Hard forced fuck

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Hard forced fucka story I found that I had to shareIt was an ordinary Friday night out in Brussels. I had met up with some friends to grab a drink in a newly opened gay bar in centre of town. The premises were rather trendy; the crowd was young, cute and looked smart. People mostly stayed in their respective groups, distinctly cornered in, throwing a look now and then over the room at other boys. Yet they didn’t take the initiative to move over taking the initial contact. The curse of being young: the self-confidence clearly had no correspondence to the appearance, youth and sexy looks. It seems this is often the case in young, trendy gay bars. Surely a lot of alcohol is consumed to ease the tensions and inhibitions. We drank quite a lot. The few older guys who were present were more direct, almost staring you down with eyes emitting lust for some fun just for the night. I and my friends were not after these older guys. We had a good time, drinking and laughing, moving moderately to the heavy beats of the music. Around five o’clock in the morning it was time to head on for something else. A part of the group wanted to go to a bar where mainstream pop music was mixed up with interludes of drag show performances. This very small bar was always fully packed and it was hard for anyone to really move around, the toilet queue was awfully long and getting a drink in the bar took so long that you got sober by waiting. This was at least my opinion, but my friends didn’t agree. We therefore split and I left them to their miserable choice. My mind was on classy club music, a nice and efficient bar filled with straight acting, well-tuned cute guys. My choice was therefore a club called the Box. It had an open atmosphere, two dance floors: one for club music downstairs and r’n’b/pop upstairs. It contained two bars and a dark room at the top. The dark room was a place I didn’t’ use to go to. I had paid a visit once out of curiosity. That time it didn’t take long until I felt a stranger’s hand on my ass. I remembered I kind of froze not knowing what to do. The hand moved up to my belt and went down inside my jeans and suddenly I felt a finger playing around my hole. The finger pressed itself into my hole; I felt excitement but I was not ready to be fucked like that by some unknown guy in the dark, so I pulled the hand out and left for the exit. On the way out hands touched me both on the back and on my bulb under the jeans. One part of me wanted to stay but the other was too unsecure. That was then. This late evening I came into the club around five in the morning. The dance floor was packed. I drank, chatted to people and danced to a great DJ for three hours which felt shorter than that. Around eight it was not a lot of people left. Maybe ten in total. I headed for the bar and ordered a last vodka-tonic, although I was quite drunk already. After a while two guys came up and sat next to me. They looked to be around my age, around 20. They were the same height but more muscly than me and they were not blond with blue eyes like me but had darker hair and brown eyes. They probably had Arab origins. Both of them looked really good. Their fit, defined bodies were visible under tight T-shirts and jeans. We started to chat loosely: they asked me if I was alone and if I lived in Brussels. One of them put his hand on my thigh and caressed me slowly; the other moved his hand inside my shirt and over my back. It felt they were going forward a little bit too quickly and I escaped the situation by saying that I needed to go to the toilet. I went upstairs to the toilets on the second floor, where there was no one. I could feel I was turned on by sakarya escort the touching and wondered what to do next. I had never been with two guys before and was a little bit prude when in bars and in public. I was not the kind of guy who was making out just like that. Too bad there wasn’t just one of them, which would have made things a little bit easier. When I got out of the toilet one of the guys stood outside waiting for me. He smiled and asked me if I was intimidated by both of them touching me. “Somewhat” I replied. “Whom of us do you like the most?” he asked. “I think you’re both cute” I said and added “and very sexy”. “You’re very sexy too and I could see when you went away that you have a nice little bubble butt ass”. “Thanks!” I flushed a little bit embarrassed. “So if it was just me, would you like to have some fun?” he asked. I looked at his hot, oriental, muscly body and could hear myself saying: “Yes, why not”. “We can go to my place; I don’t live far from here” I suggested. “No, my friend is waiting downstairs and I’d prefer that we just go up to the dark room” he said and smiled. “Well, I don’t know about that; I’m not a great fan of dark rooms” I hesitated. “You don’t know who is there and it’s not very comfortable”. “It’s ok” he assured, “the club is almost empty by now and there would be no one there except for us. So come on, I can tell for sure that both of us want to have some a little bit of fun” he insisted. “It’ s just a quick one; I’d love to have your little cute mouth around my dick and in return I’ll give you a blowjob you’ll really enjoy. Wouldn’t that be nice?” He put his hand over his package as to convince me. I could see a distinct, large bulb on his jeans. OMG, he has a big cock, I thought to myself. It was watering in my mouth by the mere thought of tasting his thick Arab cock; I could feel mine was growing to. He approached me, pressed his body against mine and started to kiss me with deep tongue movements. Wow, this guy knew how to kiss! It felt like heaven! Impossible to resist. At this time I was quite drunk and his gentle treatment of kissing and caressing my cock with his hand inside my jeans made my inhibitions for action in a public club be defeated. “You’re hard and horny” he said, “so let’s go up”. He took my hand and led me up the stairs to the dark room. Up there he opened my jeans, pulled them down completely to the ground and sat in front of me. My cock swelled hard as he took it in his mouth and worked it good. One of his hands went off to my ass and started to play with my hole. One finger went in, then two. Slowly he started to finger fuck my my ass. Gosh it was nice having his lips around my cock and at the same time feel him finger-pulling me from behind. We would only exchange blowjobs, he had told me. Is he now trying to prepare me to be fucked after all? Typically Arab men telling you one thing while having other intentions. These were only thoughts in my mind, but I couldn’t protest since it felt too good. After a while, he stood up, we kissed with deep tongues. Then he put the fingers he had used in my ass into my mouth. “You like the taste of your tight, bubble butt hole in your mouth?” he whispered and had me suck on them for a while before he pushed my head down to his large penis. I followed his every move and the orders he gave me, and it was clear who was in charge. He slapped my face with his XL-sized dick before he pressed it down my throat. His cock went down all the way and he fucked me rather roughly until gasped for air. He noticed I was choking and gave me a fraction of a second to breathe in before he continued pressing it down as escort sakarya deep as he could. The taste of salty sperm mixed up with saliva filled my palate; I had to swallow some to keep up with his intense and deep mouth fucking. He ordered me to lift my ass up so that he could finger-pull me while I was sucking him. I did was I was told. Suddenly I could hear him whisper something in Arabic. A second later I felt someone coming up from behind putting his hands on my buttocks. I had thought that we were alone in the dark room. Who was this third person who now wanted to join in? Was it his friend who had gone up earlier to wait for us? Of course, they must have planned this from the start. The newcomer immediately took over my ass and started to penetrate it with his fingers. He seemed very excited and was quite intense in his movements. I almost lost my balance, which was anyway not the best since I had a considerable amount of alcohol in my body. I stopped sucking and was about to stand up to give it all a pause. The guy in front of me noticed my hesitation and quickly locked both of my hands and put his arm around my neck. He was much stronger than me, and although I tried to resist I couldn’t get away.Suddenly I felt the guy behind me start pressing his big cock into my anus. Although I was under the influence of the booze, the pain of the thick cock ploughing its way into my tight ass seemingly without any lube made me feel completely sober again. Desperately my hands fought to get released but all in vain. “Please wait!” I squeaked, “I need to…” “What is it? Don’t you want to play anymore?” one of the guys interrupted. “Well, just let me get some lube and a condom from my pocket” I said trying resolutely to sound calm not to give the impression I was trying to escape. “No need for that cutie; I like fucking tight asses like yours without condom or lube. It feels much more natural and so much tighter and nicer, don’t you think?” “But, I just…” He silenced me quickly by pulling my head back by a steady grip around my hair with one hand and putting the other over my mouth. An extremely intense and very rough fucking followed. My ass was almost to explode and I could feel every inch of his big cock as it forced its way in and out in what felt like an eternity. It was almost like my ass would turn inside out of the deep ploughing and I felt my anus swelling. Inside me every show of the top of his cock sent electric shocks through my entire body; the pain came out on the other side through my mouth groaning and moaning. His friends slapped my face and rammed his cock into my mouth to shut me up. After some time my anus got more and more numb and the pain started to go away. It became less tense, almost like it had given up and just let itself completely open to serve his cock’s violent and rough enjoyment. The guy behind me moaned louder and louder as if he was to come. Suddenly a warm sensation spread inside my body as he fired his big load deep up my ass. He withdrew and got up in front of me ordering me to suck and lick his cock clean of the warm juice. I did as I was told and swallowed every drop of it, as I didn’t dare to spit anything out. “Good boy! You seem to enjoy that tasty sperm” he said. “Now, lie down on the floor!” his friend commanded. He forced me to lie down with my chest facing the floor. He got on top and guided his penis to my hole. He pushed into me; I felt the head enter me. A moan escaped my lips. He almost pulled out fully and then he just rammed it in full force. “Now, we’re going to see if I can fuck this cutie even harder. He seems to like it!” They both put up a laugh of joy sakarya escort bayan and excitement. He fucked me harder and faster. “I could see how you looked at my cock down in the bar, craving it. I’ll give you the fuck of your life and use you for my own pleasure like the little fuck-doll you are”. Her kissed me on the check and licked my ear. Then he intensified the fucking; I felt the entire weight of his muscular body as he pumped my ass with his massive cock like a machine spinning out of control.”This is so fucking great. I love your tight ass baby.” By now the penetration went more smoothly because of the generous loud that his friends had previously delivered in my butthole, which functioned as a perfect natural lubricant. My ass had also got more used to the rough fucking and had opened up considerably by the penetrations of his friend’s large cock fucking me so violently. The initial unbarable pain had vanished and been replaced by another feeling. Despite the forced situation I couldn’t actually help starting to enjoy it. Yes, I found myself somewhat enjoying it. No, in all honesty I found myself suddenly and surprisingly loving it! Having this good-looking, young sexy Arab stallion working my ass turned me on like nothing I’d ever experienced. I was his little white toy; I could really feel how much he also loved it – loved the fact that I was there for him to enjoy fully. Everything just felt so perfectly right, like a dream. As he hit my G-Spot, this over whelmed me with ecstasy. “Yes, do me as hard as you can” slipped out of me. “I like you baby and I know you like me too” he whispered in my ear. Then he came with a roaring and we were both to explode as he shot a stream of warm juice inside of me. He kissed me a last time on the cheek. Then he and his friend dressed quickly and left. I sat for a while in the dark to get myself together. What was it I had experience? My ass was warm and swollen with the juice of the two guys dripping out. A smile spread over my face. I started to jerk myself and came quickly. I left the dark room and the club. On my way home I stopped by a gay sauna that had opened its door in the morning hour. I went in and ordered a sandwich and an orange juice in the bar. As I sat down at one of the tables a bit away from the bar a black young guy came up to me and asked if he could sit down. “Sure” I said. We were there just with our small towels around our waists. He had a perfect body and he noticed my eyes screening over him. He let his towel open so I could see his enormous dick hanging in the open. My eyes couldn’t help staring at it.”I saw you in the dark room” he said. “What?” “Yes, with the two guys. I was hiding in a corner with a friend when you came in. It was quite a rough fuck, wasn’t it?” His words took me by surprise and I didn’t know what to say.”It wasn’t planned. They just…” “I know” he interrupted. “They took advantage of you to have a good time and enjoy themselves. But you seemed to enjoy it yourself in the end.” “Well… yes kind of” I admitted. “You’re very cute” he said. “The fact that you’ve come to this sauna and didn’t go straight home or to the police or anything must mean that you’re not really done for today, I suppose.” He smiled and stroked his hand over his big cock that had started to rise. “I could give you a nice time up in one of the cabins. Of course with lube and condom.” He took my hand and caressed it gently. I looked at his cock and felt how mine grew to create a visible bulb under the towel. He noticed and said smilingly “I take that as a yes”. We stood up and walked up two floors to an empty cabin were we dropped the towels and started to kiss. His large penis was like a dream; I felt it against me; his fingers were already exploring my hole. There was no need to warm up my ass really. At this moment I could take anything! I couldn’t wait for him to enter me and make me all his…