to get her mouth on his tip but waited until Kathy caught ısparta escort bayan up to her. Finally she saw John pull his hard prick out of his pants. She looked at Kathy’s face and did not notice any surprised look. Had she seen John’s prick before? She wondered.She couldn’t wait any longer so she quickly moved her face down Tim’s chest and stomach. He didn’t realize her intentions until her small lips opened and closed around the tip of his prick. His eyes opened and his hands quickly grabbed her head.”You don’t have to…” He started to say as he pulled her mouth off his knob.”But, I want to.” Ann laughed as her mouth again dropped and sucked in his crown. Tim tried to object but his body told him to sit back and enjoy it. He looked over at his wife and noticed her eyes watching Ann’s mouth moving up and down his prick. He thought Kathy would be totally pissed but instead saw her smile. Her eyes were looking at his as her head lowered and her virgin mouth opened. Tim watched as another man’s prick entered his wife’s mouth. Kathy watched Ann and mimicked her motions and movements. Show and no tell Kathy laughed to herself as she sucked on John’s lollipop.The new exciting feeling of a woman’s lips on his shaft was too much for Tim. He tried to hold back but felt the volcano about to erupt. “I’m coming.” He said trying to warn Ann before he came in her mouth but, she didn’t pull back. Her lips sucked as his hot cream exploded into her warm throat.”OH GOD! OH GOD! OH GOD!” Tim screamed as he came.John chuckled as he watched Ann bring his best friend off. He knew she was very talented and knew Tim wouldn’t last long. He could tell Kathy had not had very much if any blowjob experience. Her mouth was not tight around his shaft and her motions were not uniform. It was actually giving him more pleasure as he looked at Tim who was amazed his wife was doing this.”Move your tongue.” John whispered to Kathy loud enough for their spouses to hear.”Lick my balls Kathy.” He said as he guided her inexperienced mouth lower.”Lick up the sides.” He said louder. John was having so much fun. But so was James.James had been stroking his monstrous prick as he listened to the two couples playing the silly Simon Says game. He wished he could watch but only had to imagine what was going on. He was in control until he heard John’s commands for the other man’s wife to lick his balls. James body was in high excitement when he lost control of the limo and it caromed off the side of the road. He suddenly grabbed the wheel and tried to straighten it up but the rear tire hit some soft dirt and the limo went into a spin.Kathy’s mind was already spinning as she gave John a blowjob. Suddenly her body was tossed one way and another. She didn’t know what was going on and tried to keep her lips tight around John’s prick but her body was tossed to the side door. They all thought they were going to die until the limo came to an abrupt halt.Ann was lying on top of Kathy’s body and Tim was on top of her. John had been able to hold on and was sitting frozen in his seat. “SHIT! Are you guys OK?” He asked. He reached over and slowly pulled Tim off of Ann. “I’m OK.” Ann said as she pushed up off of Kathy.”What the fuck happened?” Tim said as he pulled Kathy up to make sure she was OK.”You better put that away.” Ann said looking down at John’s prick sticking out of his pants. He did as she said just in time as the rear door opened and James stood there.”Is everyone alright?” He asked with a worried look on his face.”Yes.” John answered. “What happened?””I’m so sorry. I lost control of the vehicle.” James answered.”What made you lose control?” Tim asked with a pissed look.”I’m not sure.” James lied. “But, we are stuck in some soft dirt and will have to have a tow truck pull us out. Do any of you have a cell phone?”Ann picked up her purse and looked around inside. “Shit. I changed purses and forgot mine.””Me too.” Kathy answered.”You don’t have one?” Tim said loudly. Although James was a foot taller and more muscular Tim wasn’t afraid of him.”When the limo spun around my phone fell and banged around. The damn thing won’t work now.” James confessed.”So what do we do?” Ann asked. It was late at night and not a whole lot of traffic was on the country road.”I saw a gas station a few miles back. I’ll walk back and see if I can get some help.” James answered.”Why don’t you stay here with the women and John and I will go for help.” Tim replied. He didn’t trust James anymore and wanted to get help himself.”No sir. You stay and I’ll go.” James responded.”You’ve already fucked this up enough.” Tim ranted. “Stay with your vehicle.”James was fuming but kept his calm. “OK. You want to walk two miles in the dark be my guest.”John remained quiet. He was still upset Kathy’s blowjob was interrupted. “Let’s go.”The two men kissed their wifes and headed back down the dark road.”Will you two be OK back here?” James asked the women. He could see up Ann’s skirt and noticed her blonde pubic hairs between her tight thighs. Ann saw where he was looking and pulled down her skirt.”Yes, thank you.” She said.