Her first woman

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Her first womanWe had been looking forward to this Friday night all week. We had barely seen one another. We go to this little bar/pub that we love and get one of the last little tables left. We are having a great evening flirting with each other and dancing. A couple of hours in you excuse yourself to go to the washroom. I’m watching the dance floor when you return so I don’t see you come up from behind me, and I don’t notice you brought someone with you.”Honey. This is Stacey. She was in the bathroom crying. Her boyfriend just dumped her for someone else. Do you mind if she sits with us and has a drink?”Looking at her I couldn’t say no, she was a very cute red head. You and she seem to hit it off quite well, even dancing together, and I couldn’t help but notice her hands were all over you when you did dance. Back at the table you two were acting like you knew each other for years, whispering in each others ear, holding hand and touching heads. I even noticed at one point her hand on your thigh, and with the mind I have I had some very dirty thoughts going on, but even though I knew you were curious, I also knew that you would never go through with it.It was getting late and I was about to go get one last round when she leaned over and kissed you and while you were still in shock she said it was for making such a shit night into a fun one. The shock that you had wasn’t from the fact that she kissed you but from the reaction your body had. Your nipples instantly harden, your pussy got moist and your thigh, with her hand still on it opened up. I didn’t notice any of this other wise I wouldn’t have gone to get that last round but you told me later what happened next. As soon as my back was turned, she leaned over and started to whisper into your ear about how good looking you were and that she wanted to make love to you. With that her tongue darts into your ear and her hand travels up your thigh. At that moment you were glad you didn’t wear any panties that night, and from her reaction when her finger tips brushed what little hair you had, so was she. You had never really thought about being with a woman but you always loved the risk of doing anything outdoors, so the combination of the two had you dripping. Her finger tip lightly brushed against your clit and that sent shivers up your spine and made your nipples rock hard. You could feel her fingers part your lips and free your juices. You notice me returning with our drinks as she slips kırklareli escort a finger into your pussy. You gasp as you feel your juices flow down to your ass. As I sit our drinks on the table you have a glazed look in your eyes, and I ask you if you are ok.”We are going right now and Stacey is coming with us!””Um, ok “As we stand up to leave, I notice Stacey licking her finger and with a big smile. Once to the car I open the door for you and you tell me that you are sitting in the back with Stacey. I look into the rear view mirror and see the two of you making out with her hand up your blouse. I keep watching, like any man could not watch two beautiful women kissing and groping each other. As I watched my cock got extremely hard as I see her hand go between your legs and push your skirt up. Her finger slips into you with no resistance, and you let out a moan as her thumb brushes your clit. You pull up your top as she lowers her head to your pussy, and you pinch your nipples as her tongue starts to part your outer lips, searching for your hard little clit. Your hands leave your nipples and go to the back of her head, pushing her hard into your pussy. I can hear her lapping up your juices. I can tell from your moans that you are getting close to cumming. We are just around the corner from our house but I drive by it because I want you to finish.At a stop light I look back and see your fists balled up in her hair and your hips bucking against her face. You are screaming at her now telling her how great she is. As I turn onto our street, you start to cum. Once you finished, I pull into our driveway and Stacy glides up your body, giving me a quick glance of the shine on her face from your juices. I watch as you and her kiss, you licking your juices off of her face and shock waves still hitting you as she grinds her knee into her pussy.”We are home ladies, unless you want to stay in the car?” I said, knowing the answer.I got out and opened the door for the ladies and followed them to the house. I unlock the door and let them in first. Walking in together but then you push Stacy hard against the wall and starts to kiss her. I lock up the door and lean against the far wall watching the two of you.You are kissing her with a passion I thought was only for me. Ripping her blouse open you latch onto one of her braless breasts. As you suck her nipple into your mouth, I notice your knee grinding into her pussy. Her hands are kırklareli escort bayan on your shoulders pushing you down to her pussy. You stand up and spin her around and rip her skirt off in one motion. I see you just staring at her very beautiful ass, running your hands over it, then you surprise both of us by giving her ass a very quick and very hard smack. Your lips replace your hand and you start to kiss the welt on her ass. As you run your tongue over the spot, I notice your hand between her legs and how she is now grinding back into you. I watch and get hard as your tongue parts her ass cheeks and lick from her star to her clit. Stacey is pushing her ass into your face now. Wanting your tongue deeper in her pussy.I watch in disbelief as you turn her around again and put her one leg on your shoulder and then proceed to eat her pussy like you have done it before. Your fingers spread her lips and your tongue snakes out and flick her clit, causing her knee to buckle. With your index finger and ring finger spreading her you slid your middle finger into her wet pussy, and slowly started to fuck her. I can tell you are doing a good job because she starts to grind against your face. Her hands go to your head and your hair becomes handles for her as she starts fucking your face. Stacey is moaning your name as I hear her juices being lapped up by you.”OH FUCK. Right there, keep it up, I’m cumming baby.”With that she just melted on you. The two of you collapse on the floor. By now my cock had been out for a bit and I was stroking it slowly just watching you two on the floor just trading little kisses. You both stop and look at me and give me a wicked grin.”I do believe it is Stan’s turn now, don’t you Stacey?””Oh yes.”Next thing I know I see two beautiful naked women crawling toward me, reaching for my cock. I cannot describe the feeling of having two sexy women licking my cock at the same time. The pre-cum is just oozing out of my cock now as Stacey deep throats me. When she pops back up, she suggests we go the bedroom.I walk behind the two of you, watching your bare asses as you two walk hand in hand. Once in the bedroom you turn to Stacey and tell her you need to be fucked and then you get me on my back in the middle of the bed.”Hun, do you mind if I get first ride??” Stacey asks you.”Ok, besides he is just as good at eating pussy as you. We can meet in the middle of him.” You laugh.With that Stacey climbs escort kırklareli on top of me and holds my cock at the base and lowers herself onto me. I feel her warmth envelop my cock. I can tell she hasn’t had sex in a while because of how tight she is. My head it up watching her ride up and down when I look up and watch as you lower your pussy down on my face. I reach up and pull apart your ass cheeks, which open all of you up. Sticking my tongue out I guide your pussy onto it. I love the taste of your pussy and I can never get enough of it. I feel you lean over and I can tell from the reaction of Stacey that you are doing something to her.With how worked up you are it didn’t take long before you started cumming. Grinding your pussy hard into my face you flood me with your juices. I feel your hand down at Stacey’s pussy trying to get her off again and you are rewarded with a flush of cum, and it is enough to set me off. I slam hard into her and cum deep into her pussy.I’m laying spent on the bed but you two aren’t done just yet.” Let me eat his cum out of you. I got to have it.” You say to her as you pounce on her.The two of you fall into a 69 with Stacey on the bottom. I’m watching you eat my oozing cum out of her pussy. I can feel myself start to get hard again. I get off the bed and sit in the chair near it and watch as Stacey eats you out. Her face is right in you, and you are reacting to her like you do to me. My cock is fully hard now and Stacey sees it.Breaking from your pussy she says, “Bring that cock over here.”Being a good guy I do as I’m told. Lucky for me you two are on the edge of the bed and as I walk over Stacey drops her head and opens her mouth, so I do what any red blooded straight guy would do, I slide my hard on into her waiting mouth. Unfortunately for me it didn’t last long, she quickly popped it out.”Mmmmmmm I taste great. Now fuck her.”With that she takes my cock and aims it straight for your dripping pussy. With no effort I slide into you. I can feel her under me still licking your clit. I can hear you moaning loudly into her pussy, as you feel things you have never felt all at once before. I can feel your pussy milking my cock, wanting me to cum in you. I know I’m hitting your G-spot as I fuck you and with her licking your clit, your pussy is on fire. I have never felt it so wet. All of a sudden you scream in her pussy and my cock is flooded with your cum. You have never done that before and I know Stacey is getting drenched in your juices. It’s all too much for me and I unload into your pussy. It feels like I’m cumming bucket loads.When I’m finally done I stager back to the chair and slump down. The last thing I see before I pass out is Stacey sucking my cum out of your swamped pussy.