In the entry

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In the entryI had just come out of the army after my national service and had travelled home on the bus from a night out with my c***dhood friend Derek.We lived in terraced housed with an entry inbetween.It was a dark night and we stood chatting in the entry about the old days and what we did to each other.We both knew that the interest was still there.Within minutes batman escort we had each others cock out and were playing with each other as we talked,we had to be very careful because even t ho’ it was dark we were only yards from the street.I don’t remember the details after all these years but I do know it was something i’d thought about many times.I do escort batman recall Derek saying that he had always wondered what it would be like and me saying something about I was willing to try.Still in the entry with a real fear of being discovered I knelt in front of him and took his cock into my mouth. The feeling,which i’ve never forgotten was wonderful batman escort bayan it’s hard to put into words it was really hard but soft and smooth at the same time.He too had a foreskin and peeling back I licked the helmet and slid the entire cock into my mouth it was marvelous. Within a few seconds Derek was ready to cum,i’d already warned him not to cum in my mouth I wasn’t ready for that.I stood at one side of him and finished wanking him untill he shot a massive load all over the entry wall.In return he also wanked me off.That first time was the first of many but the one I will never forget.