I Find A Friend,

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Beautiful Girls

I Find A Friend,I had registered with a number of on-line facilities including ‘Twitter’ and ‘Facebook’ and made myself available, but often nothing worthwhile ever happened, that is until recently, when I joined ‘xHamster’.I actually got chatting to someone quite soon who lived a good distance away, I am from the edge of the English Fens and he lives close to the South Coast.Initially, we just checked out each others photos, admiring each other’s prized cock, I displayed a clean hairless pubic area that enhanced my modest length, I thought I saw some fine hair around his penis and balls for which I imagined gently stroking.We soon found mutual times that we could get around to go on-line and Webcam, thus we found increasing enjoyment in each other’s pleasure, his encouragement meant a renewal of my sexual leanings I was able to unload larger amounts at ever shortening intervals.Now it so happened that his home town was to host a ‘AgeUK’ convention in a nearby hotel, and being a seaside resort there would be opportunities to do some site seeing, except, I would not have the time to take my wife to all the places of interest, because I was presenting a paper and had to be around to answer questions.It was his suggestion that made the visit the success for all concerned, his wife offered to look after my wife for the periods during the day that lectures and demonstrations would be taking place, so the women could go site seeing and shopping, ho yes, shopping was certainly something my wife looked forward too.The conference was one of those short three days weekend affairs, the kırıkkale escort Friday afternoon and early evening was taken up with registering, then the participants and their partners were treated to a dinner and presentation, Saturday then was a full day of events with Sunday morning taken up with the award ceremony.His wife came around to the hotel early on the Saturday and spent sometime getting to know my wife before they hit the town and the tourist attractions, my friend had some jobs to do in the garden first, but would meet up with me during the break for lunch.Saturday morning did drag along a bit, and so I was ready for luncheon when it was time, my friend and I meet up easily in the bar, picked up a sandwich and coffee and headed up to my room, it proved to be very convenient that the conference organisers arranged for us to be accommodated in the same hotel as the conference.We eat and chatted comfortably and found how relaxed we were in each others company, it was a concern of mine that once we met face to face the chemistry that we had on-line would not be there, we set the bedside clock-radio alarm to go off to give me time to shower and dress before returning to the conference.It was a standard hotel room, two single beds, an easy chair, a television, and a large horizontal mirror over what work surface could just be large enough to place a laptop and documents, just inside the door was, as every where else the toilet, shower and wash basin, lit by over glaring tube lights.Well, I must say I was a bit shy, but my friend was keen, and took charge kırıkkale escort bayan of our sojourn into the promised land, and said openly, “Go on, lets see what I have only seen on-line,” I took off my shoes, and so standing in front of my friend I undid the belt of my trousers, this while my friend lounged back in the only easy chair, I undid the top button and let down the zip, I carry too much change in my pockets because the trousers easily slide to the floor around my ankles, stepping out of the crumpled trousers, I displayed dark red ankle socks.Ever since we entered the room, I knew what would be the out come of our visit, my cock had all this time to grow thick and stiff, and so it was the budge in my pants that got my friend rubbing his own already budging cock through the his trouser material, my friend was not ready to show me his cock, but waited for me to strip bare skin naked, I must admit to feeling more and more self-aware of my nakedness as I removed my shirt, vest and pants, my cock sprang to attention in front of him, yet I was not completely naked.I turned around bending down I showed my friend my bum and my accommodating arse hole, and heard a murmur of approval, I then bent further down to remove my socks and would you believe it, I even removed my wrist watch. and as I did my friend got up out of the chair and undressed, all this before I had turned back around to face him, he was then also naked.We came together in a fond embrace, are erect cocks nestling side by side, our hands explored the smooth skin of our backs our chests escort kırıkkale his slightly hairy mine hairless smooth rubbed gently causing sharp thrills of pleasure to penetrate our bodies, when our hands reached down and caressed our buttocks, it was but necessary for the middle finger to find the anus opening, causing simultaneous leaking of pre-cum.We knew that we did not have the time to enjoy each other completely but for now it was enough to walk to the bathroom section and mutually masturbate seeing ourselves in the brightly lit mirror that hung over the sink, as strangers being spied upon.To feel my friends hand grasp my cock, not my own hand grasping my cock, as I have so often done, was a unique pleasure, one has no control over another person’s hand milking ones own cock, one can only hope for the correct amount of grasp, the correct speed as ones core pressure builds up, as the point of ejaculation nears, when feels the tighten of the buttock muscles and as the heart pumps harder filling ones cock to rigid hardness.I am mindful of my friend, hopping that he is experiencing the similar eroticism, I see in his eyes, that look of lustful pleasure, as I am surely handling his cock to his satisfaction, it all happed at the same time the clock-radio alarms sounds, then we both erupt simultaneously spilling over our lower stomachs the warm creamy sticky cum, we once more embrace now laughing joyously, enter the shower cubical to soap each other and then to dry one another and quietly dress.There many not be another opportunity on this visit to completely satisfy each others needs, but I sense, that there is a bond developing between our wives, that will enable them to visit us, in our remotest rural surrounds of the Fens where we live undisturbed by neighbours, where the wives can enjoy themselves as we intend to enjoy ourselves.