I love my boobs

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I love my boobsI am a girl who loves sex. I am so lucky that I was created with a large and beautiful breasts. I was young when my breasts began to grow. To begin with, I tried to cover my breasts because I got many comments and teased. But then I found out that I got many advantages to show my forms.My first interview went well. The boss was an older gentleman. He was chubby and hairy. People thought he was disgusting and perverted.I had bahis siteleri a low-cut blouse, and I soon found out that he was focused on my bosom. The job interview went inside his office. The man was a family man. There were family pictures of his family on the office table. We sat at his office desk. When he was finished with his questions, he came over to me.Get up, he said, and I got up. He went around me. Suddenly I felt his canlı bahis fingers. I was very horny. Now he stood behind my back. Suddenly he took with both his hands on my boobs. Oh I said. He pushed me down on his table. My stomach down on the table. He unbuttoned his pants up. Took his cock out. Now I was very horny. I took my dress up so he could get his cock in my pussy. Oh he’s cock felt good. It was not that güvenilir bahis big, but it was thick. He fucked me from behind. Suddenly his phone was calling, but he ignores the phone. Then he leans towards me and grabs the breasts. Then he whispers that he comes now. We stop and I got down on my knees and starts sucking him. His thick cock fills my mouth. Then comes the sperm. I am very horny. Ahh his cum feels good in my mouth. So I revel ….He asks me to dress on. He says that I’ve got the job. He looks at his phone and sees that his wife called. Asking me to go out and get back to work when school is finished. When I come out of his office I call home, and told them that I’ve got a job.