Fucked at work

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Fucked at workThere has been a lot of tension between myself and this one co-worker. Let me tell you a bit about her. Blond, 5’8, great bouncy ass (always in leggings), great cleavage (probably a solid and firm C cup), works out, and extremely flirty. She always joked around with me in regards to sex and what she would do to me and what she would want me to do to her. Number of times she suggested she didn’t have a gag reflex.It was approaching my last day at work and she texted me that she wants to give me a hug and kiss before I leave. I was counting down the minutes till I finally get her lips on my lips. 5:30 rolled around and I closed everything up. I see her approaching the door and unlock it. We go around the corner and she gives me a nice hug. When she pulled away, she said;”Oh my god, I almost went for it””What did you almost go for?” I asked.”Kissing you.””Did you want to kiss me?””Yes.””Then come here.”She leans in closer. I was expecting a quick peck on the lips but she went for the french kiss. Her tongue opened my mouth gently and played with my tongue. I answered back by getting her closer to me and grabbing that fantastic ass of hers. She quickly pulls away. I see she is beet red.”What’s wrong?”, I ask.”Nothing. I liked it. I can’t believe we did that.””Did you want another go?”Before the reply pendik escort happened, she came back in for the kiss. Playing with my tongue, me grabbing her ass and pulling her closer. Once again, she pulls away after about 5 seconds.”You are a good kisser.”, she says.”Thank you. Wouldn’t be the first time I heard that. Third time’s the charm, don’t you agree?”She leans back in for a third kiss. At this point I am getting a hard on and am trying to pull her in closer so that she can feel what she is doing to me, however she once again quickly pulls away.”I am getting really warm now.”, she says while beet red.”I want to kiss you for longer than five seconds. How about you come back after 6 when everyone leaves and we can truly enjoy each other’s company.”, I say.”Okay.”I watch her leave and hoping she comes back after the business is closed. I let everyone know that I am staying behind to finish off my last day.Everyone goes home, lights are out except in my department, and I hear a knock on the back door. I go to the back door, and there she is, a little red because she thinks she knows what is going to happen but does she really?We don’t speak any words. I take her inbetween the aisles and start kissing her. A true and deep kiss this time. She wraps her arms around me as well, I grab her ass pendik escort bayan and pull her closer to me making sure there is no space and she can feel my hard on. One of her hands comes around to my crotch and she starts rubbing. I unzip my pants, pull down my underwear, and she goes down to her knees and swallows my cock. Yep, no gag reflex. While her lips are wrapped around my hard cock, I look down and see her breasts heaving up and down. She is getting quite excited and my cock is getting harder in her mouth.She takes my hard cock out of her mouth and goes in for another passionate kiss while stroking my cock. I place my hand on her pussy and feel the warmth coming from her. I put my hand down her pants and she moans greatly. She whispers in my ear “Fuck me.”She turns around, I take off her leggings and underwear and see her soaking wet pussy. She grabs my cock, places it at her pussy entrance and pushes back on me. I slide in with a slight pop into her. She moans louder this time. I grab her hips, steady her against the aisle and start to slowly fuck her. Making sure that on every thrust in I go in all the way. I fuck her like that for a few minutes, watching my cock glistening with her juices, her ass cheeks bouncing off my cock. She looks like she can’t take the slow and steady pleasing escort pendik as it is driving her crazy. She takes off her top, I unclip her bra, let my hands roam to her firm breasts. Once I let go of her hips, she speeds up her pace and starts fucking me at a much faster rate, moaning on every stroke. The slap of her ass cheeks on my crotch echoes in the aisle.Now I can’t handle her pace for the last 20 minutes. My cock is really hard, covered in her juices, her moans are driving me crazy.”I’m going to cum.”, I tell her.She pushes me with her ass against the back of the aisle, fucking me in a fast and short rhythm. I knew exactly what she wants. Without warning I cum and shoot my load deep inside her, I pull her closer to me while grabbing her breasts and kissing her neck which puts her over the edge. She lets out a deep and long moan. I can feel her pussy squeezing my cock out of all of its cum inside her. We stay like this for a bit while our bodies finish their orgasms. She moves forward, my cock slips out of her, she turns around, and lands a deep kiss on me. We make out half naked to come off our high.The kiss breaks, we are both covered in juices and sweat. You can see the twinkle in her eye that it wasn’t the last time we will do this.”Next time I will show you how I can ride that cock of yours.””Deal,”, I said.As we both get dressed, we look at each other knowing that we will devour each other the next time we get together. We leave our place of business, clean up, and arm the business. We both leave completely satisfied, until next time.