Her first taste

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Her first tasteSarah was a young lady who had just turned 18. She had worked hard at her books and enjoyed her time at school. But she was not one of the popular girls. Non of the boys seemed to notice her. She wore glasses for reading and was considered a little bit nerdy by many. She was just a quiet girl going about her business. Sarah would walk home from school every day and spend her afternoons helping around the home and doing her assignments. Her days were fairly routine. At night when she was finally alone in her room, she would lay in her bed and dream about boys she liked. Not really knowing what it was all about. She just knew she liked some of them. She would secretly slide her fingers into her panties and discover a strange wetness. But she didn’t know what this meant. She would feel guilty about it and stop and worry that what was happening was wrong. Days turned to weeks with out much change in Sarah’s life until one day she managed to land her first job. It was at a local grocery store near her home. She would go there after school and help in the store, packing shelves or working on the check out. Sarah didn’t know this herself and unfortunately boys her age didn’t see it either, but older men always noticed her. To a grown man, she looked so fresh and ripe with her petite little body and awkward ways. They could see past the slightly nerdy looking girl. And every red blooded man noticed her at the checkout. thinking to themselves.. wish she would give me a sign. But She didn’t. She didn’t know how to.One day she was asked to help a handsome man in his early 40’s to the car with his groceries. On the way to his car he began asking about her. What sort of things she liked to do in her time off and so on. Sarah told him that she loved going to the movies and seeing her friends and the usual kind of things you would expect to hear. His name was Pete and he asked he if she had ever gone on a sailing boat. Sarah stated that she had not. The man eventually invited her. She was unsure at first but interested at the same time. She wasn’t sure what her parents would say and was too afraid to ask them or answer him. So the man said, “look its no problem if you cant, I just thought I would ask because I have one and I go out all the time. It’s a lot of fun, So If ever your interested or just want to say hi, I’m always at the harbour on my boat. She is called the Maybelle”. Sarah went back to work and was left wondering what it would be like, who was this man? He seemed too friendly but she was curious.Days passed by and one day curiosity got the better of her. She was near the harbour anyway, so she decided to take a look. After a short time she spotted the Maybelle. It was a beautiful boat. She could see Pete climbing around her decks, keeping himself busy. Eventually Pete noticed Sarah on the wharf. She stood out a lot more than she thought. Pete new she would eventually turn up and was waiting patiently for the day to arrive. He gave her a wave. Sarah almost died. She nearly panicked and rode off. But she couldn’t ignore him so she gave a confused wave back. Pete called to her..” come aboard and say hello”Sarah was shy, she was a bit frightened but for some reason she had to go aboard. She thought Pete was very attractive and she wanted to know more about this grown, strange, man. She rode along the wharf and parked her bike against a pole. Pete rushed over and offered his steady, strong hand as she stepped across a plank. Once aboard she stood there in her little yellow dress, unsure what to do. She didn’t know why she was here in the first place so she just stood there fidgeting. Pete sensed she was nervous so he offered her a cool drink. “sit down and relax, It’s so nice to see you”, he said softly. His words seemed soothing to Sarah. His deep voice was relaxed and seemed to alanya escort bayan have a strange way of making her feel warm. She felt tingly and strange. It was like she was in a trance. She could hear what Pete was saying but she felt fuzzy and dazed. He again offered his hand and Sarah unknowingly followed him into the cabin. It was like she was hypnotized. She had no idea why she was here. But she knew she wanted to stay. She was confused, scared, excited all at once. Pete led her to a chair and asked he to sit. He sat across from her on a table in his raggy shorts and no shirt. Sarah couldn’t take her eyes of him. She would try to look away, but found herself staring. Pete watched her as she stared. Her face was red with embarrassment but she couldn’t stop. She could notice a huge lump in Pete’s pants. He never wore underpants and there was a clear outline of his cock.She had never seen one in real life before and her eyes were locked on. Pete asked Sarah if she liked what she saw? She tried not to speak but she could hear the words yes coming out of her lips. She could see it growing. Would you like to see it? Pete asked. He knew she need not answer. He slowly moved toward her and began to lower his shorts. Pete grabbed his cock and balls and lifted it over his elastic shorts. There right in front of Sarah’s face was a giant cock. Her jaw dropped and her eyes were wide open. She could not speak or move. Sarah couldn’t believe what she was looking at. She was completely mesmerized. Pete’s cock was incredible! His balls were large and hung down in a tidy pair. And his cock was thick and long with big pumping veins. The enormous head was a perfect helmet shape.She could see his dick head expanding with every pulse into a huge bloated knob with a flared angry looking ridge around the helmet. Flaring and throbbing with blood. Sarah felt a massive jolt to her pussy. Her wetness was soaking her panties and she could feel her own strong hard throb! Sarah’s body was firm and sweet. Every inch of her was uncharted. Stiff hard nipples sprung from perky tits and her back arched down to a firm, perfect ass. Her pussy was blond and pink, dripping with the sweetest nectar. For a while she just sat there, staring at Pete’s cock. She was in awe. She had never seen anything so beautiful and she had never felt like this. This huge throbbing cock was right in front of her at eye level. Bouncing to Pete’s heartbeat. A deep musky scent of cock filled her nostrils, overloading her senses. The smell made her head dizzy and her breath quickened. Her pussy let out a spasm of juice that was now flowing. She noticed a big drop of clear fluid doing the same from Pete’s giant cock head. Pete’s cock had begun pumping a steady flow of pre-cum. It was oozing out and slowly beginning to form a thick dripping stream. Sarah was amazed! It looked so delicious. It was more of an instinct that took over. Sarah couldn’t help wanting to touch his cock. She slowly took his cock in her tiny hand and began looking at it closer, squeezing it and moving it around at different angles. It seemed so wrong, but she wanted to taste it. The shape and look of this cock was making her salivate. She gently and slowly lifted the head toward her mouth. It’s giant plum like knob was just inches from her face. She opened her mouth slightly and licked at the tip. The head was shiny and smooth. A great pulse flared the angry cock head again causing a huge flow of of pre-cum onto Sarah’s tongue. As she pulled back the pre-cum formed a thick clear string from her lips to Pete’s fat juicy cock. As she licked her lips, she could taste the sweet clear juice. It sent her head spinning in a jolt that caused her to moan out loud. Her pussy spasmed hard and her whole body began to tingle. The smell and taste of this big sailors cock was a escort alanya heady recipe! Sarah again came to her senses only to find herself savouring every second of the taste. She was still so confused. She couldn’t understand what she was doing or how she got here but none the less, she found her self leaning forward for more. This time she slowly wrapped her hand, tightly around the base. This was one thick cock! With inches between her thumb and fingers, there was no way her small hand would ever wrap around it completely. She squeezed her grip to see if she could and Pete’s cock Ballooned with blood, the veins thickened and the head flared angrily again. This was a mighty cock! The knob was huge!It was stretched to it’s limit! Starting with a fat bulbous tip, tapering out to it’s Girthy, flared ridge that was much thicker than the rest of the cock. Making a deep ridge where it joined the shaft. It was so angry and defined. The shaft was hard and gristly in appearance with a myriad a big powerful veins. The skin was tight, showing great contours as it slid like a sheath along its throbbing length. The balls were full and heavy! Slowly raising up and down in a slow rhythm, churning vast amounts of cum!Her grip caused another huge dollop of delicious pre-cum into her tongue and now she swallowed it down greedily. Sarah opened her mouth and tried to slide as much cock into her mouth. Her lips thinning as the huge head stopped her. Sarah slowly began jerking Pete’s hefty cock. She could feel the ripples along the shaft as she milked out yet another pulse of pre-cum. It was quickly dawning on her that she really liked this. A lot! She was now greedy for Pete’s pre-cum. Each time she got a good taste, she would moan loudly and her pussy would contract in spasms. Pete was enjoying this! Her face was so young and fresh with a few freckles and big bright eyes. He was delighted to say the least. Pete had to eventually stop Sarah. He could feel a deep churning sensation and he knew that meant a big load was brewing. He stood Sarah up and removed her skimpy dress and bra. As he slowly peeled her panties down he couldn’t help noticing that the crotch was soaked with Sarah’s pussy juice. He lifted her up onto the table and laid her back, raising her slender legs high in the air. Her pussy was the prettiest thing he had every seen! Her pink lips were glistening and her clit was proud and swollen. Pete couldn’t resist. He placed his mouth and tongue over Sarah’s pussy and began licking and sucking on her delicious sweet pussy. Pete had eaten pussy before, but not like this! Sarah’s pussy was so amazing! It was Like a fruit that had never been discovered. So fresh and sweet with nectar!Sarah was quivering and convulsing with wave after wave of clenching spasms that rippled right through her. She was almost delirious with pleasure. Pete stopped for a moment and she begged him not to. But He had other plans. He needed to fuck her if it was the last thing he did on this earth! He stood up and placed his cock close to Sarah’s face once again. She knew why this time! Greedily she sucked on his cock. pumping an squeezing out at much pre-cum as she could. Gulping down the sweet syrup that was flowing from Pete’s cock. He held her head and pulled back making his knob pop from her mouth. Now it was time to fuck!With her legs still spread wide, Pete positioned himself. Sarah looked down and watched as he rubbed his massive cock head over her pussy lips. Their juices mingling for the first time. A tide of clear fuck juice glistened from them both as Pete began to push his fat helmet against her lips. The bulbous tip parted her pussy as it began to invade her hole. It seemed impossible to Sarah that it would fit. She was scared and nervous but her pussy was hungry and she knew she wanted something in there. alanya escort Pete pressed harder as Sarah’s breath raced with fear and pain that was bearable but testing. His fat knob was now pushing hard, stretching and probing. As he pushed, his bloated cock head would flare out wide making her pussy lips stretch even wider. She wriggle around almost wanting to back away. Then with a last squeeze, POP!!! Pete’s humongous, fat knob plunged deep into Sarah’s hot juicy cunt! Sarah gasped deeply for air as her pussy suddenly fill with Pete’s thumping cock head. The sensation sent her head spinning. It took her moments to catch her breath before Pete moved at all. He knew she would need to adjust. Slowly she began to relax. Her breathing still jittery. Pete held her gently by her thighs as he flexed his cock,causing it to flare with a sudden single throb. Sarah felt a wave surge. Pete’s cock was locked into her pussy hard! His knob was so fat and flared it seemed like it would never come back out! There was only one thing Pete had to do. He held her tight and buried his cock as deep into Sarah’s pussy as he could. His massive knob bottomed out, pushing all of Sarah’s pussy juice over his helmet and just like a big piston he pulled back and pushed in again. This time his shaft was well coated in fuck juice and his cock slid in easier. It was a tight, tight fit but Sarah could feel every delicious, bumpy millimetre of Pete’s giant cock. Sarah had never believed she could enjoy some thing so much. Every thrust casing her to groan and moan with extasy. Pete started to build a rythem of slow, but stern, thrusting stabs deep into Sarah’s pussy Her moans were a****l like now in deep husky growls. His thumping hard cock plunging in and out with each and every ridge of knob and vein rippling tightly against Sarah’s stretched hole. Pete’s cock seemed to get even bigger as the blood pulsed hard. Sarah felt waves building inside her as this giant of a cock plunged away. Suddenly, violent spasms took over Sarah’s body as an intense orgasm rushed over her. Her pussy clamped hard around Pete’s cock gripping him like a vice, trapping his huge knob once again with spasm after spasm. Her orgasm was so intense that she nearly blacked out but the pleasure would not let her. This was all to much for Pete. His balls curled up and the cum began to boil in his loins. He tried to stop but it was to late for him! the gates were open! A deep hard churning rushed through his body as his prostate clamped hard with spasm, sending thick molten ropes of cum from deep within. Rushing through his tubes with burning jolts of passion. He thrust deep in to Sarah as his head snapped back. Sending a powerful jet of cum, hard against her cervix wall. Sarah could feel the force and the heat of Pete’s first jet setting her on fire with orgasmic overload. Jet after jet of hot jizz pumped into her pussy when all of a sudden Pete pulled his giant cock out of Sarah’s pussy with a pop. His Huge glistening dick was bouncing with each spasm as more heavy ropes of cum tore from his cock. The first shot out of Sarah’ pussy was about Pete’s 5th squirt. It sailed into the air, thick and heavy, slashing directly onto Sarah’s tongue. She was still cumming herself as she finally tasted the hot saltiness. Spurt after spurt Pete’s cock kept sending Heavy wadds of steaming hot jizz directly at Sarah. Splashing on her tits and face in spectacular fashion. Sarah managed to get more cum in her mouth from a few lucky shots. But spurt after spurt Pete’s cock eventually emptied it’s tasty hot seed. Sarah was now on her knees in front of Pete’s convulsing body. She didn’t want to miss a drop! rubbing his cock over her tits and scooping up the cum so she could lick it all off! Squeezing out each and every precious drop! She could believe herself! She never ever knew that she would do things like this. But she was completely convinced now about what she loved. She Loved Pete’s huge dick with it’s enormous cock head and she just loved the taste of cum! Sarah stayed on the boat with Pete for six months!