House Hunting Chrissie

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House Hunting ChrissieCHRISSIE GOES HOUSE HUNTINGWhen I casually mentioned to one of clients during a session that I was toying with the idea of perhaps buying a houseand renting out my condo he needlessly took the time to remind that he owned one of the largest realty offices intown. It must a salesman thing, not being able to leave business behind for an hour or two. You’re no doubt thinking to yourself “Hold on there Chrissie, don’t forget you’re a bit of salesperson yourself. After all your sellingyour body to your clients every day.” Let me clear something up for you. I’ve never had to sell my body. Granted myclients may be paying for it but there is really no selling involved. It’s kind of like heroin nobody is selling the stuff butpeople are always buying. Like heroin you’ll never see it advertized or marked down because your dealer is over-stockedand has to make room for the new stuff. What really struck me as strange is how someone would allow a potential real estate deal to get in the way of a reallyfirst class high priced blow job and fuck session. But that a true salesman for you. Kind of funny don’t you think?Don’t worry about me though, little Chrissie remained strictly professional. I sucked his cock, let me hammer my”pussy” for a while and since he was my last client of the day, I even let him come on my face. If he hadn’t of been mylast appointment that never would have happened, it always wreaks havoc with my make-up. Anyway three days later he calls me up to tell me he just put a house on the market that I simply must see. I told himthat I still was just tossing around the idea of buying a house and didn’t think I’d reached the point of actually looking at them.He was very persistent and gave me the usual routine “It’s a one of kind”, “It won’t be on the market very long”, “It’s asteal at the price they’re asking”…..blah, blah, blah.He called again later that day saying “I’m telling you as friend Chrissie that you really need to see this house.””First of all Charles, we aren’t FRIENDS.” I told him “You are simply a client of mine and I am an over priced whorethat you can’t live without.” “Now that we’ve established the ground rules of our relationship are you going to keep pestering me while I’m tryingto make a living” I said.He laughed and said “Surely you can find time in your busy schedule to just take a look at this place. Chrissie it’s less than 10 minutes from your place.” “I’m glad you appear to be so wel l-informed as to my “schedule”. Charles i doubt you’ve ever fucked a wealthybusinessman in your life.””AAHH!” he shouted “I’VE FUCKED YOU! and I’d say you are one very good little businessperson.””Touche” I said.”Don’t get a swelled head Chrissie.” he said “You’re still a little bitch.””I would be careful if I were you Charles or you may not have a place to stick that pathetic “swelled head” ofyours.” I said with a laugh.”Like i said Chrissie you a good businessperson and I darıca escort doubt you’d want to pass up the money every week.” hereplied.We seemed to having such a good time with our repartee that I finally agreed to look at the damn house. He gaveme the address and driving directions and we arranged to meet there at 3:15 that afternoon.I didn’t have time to change and being a work day I felt I might be a bit overdressed for house hunting. I had a Chinese silk dress emblazoned with oriental flowers and dragons, slit up the side nearly to my waist. the dress wasvery tight and clung to my breasts, ass, and hips like it had been painted on me. I also was wearing thigh texturedblack hose and 4 inch heels. The dress fit so snug that I had decided to forego putting my bra back on after finishingwith my 1:30 appointment. I did however select a fresh pair of panties from my desk drawer. Apparently It was time to re-stockmy emergency stash as it appeared I was down to my last pair. They happened to be a sheer silk hi rise bikini with lace trim.Dior had seen fit to adorn them with one of their classic designs. The lace applique ran down each leg hem, justabove the elastic. It formed a “V” that framed my little “clitty” encased within the silk. I had my hair done in a pseudo oriental hair style in an attempt to compliment the dress and complete the look of an oriental “comfort girl”.My eye make-up was also done to give me an oriental appearance. Even though I’m very petite and only 5’4” I could neverpass for oriental but damn I sure looked hot!I pulled up in front of the house intending to park my Jaguar on the street in front but when I noticed how spacious thedriveway was I parked there instead. Charles was waiting for me in his Mercedes and when he saw me step out frommy car I thought his eyes were going to pop clear out of his head. He walked toward me and eying me up and downhe said “My God Chrissie you look so fucking sexy dressed like that!””So what otherwise I’m not that sexy?” I asked.”Oh Chrissie you damned sexy no matter what you wear, but I’ve never seen you like this.” he said.Since we were pretty much hidden from anyone’s view, I reached down and cupped his crotch. I smiled and said”You horny little bastard you got a hard on already!””It’s your fault Chrissie, you are making me crazy” he whispered.”Time is money Charles, you best just show me the house.” I said. and we walked toward the front entrance.He rang the bell and the door was soon opened by a elder woman, I would guess she was close to eighty yearsold. She welcomed us inside and told Charles to make him self at home. She couldn’t prevent her eyes fromsneaking glances at me while she spoke to Charles. Charles introduced me and told her I was a prospective buyer.She told us that her husband was outside on the deck and that she was going to join him. She promised not toget in the way of Charles showing the house. “You won’t even know we’re here.” escort darıca she said.I have to admit the house was very nice, large, professionally decorated, modern kitchen and immaculate.Once we’d explored the ground floor Charles said “Wait until you see the upstairs Chrissie.” As we climbed the stairs to the second level, I could feel Charles eyes fixed upon my ass as I climbed the stairsin front of him. I just knew he was hypnotized by every twitch of my buttocks as we made our way upwards.Once we reached the top he pointed down the hallway to the right saying “The master suite is this way.”The room was very spacious, large enough for a king size bed, several case pieces and even a full size sofa.Well strolling around the room, checking out walk-in closets and such I paused to look at myself in the largelandscape mirror on the dresser. I couldn’t restrain myself from inspecting the perfume bottles arrayed on the dresser. They were all very expensivebrands and most imports from France. “Well the old broad sure knows her perfumes.” I said with a laugh.As I turned to walk away my movement was impeded by Charles who was now positioned behind me. He wrapped onearm around my waist, with his free hand he began to grope my breasts through the silk fabric of the dress. He hadsuch a firm hold on me that I had no chance of freeing myself. He unbuttoned the top buttons of my oriental dressand began to fondle my naked left tit. He tilted his head down and began to kiss my neck while he teased my nippleuntil it resembled a tiny little pebble. His hold on me began to ease up but I wasn’t really going anyway. Once he’dsucceeded in bringing both my nipples to hard little points he started to lightly pinch them. All of a sudden it beganto hit me….we were in some stranger’s bedroom and I had the feeling he intended to fuck me while they sat on the deckdirectly below. I glanced toward the window and realized that it was in fact halfway open. I thought “My God what if they hear us?”As Charles began to fondle my ass the thought crossed my mind “They’re pretty old maybe their hard of hearing?””This was crazy! Chrissie what the hell are you doing?” I thought. But by now his fondling, caressing, and kissing hadwanting him. But why? I’d fucked Charles many times and although he wasn’t aware of it, but it was becoming pretty routine for me. But this. This was different, this was strangely exciting. It was clear to me now that getting fuckedin a total strangers house with the possibility that they might even hear us was what was driving crazy. I felt Charles’s stiff cock rubbing against the back of the silk dress, easily sliding up and down over the silky material.I felt him pushing it against my bottom as if he planned to separate my ass cheeks with his prick. When I felt himstep back to take his pants down I quickly whirled around. I began dropping to my knees before him saying “I wantyour cock in my mouth.” “Oh God darıca escort bayan yes Chrissie.” he said.In an instant I had his long stiff cock in mouth and was eagerly sucking it. My head bobbing up and down on hisstiff shaft, taking it deeper and deeper down my throat. He held my head and began to roughly fuck my face.”You are one fantastic little cock sucking slut. Chrissie.” he said “Work it honey….work my cock….take it all mylittle tramp.” “it’s what you do best….sucking cock like the little whore you are.”The more he berated me, the more I knew I wanted to keep sucking his cock. I knew I just had to keep sucking his cock.I was ravenous, sucking it all the way down my throat, working it with my hand, listening to his low guttural grunts.Just when I thought he might come in my mouth at any moment, he withdrew his cock and jerked me to my feet.He spun me around and I placed my hands palms down on the dresser. With both hands he reached down and grasped the hem of my Chinese silk dress, quickly pulling it up until it lay bunched around my waist. Wasting no time,he hooked his thumbs into the elastic waistband of my Christian Dior panties. He yanked them roughly off by ass and hips,down my thighs and calves,to my ankles. I kicked them aside and resumed my submissive position on the dresser.I could see his reflection in the mirror, I heard his raspy breath and I shivered in anticipation. Bent over the dresserlike I was I felt so vulnerable. My “pussy” was open to his prick. Using his saliva he lubricated his raging hard on. Holding firmly to my hips he probed the opening to my sex with hiscock. Suddenly I felt it, the knob at the head of his cock penetrating my sex. He pounded his cock into me several times and then withdrew, only to violently ram his prick right back into my cunt. This time my sex hole was bigger and Iwas ready for him. I had to muffle my screams as I took his full length deep in my ass. I bucked back against himagain and again, pinned face down on the dresser. He reached down between my legs and began to stroke mytiny little “clitty”. I came almost immediately. Then I heard him groan and felt his throbbing cock shooting hot streamsof semen, filling my aching “pussy”. “My God Chrissie that was fantastic!” he said “You are one fucking fantastic little whore.””So glad you remember.” I said “now you won’t be surprised when this shows up on your monthly statement.”Just then we heard the back door open and close, followed by a woman inquiring how it was going so far.”very good Maam. We’re just about finished. Charles yelled down to her while i hurriedly attempted to straightenand re button my dress. I heard her coming up the stairs as crawled around in search of my panties.”Dammit! I whispered to Charles “There under the bed and I can;t reach them.””It’s to late Chrissie! We have to go!” he said.As I drove back to my office I wondered who would eventually discover the lost Dior’s under the bed? The oldlady would know they weren’t hers. The old man would no doubt wonder why he’d never sen them before. Butmaybe it would be maid or cleaning service that discovered them? I laughed thinking of all the possibilities.