How it all began, a prologue to ‘She can&#039

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How it all began, a prologue to ‘She can&#039NOTE: This is the prologue to the story “She can’t help herself”, you may want to read that one second… I was finally home for Summer break. My Freshman year at college, although great, left me missing my home town, friends and family. It was good to be home, to eat my Mother’s cooking, to bullshit with friends. The only thing I always hated about the Midwest during the summer was the humidity. It could be 2am and still your clothes were drenched with sweat unless you had air conditioning, which my parents didn’t. However annoying the temperature was it would lead to the start of an amazing summer, I just didn’t know it at the time.It was Friday night and my Father had driven to visit his Dad, my Grandfather for the weekend. This was pretty common due to my Grandfather getting older and my Grandmother being gone. He would visit him about once a month so he wouldn’t be so lonely. My Mom and I sat there eating dinner, she made my favorite mashed potatoes and gravy with home made biscuits, sliced ham and peas. Everything was as normal for a working class family, good meal, pleasant conversation. Later while watching a CSI rerun on tv she decided to head to bed. “Night hon, see you tomorrow. Glad you’re back, even if only for the summer.” She leaned down and kissed the top of my head then walked to her room.”Night” Was all I said while my eyes were glued to the tv, I had a thing for Emily Procter. Even then I had no clue what I was in for that night. I sat there watching tv until the show was over then decided to go take a shower to try and cool off before heading downstairs to my old room and then bed. The bathroom is next to my parents bedroom with the doors right next to one another so as I went to open the bathroom door I noticed my Mom hadn’t fully shut the door. I leaned in to quietly grab the handle and shut it for her when I heard something that stopped me dead in my tracks.”Oh god fuck that pussy, you feel so big inside me.” I heard my Mom whisper. I could only barely make out her figure on the bed since she had the lights off. The only visible light in the room was the moon coming in the high windows. I stood motionless and barely breathing so as not to alert her to my presence. I wanted to see what it was she was doing and who with since I thought we were here alone. Slowly as my eyes adjusted to the low light levels I could make out that there in fact wasn’t anyone in the room with her but a huge dildo sticking out of her pussy while she had hold of it with both hands shoving it deeper inside her. The thing had to be a foot long and as thick as my wrist and she was slamming it in and out of her pussy.”FUCK you fill me up good.” She whispered again as she continued to pummel her pussy with what could almost be described as a medium sized baseball bat. What struck me next wasn’t anything she said or did but the fact I was getting hard watching this, watching my own Mother masturbating. My Mom is just short of 50, nice big tits and a pretty full body, what some would call chubby or BBW. She isn’t fat just big in the right places kinda thing. And the fact that watching her was giving me a hard on wasn’t disturbing me in the slightest, in fact I started to rub my cock through the shorts I had on. “That’s it, tease my pussy, make me come on that big hard dick.” Her voice was less of a whisper this time and more horse and shaky. I was at full mast at this point rubbing my dick as fast as I could without making too much noise. I didn’t know what to do, head into the bathroom and interrupt her which might tip her off I was at the door, or wait for her to finish then back away slowly and come shower later, or rush in there with my hard dick in my hand and hope she doesn’t scream. I thought about it and decided to take the chance and head into her room and see what she did.I took off my shorts, underwear and shirt then basically burst into her bedroom, hit nevşehir escort the light on the way in and walked right up to the edge of her bed next to where she was. I did it quick enough that she didn’t even have time to get it pulled out and cover herself before I was right next to her, with my hard dick in my hand.”What, what are you DOING?” She exclaimed while quickly pulling the sheet over herself. “I should ask you the same thing. I that a baseball bat still buried in your pussy Mother?” I had a quirky grin on my face while I said that.”That’s none of your damn business now get out of my room!” Although her tone was strict I couldn’t help but notice she wasn’t looking at my face while demanding I leave. My cock was no where the size of that dildo but mine was real, and attached to a real person. She was squirming just a tiny bit under the sheets, so I tried to reason with her, as an adult of course.”Why you’re horny, I’m obviously horny…” I shook my hard dick at her when I said that. “So what’s the problem?””You’re my Son, THAT’S the problem now get out before I call your Father.””Then why are you staring at my cock Mom? If it’s a problem that I’m your Son why can’t you stop looking at it?” Hoping to make sense in her head I stood there waiting to see if she’d take the bait.”Because you’re waving it in my face, that’s why.” She was very matter of fact and I wasn’t quite sure how to take that comment.”I could do a lot more with it if you’d just get over yourself.” Again I shook my dick around while basically pointing it at her face and mouth.”Get over what, that my Son is standing there with his hard dick in his hand waving it at his Mother?” “YOU were the one plunging a huge dildo into your pussy just a few minutes ago so don’t act like this is all MY fault. You’re just as horny as I am, I have a hard dick, you have a wet pussy, so what exactly is the problem again?” My tone was almost angry because I kinda of resented her blaming me for her own masturbation. At this point I started slowly stoking my cock as if to reinforce to her how horny and willing I was.”Well, I’m sorry you saw that but your Father is gone all weekend and I have needs too.” She definitely lost the forcefulness in her voice and was almost apologetic. “Then…” As I pointed at her again with my hard dick in hand.”We can’t, it’s wrong.””Again with the wrong or right, how about we play what’s right RIGHT NOW and I just fuck your brains out until you can’t walk straight tomorrow.” There I had said it and now I couldn’t take it back. My Mother’s eyes got huge as I was saying it and I really wasn’t sure how she would react to my matter of fact talk. It seemed like hours had gone by while I waited for her to respond.”HA!” She chuckled. “Like you even have enough experience to fuck me so good that I would walk funny tomorrow.” That did it, she wanted to play the dare game I was going to play. I immediately walked up to her and grabbed her head and forced my dick into her mouth. At the same time with my right hand I tore the sheet off of her and pulled out he dildo and began playing with her pussy. She moaned on my dick but surprisingly enough she didn’t resist, she just seemed to be happily sucking her own Son’s hard cock. Her pussy was absolutely soaked at this point. I soon had 3 fingers as deep as I could in her while my thumb twiddled her clit. This obviously did the trick on her as she pulled her head off my cock long enough to talk.”FUCK, you’re gonna make me come if you keep that up.” Then back to sucking she went all the while her moans increased in pace and intensity. She was less sucking and more just holding my dick in her mouth using her tongue to play with the head while she concentrated on her orgasm. She again pulled my dick out of her mouth to moan loudly when she came. “You like that don’t you Mother.” Now I had a huge shit eating grin on my face.”Don’t say that.” “Say what?” I asked in earnest.”Mother””Why” escort nevşehir It was a reasonable question to ask, the whole time I never stopped playing with her pussy.”Because it’s just not right””Right, wrong, I don’t really give a damn. You’re my Mother and Im going to call you that. Besides it’s actually kinda hot knowing that I’m going to be FUCKING my own Mother.” She moaned again and seemed as if she was close to another orgasm. She was still stroking my cock while intermittently sucking and licking on the head.”Move over Mom.” I made a gesture for her to move into the center of the bed. I got on the bed myself and laid down on my back.”Get on top of me” She didn’t even hesitate as she started moving over me.”No, I mean in 69 position.” She immediately smiled then reversed direction. It wasn’t long before she swallowed my cock again and I had her soaking pussy on my face. “Oh my god that feels good.” Referring to me actually pistoning my tongue in and out of her pussy like a mini cock. I had her coming again in just a few minutes of doing that. I was so entranced in my effort to make her come as much and often as possible I didn’t notice that I hadn’t come yet. Of course starting to actually think about it got me going enough I couldn’t hold back.”Mom, I’m gonna come.” I stopped licking her pussy long enough to tell her. Some girls don’t like come in the mouth and I didn’t know which type Mom was. If she didn’t like it and I just blasted off into her mouth that might end this night abruptly and i didn’t want that to happen. “Here it comes Mom” To my surprise she didn’t remove my dick form her mouth and seemed to be sucking all the come out and swallowing it all. Let me tell you even though I jerked off about an hour earlier, I still came tons in her mouth. Once I stopped coming she rolled off me and went to grab her shirt and get dressed.”What are you doing?” “I’m getting dressed, what’s it look like.””Hell no you aren’t’ we’re not done yet.” I quickly grabbed the shirt and tossed it to the floor.”Well what exactly are we to do since he’s obviously done for the moment” She pointed down to my deflated cock.”I’m going to show you something that drove my last girlfriend wild.” I saw a questioned look and a bit of a smile on her face.”Come her and sit in this chair. Sit with your butt all the way to the edge.””Like this?” She was curious what the hell i had planned.”Yes, now put this pillow behind the small of your back and lift your legs up and grab your ankles.” That put her in a contorted position but perfect for what I had in mind. I got down on my knees in front of her and moved on her pussy. She now realized I was going to lick her pussy again. What she didn’t know is this position is how I got my girlfriend into multiple orgasms and squirting (because of the angle). The difference is I only lick her clit with my tongue and insert 2-3 fingers inside her and finger her at the same time. I also randomly grab her tits or tweak her nipples for added effect.”OMG where did you learn this?” She was panting heavily already.”Porn.” I said, laughed a little then went back to work.”Holy shit I’m gonna come already!” what she didn’t know was how I would handle that. As she started to come I actually sped up my assault on her pussy and started sucking for every thing I was worth on her clit. Her head came forward then back against the chair and she was moaning and squeeking. “Holy shit, holy shit, omg holy shit!!” As she just kept coming again and again until after maybe the fifth time she was convulsing I let off her clit and slowed my pace in her pussy. She slumped down in the chair breathing very erratically. I hadn’t made her squirt but she definitely came multiple times. I also hadn’t noticed that I was fully hard again. I stood up with a huge smile on my face and when she looked at me you could tell she was spent. I helped her up to the bed and she laid down on her back. I climbed nevşehir escort bayan over her and very slowly as if to tease her inserted my cock into her. Once all the way in I just held it there and laid down fully on her body. “That was amazing! I’ve never come more than once before.” Still panting her chest was heaving up to me over and over. I bent my head down and sucked a nipple into my mouth. She let out a slight sigh and then kissed the top of my head.”Your gonna be the death of me.” She said nearly laughing.”I’m not even done yet Mother.” I then slowly started pulling my cock out until it was just at the entrance to her pussy. She gasped when I got all the way to the top, as if to say put it back in. Put it back in is exactly what I did, only with great force, I slammed my dick into my Mother with all my force. She almost screamed as I hit bottom. At that point I started rhythmically fucking her.”Oh yes fuck me baby. You feel so good in Mommy’s pussy.” “And since I came once already don’t think I’m going to any time soon.” She got a big grin on her face hearing that, tired as she was already.”Good thing we’ve got the house to ourselves then huh.” “Yeah I don’t think Dad would be too happy knowing his Son’s hard cock is buried in his wife’s wet pussy.” I was happily pistoning myself in and out of my Mother and she was at this point enjoying the ride. “Hunny you’re getting me close again. I can’t believe how many times I’ve orgasmed tonight.” There was no denying that smile and sense of happiness at how thoroughly I had pleased her so far.”Come for me Mom, come on my hard cock.” Trying to goat her into coming again, as I had another surprise for her. I kept my pace exact and unaltered to make sure the sensation was true and she would come soon.”Coming….” And that’s when I sped up the pace and kept going strong instead of stopping to change position or let her recover from the orgasm. This got just the right reaction from her as well, her eyes got big and she threw her head back on the pillow as she had orgasm after orgasm while I continued my increased pace in her. Again I let her go through 4-5 orgasms before slowing down and finally stopping. Her breathing was so rapid at this point I almost thought about stopping and giving her a rest. But I did promise to fuck her so good she wouldn’t walk straight the next day.”Turn over” I grabbed her hip to signify I wanted her doggy.”Perfect” I said as I grabbed both hips in my hands and entered her from behind. She was so exhausted by this point that she just put her head down into the pillow. That was great for me because it raised her ass up for me to look at and the angle was perfect.”God your pussy is so wet Mom.””What…what do you expect…I’ve had…like 10 orgasms tonight.” Even her speech was labored by now. I was loving it. I got down to business and started really pounding her pussy doggy style. Having a firm grip of both her hips in my hands let me really attack her with abandon.”OMG, OMG, OMG, I can’t take much more of this!” Her and I both were nearly done with this episode. I kept pumping harder and harder, she was whining, screaming, moaning, whimpering.”I’m getting close Mom” I was hoping she’d say come inside me but didn’t expect it. I half figured her to say strongly NOT to come inside her.”Me too Son, me…too.””MOM, I’m gonna come!!” I was about to burst and she hadn’t said a thing, I wanted so badly to come in her.”MOM!!” And then it happened, she grabbed my ass with her hand and pulled my to her and I blasted off inside her with probably the biggest orgasm I have ever had.”Unnghmph” Was all she could muster as I emptied my seed deep into her pussy. I held on for a moment or two longer then pulled out and laid beside her. All she could do was slump down and lie still. She didn’t say a thing to me and after about 10 minutes she fell asleep. I got up, covered her up and went to finally take that shower. I had done it, I had fucked my own Mother so well that she basically passed out. I was nothing but smiles when I went to bed that night…Below is hopefully the link to the continuation of this story “She can’t help herself”