How I Lost My Virginity

5 Temmuz 2020 0 Yazar: admin


How I Lost My VirginityI lost my virginity when I was 13.Two guys I grew up with were 2 years older and we were wrestling in one of their houses.I developed early so I really shouldn’t have been doing that but I liked them feeling me up.They thought they were being sneeky but I was letting them kayseri escort get a good feel.I had already explored my pussy a lot.I had a small bush of hair and nice round tits which I had also played with a lot.Things were getting a little heated because I felt one of them had escort kayseri a hard on when he layed on my hip.I have two older brothers so I know what a hard on was and I’d seen them.I liked seeing them.Before I knew what was happening one had his hand up my blouse and the other kayseri escort bayan had his dick out.I didn’t fight it because I wanted it. I played with the dick with my hand while the other one upsnapped my bra and started fondling my tits.It felt so good and so did the dick in my hand.We all got naked and they took turns fucking me all afternoon until they ran out of rubbers. I even did my first blow job. From then on I was on my way to being a whore and I loved it.This is fun telling my stories maybe I’ll write some more.I have a lot to tell.