He is my house slave

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He is my house slaveHaving a husband as a house slave definitely has its advantages. My home is spotless, the chores are always done and I have a man constantly eager to please. But what the outside world doesn’t see is the man who craves pain and humiliation. Whose deep dark secrets would horrify most people but to us they are exciting and erotic. You must understand that my slave husband is by no means a wimp. He is 6ft tall, broad shouldered, a toned body and physically fit. He runs regularly, lifts weights and has a sharp intelligent mind. This only increases my delight as he submits to my every whim and takes all the pain and humiliation I can dish out. I allow him internet access when his chores are done, challenging him to find new experiences he would like to try, and to use chat rooms to discuss with other slaves how they have proved their devotion to their owners. However, he is not allowed to physically stimulate himself in any way without my permission. I fully control his orgasms and always have done.Today I had allowed him to chat while I did some work I had brought home from the office. The report before me did not make good reading and it was an irritation I could do without. Just as I was scoring through more mistakes there was a tentative knock on the bedroom door.‘Come in slut’ I bark. He usually knows better than to interrupt me.John stands before me, head bowed and hands clasped in front of his genitals.‘What do you want whore? And why are you presenting stood like that?’ I slap his hands away sharply. He knows they should be behind him or above his head when addressing me. As his hands move I see exactly why he is hiding himself. My nasty little whore stands before me with a semi erect cock.‘What the fuck is that?’ I bellow as I grasp the shaft and tug it up as hard as I can. I continue to dig in my nails and pull as he rises on his tiptoes.‘Mistress your slave is so sorry. Aaaarrhhhhh’ His apology is short lived as I grasp the swollen head of his cock and dig my nails in as hard as I can.‘Explain to me why you have a hard on before I rip your fucking cock off you worthless piece of shit’ My anger is building now. He knows better than this and I certainly wasn’t in the mood for his disobedience.‘I was talking on line Mistress when I found myself getting aroused. It’s been so long since I orgasmed I couldn’t control it.’ At least his voice holds a suitable amount of fear in it because we both knew he is in serious trouble. I love this moment. Having my beautiful, strong husband stand before me, completely vulnerable and submissive is so erotic. It is such a turn on to know he craves as much punishment as I can give him.‘Get my black shoes then get down on your knees you filthy pervert’ ‘Yes Mistress’ was his only response other than a quiet moan of relief as I withdraw my sharp nails from his swollen flesh.He walks quickly to get the shoes, the ones with the ankle strap and pointed 6 inch heels. The patent leather he loves to lick and the heels he adores sucking. But today there is no such honour or pleasure awaiting him. Once the shoes are firmly on and he is in position kneeing in front of me I begin to rub the sole over his hard shaft, pressing down firmly and getting an encouraging moan for my efforts.‘Now you piece of shit, tell me exactly what happened.’Grabbing his hair I hold his face looking into mine as I apply more and more pressure to his unauthorised hard on. Looking into my eyes the sorrow that he has disappointed me is clear to see.‘Mistress I was talking on line and all these slaves were describing their experiences and my cock just began to throb. I tried to ignore it but it wouldn’t stop. I’m so sorry Mistress, I know I’m pathetic, but I haven’t cum for so long’Tipping my foot I dig the heel against the exposed mersin escort head, catching the end in his piss hole. His body begins to fold in pain and it’s all I can do to keep my hand wound in his hair keeping him upright. Knowing I can’t hold him much longer I spit down on his face and let him drop but don’t release the pressure of my heel. Increasing the pressure I ask,‘So basically this is my fault? You disappoint me and don’t earn an orgasm and now this nasty excuse for a hard on is down to me! You’re the one who can’t control himself aren’t you? Then you crawl in here and expect forgiveness? Is that what you expect whore?’His head hangs in shame and I love it. The game is on and we are both very willing participants.‘No Mistress it’s not your fault’ he whimpers as the pain almost takes his breath away.Raising my foot I stamp it down hard on his cock, feeling it squash beneath my foot. The slut can’t help himself and falls forward groaning in genuine pain. I can feel the excitement building inside me, my breathing becoming more rapid while I decide home to pursue the game.Rising from the bed I grab his hair, making him crawl behind me into the playroom. If you opened the door you’d just see a spare room with a computer, some gym equipment, and a spare bed. But we both know there’s more to this room than meets the eye. ‘Go and get the laces you piece of shit, it’s about time you were reminded who the boss is’ I watch as he crawls to the ensuite bathroom where there are sets of laces soaking in diluted antiseptic. By keeping the laces wet it means, once tied to his cock and balls they get even tighter as they dry out. He crawls back to me, head lowered and passes me the jar.‘Get up you whore and present that worthless cock to me’John’s excitement has only increased the firmness of his cock and as he stands it’s rigid and throbbing in front of me. His cock is gorgeous actually, long and thick with a bulging head and it makes my body react every time I touch it. But there is fun to be had before I consider fucking him.Pulling a dripping lace from the jar I begin the delicious task of binding his balls. The lace separates each testicle and once secured leaves them swollen and purple, the hairless flesh colouring deeper by the minute. Next I bind the base of his cock. The lace digs into his shaft as I pull it as tight as I can. I am rewarded by a groan of pain and his body bends slightly in a futile attempt to relieve the pressure. Once finished I lean back in my chair and admire my handy work. My slut husband is stood before me, beginning to breathe heavily, hands behind his back, pushing his hips forward to present to me. ‘Thank you Mistress’ he murmurs as he catches his breath.‘Now slut, am I right in thinking you wanted to stroke your cock as you spoke to those slaves on line? Would you have like to have jerked off with them?’He looks suitably ashamed as he replies, ‘Yes Mistress, I wanted to jerk off’‘Well my lovely whore, would you like your Mistress to help you with that?’He looks at me surprised, there is a delightful expectation in his eyes.‘Yes please Mistress. I would like that very much. Thank you.’ Despite its restraints his cock bounces in expectation.I lean forward and run my nails gently across the flesh of his shaft, teasing him, watching as his chest rises and falls. Leaning down my tongue laps at the cock head, sliding it softly between my lips as I stroke his length. Looking up I see he has closed his eyes and his hips begin to rock forward just a little. I continue to play with him for a few more moments, loving my task as much as he is. His cock is now throbbing and the restraints are making blood flow difficult. It pumps in but the ties stop its release so he just gets harder with no release at all.After a few minutes, escort mersin his lustful moans filling the air, I pull my mouth away and while still stroking him ask‘Did you enjoy that slave? Would you like Mistress to rub your worthless cock some more…to make it tingle and ache for release, to play with you until you are begging me to stop?’Lost in the moment he huskily replies, ‘Yes please Mistress’‘Close your eyes then my slut and I’ll give you what you want’Still stroking him with one hand I reach into the desk drawer and remove a new toy he hasn’t experienced yet. It is a tube with one end sealed, relatively harmless until you looked inside. It doesn’t hold soft pussy like material, but in fact is lined with sandpaper. The roughness designed to graze the sensitive skin and cause maximum discomfort.I keep my eyes on his face as I remove my hand and slide the tube over his engorged shaft. At first there’s just a hint of a frown as his mind tries to make sense of the new sensations. But as I begin to jerk him off, firmly sliding it from base to head I am rewarded by his eyes widening in pain, staring down to see what is causing his pain such discomfort. I know the sandpaper will be grazing the sensitive skin, but the motion of it will still be exciting to him. Standing up I kiss his mouth hard, rubbing my body against him as I begin the increase the pressure of his agonising hand job.‘Please Mistress…..oh god, it hurts….please!’ His complaints are muffled by my kisses and hitching up my skirt I begin to rub my wet cunt against his naked flesh. I move my mouth around his face, kissing his neck, his ears and then sucking on his tight little nipples. Each soft loving movement is matched by and increasingly hard jerk of his cock. Pain and pleasure is such an exquisite aphrodisiac. ‘Take it for me slut, show me how much you love me……take it’I feel him pull his hips back a fraction, his head thrown back as gurgled moans of real pain escape from him. He is usually much more tolerant that this and I am quite surprised by his reaction.Looking down I pull the tube away and am quite amazed just how grazed his shaft has become. The sandpaper has removed patches of skin and the head especially is dotted with blood. Discarding the tube I run my hand across is cock until it is smeared with his blood. Lifting it to his face, my head next to his we both examine the mess.‘Well look at that, we really have made a mess haven’t we?’His beautiful eyes are quite teary, possibly from the relief of the pain stopping.‘Yes Mistress’ is all he manages to choke out.‘Lick it up then there’s a good boy’I watch as he immediately obeys, tongue lapping at the fresh blood, cleaning my hand like a grateful puppy. Once he has washed the vivid red liquid from my flesh I hold his face and kiss him deeply. As my tongue explores his mouth I can taste the metallic sweetness of his blood mingling with our saliva. This man excites me so much with his submission and we are a perfect match.Rubbing against him my cunt begins to throb with need. Our kisses get more passionate, tongues sliding and battling for more. I know he’ll feel my wetness against his thigh and that will be exiting him as much as the anticipation of what is still to come.Eventually pulling my mouth away I look him in the eye as I run my nails up and down his tender shaft. I am rewarded by small flinches as I graze the tenderness.‘Now slut, you do understand that I have to punish you don’t you? I have to remind you that despite your confession you broke the rules. You do understand that don’t you?’Looking into his deep blue eyes I see a tiny twinkle of expectation, ‘Yes Mistress, I understand that I need to be punished. I am so very ashamed that I disappointed you’‘Good, I’m pleased you understand that mersin escort bayan this is your own fault and only what you deserve. Now, let’s move into the bathroom shall we?’The bathroom is our special place. It’s mirrored all the way round so wherever you look you can see our games in their full glory. There are hooks and rings on the ceiling and floor where spreader bars or ropes can be attached. Walking into the big space I hitch myself up onto the unit surrounding the sink and spread my legs. I pull his head down, close to my pussy and know that his mouth will be watering in anticipation.‘Do you think you could show how sorry you are by making your Mistress cum? Would you like that honour slut?’‘Oh yes Mistress, please let me make you cum’His breathe is hot and warm against my sensitive skin, so tantalisingly close but there has to be a twist and he knows it. ‘Now slave, I will allow you to make me cum, but not quite yet. You see that wouldn’t be much of a punishment would it? I will allow you to taste your Mistress’ wet cunt, but only while you wear a condom, a very special condom, and one that will remind you that you belong to me and I make the rules. Only when finish my orgasm I will allow you to remove it……do you understand me?’Although there is an exquisite confusion on his face he responds positively and stands in front of me to present his sore cock. I know that what I’m planning will be agonising for him but sometimes my sexy, horny husband needs reminding who is in charge.Selecting a condom, I pull it from the wrapper and unroll it just a tiny bit, making the well at the end just that bit deeper. Looking up I watch John’s reaction as I squeeze a large ball of deep heat into the sheath. For a moment I thought he might refuse, that this might be a step too far, but instead he takes a deep breath and gives me a slight nod of the head.Taking his tied cock firmly in my hands I roll down the rubber, ensuring the hot cream slides down with it. Within seconds the burning eats into his torn flesh and my beautiful slave clenches his fists as the pain begins. His hips rock in pain and without further instruction he bends his mouth down to my dripping pussy. Grabbing the top of his head I grind myself against his hungry mouth, hearing the muffled whimpers as his cock burns only making me more turned on. Looking in the mirrors I watch as his rocks his pelvis, somehow imagining this will ease the intense pain that will make him feel as if his battered cock is on fire.His mouth is talented I’ve taught him well over the years and he knows just what I need to get off. Also watching his hips rock as the pain increases only heightens my pleasure. I’m dripping pussy juice freely into his waiting mouth.Grinding against him I clench my hands into his hair, using his mouth purely for my own satisfaction. It barely takes just a few talented sucks on my clit to get me off. Holding him tight, his face entirely covered with my hungry pussy I orgasm all over him. Loving the muffled sounds and intensity of his pain but his devotion to my needs makes love him more than ever. Pulling his face up I kiss his sticky mouth, but knowing I made him a promise I drag him into the shower and turn the faucet on full. With the water pouring over us I bend down and pull the condom from his shaft, making sure the water soothes his punished skin. Washing him clean I administer to him as he just did to me. My nails free the knots of the laces and my beautiful pain slut throws his head back in intense relief. The sudden flow of blood through his shaft is an agonising release and I need him more that ever right now.Grabbing him I raise my leg and guide him inside me. ‘Fuck me! Please baby fuck me’Now it is me doing the begging, me needing him more than I ever have. Digging his hands into my buttocks he lifts me and slams me down hard on his cock, making me groan in complete delight. The last thing I see before I close my eyes in ecstasy is him grinning back at me. ‘You fucking bitch!’ is all there is to be said.