i have a dream

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i have a dreamShe was just 20 years old. Not a virgin by any means but still shy, meek and at times pathetically eager to please. Maybe that’s why she took to being a submissive so easily…She sat perched on the front edge of the bathroom counter with her legs splayed out to either side and curved so that they loosely circled the sink, which was slowly filling with hot water. The narrow strip of counter she sat on was just barely wide enough; her ripe young mound hovered over the edge of the sink and her firm round buttocks dangled over the front of the counter so that she had to lean forward slightly and use her legs to keep from tipping forward. Tipping the other way would be disastrous…her hands were cuffed tightly together behind her back.She looked at herself in the huge wall mirror over the sink. She was young and exceptionally pretty…some would even say gorgeous. Her long blonde hair hung down over her shoulders and her breasts were generously large and firm, capped with soft pink nipples that grew embarrassingly long when she became aroused. Her belly was taut and flat, curving inward slightly from the hanging mantle of her breasts. Tanned complexion with a lighter outline over her breasts and crotch indicating the bikini she wore while sunbathing. There was just the barest trace of a crease running down the center of her stomach, a faint dividing line running through her cute, tight little navel, the beginning telltale sign of developing abdominal muscles. Further down, her firm mound displayed a tight slit of soft, two-toned flesh…light rosebud-pink folds outlined by dark pink protruding lips. At the top of the slit sat a delicate, pale pink hood…very soft and sensitive to the touch…and nestled inside that fleshy sheath was an even more sensitive and succulently ripe little love bud, a glorious pink pearl capable of blossoming with her growing excitement into a rigid, throbbing…sometimes even demanding…miniature little shaft of pure pleasure. She had another inviting opening…smaller, tighter, and in its own way more inviting…which she couldn’t see in her reflection at the moment due to her precarious position, but she was aware of it just the same.Her eyes were drawn once again to her crotch and she looked from the mirror down over the swell of her breasts to gaze at it directly. A roughly triangular patch of soft, curly blonde hair rested atop her young slit. It was just shy of being unruly and a few errant hairs were starting to work their way further down. This was why she was here now…helpless and waiting…a periodic ritual of cleansing which she feared and loved in equal measure. The prospect of it sent shivers of anxiety…and excitement…through her body, and she felt her nipples stiffen just a little in response. Then her eyes drifted further down, below her puffy extended lips, and came to rest on the water in the sink. She became…concerned. The water was slowly but steadily rising towards the rim and a plug had been inserted into the overflow drain. The steaming hot water was already just an inch from her dangling folds…she could feel the heat of it in the moist tendrils of steam rising up from the surface and caressing her sex. She could probably use her foot to turn the tap off…at least she thought she could but she had never tried. Doing so was forbidden and would bring a swift and certain reprisal.Suddenly a soft sound distracted her, a light click of heel on tile. Forgetting the water rising up towards her, she turned her head and looked with longing eyes. A familiar figure stood outlined in the doorway. Tall, sensuous, commanding, and above all…beautiful. It was her Mistress. Mistress Bianca. Two more clicks and now a subtle metallic, almost chime-like sound as the woman stepped just inside the room, coming fully into the light. She wore knee-high black leather boots with high heels and a pair of silver spurs…the source of the soft ringing sound with each footstep. Her figure was a classic hourglass…an amazingly narrow, tapered waist in between large pendulous-but-firm breasts and generously rounded hips. Her black leather chest harness outlined and framed her magnificent breasts, forming a web-like lattice up to the studded leather collar around her neck while leaving her shoulders bare. Below the waist she wore her usual matching leather crotch harness with a mounting ring suspended in the middle capable of supporting a wide variety of dildos and vibrators. Currently it hosted an upwardly curved plastic shaft with a series of swollen bulges running along its length, each one progressively larger from tip to root. The black leather was in sharp contrast to her soft porcelain-like skin, as were her large dark brown nipples with their generous areolas. Mistress Bianca was indeed beautiful but it was a cold, kıbrıs escort stern and uncompromising beauty. Exotic and haughty, it was the look of a woman confident in and comfortable with her own superiority. Her raven black hair…often worn loose and billowing down over her shoulders in loose curls…was now drawn up and tied into a long, tapered ponytail perched high on the back of her head. And her dark glittering eyes seemed capable of boring into a person’s soul and ferreting out their deepest, darkest secrets.“Are you ready, Anna?” Mistress Bianca asked softly.“Yes, Mistress.” Anna had been Mistress Bianca’s submissive for almost a year now but she still thrilled at the sight of the woman in her ‘working leathers’. Dropping her eyes briefly down to the rigid shaft jutting from her Mistress’ hips, she shivered in anticipation as she noted that it already glistened with lubricating oil. Her excitement grew with each click-ring as her Mistress slowly walked over and moved behind her. Anna watched expectantly over her shoulder for as long as she could, then she turned and looked forward to see her Mistress’ reflection in the mirror with hers. Mistress Bianca was carrying an ornately carved wooden chest under one arm, resting it casually against her hip, which she now set on the counter to one side. Then she slipped her left arm around Anna’s waist, leaning in close until her breasts pressed against the girl’s back. Her lips lightly brushed against Anna’s ear as her right hand griped the shaft of her strap-on firmly. “First things first, hmmm?” she purred.Anna closed her eyes and squirmed ever so slightly as the notched shaft slid underneath her along the bottom of her crack. The angled head soon found her tight rear opening and Anna opened her mouth in a silent gasp as the first hard plastic bulge pressed firmly against her sphincter. She tried to relax, to welcome the invader, but she clinched up in excitement in spite of her best efforts. It would be harder for her like this…more painful…but she knew her Mistress enjoyed it more that way. Maybe that, she thought fleetingly, is why she could never relax fully…then she gasped out loud as her resisting muscles gave way and the first knob pushed inside her.Anna braced herself for the next bulging section of shaft to impale her but Mistress Bianca paused, letting the girl’s ass adjust. It also put Anna off guard, never knowing exactly when the next thrust would come. The older woman nuzzled and kissed the side of Anna’s neck, occasionally biting her soft flesh playfully as one by one the shaft’s knobs pushed up inside her. Anna gasped and moaned with each new and larger insertion. The last few required more effort, Mistress Bianca’s arm tightening around her waist while Anna cried out sharply as her tightly puckered opening stretched to its limit. Then it was done and Anna slumped slightly against her Mistress as she panted raggedly. “There we go,” Mistress Bianca purred, giving her slave a final kiss on the side of her neck. “Ready to proceed?”“Y-yes, Mistress…” Using a small key hanging from a chain around her neck, Mistress Bianca unlocked Anna’s cuffs and hung them from her waist harness, leaving the unspoken promise that they might be used again later.By now Anna knew the routine well and she was proud that her Mistress allowed her to help. Trying to ignore the long shaft still buried in her ass, Anna reached over and opened the wooden chest. Inside, nestled within their own form-fitting, satin-lined depressions, were the components of an antique shaving kit: a porcelain shaving mug imprinted with erotic scenes of naked nymphs frolicking in the woods; a whetstone mounted on a wooden handle; a small bottle of honing oil; a stack of soap cakes; and a long, balanced folding straight razor with a mother-of-pearl handle. Anna knew it was very old and extremely expensive; she considered it an honor that her Mistress had purchased it just to use on her. She watched attentively as Mistress Bianca took the whetstone out and careful placed several drops of oil on it. Picking up the straight razor and reaching around Anna on either side, she flipped the razor open with a flick of her wrist and started to draw the blade across the whetstone with practiced ease, holding the items so that the girl could see them fully.“A sharp blade is the key to a perfectly smooth shave,” the older woman said over the soft scr****g sound of metal on stone. “And that’s what we want for you, isn’t it, my pet?” Eyes focused on the razor’s gleaming edge, Anna nodded her head. Several times Mistress Bianca held the razor up to the light to examine the edge with Anna watching her every move. She finally gave the blade a few last careful strokes, set the whetstone aside and picked up a small washcloth. escort kıbrıs “Of course with such a sharp blade so close to delicate skin, steady hands and a great deal of trust are required as well,” the woman said as she wiped the razor clean and set the cloth aside. She cupped Anna’s left breast with her free hand and with the other brought the razor up; her thumb slowly rubbed the girl’s nipple until it started to harden, then she curled her fingers to bring the razor’s cutting edge up against the underside of the jutting nipple. It was just the barest of touches…any more and Anna was sure that it would slice her nub off cleanly. She suppressed a shudder as her Mistress’ thumb continued to stroke her nipple, coaxing it until it was fully extended. “You trust me, don’t you Anna?” Mistress Bianca purred softly; her breath was hot in Anna’s ear and with some difficulty the girl swallowed nervously.“Of c-course, Mistress…” She couldn’t keep the slight waiver out of her voice and she blushed deeply as her Mistress chuckled softly in her ear.“And yet you’re still frightened,” Mistress Bianca’s tongue ran along the edge of Anna’s ear teasingly. “Good…” Suddenly the blade was gone and Anna let out the breath she hadn’t realized she’d been holding. Mistress Bianca released her breast and gave it a sharp, playful slap before saying, “You may start preparing the shaving cream, Anna.”This was one of Anna’s favorite parts of the ritual because it gave her something active to do, but as she lifted the shaving mug out of the case she moved slowly and deliberately for fear of dropping it. She carefully dipped it into the sink to scoop up some hot water, then she took a small cake of soap from the case and unwrapped it, dropping it into the mug. Next she took the heavily-bristled shaving brush and used it to stir the mug, dissolving the soap and working it into a thick and creamy lather. When she finally thought it was ready she held the brush up for her Mistress’ inspection. The woman scooped a small dab up with her finger and examined it, then she rubbed it between her thumb and forefinger to test its consistency. “Excellent,” she pronounced. Still holding the razor in her right hand, Mistress Bianca used the other to splash some water from the sink up over Anna’s mound. The girl gasped as the almost scalding water set her nerves tingling hotly, then Mistress Bianca took the brush from her and started lathering her crotch with a thick layer of soap.“Now lean back, spread your legs a little farther apart for me, and try not to move,” Mistress Bianca said as she brandished the razor and lowered it down into position. Anna settled back against her Mistress, enjoying the feel of the older woman’s rock-hard nipples pressing into her back, and looked down along her sleek young body expectantly.“You’ve let yourself get into a terrible state, my pet,” Mistress Bianca admonished sternly as she drew the blade across to whisk away the top layer of pubic hair.“I’m sorry, Mistress,” Anna said meekly. The blame wasn’t hers…her Mistress specifically allowed her pubic hair to grow out fully just so she could have the pleasure of shaving it…but Anna accepted it just the same. That was part of her duties.Once the bulk of the hair had been removed Mistress Bianca dipped the blade into the sink to clean it, then she began the more delicate work of carefully scrapping away the tiny stubble left behind. Her hands moved carefully but surely, gently pulling back Anna’s plump, flushed vaginal lips as she guided the blade around them. She paused frequently to rinse the razor off. Her fingers pushed, pulled and prodded Anna’s firm young skin and the girl grew increasingly aroused at the handling until her slit was wet with more than just water and lather. For Anna it was an exhilarating as well as nerve-racking experience. Her Mistress’ light and teasing touch excited her tremendously, but she knew that the slightest slip could slash her open grievously and with such a wickedly sharp blade she might not even feel it at first. But fear soon gave way to pleasure and Anna moaned softly, wanting to beg her Mistress to pleasure her but knowing that it wasn’t her place to ask. Her Mistress would allow Anna to come only when and if she desired. After a few more follow up strokes Mistress Bianca set the razor aside and cupped her hands together, dipping them into the water and pouring it slowly over Anna’s smooth mound. The water had cooled a little but was still hot enough to make the girl flinch as she watched the last of the lather and stubble rinse away. Her Mistress picked up a washcloth and gently blotted her crotch dry, then as a final touch she produced a small bottle of baby oil and dribbled some over Anna’s newly shaved snatch.Anna moaned, softly but urgently, kıbrıs escort bayan as her Mistress rubbed the oil into her sensitive flesh. The older woman’s fingers knew her intimately and they worked into every little nook and cranny, stroking her flushed lips and rubbing the surrounding mound sensuously. Anna wanted to come so badly…much more of her Mistress’ fondling and it would quickly become inevitable…but again she was denied. Mistress Bianca knew her slave’s limits well…she enjoyed playing with her pet but she enjoyed the frustrated little whimpers the girl made even more as she brought Anna close to the point of orgasm and then released her, allowing her arousal to falter and whither.Resting her hands on Anna’s shoulders, Mistress Bianca looked at the reflection of the girl’s pussy in the mirror and smiled in satisfaction. “Now that’s a beautiful pussy,” she purred. Anna followed the woman’s gaze and gasped, mesmerized at the sight of her own sexual display. Her mound glistened softly…perfectly bare and baby smooth…without the slightest nick or blemish. The oil brought out every little wrinkle and fold in her moist, flushed pussy, highlighting her aroused sex. “Thank you, Mistress,” she said breathlessly. “It’s…it’s exquisite!” Swept away by the sight, the girl had forgotten all about the notched shaft impaling her…but her Mistress hadn’t.“Now I want to you to do something for me,” Mistress Bianca whispered softly into her slave’s ear.“Anything, Mistress…” Anna promised unreservedly.“Look into the mirror…look at that beautiful, magnificent gleaming pussy. Now close your eyes but keep that image in your mind.” Her left arm came up and wrapped lightly around the front of Anna’s throat, her hand resting on the girl’s right shoulder and gripping it. Unseen, her other hand slipped down and quietly unsnapped the fasteners around the ring of her harness, freeing the dildo. “Concentrate on that pussy…your pussy…wet, hot and begging for attention. Now image what you’d like me to do to it…” Eyes closed and mouth slack, Anna moaned in desire as she fantasized about her heart’s desire. Then without warning Mistress Bianca yanked the dildo out completely with one violent pull. At the same time her left arm tightened around the girl’s throat.Anna’s shriek was long and piercing. Her legs shot out until they were braced hard against the base of the mirror and she arched her back sharply, her butt lifting off the counter over a foot as her crotch thrust forward violently. Just as the girl started to relax Mistress Bianca shoved the dildo back into her ass all the way and began pumping it in and out rapidly. Anna squealed wildly, her hips bucking out of control as her crotch shot forward again with each stabbing thrust into her ass. Her eyes were wide open now, almost bulging, as she watched her own spasming reflection in the mirror…and over her shoulder, the smiling face of her beloved Mistress as the older woman held her firmly and savaged her ass mercilessly.Suddenly Anna was coming wildly like an explosive geyser. Paralyzing waves of pleasure and pain washed over her, forcing her love juices out in a hard, heavy stream that splattered all over the mirror and then sprayed back and forth and all over like an out of control fire hose as her body continued to convulse spastically. Even through her delirious haze of ecstasy, Anna was amazed at the sheer power and volume of her orgasm…she couldn’t remember ever coming so much at one time! But her torrent gradually petered out and with a shuddering moan she slowly slumped back to the countertop, collapsing back against her Mistress’ unyielding body as her muscles relaxed or simply gave out. The dildo was at last pulled from her and dropped to the floor, already forgotten. The arm around her neck loosened, the hand taking her by the chin and pulling her head around until her mouth was met by her Mistress’ red, sweet lips. Anna gasped raggedly, her chest heaving as she struggled to breathe with her Mistress’ tongue invading her mouth but she kissed back with a feverish intensity.“That’s my good girl,” Mistress Bianca purred softly as their lips finally parted. “You came without me even needing to touch your pretty little pussy. I’ve very pleased with your performance, my pet. You’re a very good slave…and that’s why I love you.”“Thank you, Mistress,” Anna gushed, smiling contentedly in the warm afterglow of her mind-blowing climax. “I love you too!”Suddenly Mistress Bianca stepped away and headed towards the door. With a startled cry Anna toppled over and tumbled off onto the floor with a crash. “Now clean up this mess,” Mistress Bianca snapped, not bothering to look back, “including yourself. I want everything spotless! Then come to me in the bedroom when you’re done. I’ll be timing you, so don’t dawdle!”“Y-yes…Mistress…” Anna stammered as she used the edge of the counter to pull herself up, dizzily climbing to her feet. For a moment she looked around, bemused, then she smiled happily to herself and quickly got to work