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GropedI’m standing in the line at the grocery store, waiting to pay. There are two people ahead of me, and some one behind me. I am day dreaming, my hands full. The person behind me is doing something with a plastic bag, but I’m not paying attention until I feel a hand slip between my thighs, run up to my buttocks and for a brief moment, a thumb is pressed against me. In my surprise, my body stiffens and I turn my head to regard the woman who is already leaving the shop. Did she just…?She pauses at the exit and looks back at me with an arch look, but it is over quickly and I find myself in a whirl of emotions. The line shuffles forward, eventually I pay and then I leave to walk home. I tell my girl friend what happened. She stands in the kitchen, a large sharp knife in her hand, listening. The air smells of diced onion. No one has ever groped me in public before. I’ve never even heard of it happening to any man I know. “How do you feel about it?” my girlfriend asks me.”I don’t know” I reply. “I feel a bit dizzy”My girlfriend is well developed. Large breasts, a big wide ass, long hair and a friendly smile. She is utterly beautiful and she has been touched and propositioned in the streets on numerous occaisions. Never in my presence however. “I feel slightly violated, but its not a bad feeling” I eventually decide.My girlfriend waits until nightfall before she brings up the subject again. Having left the shower, nice, clean and hot, I am walking naked to the bedroom when she kisses me. She is fully clothed, blocking my way and she kisses kayseri escort bayan me long and deep. She lets one hand run down my back to fondle my cheeks, then presses a finger deeper to rub against my anus.”Did you like being groped?” she whispers.”Yes” I reply quietly. My mind is ablaze with wondering. How many times has she been touched in public by strangers? How often has she felt the dizzy ambiguity of emotion? The eagerness in her kissing, her questing tongue, her commanding manner and busy finger, all point to an emotional response I have hitherto not been aware of. Here is something new and exciting. I let my hands slide under her shirt and my fingers reach into her arm pits where the delicate hairs retain the wonderful scent of her body. She begins to kiss and bite at my neck, squirming slightly and gyrating her hips sporadically. Her lips move down across my bare chest and she shrugs aside my hands, freeing her body so she might squat before me. I am expecting to feel her mouth on my cock, but she surprises me by pushing on my thighs to turn me towards the wall. She begins to nuzzle at my bottom, pressing her nose between my cheeks.I lean against the wall as she presses at my legs. When she is satisifed I have spread them enough, she gently pulls my buttocks apart and presses the firm hard tip of her tongue against my anus. A feeling like electricity passes through my mind, leaving neon blue and lemon yellow after images on my retina. She has never licked my ass before and the sensation leaves me breathless. escort kayseri As she begins to lick at the quivering muscle she moves one of her hands up between my legs to cup my balls, and from there out along the root of my cock. Slowly, full of purpose and resolve, she moves her hand back and forth whilst she works her tongue on my ass. Pressed against the wall, my breathing hard and fast, I rise up on my toes as I feel my thigh muscles begin to tighten. It takes less than a minute before the thick rope of cum gushes from me to make a long wet mark on the wall. My thighs shaking, I slide down onto my knees.She isn’t finished yet though. In fact she hasn’t even begun. As I sit on the floor, she stands up before me. I can see that she is highly aroused and I expect she wants me to fuck her. I am mistaken however. She pulls off her jeans and knickers and stands there in just her shirt and socks and I realise that there is more afoot when she turns around and bending forward, her hands on her knees, presents her big wide ass to my face in such a way that I am pressed back against the wall. The pungent aroma of her body is overwhelming. Her arousal is unmistakable. I copy her and press my face into her ass, thrusting my nose and mouth between her buttocks, inhaling the earthen smell of her. I run my tongue across her anus and find it is not an unpleasant sensation. I let one hand run up to find her clitoris and begin to lap at her ass, hardening my tongue to let it slide in and around the curiously wrinkled skin. kayseri escort When my fingers find her clitoris, it is fat and swollen, slippery with desire. Her whole body jerks convulsively when I touch it and she presses back into me with such force that my I find it some what uncomfortable. Nevertheless, I give her what she wants, running my fingers over and around her clitoris whilst I lick. Her hands are pressed against the opposite wall when she comes. Her hips shuck and gyrate with each muscular spasm and her cries fill the hallway. She reaches the point where she becomes too tender and jerks away from me, dropping to her hands and knees whilst she convulses. I am pleased, but still eager. I climb to my knees behind her and enter her slick vagina with ease. She gasps and protests slightly, but her words lack conviction and within seconds she is moaning helplessly with the abandonment of a true slut. I fuck her with strong powerful thrusts, but as deleriously happy as I am, I am still greedy. My thumb works her anus with spit until her body displays her wanton need and I see she is more than willing. I press my thick swollen cock into her ass. It takes time, but despite my eagerness, I am patient. I know that once she has opened herself sufficiently, she will be utterly helpless. I have seen this before and I know the signs. She is flat on her belly beneath me, her legs spread, her hands flat on the floor and her elbows high. I listen to the sound of her breathing, and when she begins to relax, I begin to fuck her ass. To sodomise her. Our energy quckly increases and as I plough the great fat furrow beneath me, listening to her grunting and moaning, I lean down and rub my face against her head. I whisper in her ear, asking her. “Did you like being groped?” “Yes!” she cries out helplessly