Girl Next Door Part 2

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Girl Next Door Part 2After I had deflowered Andrea there was a silence she had rushed upstairs into the shower, I had dressed and made my way back home next door, a little guilty maybe, unsure what the outcome was going to be, had I gone too far? Over stepped the boundary, I was a little apprehensive about meeting her next, what would the reaction be? Would she talk, acknowledge me, or just shy away, what if she told friends or even worse her family, I could be in serious trouble with the wife if she found out, I was soon to find out what Andrea had planned……A couple of days had passed I was outside repairing the fence at the neighbours side of the garden when I heard the door open and out popped Andrea with her mother , she was a keen amateur athlete and was usual on a Saturday morning for her to get a lift to the track.“morning Joan” “how’s tricks” I knew I had to make conversation with them, Andrea smiled at me with a glint in her eye, she had her running shorts on showing off her slender toned legs very pleasing to my eyes, the usual conversation ensued about their weekend away etc., then it was mentioned Andrea was at the local arena later to see a band and talk of taxis etc. to get her home, quite why I did it but suddenly I found myself volunteering to pick Andrea and her friend up and give them a lift home, this had the effect of lighting up Andreas face clearly pleased by my actions, so that was it I would pick them up after the concert finished.It was about 10:30 and I saw Andrea and her friend Jill standing near the taxi rank, recognising my car they both scampered across the road, lots of legs showing and somewhat skimpy dresses, clearly both girls were out to impress. Jill got in the back of the car and Andrea the front next to me, clearly they had enjoyed there selves and chattered away merrily while I drove back towards the outskirts of the city towards Jill’s house, Jill lived in one of the outlying villages down a winding canlı bahis country road, wasn’t long before we got there and waved her goodbye, this left me alone with Andrea.I reversed the car back out of the drive onto the lane , at this point Andrea thanked me, I said it wasn’t a problem I wasn’t planning any thing , but she corrected me , thanking me for the other night when we had had sex. This was music to my ears and put my mind at rest, she had enjoyed the encounter and clearly was still willing for more, I drove on felt her hand touch my leg, instantly my manhood swelled and my thought turned to lust.After about a mile there was a quiet layby, it was part of the old road before the route was altered to straighten out some particular bad bens, I pulled in the car creeping to a halt and I switched off the engine, wasn’t quite sure what or how I was going to go forward with this but all changed as Andrea lent towards me and kissed me passionately full mouthed I reacted instinctively tongue into her mouth fingers through her hair, a dream come true.We carried on kissing her hands touching my bare back as her she gripped me, this was a raw passion something that I had not experienced since probable early twenties when first with my then girlfriend now wife. I reached over and pulled the lever the seat fell back into the recline position, my hands were groping at her, I groped her breasts through the flimsy dress, braless her nipples stood upright her breasts not large barely a handful but perfectly formed and firm as a girl of her age should be, somehow my other hand slipped behind her and unzipped her, this enabled me to pull the front of her dress down exposing her youthful bosoms, now my fingers tweaked her hard nipples rubbing them between fingers before kissing her neck then down to her bosom, nibbling her nipple, she moaned with pleasure, squirming , scratching holding me tight.It had only been a few days since our last encounter güvenilir bahis and here I was in a darkened car middle of the country side with a teenage girl half naked enjoying my attention, to say I was aroused was a understatement I could never remember having such a hard cock, I reached over and pulled the lever lowering my seat, now both front seats were down and I was at the side of Andrea making the move for her young pussy, slowly my hand went lower, then onto her thigh working up towards her fruit. I could smell the juices from us both as I pulled her panties to one side, feeling her soft downy pubic hair; she was already wet as my finger rubbed at her entrance her clit bulging and hard.It was then she stopped me moving my hand away , no she wanted to do something different, I rolled back onto my back as she moved on top kissing me full lips down my neck her hands now up my t shirt she was now in control seducing me.I had never been in this situation I was nearing my 40th birthday but not overly experienced she kissed my full on my nipples then began to suck at them, wow! It was heaven this young girl had done something new to me and this I liked. My cock was now bulging like a rod of iron her little hand rubbed the outside of my trousers slowly before fumbling with the top button and unzipping me. This was good I was being seduced by a teenager who only 3 days before had let me deflower her, her hand was now on my rigid cock up and down the shaft slowly, I looked down and could see a glint of pre cum on the end as Andrea now gripped it tighter slowly wanking me into ecstasy.Without hesitation she move down my body and kissed the end of my cock, I asked if she had done this before ,she hadn’t touched an erect cock until I had her the other day, now she was kissing the tip something even my wife would do!I felt her kiss then tongue the end of my man hood and the same time her small c***d like hands slowly wanking me, I wasn’t güvenilir bahis siteleri a large person below but this definitely seemed to make me rise to the occasion, then without warning she put her lips fully around my throbbing cock, she moved her head down taking the first inch into her mouth then again this time a little further, it had been a number of years since I last had a blowjob and the feeling was unimaginable , Andrea carried on sucking further each time, eventually it was too much I held her head and thrust into her mouth, a cough maybe gagged a little but she carried on, now the full length of my man hood was in this young girls mouth, fucking her orally I began to tense up as the eruption of sperm began to bubble, it was me who was groaning with pleasure now as she sensed the moment moved over my cock mouth open as she tugged at me, with a gasp of sheer joy, I came spurting into the mouth of this young now not so innocent girl, her strawberry blond hair was dangling over me as she continued to wink me licking the tip tasting my juice like a cat with a saucer of milk, this was as good as it gets for me I had never produced sperm of this amount since being a teenager myself but she now had me, and what an experience for me.Suddenly she stopped, startled, I looked up there at the side of the car was a face, staring at us both how long he had been there we didn’t know, Andrea covered herself up as I sat bolt upright, the man smiled put up his thumbs laughing and shot off into the darkness never saw him before or again, dressing and putting ourselves back to some sort of decent attire we giggled like lovers do, how long he had watched we didn’t know had he seen everything? There was a good chance so embroiled in our lust we were, I carried on the short drive back, Andrea getting out of the car as I pulled alongside the drive, she kissed me, smiled, giggled, then skipped down the path to the door and inside, smiling I put the car into the garage, shutting the door and walking back to the rear of the house I saw Andrea at the window, she waved and blew me a kiss a young temptress she now had me trapped with lust I knew there would be more to come…………please!