home but not alone

2 Temmuz 2020 0 Yazar: admin


home but not aloneThis morning when waking up, as always, i go straight to the toilets, scratching carelessly my family jewels. I just forgot for a second that my cousine was at home since yesterday evening. She’s there standing in the corridor staring at me. Such an uncomfortable feeling grows in me…Now she’s enjoying her breakfast, i go to the bathroom, washing myself and here comes my morning boner without warning, i start wanking, lightly, and once again i just forgot i’m not alone, and the door is not locked and there she’s entering the bathroom, hopefully i was not moaning her name…Now she’s having her shower, i’m smoking my first cigaret of the day on the balcony, the early sunrays are warming me after these two great shots of this morning…when turning back i just see that the window of her room is open and i can see her reflection, topless, the showel around her hips, she also sees me and she violently pulls the curtains. We are now in my car, i’m driving, she’s wearing a light rock eskişehir escort ad when changing speed my hand touches her fre left knee. I’m so blushing when she looks at me that i’m losing my words and as i want to say pls sorry i just hear myself saying pls suck me. A good slap on my face is the only answer i get back.Long,so long was the day after that, i think we did not say much than ten words to eachother during the afternoon…For the dinner i prepare some pasta, spaghettis and homemade tomato sauce…that comes straight on her clothes instead of the plate…she gets up and go to her room quickly geting the dress off coz it’s so hot…when she’s passing the corner of the living room i just can guess that she’s wearing some cute fade pink panties and so she disappears, coming back two minuts later with awful grey jogging trousers on.It’s about quite midnight i’m watching the tv with very low sound not to disturb her, i think she’s sleeping. She just decides to come and have escort eskişehir a glass of water when some ads for a porn phone service is showing off on the screen.Today i can say that for me life did suck…On the second morning , i open my eyes, wait for the single little sound of her being awoken, nothing, just the silence and a bird singing outside…i scratch my balls sitting on the edge of the bed, i go to the bathroom and lock the door, this time…Still no sound when going in the kitchen. But i see some moving shadows on the balcony, she’s there doing her morning gym a light white tee-shirt and some short shorts on. With the light i can guess her breasts thru the tee-shirt. I’m still staring at her, my mouth wide open when she notices me. Smiling to me she pulls her top up and shows me her free tits, two seconds after she’s laughing and running to the bathroom.I’m just back home with the newspaper under the arm that she’s calling me, to join her in her room. She just wants to eskişehir escort bayan know which undies she should wear today according to me…She has displayed three panties and two bras on the bed…i can just mumble the white ones, that she’s already bare back, a smooth bottom just here right under my eyes saying hello to me…A thanks without turning her head to me and she’s asks me to leave the room if i don’t mind. We are walking around the neighbourhood, enjoying this warm summer afternoon, and she can’t help talking and talking about her girl friends, her colleagues…i’m not litenning to her, just smelling her fresh vanilla perfume that a light wind brings to my nose…my hand brushes against hers and then she holds mine, i’m thinking to myself that if the rest of her skin is as soft as her hand, wow…and she kisses my right cheek. What a nice walk.I’m reading , laying on my bed whe she knocks at my door. She pretends to be afraid of a spider on the wall. I go to check and of course there’s nothing. She’s already under my sheets when i’m back, ending to get off her panties…she’s naked, in my bed and i’m here, i don’t know what to think or do…i will never understand the girls… …Come… and i did cum, lol today life did not suck at all…