I spread my Labia and let him enter.

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I spread my Labia and let him enter.’Only one delivery left’. Those words passed through my head as I stopped at the head of the gravel driveway leading down to the big house.I looked nervously at my wrist watch, it was 06:07am and already the sun was beating down on my neck, I had taken this paper-round to use the extra cash as summer beckoned, as did this final daunting delivery, the man was horny for me and always made sure I saw him, as naked as the day he was born.His house is surrounded by trees, a perfect isolation that allows him liberties to expose himself to me, or anyone for that matter, but a girl like myself would appear an obvious choice. ‘But why do you continue doing it’, I hear you ask, well, ‘He tips me well, and never seems to pose a direct threat to me’, I answer you candidly.I reach into my bag and remove the last vestiges of my morning delivery, two newspapers and a ‘Local City Swingers Men’s mag’, that is normally sealed in white plastic by the shop owner for whom I deliver, but since having found a load of these wrappers, it now afforded me the opportunity to rip these local naughty pieces of journalism, and read them, thus garnering the local members of wife swapping parties, best ‘Dogging Sites and times’ and all the salacious gossip of the seedier side of the city, not to mention the housewives in their undies offering house calls, some photos leaving nothing to the imagination.Yes a papergirls delivery can be both informative and educational.The shop I deliver for is owned by another dirty old man, as we used to call him, when we came in to buy our Friday sweets ration, he would be down behind the glass counter as we walked in, the Sun shining behind us afforded him a perfect viewing through our thin cotton dresses, our long thighs silhouetted, and our panties, if worn, added spice and more, if discarded, we learned all those years back, ‘That less was more’, an unspoken ‘Idiom’, loosely translated, dont wear panties and I shall give you more sweeties, he never asked, so no one cared, and we just did it. This had been going on for almost three years now and when I turned fifteen he offered me the paper round, clearing and average 75 pounds a week and tips.That’s when I learned of the magazine I now held türkçe bahis in my hand, having sealed the white plastic and ensuring the seal was perfect, the shops owner was also on the listing of horny men looking to fuck available women, my young ass high on both mens listing, but the long arm of the law held them in fear.As I looked nervously around a little, making sure I was alone, my ears pricked for any sounds of human activity, I placed my bag and the papers on top of it, encouraged and emboldened by the quietness and the sounds of birds chirping high on the branches, I lifted my thin cotton dress and slipped off my panties, and put them into the bag, and started walking down the driveway, it was Friday, thus tip day, and seeing my legs through my thin cotton dress, just as I did for sweets, worked wonders for men dreaming of young pussy.I walked slowly, he would be watching my decent down the driveway, with the early morning Sun beating down behind me.I felt free and liberated, I knew he would be staring between my long legs, and if the truth be known, I was sexually excited, not by his old body or his big cock, that I allowed him to show me, but that I was exciting him, I loved the thought of men getting off on me, and imagined he was jacking off as I approached.I knocked the door and he opened it as I expected, naked as the day he was born, but today he was hard and sticking out in front of him, pointing at me.’OMG’! I shrieked quietly, I was taken by surprise, ‘Sorry Mariel’, he said quietly, ‘I had taken some Viagra earlier on’.I was laughing, not in a mocking fashion, but to reassure him I was easy with what confronted me.In the past, it was as if I was confronted by a naturist, but today, his erection threw a sexual connotation into the mix, I knew he was into all those kinky pursuits with the local ladies, and as I looked down at it, I could see the dew drop on his cock end, but still it was exciting to see an man in full erection, even a man as old as he.’You dont mind, do you’? I looked at him, a strange warmth coming over me, ‘A good tip seals my lips’, I said throatily, I could feel a serious edge on my voice, I sensed he caught on it, and I reached into my bag and pulled out his papers and handed them to him.There güvenilir bahis siteleri was a awkward moment, where nothing was said, then suddenly he was producing my panties, from his papers, ‘Shit’, went through my mind, ‘my fucking knickers’, and as he opened the crotch mt wetness was evident, I could feel the heat rise in my face.I was frozen, this was not on my agenda, I was caught up in something powerful, and my body did not know how to react, indeed my silence afforded him the upper hand for the first time, his demeanor suddenly changed.As I stood rooted to the spot, he brought my freshly discarded panties to his nose and drew in deeply along the gusset, my wetness bringing a sheen to his nose tip, my scent made his cock bounce, then he drew his tongue along the same gusset and tasted my vaginal secretions, ‘So fucking sweet, Mariel, you taste so sweet’, he moaned over and over, as I stood doe-eyed at what he was doing.’Sell them to me, Please’, he pleaded, then he started to offer ridiculous sums of money.I had read about schoolgirls in Japan going into bars and offering their underwear for sale to old men, taking them off as they watched and handing them to the men who sniffed their gussets and paid handsomely for the privilege.’60 pounds’, and I retorted in the heat of the bargaining, ‘100 pounds’. I was selling a pair of knickers for fucks sake, or so I thought, he wanted more for that price.I was caught up in something very powerful, my own sexual desires were being awoken for the first time, old men desiring me for years was the stuff of my fantasies, my masturbatory dreams and now here in reality it had caught up with me, ‘I want to wank onto your open cunt’.The crudeness and the way he said it, almost made me cum, it was as if I was inside one of my own fantasies, living the dream that made me orgasm every time I fingered myself, ‘Sure’, I said, and as I did so my knees weakened, I was going to show him what I looked like between my legs and let him cum on it.’Put these back on so I can smell you again, then take them off when I come back, I did as he bade me, I was beginning to feel the lure of sex, and did not trust myself, I could feel myself throb down there.I stepped inside youwin the hallway and put my wet panties back on, while he went into an anti room and came back with a pink bank note, showing 100 pounds.He handed it to me and I took it with trembling hands. As he held his cock I reached up and pulled my panties down and handed them to him, which he did as previously, smelt and licked the crotch, as dirty as it seemed, it made me wetter and more excited.I turned the waist band of my white dress and undid the hook and zipper and let it fall onto the tiled surface, now I naked from from the waist down, ‘Shall I sit on the tables edge’, I asked him?He brought to chairs either side of where I sat for me to put my feet onto, allowing me to open my thighs to their full extent, and leaning back on one elbow I spread my labia to expose the warm soft pink fleshy moistness of my young cunt.He was wanking himself as he moved between my thighs, his cock was touching my pussy as he wanked himself, then he stopped jerking and just ran his cock head up and down the length of my open pussy, and it glistened with my pussy secretions.This was something no dream or masturbatory fantasy could replicate, this was the male organ exciting the female organ, and the easiness in which he took me even surprised me.He come forward and gather me around my waist and started to kiss me fully on my mouth, our tongues flicking together, he even licked my face, the feeling between my legs was indescribable and the warmth I felt was of my own making, my hips were threshing and the words, ‘Fuck me’, were flowing non stop.It was when he pulled away from me I saw his cock slide from me and his semen ooze from deep within.We had been fucking and he had cum deep inside me, and I did not know. The warmth I had felt deep inside my was not of my making, but his, his warm cum was the heat I felt, and my young inexperienced body drank it as if quenching a great thirst.I started to complain, but he had a wicked smile on his face, and pointed to the CCTV cameras, both of which recorded my willingness to accept money, take off my panties and beg to be fucked.Well, as the saying goes, ‘You reap what you sow’, and my young virgin field was ploughed every Friday, back and front for the next years to come, always old men, never young studs, their barren seed planted into my fertile furrows, deep inside my vaginal canal, did not threaten me, but one seed did, my love of sex and its kinky perversions, and to this day I am up for anything.