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hot sexmy gf jenna writing this for me Hi everyone is me again. This is my other fantasy:I’m a American agent, I’m on my way to a secret organization occupied area to help the hunt for terrorist. But unluckly, I got capture by their scouts, first i struggled, but just too many of them, I got knock down. Then I pass out, when I wake, I saw two guy sit in front of me. One looks like a interrogator, another looks like a fighter, the interrogator guy ask me who am I. I shook head, then this guy ask me in English: “Tell me who are you? Or else.” I have training before, so I’m not afraid of him, he yell at me, he threaten to beat me, I still says no. “Okay, you going to regret it!” he ripe off all my cloth, and he begin to touch me. I screamed, and I yell at him to let me go. He refuse and he slapped me, now he pull out a gun and point at me.”Shoot me” i said. Sorry girl, this is not mean to kill u, this meant to poison you.” “You bastards.He give me a shot at my neck, I feel nothing, later i feel so hurt. He order five fighters to come into the room. He untie me and I try to stand up, but I feel so weak, and hurts. “Tell me Who are you girl, and I’ll give you the cure.” the interrogator tell me. I shooked my head, but i feel I want to obey him. He said: “I’ll wait.”10 minuets later, I can’t hold anymore, I feel I’m going to die, but he told me: “Don’t worry girl, you not going to die, the shot is made to give female prisoners to give off information, it will not kill you, but let you suffer.””Please, give me the cure, I’ll tell you.” “Go head, tell me.””I’m American agent, I’m here güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri to find out the location of your organization.” I said with tears flow form my eyes. “Okay girl, I’ll give you the cure, but you have to obey us to if you want to live.””Yes sir, please let me have the cure, I feel so hurt.”He give me a pill and I swallow it.”There, there, feel better?” the guy ask me, I nodded. Then I punch him, when my fist touch his body, I feel the same hurt again, I knee. “What’s happening to me?””I know you going to do that.” now you will suffer.”No, no please don’t, I beg you. Please have mercy on me. I swear I won’t do that again.”Now I’m surround by seven guys each with a cock in their hand, what my fate going to be. They tie me up and begin to kiss me, the interrogator kissed my lips, he took away my first kiss, I want to hurt him so bad if he kiss my lips again. I bite his lip so hard when he kiss me again, he slapped me, and punch me in the stomach, twice.”Ah!” now he order two guy touch my breasts, and kiss my breast. “Ah ah ah” “No stop””Ah!” now he order two guy touch my breasts, and kiss my breast. “Ah ah ah” “No stop”He laugh at me and start fingerfuck me, I don’t know what’s happening to me, I feel I want to obey, but I struggled. THe next day, they continued to tease me, I try to control my self, but my body couldn’t handle anymore. I obey their command, suck cocks, masturbate, handjob, and beg them to fuck me. I feel I’m going to be a sex slave, but I want to hide and obey until they believe I’m a slave, they belive tipobet güvenilir mi me I won’t try to escape, so I can escape this Hell. But the interrogator somehow know I’m planning to escape. So he order about 20 men to gangfuck me. They tie me up with chains and ropes, the first one tease me by kissing me by the neck, legs, waist, and ear, and my face. I can’t believe I kiss him on the lip, I fell in love with him. I feel so confused. I didn’t know this guy out rank the interrogator and they are rivals. He tie me up but he do it with me really gental, making love with him feel like heaven, I tell him: “i don’t know why, I love you!””really, don’t you want to go back home again?”Actually no, I felt I like here’s great.” He kiss me on the cheek and I felt asleep in his arm. He play with my tits and lick my nipples. “Ah, ah,” I wake up and see he’s fuck my clits with his big cock, I feel so good, I kiss his lips, lay my head his shoulder to rest, he tease me a lot. “I feel I’m going to milk now, wanna drink it?” I asked him. He said sure. He drank all the milk, then he cumed in me. I felt asleep this time.The nect day he’s gone, the interrogator and five henchmen pull me down off the bed. He tell me: “morning girl, since you lover is gone, we will make you suffer.””No no! don’t please, don’t hurt me!” I screamed and beg them.They stripe me naked and squeeze my neck. “I can’t breath! I can’t breath!”Then I pass out, when I waked up, I feel so weak and I saw 30 men naked in front of me, the interrogator sat in a chair and two girl are sucking his tipobet giriş cock while he watch me naked being sex with 30 men. I don’t remember how many guys I have sex with that day, I only remember each men have fuck every hole in me at least three times. I screamed until I lost my voice. Sperms, salivas and sweat are all over my body, 6 hours later, I thought the feast will be over, but after 30 men feast on me, another 30 is ready to fuck me. “Come on girl, obey me so you don’t have to die from exhaustion.””No! I won’t! I hate you! I rather die than to obey you! kill me if you like! I’m not afraid of it!”Then fuck her until she die get it you men.””Yes sirThey start fuck me like thers’s no end. I thought I’m going to die until he come back. Two men by his side, armed by desert eagle at their hand. He got a golden ak-47 in his hand, he aimed at the interrogator. THe interrogator said: “No, stop, I’m sorry, alright,don’t shoot meToo late! Yu shouldn’t tortue my Jenny at first place, so say sorry to her, mate!” He open fire at the interrogator and his henchmen, they all died. He order those men who fucked me to stop or get killed, they stop as ordered, he then order them to go back to their duties and never say a word about what happen today.Now I’m cover with sperms and sperms, he tell his guard to get some doctor and then wash my body. They did.Three day later, I woke up and felt hungray. He told me to eat and drink, i did, and I tell him:I thought I’m going to die that day, thank you for come back.””I come back to get you, and I want to say this form the moment I met you. I Love You!” Why?””I’m just a prisoner.””Because your beauty, your strength, your loyalty, and your courage.””I love you!” I said.Then I kiss him on the lip and lay in his arm and kiss him. “From this day on you’re not a prisoner anymore, do you like to join us in freedom?” he askI love to be with you!”