Impregnated by tentacles

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Impregnated by tentaclesI had just finished a session up at the gym and began walking back to my car. It was dark out and the large car park was empty, nobody could see me. I was wearing just a tight grey leotard. Like this…My big bulging cock showing clearly up my stomach, small wet patch from a little pre cum, my tits free, no bra, nipples erect from the cold, wobbling as I walked, along with my ass and thighs. As I got to my car I got in and got myself comfortable, suddenly I was locked in my own car, from under my seat crawled fleshy huge tentacles in the shape of huge cocks, all dripping pre cum. They tied me to my seat, unable to move I watched them as two wrapped around each of my tits over my leotard and another going to the crotch of my leotard, looping around gripping it, pulling it suddenly and ripping it clean off, the rest of my leotard ripped off along with it. I was in shock, I was stripped naked but I also loved it, my cock began throbbing and was as hard as it could get, resting between my tits gripped by tentacles.I didn’t know what was going to happen next, suddenly more tentacles appeared, gripping my legs they spread them wide, my pussy underneath my huge cock spread wide, soaking now, I was breathing so heavily, I was so horny and loved being controlled. Suddenly a huge tentacle appeared which then thrusted deep into my pussy, it was huge, spreading my pussy so wide and was pounding deep into my womb. My cock was then gripped by another tentacle which rather furiously began tossing me off hard and fast. I was moaning so loud in my car and couldn’t control myself. This tentacle fucking me was pushing me back hard into my seat, as I peered down I could see my stomach bulging out, it was that big. It didn’t take long until I could feel my orgasm building, my tits were canlı bahis siteleri being gripped so hard, I began lactating a little. I suddenly let out all the pressure that had built up inside, my pussy clenched tight as I cummed all over the huge tentacle dick deep inside me and my cum from my huge cock shot all over my face and tits, I was drenched. As I sat there panting the huge tentacle continued to pound me so hard and deep.This tentacle fucked me for about another 5 minutes until I saw a huge bulge travel through it, travelling a little way through and stopping, and then building up with another bulge following it. All of these bulges grouped up behind the head of the tentacle cock as the tentacle began fucking so fast, pounding me so deep until it shot it’s huge load deep into my unprotected womb, there was so much as it began expanding my womb, I watched as my stomach began to grow larger and larger. All the other tentacles retreaded as did the one in my pussy, they disappeared as a little dribble of the tentacle’s cum dribbled out of my pussy. I sat there for a little while looking at my mound stomach now. I then felt movement inside as I watched my stomach behind to grow. I was shocked but it was making me so damn horny too. After a minute it grew again. I turned the car on and rushed home. My whole drive home I felt even more movement and my stomach was growing larger and larger. My skin being stretched so far, my pale skin now so thin around my huge bulging stomach, veins showing clearly all over. This wasn’t like any normal pregnancy, my stomach was much larger, it was massive. I rushed home.When I got home I ran to my room. My stomach was huge, it was almost the same size as my actual body. I lay on my bed with my legs wide open. My stomach continued to grow, perabet I got so horny at the sight of my huge pale veiny pregnant stomach and began wanking, I couldn’t see my cock over my huge stomach now but just as I felt my climax building I felt my pussy open wide, much wider than it had ever gone. Suddenly a young girl slid out of me. She looked like this…My stomach instantly shrank as I quickly got a towel and dried her off. She looked about thirteen. She looked up at me and then said. “The species that impregnated you put me inside of you. I can transform into anything you desire, I will live inside of your womb until we know you are alone for a long period of time and will come out in any shape or form for your sexual pleasure, we are doing this to learn from your species, learn your sexual habits. So please, do as you wish with me, do not worry of my size, any whole will stretch to the large size of your reproductive tool.”Without hesitation I stood in front of her as she knelt on the floor, totally naked, tiny perky tits, puffy nipples, tight bald pussy and perfect round ass. I grabbed the back of her head and began throat fucking her, she easily took my large cock, its huge length and huge thickness. I was in heaven. As I peered down I watched as her tiny throat bulged out so wide as my huge cock slid down her throat.I wanted more now though, I wanted to pound this tiny little girl so hard. I got her onto her hands and knees and knelt behind her, her tiny ass cheeks so perfect and tiny, her asshole so tight and her pussy absolutely perfect, tight big puffy bald lips between her thin legs with her perfect smooth slightly tanned skin. I wanted to destroy her. I pushed my cock into her asshole, she was so tight but took it easily as I held her hips I slammed her perabet giriş so hard and deep, I spanked her ass and grabbed her ponytail as I fucked her so hard. I lost my mind when I heard her begin to moan, losing tone every time I slammed back into her but still moaning. Before long the girl stood up and laid me back on my bed, my huge cock standing up huge and straight as she straddled me and began riding my cock, her pussy was so tight, tighter than her ass and as she was so small and my cock was so big it bulged out of her tiny stomach, I grabbed my huge tits and watched as she rode my huge cock. I could feel my climax rising. “I’m gonna cum!” With that a tentacle shot out from behind her and then slowly rubbed against my asshole before shooting deep inside my ass, rubbing my prostate hard as within a mater of seconds I shot my whole load and drained my whole balls into her womb, her stomach bulged a little like mine as she stood up she stood to the side, her posture so perfect, her ass poking out a little her small tits pushed out as she turned to me and said “This would be the process of the full pregnancy.” Suddenly her body began changing, her ass and tits began growing along with her stomach, she was speeding through pregnancy, her tight skin stretched so far across her huge pregnant stomach, covered in veins as she stopped just before labour, this was the largest her stomach would grow. “Can I cum all over your stomach?” I asked. She dropped to her knees as I stood in front of her, she began sucking my cock, my cock growing inside of her throat, bulging out again. She reached her hands up and pushed her little fingers into my asshole and pushed against my prostate again, again I shot my whole load and drained what was left in my balls all over her face, tits and all over her huge stomach. It was the best sight ever!Suddenly she transformed into a tentacle and slipped up into my womb again. She was there until I needed her again. I loved this species for such an amazing idea. I was going to take full advantage of this.