I Exposed My Wife To My Friend

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I Exposed My Wife To My FriendOn night after a dinner get-together with some old friends, my wife had mentioned that it was almost 3am and that she was getting tired. As we were walking out I had asked Gary (who has been my best friend since grade school) to stay with us because he had been drinking heavily all evening. I figured he was in no condition to drive, and since he lived an hour and a half away he was never going to make it. Given that thought I invite him to stay with us for the night. Once we got home Gary headed to the guest room and fell quickly asleep, where as Kimberly and I decided to head to our room for a little action. It was about 6am in the morning, and I headed for the kitchen to make an egg before my morning jog. As I walked into the room Gary was sitting in there drinking his coffee waiting didim escort to run with me (kind of like old times) and then thanked me again for letting him stay. This was a no brainer I told him, and that he is always welcome. Before we left I quickly ran upstairs quietly to grab my keys as I did not want to wake my wife Kimberly. Upon entering the room she was lying there spread eagle completely naked on top of the covers with her dark purple panties hanging from her right ankle. Although the image in front of me was amazing, there was no easy way to slide the covers from under her with out waking her. I decided to just let her be as there was no real reason for her to be up that early. As I grabbed my keys and pushed the door wide open in hopes that Gary could stumble across her sleep there completely exposed.After didim escort bayan finishing our jog in the summer heat we return to the house and quietly entered. Since there was no sound we figured Kimberly was still sleeping, and determined to keep our voices down. I had told Gary that if he wanted to shower the bathtub was upstairs in my room where Kimberly was asleep naked if he wanted a closer view. Not a moment later he began his climb up the stairs where he would have a clear unobstructed view of my naked wife if he wanted to fuck her as well.About 40 mins later Gary came downstairs with a happy look on his face. I ask him if he enjoyed the view and he told me that not only did he enjoy the view but her pussy tasted so good. He followed up with how he walked up to the bed and gazed upon her sleeping escort didim body, then reached out to grab her boobs. While grabbing her he leaned over and worked his tongue all over her pussy slit tasting every bit of her. I asked if that was all, and he said he striped down and began rubbing his cock all over her leg, belly and arm until he was good and hard. As he entered her Gary admitted to not lasting long so he shoved his cock in her as deep as he could and then unloaded his seed into her. He got up and went to the bathroom and showered. He said during that time she must have heard the sound of shower from the bathroom entered not expecting to find him when she opened the door. He got another perfect view of my wife and commented how sexy her body was. He told me they both enjoyed the moment talked and then switched places (he exited and she entered the shower). After he redressed Gary came down and left and all I could think about was how hot my wife’s exposure got me. I think I’m going to climb into the shower and fuck the hell out of her!!