Fucked Mother And Daughter On A Train

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Fucked Mother And Daughter On A TrainOn the due date, I reached my prescribed coach/berth. It was four-berth coupe. My co passengers were two lovely women; one was in twenties and the other a bit older. They looked to be sisters or mother-daughter. The fourth berth was empty. I was greeted with a strong and sweet perfume. The younger one was very beautiful, fair complexioned, with auburn hairs, dark brown eyes, rosy lips with light pink lipstick, wearing tight blue denim, and light pink top and her stats must be 38-24-36, a coke bottle like figure.Whereas, the older one was in sari, long hairs neatly tucked in ponytail, deep dark eyes that could penetrate your soul, orange lipstick on pouting lips, deep mascara, glowing skin and fair complexion. We introduced each other. They were mother daughter. I adjusted my baggage and took my seat. Her name was Sandy. When she spoke, her voice, sounded like thousand chimes into my ears. Anyway, the train started and we started chatting.Her name was Sandy. She told me that she had just completed her MA and was going to Delhi. I was very glad to know that this beautiful looking sexy girl will be with me for whole 17 hours of the journey. Until then I was not aware that something would be happening between us. Her mother laid the bed sheet and went to sleep. We changed our dress for sleeping. She wore a night gown which was very short covering just below her waistline barely covering her ass. She moved to upper berth. She sat before me and her dress rode up exposing her thighs.I saw her tugging her nightgown down around her legs, and I noticed how it had ridden up her thighs; and honestly, I didn’t even begin thinking about doing anything besides viewing. But as she did that and I noticed how her nightgown had ridden up, saw her bare thighs, the way the fabric fell around her waist, and the way her breasts pressed against the fabric.The outlines of her nipples were visible through the sheer material of her dress. I felt myself getting more aroused. Suddenly, I was hard and I needed to adjust. This frankly was quite embarrassing when the person who has aroused you is sitting across you. I tried to discretely adjust myself, but she saw. She basically looked down at my crotch as I tugged on myself. “Sorry,” she said as she noticed me looking at her. “It’s alright.” I finished adjusting myself the line of my cock ran up the front of my bottoms.“I guess this dress will have that effect, no matter how you adjust.”I was red with embarrassment. She brought herself upright. I did the same and we both moved ourselves back to a sitting position on the berth. I got up to go to bathroom door. I tipped the door open and the lights were out. I went in, peed, and then rubbed a washcloth over my face and looked in the mirror. As I reached for my shaver, the door opened. There stood Sandy in the same nightgown. Her hair was wild around her shoulders. “Sorry. I should have knocked. You aren’t usually up yet.”I set the razor back on the shelf, “Here, let me go, give you a sec.” “No. No. Ignore me. I just got to pee.” As I stood there, she turned herself back onto the toilet and, letting her red nightgown fall around the seat, sat down and peed.I was shaving, looking in the mirror, but stealing glances. My heart was beating in my chest as she sat there. It wasn’t that she was peeing beside me. It was that she had no panties on. Nothing was there under that nightgown.”What about tonight?” I suddenly heard her, “sleep alright?” “Yeah, I am trying. You?” She had that same grin. “Yeah, Fine. I think I saw you staring at my assets. Enjoyed the show? I need some water.” She stood up and stepped over to the sink. I felt her brush in beside me, reach for the water, and turn it on. The fabric of her nightgown touching my thigh. She was standing there, with no panties. The fabric falling around her. “Can I have some?” I asked, “Huh.” She looked up. I flushed with her eyes suddenly on me “Mmmm, I don’t know,” and I reached my hand out and began caressing her breast through the thin fabric of her nightgown. “This.”Her eyes grew wide for just a moment, but relaxed again. She was simply watching my hand as it caressed her breast, enjoying the moment. I cupped her breasts, moving my hand over her, softly squeezing the soft flesh in my hand, she watching my hand roam over her body. With each squeeze of her breasts, she closed her eyes. I could see her nipples stiffen and poke out from the fabric. I tweaked her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. She moaned aloud. lara escort She began enjoying my actions. She began stroking my cock from over my shorts feeling its size and girth.I planted my lips on her lips and gave her big smooch. She pushed her tongue into my mouth and tasted my saliva. We parted to look into each other’s eyes. I brought my hand down, along the edge of her rib cage, below her breasts, continued rubbing her tummy again touching over and around her navel, pressing down into her lap, where her panty line would be. I touched her pussy over her clothe material. No panties underneath.I again roamed my hands to her hips, catching hold of her ass cheeks making long soft delicious strokes between her hips, down her thighs and resting below her ass crack. She jerked her body due to this action rubbing her crotch on my thighs. Delicious. No panties. I could feel every line of her pussy lips, her hot hole and wet gorges. I traced every corner of her pussy and then back up over her tummy. Exquisite.The hem of her nightgown was tucked down between her legs and I tugged at that fabric until it was loose and reaching beneath laid my hand across her bare ass. I could stand it no longer, touching her bare thighs; I grasped the hem of her night shirt, simply curled my fingers around the fabric, and lifted it up and lay my hand at her tummy, exposing the dark hairs of her pussy. Her legs extended onto the toilet seat, she was bare from her waist down. As I did she slide her bottom away from the wash basin so she was standing out nearly flat, feet on the floor.Letting me do it, letting me look at her naked body.I hugged her and held her close to me. I began sucking her nipples and squeezing her boobs. This time, with the other hand I was feeling her naked back and let my hands wander along the small of her back. I wanted to get as much as I could of her now. I could feel the soft curve of her thighs, and drew a line along the bone of her hips, around the side of her. This could be the last time we ever did anything so I did not want to let the opportunity go.She made no mention of my hand lying on her bare bottom and I began to trace a line along the crack of her ass and up under her nightgown, and began softly rubbing her bare back, drawing the nightgown higher and higher as I did so. God, I wanted more, to press my fingers up between her legs, feel her legs open to me, rub her slit.My cheeks were brushing against her inner thighs She arched forward to push me off and my hands swiftly grabbed both of her young breasts and held them in a tight grip. Her breasts were getting mashed under my tight grip and she squealed feeling my palm brushing against her nipples. I felt her open pussy and began fingering her; her nightgown was nearly up around her waist.“Oh God,” She moaned again. She sounded like music when she moaned and I could feel my dick swell inside my brief. My hands began squeezing her tender breasts while my mouth was pressing hard against her crotch. Her young scent filled my nostrils and my tongue popped out of my mouth to lash at her pussy.She was almost jumping at every stroke of my tongue while her hands pulled my hair in a cluster. I wasn’t minding the pain and kept moistening her pussy with frantic lashes. I went about eating her pussy and kept going till I felt her loosening her tight leash on my hair. Her screams of agony soon sounded like moans of pleasure as she fell back on the bed. Her hands went up to hold the washbasin while her legs began spreading apart. I brought about her orgasm in the toilet.Pull my cock free and let her sit down on me, fuck her hard. God, we could fuck. I could turn her over on all fours and ride her right there. I so wanted her. These thoughts brought our kisses to such intensity; we were fucking with our mouths. Fucking, doing to the other with our tongues what we would otherwise be doing with our sexes.Suddenly we heard someone banging at toilet door. We quickly got dressed and opened the door. Damn it, it was her mother. The toilet smelt of sex. She understood everything without uttering a word. I was rooted to the ground without a word. Everything froze for a moment, which seems to be eternity. The sound of tight slap on my face brought me back to earth. She screamed, “How dare you touch my daughter.”She took her daughter by her hand and literally dragged her to the cabin. I did not have courage to face her. I remained standing in the corridor for about half an hour. I was cursing myself for the shameful act. I escort lara knew my future is finished if she reports the matter to police. Slowly I entered our cabin and straight went to my berth. She was sitting waiting for me.She said, “Come here you brute. What do you think you have done? You have deflowered my daughter. I can hand you over to the Police.” I fell on her feet, “Please Madame, do not do this. It will ruin my career. I beg of you. Forgive me.” Her name was Avantika. She said, “I do not forgive a man who dares to touch my daughter. I can forgive you only if you obey me unconditionally till we reach Delhi.” I agreed to do anything to please her.“Take off your pants. I want to see your tool.” She ordered me. I looked towards Sandy for help. Sandy was just looking and laughing. Avantika said “Ok if you are feeling shy I will accompany you.” and took off her blouse and now sat only in bra and Sari. I reluctantly took off my t-shirt. Avantika came near me and touched my chest and pinched my nipples. Then she tugged my pants, “Common take it off and let me see what you have there.” I shrugged her hand and got up to my seat. Now Sandy said, “Common boy if she is asking show us”, I was like “Shut up Sandy.”Avantika too got up and came near me “Hey sexy boy you are shying come here. Show me what you have got that impressed my daughter.” and kissed me on my lips. Then she opened her mouth and took my lips in her mouth. I responded and started smooching her. Sandy came behind me and hugged me from back and started kissing me on shoulders and neck. I was shocked and then Sandy moved her hands on my chest.Then she came in front and kissed my chin. She opened my pants letting it fall on the floor. I took Sandy’s lips in my mouth and started kissing her. Avantika went behind Sandy and took off her t-shirt and bra. Then she took off her saree,bra and petticoat. Her breasts touched my chest and I got mad. I was massaging her back and holding her in my arms. She moved her hands in my shorts over my ass and squeezed them pulling down my shorts along with my underwear.My enraged cock came out saluting them. They both went down on my dick. It was a big dick and I have not seen my dick so hard in past. It was hard like pole. Sandy took my dick in her mouth and Avantika started sucking my balls. I moved my hands on Sandy breast and Avantika stood up and started smooching me. I lifted her a bit above and started sucking her breasts and her nipples. I placed her on the berth in such a way that she sat near my shoulders and I started kissing her pussy.It was milky white smooth clean pussy. It was smoother than her daughter’s pussy even at this age. I licked her in and sucked her hard. She was moaning. While sucking her pussy I inserted my fingers in her ass crack and scratched her ass cheeks. I slapped her ass cheeks and she jumped. While I was sucking her, Sandy began licking my stomach, chest and then my neck. I moved Avantika aside, took Sandy in my arms, and started kissing her deep. I moved my hands from her back to her ass and moved my finger in her pussy.I inserted my two fingers in her pussy, with another hand held her tight against me, and kept sucking her throat deep. I shifted Sandy a bit and started sucking her breasts. Her breasts were better then of her mom’s. I kept sucking her while I fingered her. Then I moved her side on berth and kept kissing her and fingering her pussy. Avantika started kissing Sandy’s breasts. Sandy was moaning and her body was moving with my finger movements.Avantika held me by my hair took my face and started kissing me. She lay me on my back and then both of them moved down to my dick. While Avantika was sucking my dick Sandy went down to suck her pussy. I pulled Avantika up and made her sit on my dick. She slowly sat on my dick and started moving her body. Her breasts were bouncing and her hair were waiving in the air. Sandy came to me and started licking my chest and nipples. This was my first threesome.Then she moved and started licking Avantika’s breasts slowly. After a while Avantika moved up and Sandy took my dick again deep in her mouth and sucked. The feeling of moving your dick from one hole to another was amazing. And then Avantika again started fucking herself over my dick. Sandy went down and started sucking my balls. Avantika had an orgasm and sat very tightly over my dick.My body started shivering vigorously and I spurted my cum inside her pussy. My cock kept on throbbing and pulsating, pumping loads of cum into her cunt. lara escort bayan I could feel her cunt also pulsating as my cock continued to throb and pump cum into her. I watched as she stroked her pussy up an down on my cock, cum dripping from her pussy, making my cock slick, slimed, and soaking our pubic hairs. She loosened herself and then moved out.Avantika moved down to suck my balls and Sandy further moved down to suck my ass. It was my first time that some one was sucking my asshole. She licked my asshole and then started sucking it. She sucked her lips hard on my ass and then started licking my asshole. They tuned me around and now Avantika get on to suck my asshole and Sandy went below and started sucking my dick deep in her throat.I was moaning and moaning loud. In then Avantika put her one finger in my tight asshole and few droplets of precum came out of my dick in her daughter’s mouth. Then I stood up. Pulled Avantika’s hair to finger my ass, gave her a kiss and then pushed her down on her knees and pressed my dick in her mouth. I did not leave her hair and started fucking her mouth. I was pushing the complete length of my dick in her mouth and then keeping it in for few seconds. She started gagging on my dick.I sat on the berth and Sandy started pushing her head over my dick. She was gagging well over my dick and I was filling up with sperms. I asked Sandy to wet Avantika’s ass and she get on to work. Then I lied on the bed and Avantika came over me keeping her back against me sat on my dick with her ass. She slowly inserted my dick in her ass with the help of Sandy and started pounding herself well. She started moving in motion up and down taking my complete dick in her ass.Sandy was getting hornier and she sat on my face keeping her ass on my face. I started licking and then sucking her ass hard. She was moaning and pressing her boobs hard. Avantika started moving fast while finger fucking her cunt and then soon she hit another orgasm.She moved away on the side. I moved Sandy in doggy style and spread her ass cheeks. Inserted my thumb first and then inserted my pole rock dick in her ass. It moved in well slowly and then I started pounding her. It was decided that it was my last fuck of the session and I wanted to put in all in there. While I was fucking her ass I moved my hand over her cunt and squeezed it. Avantika has moved to Sandy and was smooching her and massaging her breasts. I kept fucking Sandy ass and slapped her 2-3 times while fucking her ass. Then I grabbed her hair and pulled her.While pulled her hair I kept fucking her ass and spanked her ass a lot often now like riding a horse. She was loosing her control now and her body was giving up. I was also feeling the sperm formation in my penis. I fucked her more hard now. I was almost taking my dick out completely and then putting in her ass with every shot. Sandy started screaming with pain shout to stop it. I again pulled her hair and Avantika’s too.I forced Avantika on Sandy lips and pressed their mouth against each other to avoid the voice. Sandy’s body started shuttering the this time now and it was literally shaking this time. She screamed in Avantika’s mouth and then cummed. It was a huge cum as her cum immediately started dripping from her cunt on bed. I took out my dick and pushed her on the bed. Now I stood up on the bed and again pulled Sandy through her hair.Opened her mouth with my fingers , moved my fingers on her tongue, gave her a big smooch deep down her throat and then pushed my dick inside her mouth. She was not able to suck it but I wanted to cum in her mouth only. She tried moving her face away but force did not let her. I started fucking her mouth now. Pushing my entire length in her mouth and then keeping it there for few seconds. She started gagging my dick.I asked Avantika to start fingering Sandy so that it hurts and her mouth remains open. I started my speed of fucking her mouth. I felt the sperms rushing in my dick. I pushed my dick hard in her mouth and began ejaculating. I kept it there till I was spent fully. This time it took little more time but I did not take out my dick and then held my dick. Both opened their mouth for my sperms and I shoot in both their mouths on their tongues. It was a big shoot and cum kept coming for long time.Both of them drank it and then Avantika came to lick and clean my dick dry. She did it well. We all were tired now and sat on the bed naked. I asked Avantika “Now did you come to know what I was hiding under these clothes.” and we all laughed. Avantika confessed that she never had such a fuck and Sandy was also so happy to find a hunk.We had another round of fucking that night and promised to stay in touch afterwards also. But we never met again