Futa’s Wild Passion 15: Futa’s Incestuous Domination

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Futa’s Wild Passion

Chapter Fifteen: Futa’s Incestuous Domination

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2019

Note: Thanks to FallenAngelX00 for beta reading this!

I charged at Ms. Petrov from her desk in the middle of the office to where she stood to whip my ass. The leather cuffs dangled from my left wrist. My ass burned from her whipping me. I was tired of it. Tired of submitting to her. My anger boiled through me and I didn’t care about anything else.

I thought I could handle some BDSM play. I truly did. But Ms. Petrov was just a bitch. She made sure I came without her permission while she was fucking me with her strap-on. She took my cherry with it while my cock was buried in my mother’s pussy. How could I resist orgasming with Mom’s twat spasming around my cock and a dildo plundering my pussy?

Ms. Petrov couldn’t.

She just wanted an excuse to whip me. Fuck this bitch.

Mom moaned behind me. She couldn’t speak with the ring gag in her mouth. She was as bound as I had been, but I’d managed to get my cuff off. Ms. Petrov hissed. She drew back the bullwhip as I rushed forward, my hand ripping out the butt plug from my asshole. I threw it down and focused on her.

She wore a dominatrix outfit, a leather corset lifting her small breasts up into cones, leather boots rising up to her thighs. She still wore the strap-on that had fucked me still gleaming with my cherry cream.

“You will take your discipline!” she snarled, her blue eyes wild. It was the most passion I’d seen from the ice queen.

As the whip came down, I lowered my shoulders. It slammed down on my back, but not hard enough to crack. It thudded and I realized that I was way too close in for a whip to work. It really only hurt with the end. That was the part that hit high enough speeds to crack, going supersonic and breaking the sound barrier.

I struck her a moment later. My round breasts and hard futa-cock bounced before me. I was nineteen and pissed. Ms. Petrov gasped as she stumbled back from the impact. My arms went around her torso. My leg hooked hers.

I tripped her.

I had grown up with Allie. That little girl had been a brat before we became incestuous lovers. I’d learned how to wrestle thanks to her. She was the type of girl not afraid to roughhouse. In fact, that was how our first love-making started.

Ms. Petrov and I hit the floor together. The bullwhip spilled from her hands as she gasped. She struggled, Mom groaning through her ring gag. Exhilaration shot through me as my round boobs pressed into the woman’s leather corset.

“You… little… bitch!” panted Ms. Petrov as she flipped us over, straddling my waist. Her pussy rubbed into my stomach, cuntlips shaved and wet. My futa-cock nudged her rump while my ass rubbed into the floor. The pain surged through me.

“You’re a cunt!” I hissed and bucked, rolling her off of me and ending up on her. I fought to grab her hands. “Not your… whipping bitch!”

“You are… my slave!”

“That’s my mother!” I hissed, grabbing her wrist and pinning them over her head. I was younger than her by more than a decade. My cock rubbed into her pussy now. “You and her can do your dumb BDSM games, but that’s not me. You can’t whip me for cumming! I cum when I want!”

“Not in… this office…” she purred and thrust her knee up.

It hit me in the side. I gasped at the flare of pain. She got her hands free and seized my tits. She thrust her arms forward, pressing my nipples into my breasts. She pushed me back enough for her foot to plant against my stomach. She thrust her leg.

I gasped as I fell onto my back. I coughed while I scrambled to my feet. She struggled to stand. I threw myself at her again. Mom stood over us, her naked tits heaving, her hands tied behind her back, whimpering and moaning.

I rolled and thrashed with Ms. Petrov. She had a petite body, not unlike Allie. The Russian dominatrix’s cheeks flushed. Her blue eyes were furious. She screeched like a wild cat as she pulled my fiery hair.

“Show you… proper respect…” she snarled.

I laughed and said, “Try, cunt!”

Mom groaned.

I bucked my hips and rolled her onto her back, scrambling to pin her. My cock pressed into her pussy again. My dick throbbed as I stared down at her. Those blue eyes smoldered with anger. Our breasts rubbed together, her nipples brushing mine.

This was just like with Allie. I shuddered as I fought to gain control of her arms. My cock slid up and down the groove of her shaved pussy. Her juices soaked my shaft. I groaned at how nice she felt against me. My dick twitched and throbbed against her. Hot flesh.

“Damn,” I panted. “You’re turning me on, Ms. Petrov. Keep squirming. I like the feel of your pussy on my cock.”

“Get off… me!” she snarled.

“Why?” I asked, shifting my hips, my cock sliding down her pussy folds. “Isn’t this why you asked me here? To feel my cock in you?”

“Wait, no!” she gasped as my futa-dick’s tip found the entrance to her snatch.

That hot, juicy, wet twat awaited. Her pussy lips already spread over part of my tip. I shuddered, feeling that opening. I thrust into her. I buried my clit-dick to the hilt in her juicy snatch. My mother’s boss whimpered beneath me, her pussy clenching around my dick.

“You fucked me, now I get to fuck you!” I moaned as her hot and juicy twat gripped me. “Damn, you’re tight!”

“I’ve never had a cock in me!” she moaned. “I’m a lesbian!”

“Hot!” I panted and drew back. Her body shuddered beneath me. “That’s like you’re a virgin, too. Mmm, first dick in your cunt and it’s mine.”

“I never… intended to fuck your cock!” she moaned as I thrust back into her.

“Then why have me here?” I asked, her pussy massaging my dick. The pleasure rushed down my shaft to my cunt.

“I wanted to fuck a futa!”

“Well, you are!” I said, grinning at her. I thrust my cock deep and hard into her pussy. “Enjoy!”

“No, no, I do the fucking and… and…” Her eyes widened. A throaty groan rose in her throat.

“Yeah, that’s a girl’s dick in you,” I purred. “You can still be a lesbian and enjoy it. Mmm, just a big, fat clit fucking your cunt. Nothing wrong with that.”

She shuddered and bucked beneath me. I kept her arms pinned over her head as I drove my girl-dick over and over into her tight snatch. The pleasure flowed down my cock to my pussy. My newly deflowered twat drank it in.

It was so hot fucking a lesbian with my futa-cock, giving her pussy the first taste of a big, throbbing dick. Her cunt clenched around it, massaging me. The pleasure surged through my body. I trembled atop her, loving every moment of ramming into her.

The pleasure was exquisite. The bliss was delicious. I buried hard and fast into her snatch. I rammed into her depths again and again. Her cunt clung to my dick. She held me tight as I fucked her hard and fast.

“Jennifer!” she gasped.

“Ms. Riter,” I moaned. “Call me Ms. Riter, slut!”

Her eyes widened as I thrust into her pussy. She shuddered and then whimpered, “Yes, yes, fuck my cunt, Ms. Riter.”

My mother whimpered. She sank down to her knees beside us, watching me fuck her dominating boss. Watching me dominate the woman. Ms. Petrov surrendered to me. I thrust my cock hard and fast into her cunt. I buried deep into her, loving the feel of her silky flesh around my dick. Her snatch massaged me.

“What’s your name, slut!” I moaned. “Your first name.”

“I-Ivana,” she whimpered, her cunt clenching around my cock. She welcomed me, her thighs locked around my waist now.

“You want me to cum in you, don’t you, Ivana?” I purred, pumping away hard. I kept her arms pinned above her head.

She bit her lower lip.

“Say it, Ivana!” I hissed, slamming my dick hard into her juicy twat. Her thighs squeezed about me, the leather of her boots rubbing against my naked legs.

“I want you to cum in me, Ms. Riter!”

My dick throbbed in her pussy.

“I want you to cum in my pristine, lesbian cunt and fill it with jizz for the first time, Ms. Riter!” I panted. “Say it!”

“I want you to cum in my pristine, lesbian cunt and fill it with jizz for the first time, Ms. Riter!” she howled.


Her pussy convulsed and writhed around my girl-dick. I shuddered as I thrust hard and deep into her cunt. Her flesh writhed and spasmed around me. It was incredible. She sucked at me, her twat begging for my cum.

My dick throbbed, my orgasm building and building so fast. My nipples rubbed into her small breast as she shook beneath me. Sparks flared when our nubs brushed. My futa-cock drank them in as I plunged over and over into her writhing passion.

“Please, please, cum in me, Ms. Riter!” she howled. “Flood my pure, lesbian pussy with all your naughty futa-cum! Fill me with your seed!”

Mom groaned beside us, rocking back and forth. Drool ran down her chin, her blue eyes feverish. Her blonde hair tumbled about her flushed face while her big boobs rocked. I loved how turned on she was.

She watched me dominated her mistress.

I slammed my cock deep into Ivana’s cunt. Her writhing cunt sucked at my cock. It was incredible. As I drew back, my ovaries tightened. It was too much for me to handle. My back arched. My dick twitched.

I came.

I buried my erupting futa-cock to the hilt in the dominatrix’s spasming twat. Her flesh rippled around my girl-dick. The pleasure fired out of me while my pussy convulsed. Waves of delight and jolts of bliss filled my body and reached my mind.

“Yes, yes, you’re cumming in my pussy! It’s no longer pristine!” she moaned. “You’re dirtying my cunt with your seed, Ms. Riter!”

“I am!” I moaned, reveling in my sexual domination of this powerful woman. The CEO of her own company. A woman who turned straight, widowed Christians like my mother into lesbian sex slaves. My futa-cock had tamed her.

My cum fired hard into her. The pleasure slammed into my mind again and again. şişli bayan escort My pussy spasmed with wild delight. I trembled on her while her cunt milked my cock. Her hungry twat drained all the pleasure from me.

I hit that wonderful peak. I groaned, hanging there. It felt so incredible. She gave me such wild bliss. I loved it. I savored every moment of her pussy working out the last of my cum. Then I descend into panting delight.

“Ms. Riter,” she moaned.

I wasn’t done with her. My ass burned from her whipping. It was time to make the slut do wicked things to me. “So, you never sucked a cock before, have you.”

She shook her head, her blue eyes widening. “Do you…” She swallowed. “Ms. Riter, may this lezzie slut suck your cock clean of her pussy juices.”

“Fuck, yes,” I groaned. “Damn, it’s like a sub switch was flipped in you, huh.”

Her cheeks burned. “I’ve… been a sub before. I’m a switch, Ms. Riter.”

I had utterly melted the ice queen and found this sexy, submissive beauty hidden in there. I smiled in delight and rose up. I ripped my nineteen-year-old futa-cock out of her mature pussy. I groaned when I popped out of her. My futa-cock bobbed before her, coated in her juices.

“Suck that dick clean,” I said and then grinned at Mom. She stared back at me with feverish eyes.

Ivana opened her mouth and swallowed my cock. I groaned as her hot mouth slid over my tip. Her lips felt amazing as they crossed over my dick. The pleasure surged down my shaft. My pussy clenched at the heat that rippled down to my twat.

My cunt drank in the passion. The pleasure rippled through my body as she sucked. I pulled on her hairpins. Her blonde hair fell loose to her shoulders, transforming her face even more. Softening it as she stared up at me in worship.

“That’s it, slut,” I moaned. “Mmm, clean off all your juices from my cock.” I glanced at Mom and then I reached behind her head and unbuckled her ring gag.

She shuddered as she pulled it from her mouth. She stared up at me in awe. She couldn’t believe I’d done that. Her large breasts swayed and jiggled as she watched me enjoy her dominatrix’s hot mouth sliding up an down my shaft.

It was so hot feeling her eyes on me. It fed the delight of Ivana sucking and slurping on my cock. Her tongue danced around it. She might never have sucked a cock, but I had a feeling she’d sucked a few dildos in her time.

“Daughter,” Mom said, her voice throaty, “may I kiss your whipped ass to soothe it?”

Her words sent such a thrill through me. I groaned and then a wicked shudder ran through my body. My cunt clenched with heat. I wanted that so badly. “Yes, Mother. I want that. I want my slutty, submissive mommy to kiss and lick and soothe my ass.”

“Yes, Daughter.”

My pussy clenched at her words. I smiled, liking how this had happened. My life had become so wild since Sunday. I loved my futa-cock. It was a shame that futanari syndrome was so rare. My cock twitched and throbbed in Ivana’s mouth while my mother moved behind me.

With her hands behind her back, she could lonely lean over and kiss and lick. She didn’t touch me with her hands, no steadying herself to keep from falling over. Just licking and lapping and teasing me. She sent such delight rushing through my body.

Her saliva felt so amazing on my burning rump. This was delightful to experience. She soothed the welts with her motherly love while her submissive boss bobbed her head faster on my clit-dick. She sucked hard, my orgasm building and building.

The pressure swelled to the tip of my cock. It reached this wonderful pinnacle of delight. It surged towards that explosive passion. My breasts rose and fell. My pussy juice soaked my fiery bush, the juices running down my thighs as the two older women loved me.

Served me.

“Oh, yes, that’s delicious,” I moaned, my mother’s mouth drifting towards my butt-crack. Then she nuzzled into it. “Oh, mother, you naughty, naughty slut.”

Mother moaned.

I felt her smooth skin rubbing on my butt-cheeks as she worked her face between them. She couldn’t part them with her hands, but that didn’t stop her. I groaned as her hot tongue found my asshole. She rimmed me while her boss sucked on my cock.

The incestuous delight of my mother’s tongue dancing over my asshole fed my growing orgasm. It felt so naughty. She swirled it around, massaging me. The pleasure sank to my cunt, mixing with the bliss flowing down my cock.

“Mmm, my mother’s got her tongue pressing on my asshole,” I said down to Ivana. “I bet you taught her to rim a girl’s asshole.”

Ivana moaned around my cock and nodded, her blue eyes feverish. Her loose hair swayed around her shoulders as she bobbed her mouth up and down my cock. She took as much of me as she could while my mother’s tongue swirled around my puckered hole.

Her tongue penetrated my bowels. She swirled around inside of me. She danced and caressed and stimulated my velvety flesh. It felt so wicked. My butt-cheeks squeezed around her face. I loved the feel of my mother plundering my asshole.

“Oh, yes, Mother!” I groaned. “Mmm, Ivana, she’s going to make me cum even harder. You’re going to drown in my futa-cum. Yum, huh?”

Ivana moaned and nodded.

“Mmm, cum in her mouth, Daughter. Drown her. Use her!”

“Oh, I’ll drown her,” I moaned, knowing just how I wanted to finish. I reveled in this domination, the two older women pleasing me. My mother and her dominatrix. That thought sent another wild rush through me.

I couldn’t help how much I loved this. How much I reveled in this. It was incredible. My heart pounded in my chest. My pussy clenched, juices dribbling through my fiery bush and running down my thighs.

It wouldn’t be much longer. Not with my mother’s tongue pumping in and out of my asshole. Her lips swirled about my sphincter. My dick twitched and throbbed in Ivana’s mouth. She sucked hard, nursing with hunger on my futa-cock. She craved my jizz.

I wanted to give it to her.

“Slide your mouth off my cock, jerk off my cock, and aim it at your face,” I commanded.

Ivana obeyed.

A switch had been turned on in her. She was utterly submissive to my futa-cock now. She popped her lips off. Drool ran over her lips and dribbled down to her chin. She grabbed my cock and fisted it in her hand.

“Now beg me to cum on your face,” I moaned, squeezing my bowels around my mother’s naughty tongue.

“Please, please, Ms. Riter, cum on my face!” she begged. Her hand stroked me faster. “Coat me in your futa-jizz.”

Mom moaned into my asshole. Did she approve? I bet she did. Her tongue wiggled as deep into my rectum as it could reach. She swirled it around in me. I groaned at the stimulation. I trembled, reveling in the feel of her wicked tongue stirring me up. She gave me such bliss. I whimpered, my butt-cheeks squeezing around her face.

The pleasure built and built and built at the crown of my futa-cock. Ivana’s stroking hand sent bliss shooting down my dick. My mother’s naughty tongue stirred euphoria that melted down to my asshole. I groaned, staring into Ivana’s blue eyes.

“Cum on my face, Ms. Riter!” she begged, fisting my cock faster and faster. “Just do it! Please, please! Baste me!”

“Mmm, look at you go, little slut!” I moaned. “You thought you were in charge, but you’re really just a cock-hungry whore that wants to worship my clit-dick and girl-cum!”

“I do, Ms. Riter!” howled the woman. “So, please, cum on my face!”

Her hand stroked up to the pinnacle of my clit-dick. She brushed the spongy crown. The pleasure burst from the most sensitive part of my futa-cock. My ovaries drank in the surge of pleasure. Contracted.


My girl-cum surged up my cock. White jizz fired out and splattered her face. I painted her once haughty and dominating features. I transformed her into my slut. My futa-dick erupted over and over, the pleasure slamming into my mind.

“Oh, fuck, yes!” I moaned, my asshole writhing around my mother’s probing tongue.

She swirled it around in my butthole. She stimulated me while my cum erupted. My jizz splattered across Ivana’s face. She thrust out her tongue to collect my seed as it rained down on her features. My pussy convulsed, sending waves of delight rushing through me, mixing with the rapture that fired from my shaft.

“Ms. Riter!” the dominatrix moaned in abject submission. “Your cum! Yes, yes! Bathe me! I’m your slut! Your whore!”

“That’s right!” I moaned, my body bucking as the wild pleasure surged through me.

It was incredible to enjoy. A wild experience that had me dizzy. I groaned, my heart pounding in my chest. The bliss swept through me. My pussy convulsed faster. Harder. The waves of bliss washed through my body again and again. They swept through my mind. They buried my thoughts in ecstasy.

Stars danced before my eyes. My tits heaved. I whimpered and groaned as the rapture hit that wonderful peak. I basted her face in my jizz. My mother kept rimming my asshole while Ivana squeezed out the last drop of my cum to land on the tip of her tongue.

“Oh, wow,” I panted, watching my jizz spilling down her face. It matted her blonde hair. It spilled down her neck. It was incredible. I swayed, dizzy from the pleasure.

Mother kept rimming me.

Ivana licked at the cum on her lips. She whimpered and moaned. I could see the delight in her eyes. How much she loved this. She savored it. Her body shook. Her breasts rose and fell. She rubbed her hands into her thigh-high boots while she waited for my next command.

“Mother, have Ivana remove your cuffs then stretch out on your back and spread your legs.”

Mother pulled her face from between my butt-cheeks and moaned, “Yes, Daughter.”

After spending nineteen years obeying her, she suddenly obeyed me. It was incredible. A rush. Mom crawled out from behind me and turned her back to Ivana who quickly removed the leather cuffs. Mom then spun around, şişli escort her big boobs heaving. She sank back to the floor, blonde hair piling around her head.

“Ivana, lick her cunt,” I purred. “You don’t stop until I tell you. Mom, feel free to cum as much as you want.”

“Yes, Daughter.” Mom’s blue eyes twinkled.

“Yes, Ms. Riter.” The dominatrix-turned-slut crawled between my mother’s thighs and just buried her cum-smeared face into my mother’s twat.

Mom gasped and shuddered, her big boobs shaking. She quivered there and moaned, “Mis… No, no, Ivana, that’s it. Lick my pussy like my Daughter commanded. Mmm, get that tongue in me and make me cum.”

“How often does she eat your pussy?” I asked, moving into position.

“Rarely,” Mother gasped, her boobs shaking. “She prefers fucking me with strap-ons.”

“Mmm, then enjoy,” I said, winking at her even as I brought my cock towards Ms. Ivana. She had one more virgin hole that needed to be broken in.

That needed a futa-dick to ream.

Mom made such wicked sounds. She grabbed her big breasts and squeezed her pillowy mounds. Her face twisted in rapture as Ivana licked and lapped. It sounded like she was feasting with hunger. Just devouring my mother’s pussy.

That made my cock ache. I was so eager to pounce and fuck Ivana up the ass with my big futa-dick. My precum dribbled from the tip. Her saliva soaked me. My pussy clenched as I brought my hard shaft between her butt-cheeks.

“Fuck her hard, Daughter!” Mother moaned. “I can lick her out when you’re done. I love eating your cum out of that salesgirl’s pussy.”

“I’m not fucking Ivana’s pussy.”

Mother shuddered. “I’ll eat it out of there, too. If that’s what you want me to do, Daughter.”

I shivered at this power. My futa-dick throbbed while pleasure rippled out of my pussy. A wild ache demanding that I satiate myself in her dominatrix’s asshole. To fuck the asshole of the woman who’d dominated my mother into lesbian sex.

This would be amazing.

I pressed my clit-dick between her butt-cheeks. Ivana groaned. She squeezed them down around me, giving me a silky thrill as I maneuvered my cock to find her puckered opening. I would ream her so hard. I would sodomize her with powerful thrusts. It would be incredible. I couldn’t wait to violate her bowels.

I found that naughty asshole and grinned. I worked my cock in circles around her naughty hole. She whimpered and groaned. Her hips wiggled from side to side. She massaged me. Teased me. The pleasure surged through me as I pushed.

She moaned into my mother’s twat.

“Yes, yes, ream her asshole, Daughter!” moaned my mother. Her face lit up with such delight. “Mmm, just do it. Sodomize her! Use her!”

“I am, Mother!” I groaned. “You do the same. Enjoy that face coated in my jizz rubbing on your twat. Feasting on you. Licking you out!”

“I am, Daughter!”

“And you, Ivana,” I said, feeling her anal ring starting to part for my cock. “Let’s hear some begging.

“Yes, yes, violate my asshole with your mighty futa-dick, Ms. Riter!” she moaned. “Pound your cock into my bowels! Oh, yes, yes! Fuck me!”

I smiled and pressed harder. My pussy clenched. I strained against her naughty butthole. Then her anal ring surrendered to me. Her asshole popped wide and my cock slammed three inches into her asshole.

The first dick to be in all of her holes now.

I threw back my head and moaned, my red hair dancing as her velvety bowels welcomed my cock. Tight and delicious. I pressed deeper and deeper. My pussy clenched. The wicked thrill surged down my cock. My breasts jiggled and swayed. They had such a bounce to them. I groaned as I went deeper and deeper into her anal sheath.

“Oh, fuck, yes!” I gasped as my girl-dick penetrated further and further.

“Ream her asshole, Daughter!”

“Fuck my ass, Ms. Riter!” She shuddered. “Oh, Veronica, your daughter’s cock is so big.”


My hand fell on the edge of the dominatrix’s rump. Her butt-cheeks squeezed down on my cock. I penetrated her the rest of the way and groaned, “That’s Mrs. Riter! She loved my father. Respect that!”

“I did! Do!” gasped my mother, pain flashing across her face. She stared at me and smiled. “You’re just as confident as he was!”

I shivered. Had my mother always been a submissive? Was her good, Christian wife persona just a manifestation of her serving her man? Did Dad even know what he had in her? I knew they had a sex life. There were so many embarrassing moments in my younger life of hearing them through the walls.

I paused there, my futa-cock throbbing in Ivana’s asshole. I missed my dad a lot. Mother had needed something, and Ivana had taken it. I would get it back. I smiled and drew back my hips, my cock sliding out of the former dominatrix’s asshole.

“Oh, yes, yes, Ms. Riter!” Her bowels clenched around me, desperate to keep me inside. “That feels incredible.”

“Mmm, it does, Ivana.”

I slammed back into Ivana’s bowels. I stared into my mother’s eyes as the pleasure flooded down my futa-cock. This wild bliss. My dick throbbed and ached. I groaned, smiling. I loved every second of penetrating my mother’s boss. Of sliding into Ivana’s naughty and tight bowels while watching the pleasure crossing Mom’s face.

I loved her. I would give her what she needed. This incestuous passion swelled in me with each thrust into Ivana’s bowels. I hammered her hard and fast. My pussy drank in the heat, my ovaries getting hotter and hotter.

“I’m going to dump so much cum in her asshole, Mother! And you’re going to lick it all out of her!”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Mother moaned, bucking on the floor. She ground her pussy against Ivana’s face. “I’m going to cum. This is so exciting.”

“Cum!” I hissed, slamming hard into Ivana’s bowels.

Mom’s face burst with pleasure. She squeezed her boobs. They shook in her hand as she writhed through her orgasm. Ivana licked at her pussy, drinking her passion. It was so hot. I gripped Ivana’s hips, slamming deep into her. Hard. Her bowels stroked me, my dick swelling towards my orgasm.

I loved the passion crossing my mother’s face. Her fingers dug into her big titties. She squeezed her thighs about Ivana’s face. The former dominatrix licked and lapped at her. She didn’t stop. My mother shuddered and then smiled.

“She’s going to make me cum again, Daughter!”

“Good!” I howled, my own orgasm swelling so fast. “Just cum and cum and cum, Mother!”

My mom moaned. She bucked again. Her face contorted as she shuddered through another orgasm. Ivana’s bowels squeezed around my cock. She wiggled her hips from side to side. Her bowels felt incredible.

I drew back, her flesh sucking at me. My ovaries quivered. My tits heaved as I slammed back to the hilt in her. That velvety friction burned around my cock. It blazed up my shaft to my aching pussy. To my ovaries.

My cum exploded out of me.

“Take my jizz, whore!” I howled as I flooded Ivana’s bowels with my spunk.

I fired over and over into her anal sheath. I pumped Ivana full of my cum. The once-dominating woman gasped into my mother’s pussy. Her bowels convulsed around my cock. Her flesh spasmed as she milked my dick.

“That’s it!” I moaned, feeling dizzy from the jizz firing out of my cock and flooding into her cunt. “Just take it! Oh, damn, yes! Just take my cum, you fucking submissive whore!”

“Yes, Ms. Riter!” she howled, her bowels wringing my futa-cock dry. “Every last drop! Fire it into me!”

“Yes, yes, do it, Daughter,” Mom moaned, her blue eyes glassy with lust. Her big breasts heaved as she stared at me with such hunger.

I groaned and fired the last of my cum into Ivana’s asshole. My round breasts quivered. My deflowered pussy convulsed and spasmed. Juices spilled down my thighs from my passion. I shuddered and hit that wonderful peak of pleasure.

I hung there, groaning and gasping. It was incredible to experience. My head swayed from the bliss that pumped through my veins. I sucked in breaths while Mother licked her lips. She hungered to lick Ivana’s asshole clean my cum.

It was so hot watching Mom crawl around on her hands and knees, her big boobs jiggling and shaking. I groaned, knowing that I needed more. An incestuous thrill ran through me as Mom moved into place to lick out my cum from Ivana’s ass.

“Daughter, thank you for letting me lick your salty jizz out of her asshole,” she moaned. “It makes me happy.”

“Well, you’re my mommy-slave,” I said, shuddering at saying those words out loud. “I want you to be happy. Now, feast while I fuck that hot cunt of yours again.”

“With your dirty cock?” she asked and then groaned in delight. She buried her face into Ivana’s ass-crack and licked at my jizz bubbling out of the other woman’s sphincter.

I shuddered and grabbed my dirty cock. I brought it towards her pussy. I rubbed it into her snatch, her pussy lips caressing my dick. I shuddered in delight, smiling at the hot feel of her incestuous flesh against me.

I loved returning to the pussy that birthed me.

I slammed to the hilt in my mother. I groaned as I sank into her depths, her hot flesh engulfing my cock. The pleasure rippled over me. Her juicy flesh squeezed about my dirty dick, buffing my cock clean of Ivana’s asshole.

“Oh, yes, Mother!” I gasped. “Mmm, you’re going to clean my cock and Ivana’s asshole, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Daughter!” she moaned, words muffled.

“She’s got her tongue in my asshole scooping out your jizz, Ms. Riter!” moaned the former dominatrix.

“Good!” I moaned, drawing back my hips.

My deflowered pussy clenched as Mom’s twat clung to my futa-dick. She held tight to me. The pleasure spilled through me. It was incredible. I groaned, feeling dizzy from the lust that swelled through my body.

Then I thrust my girl-dick back to the hilt in my mom’s pussy. Her tight snatch buffed my cock clean. The pleasure surged down my shaft while she mecidiyeköy escort moaned. Her incestuous sheath squeezed tight about me, massaging me.

My round tits heaved as I pumped away at her cunt. My fiery bush smacked into her rump, her butt-cheeks jiggling in such a fetching fashion. I loved it. I groaned, my heart pounding faster and faster. Every last thrust into her cunt sent bliss flooding down to my pussy.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I moaned. “Oh, Mom, that’s good. Your pussy feels incredible around my cock. Mmm, yes, yes, you’re going to buff my dick clean, aren’t you? Just get every inch of it spotless!”

“She’s such a good mommy to you, Ms. Riter!” gasped Ivana. “Oh, yes, yes, she’s got her tongue in my asshole. So deep.”

“Good!” I moaned, driving my clit-dick deep and hard into my mother’s twat. “Mmm, Mother, yes, yes, clean my dick then I’ll really dirty your pussy. I’ll flood you with all my cum! I’ll breed you, Mother!”

She moaned and then her pussy convulsed around my cock.

I gasped, shocked that she’d cum already. Her writhing twat polished my thrusting pole. I drove it in and out of her, smiling, reveling in the pleasure of her snatch. I buried into her hard. Fast. Her pussy spilled around me, giving me such joy.

I was so glad that she was getting so many orgasms today. My sexy mother earned them. She was amazing. I pumped my hips fast and hard. I buried deep into her cunt. I plunged to the hilt in her tight and juicy snatch, reveling in her spasming flesh.

“Yes, yes, you mommy-slut!” I gasped, the pleasure surging around my dick. “I’m going to cum so hard in your twat! I know you want that, don’t you?”

“So much!” she gasped, her pussy convulsing and spasming around me. Her flesh sucked at me. Drew me closer and closer to cumming in her snatch. “Oh, my Daughter has a big and sexy cock! Thank you for my orgasms!”

“You’re welcome, Mother!” I howled, my round tits heaving as I pounded her.

I buried to the hilt in her and then drew back again and again. I fucked her fast. Hard. Her spasming flesh brought me nearer and nearer to my eruption. I couldn’t hold back my longer. This wild heat surged to the tip of my cock. I groaned, my head swaying from the bliss that was about to consume me.

Mom’s pussy sucked at me. Her orgasm kept rippling through her. She had cleaned my cock and now she hungered for my cum. She moaned into Ivana’s asshole, still eating her out like a good slave should.

“I’m going to breed you, Mother!” I moaned. “I’m going to knock you up!”

She squealed in delight. Her pussy clenched about my cock. She sucked at me. It was incredible. I groaned and thrust hard into her cunt. I buried every inch of my clit-dick into her pussy. Her flesh writhed around me. My snatch drank in the heat. My ovaries bubbled.

“I’m going to knock up my mommy-slut!” I howled and erupted.

My futa-cum fired from my dick. It fired into her twat. It flooded her again and again. I pumped her full of my jizz. The dizzying heat washed through me. I groaned with each spurt of my jizz.

“Yes, yes, breed me, Daughter!” howled Mom.

“Oh, that’s hot!” Ivana whimpered. “That’s so hot. May I cum, Ms. Riter?”

“Yes!” I gasped, riding the wave of ecstasy flooding out of my spasming cunt.

Jolts of lightning fired from my dick. My cum kept spurting out of me. I groaned, my breasts heaving as I pumped my naughty mommy full of my jizz. The pleasure surged around me. My eyes danced with sparkling light.

It was incredible to enjoy.

I pumped my mother full of every drop of cum my ovaries held at that moment. My futa-jizz flooded her. I panted, swaying through my bliss. My pussy juices ran down my thighs. The scents of my sweet cream and Mom’s tart cunt filled my nose. I loved it.

Then my orgasm peaked.

I panted and pulled my cock out of her. It was time to stop playing. I needed a break. My stomach rumbled. I searched around for my discarded clothing and stumbled towards them as the other two panted behind me. I snatched up my panties and turned around to face them.

“You are going to treat my mother better, yes?” I demanded of Ivana as I dressed, sliding my panties up my thighs.

“Yes, Ms. Riter,” moaned the panting woman. She stared up at me with glossy, blue eyes. Her small breasts quivered. “I will.”

“She’s not your sex slave any longer,” I continued. “She’s mine. Here at work, you have to give her as many orgasms as she gives you. You two can have all the fun you want.”

“Of course, Ms. Riter.”

“Good,” I said and grinned at Mom. “Let’s get dressed and go home. You have dinner to cook.”

“I do, Daughter,” she said, her eyes brimming with joy. When Dad was still alive, she always had dinner ready for when he came home from work. His face always lit up at the delicious aromas.

We finished dressing and left Ivana Petrov lying on the floor, looking dazed by what happened. I felt it, too. I couldn’t believe I’d claimed my mother as a sex slave. I glanced at her as we walked out of the office.

She looked so happy as we strolled past the receptionist. The young woman had a flush face. How much had she heard? I bet she’d heard quite a lot. I glanced at her and said, “Go in there and tell your boss that you have to sit on her face. My orders.”

The receptionist blinked. “Excuse me?”

“Go,” I said in my most commanding voice. “She’ll eat you so hard. Trust me.”

“Listen to her,” purred Mother. “My daughter likes to be obeyed.”

The receptionist bolted to the office, moaning in delight. I giggled and kept going to the elevator.

Mom stared at me in awe as we rode the elevator down. It was clear she never expected me to dominant her boss. I didn’t, either. She finally asked, “Where did all of that come from, Jenny?”

“She just pissed me off,” I said. “When she threatened to hurt you because I came without permission, it really angered me. She wanted to use me, and I didn’t like it. Sex should be something shared. Give and take. But she just wanted to take. Not my style.”

Mom shifted.

“But don’t worry,” I told her, stroking her hair. “Whenever the twins aren’t home, you’ll be my mommy-slave. Allie and I will have so much fun playing with you, won’t we?”

Mom shuddered and moaned, “Yes, Daughter. I would love that.” She smiled. “You’re growing up a lot, Jenny.”

“It was bound to happen,” I told her, smiling. “I’m starving. You?”

“Sex does that.” She winked at me. “I’ll make something fast and get you fed. I don’t want you to waste away.”

When we returned to our house, Allie met us at the door, bouncing for news. Sadly, the twins were home so there was no getting up to fun. No matter how oblivious those two were to the rest of the family, they had ears. But I still managed to whisper to Allie about Mom and us.

Allie went right up to Mom, smacked her ass, and said, “Next chance I get, I’m ordering you to eat my pussy out.”

“Yes, Daughter,” Mom said, shivering. “Have you done your homework?”

Allie blinked. “Homework?”

“Well, you don’t get to spank your mommy-slave if you don’t do your homework,” she said, her voice a sultry purr. “Sorry.”

“But… but…” Allie’s jaw worked. “If you’re our sex slave, I can just do what I want to you.”

“Only if you keep your grades up.” Mom turned around. “Daughter, it would be so painful for me to have to ground you for flunking a class. Your mommy-slave wouldn’t want that, but…”

“I didn’t think subs were supposed to threaten their mistresses,” pouted Allie.”

“You’re a special case, Daughter.” Mom smiled. “So, homework? There are thirty minutes before dinner. You can get something done.”

“Taking all the fun out of this,” Allie muttered as she slouched upstairs.

I knew we’d get a chance to play with mom eventually.

That night, in my bed, Allie did get to enjoy fingering my now deflowered pussy. She didn’t seen to care that I had lost my cherry, just that she got to play with it. She got her digits deep in me and made me cum hard while I sucked on her clit. She bathed me with her fresh juices a moment later.

I fell asleep happy.

The next day came and I was eager for my lunchtime meeting with the secret cabal of lesbian professors. Allie and Pita were excited for our after- study meeting, Wendy was dying for our date the following day, and my other friends were all giving me naughty looks. Victoria looked like she wanted a lunchtime romp, and Tina looked like she was eager to finally start her sex friendship with me. Briana had smoldering eyes.

Mrs. Greene winked at me when I walked into class. The busty professor had such a hungry gleam in her eyes all throughout the lesson. My futa-dick was hard. The moment the rest of the class left, she gave me a quick blowjob.

I floated to my math class. I didn’t care that I was a few minutes late.

After math, came lunch. Wendy, my cute and delicious girlfriend, wanted to “have lunch” in the restroom, but I told her, “I have my weekly meeting with Dean Washington, though…” I smiled. “I’ll recommend her. I think you’re perfect for it.”

“Oh, okay.” She hesitated. “On Friday, my parents are going to be out of town. I told them you might be spending the night.” She swallowed. “They don’t know that you’re a futa yet.”

“So they think it’s safe,” I said, ideas popping into my mind. “Got ya.” I had to remember to ask Pita for a favor. “Well, I’ll see you later.”

“Love you,” she said and kissed me.

I shuddered. “Love you, too.” a little guilt rippled through me. I loved Allie more, but I hoped to get Wendy to open up about being gay and find her a cute girlfriend of her own.

I headed down the hall and trembled. I entered the college’s administration office. The secretary was gone, a sign “Out for Lunch” sitting on her desk. I passed it and headed down the hallway, passing the guidance counselor’s office and the proctor’s offices. I reached the door to the dean’s office, swallowed, and then knocked hard.

“Enter,” purred Dean Washington.

I took a deep breath and opened the door. I gasped at what I found.

To be continued…