fucked at a party

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fucked at a partyIt was at a party and i was about 15 and he was about mid 50’s. he put a roofie in my drink!! we got chatting, i passed out and he took me upstairs telling my friends that hed get me to bed. then i remember waking up lying on the bed naked. and him undressing, he had a fucking huge cock, i remember him climbing on top of me and him putting his hand on my nose (not letting me breath out of my nose) then him nevşehir escort forcefully shoving his 8″ cock balls deep down my throat. to this day ive never tasted anything so fucking good. i took that cock like the fucking whore iam after a couple of mins of him giving me the face fuck of my life, he turned me over and started slapping my ass HARD. i was yelling out with every slap, that only made him hit me harder escort nevşehir then suddenly, i got this very sharp pain in my asshole, i thought he was fucking me, but unfortuanlly he had only shover a finger in there with nothing but spit. he started to finger me, at this ppoint i stoped resisting and let it happen, and at that time my cock grew. he smiled and then started jacking it off, it felt amazing, with nevşehir escort bayan him fucking my ass and my cock, it didnt take me long to cum, it went allover his chest. he took his fingers out my tight little ass and wiped up my cum with the same finger, he then shoved it in my mouth. since then ive always had a thirst for cum. he then started face fucking me again, his breathing got heavier, he fucked harder, i was gaging, crying and moaning at this point, he finally moaned and shot his huge warm load into my mouth, it tasted better than my cum.he then got dressed and left me naked on the bed with cum on my face, neck and mouth. ive always longed for this to happen again