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GOLF SHOP SURPRISESo! Work was becoming a bit of a bind and I seemed to be spending more and more time overseas, much to the annoyance of my wife Sarah although she did enjoy some of the tales I came back with regarding my sexual encounters. Sarah and I had been into the swinging scene for a couple of years and from the outset we had insisted on 100% honesty and no body we knew or even close to home would ever be involved.Our preferred type of fun was for us to both be at least present, if not fully participating, but we, or probably more so me, had realised that sometimes having fun without the other was quite nice, especially if it meant having a bit of guy on guy fun. So I often used the overseas trips for just that very purpose although had gotten lucky with the ladies and even a couple on one occasion.So my boss called me in to tell me I was US bound, immediately my thoughts were of NY, LA and similar but no. Iowa, was the informed destination. I wasn’t to pleased as I hadn’t been home long since my last trip but he told me it was a good assignment. I went back to my desk with the briefing pack, opened it, IOWA!!! I recall thinking not only where the hell is Iowa and what is there to do.So, I thought, time for Mr Google to do it’s thing and after 10 mins of browsing the only thing worthy of note, from my perspective, apart from the worlds most bendy road and a lot of farming, was the fact it apparently had more golf courses per capita than any where else in the US. Being a keen golfer that was some consolation as at least I would be OK for some leisure time. As I read through the brief I established that the hotel I was booked into was also a golf resort, maybe my boss wasn’t all bad.A few days into the trip I had been working like mad but everything was going great and I managed to finish mid afternoon so I thought it was about time I checked out the golf club. I wandered down to the shop looking for the club pro to find out about protocol, club rental and such like. A nice girl in the shop told me he was out on a lesson but would be back in about 20 minutes so I thought I would just have a saunter around the shop, maybe treat myself to something.As I browsed I saw a lady standing in front of a long mirror. She had a golf sweater in each hand and was alternately holding them in front of her body looking at her reflection. She was reasonably tall and slender, with nice long legs and a great looking bottom which wiggled from side to side as she swapped the sweaters back and forth. However what stood out most was her wonderfully red hair. Ever since I had dated a redhead called Sarah, who turned out to be the sexiest woman I have ever dated, I had always had a thing for redheads.So I thought I would venture towards her for a closer look. Standing by the rails near her I could see her reflection in the mirror. Her red hair, cut in a bob type style framed a pretty face, slightly freckled, glasses perched on a cute little nose and nice lips that were painted with bright red lipstick, the type of colour that just makes you want them. At a guess I would have said she was in her mid 40’s.I started to walk away from the rails and as I passed her I casually said “for what its worth I would go with the red”She turned around and said “Excuse me?”“Sorry” I replied, “I was just saying that if I had to pick one for you I would go with the red, you seemed undecided”“Oh right thank you! May I ask why you think the red” she asked.“Well, it matches your lipstick and makes your face look brighter, plus I just love red” I replied.She smiled and commented that I clearly wasn’t from around here. I told her she was correct and that I was out on business for atakum escort a few weeks and checking on the golfing situation but the club pro was out on a lesson. She told me she was a member at the club and as I had given her some advice on her clothing choice she would be happy to fill me in on the relevant information as it was all in a members handbook. Telling her that was kind I suggested we grabbed a coffee.We introduced ourselves formally and she told me her name was `Jenna, she lived not far away and had met a friend for lunch then had a quick look in the shop before heading home as her husband was out of town so she was in no particular rush to get back to an empty house.We grabbed coffee and chatted through the handbook sitting on a couch with the book on a coffee table. Her skirt had ridden up a little from sitting down showing off a little more of her leg than when she had been standing and I could smell the subtle scent of her perfume on the side of her neck. I was sure she was aware I was looking at her legs and had shuffled closer on the pretence of looking closer at the handbook but she didn’t seem to mind or make and attempt to move away.As we finished up with the golf talk she asked me about me and why I was here, how long for, how I would pass the time and so on and commented on enjoying hearing my English accent. I told her I would be happy to talk to her for hours but my best chatting was done over a nice glass of wine. To my surprise she said “I’m game.”We ordered a couple of glasses of wine and chatted more, she enquired about my wife and if I missed being away and I hinted at the fact that it was more bearable if I bumped into nice attractive people to share a bottle of wine with. We were enjoying each others company and we had almost finished our wine. I told her I would happily have another glass and she told me she would be tipsy drinking on an empty stomach so I suggested some food.We had a light bit of food and another glass of wine, we had got to the, “clearly flirting with each other” situation and we both knew it. The topic of conversation was becoming more sexually orientated and I thought I would go for it so I suggested getting a bottle of wine and taking the conversation to my room.She thought for a minute, smiled and told me if she had any more wine she wouldn’t be able to drive home. I told her I was sure we could work something out. She thought for a minute and then accepted although she told me she had to get something from her car, I gave her the room number and she told me she would come on up.I ordered wine for my room and went on up. A few minutes later Jenna arrived and as soon as she was in the room we kissed, slow and gently. She had a shopping bag with her which she tossed onto the bed and we embraced, her slender body felt firm against me. There was a knock at the door, “room service”. Jenna picked up the bag and told me she needed the bathroom any way. She slipped in the bathroom and I received the wine.A couple of minutes later Jenna emerged wearing a hotel bathrobe. She told me she had remembered my comments about loving red and realised she still had a recent purchase in her car. She told me to sit down on the end of the bed then stood in front of me and dropped the robe to the floor. The next thing to almost drop to the floor was my chin as I stared at the marvellous sight before me.Jenna was wearing a very saucy set of bright red lingerie which stood out against her smooth pale skin, she had ruffled her hair a little and touched up her bright red lipstick. I reached up and ran my hand across her flat tummy, her breasts weren’t large but beautifully round and firm and her escort atakum hard nipples were poking through the thin lace fabric of her bra. She straddled me, sitting on my lap and we kissed. I caressed her soft shoulders and back and could already feel my cock bursting to get out of my trousers.Her bra had no clips, it was like a halter bikini top and my hands found the bow in the middle of her back and one at the nape of her neck. I pulled at them simultaneously and the lacy fabric fell to the floor. Her nipples stood out like two large ripe berries and I gently sucked on both of them alternately. I ran a hand between her legs and felt the moistness of her pussy lips, already covered in her juice.I stood up lifting her and turned around, gently laying her on the bed. As I stripped off she reached behind her and grabbed a pillow which she handed me and I dropped it on the floor before kneeling on it between her legs. “I’m guessing this is why you passed me the pillow?” I asked her before I started to peel of her red panties.“Oh yes please” she sighed as she lifted her feet onto the mattress and let her smooth slender thighs fall open slightly. I leant forwards and slid my hands under her thighs before letting my tongue run along the slit of her pussy, starting at the bottom and pausing at the top so I could circle her clitoris with the tip of my tongue making her jump.I licked her up and down slowly but firmly, pushing her pussy lips further apart with my tongue until the tip of my tongue poked the entrance to her love hole and I savoured the taste of her juice trickling out of it. I pressed my tongue against her hard and slid my hands up her body onto her breasts. As I squeezed them her nipples pressed hard into my palms.I locked my lips around her clitoris, rubbing it hard with my tongue and she began to rock her hips slightly and groan. Her breasts began to rise and fall more rapidly as her breathing got harder and I could feel her heart beating. I slid one hand down and pressed a finger into her love hole, and began to rub her hard.Her gasping got louder and quicker, she was lifting her pelvis, pushing hard against my mouth. I felt her pussy tightening around my finger as her body started to tense then she had her hand around my wrist pulling my finger out of her pussy. Assuming it was uncomfortable I withdrew it planning to go back to her breast but she kept hold of my wrist and guided my finger to her bum hole.I pressed my finger against her hole, even though it was soaked from her juices it was still very tight. I pushed a little harder and my finger popped in, making her gasp, and I began to finger her bum hole. Jenna was gasping and groaning but still managed to tell me to go harder and quicker. I sped up a little but didn’t want to do it too hard as I wasn’t greatly practiced at fingering bum holes.Each time I plunged my finger in Jenna breathed out hard and her muscles all tensed up. She was rocking back and forth so much my top lip was beginning to get sorer as her pubic mound bumped against it. Then she took a few really deep breaths, went really stiff and grabbed my head. As she shrieked her breath out my mouth filled with juice squirting out of her pussy. She bucked so hard it threw my head back from her pussy and another squirt of her juice hit me right in the face quickly followed by a third squirt.Jenna sat up and put her hand to my face running her fingers down my cheek before sucking her juice off them. She pulled me onto the bed so I was lay between her legs, my face hovering over hers. I could feel her heart beat and nipples pressing on my chest. The tip of my cock was nudging the entrance to her pussy atakum escort bayan and she ran her soft hands down my back and rested them on my buttocks.We kissed, our tongues darting in and out of each other’s mouths, she was lapping her own cum from my face and mouth crooning with bliss as she did. I felt her heels sliding up the back of my thighs until they were just below my buttocks. She stopped kissing me and looked at me with her big blue eyes then gently bit the corner of her bottom lip as she pressed down with her heels and tilted her pelvis up.Her movement had taken the tip of my cock just into the entrance of her love hole and with a gentle forward thrust of my own hips my whole cock slid into her pussy. She gasped and her hands tightened on my buttocks, we lay there for a few seconds just looking at each other, then without speaking we simultaneously began to rock our hips and my cock began sliding in and out of her.I slid my cock in and out in long hard deep thrusts, each plunge in was met with another trickle of her juice running out of her and I could feel it running off my balls as they banged against her. After several minutes Jenna asked me to stop so I pulled out of her. She pushed me off of her onto the bed so I was laying on my back next to her.She knelt next to me and took hold of my cock, sliding her hand up and down on my shaft, all sticky from her juice which was soon added to by my pre cum when it began oozing out of my bell end. After the first few dribbles she lowered her head onto it and crooned as she tasted the sticky liquid.I told Jenna I was really close to shooting my load and she smiled at me saying “don’t blow just yet!” She straddled me and rubbed the tip of my cock against her soaking wet pussy. Within seconds my shaft was drenched in a mixture of both our juices. I felt the tip of my cock pressing hard against her, then she took a deep breath and as she lowered my cock popped into her bum hole.She winced and paused for a moment, then sank down on me slowly and groaning until she had all my shaft inside her. She planted her hands on my chest and started to bounce up and down on my cock and her bum hole felt so tight I just knew I wasn’t going to last long before I came. I reached up and grabbed her breasts as she bounced, squeezing them and firmly rolling her nipples between a finger and thumb.Jenna stopped bouncing and began to grind her pubic bone against me and I gripped her buttocks, pulling her harder onto me. Her eyes were closed and her brow furrowed as she gasped with that pleasurable pain feeling. Then she rose slightly and leant back a little so she lifted off my body and she thrust her hand down to her pussy.After several second of rubbing her clitoris she threw her head back and shuddered with an orgasm. As she tensed the pressure on my cock increased and I felt my cum squirting into her as her own cum juice sprayed over my abdomen. Jenna shuddered several more times before sinking back onto my cock and flopping forwards so her breasts were resting on my chest.We lay there, both breathing hard, our heartbeats racing in sync. I ran my hands along Jenna’s back, her skin tingling as her orgasmic tremors began to ebb away. I could feel the dampness of her juice between our two bodies and the liquid trickling down my sides onto the bedsheets below. After a couple of minutes I eased her off me onto the bed and stroked the side of her face before walking to the bathroom to turn on the shower.We showered and took great delight in washing each other down, then we drank more wine and chatted, Jenna stayed the night and over coffee in the morning she told me that her and her husband were actually into the swinging scene so it wasn’t an issue if I wanted to see her again. We met up several more times, all as exciting as the first, during my stay in Iowa. Sadly I have not had the opportunity to return but we remain good friends and confidants.