Friday night at the bar

29 Haziran 2020 0 Yazar: admin


Friday night at the barSomething happened to me at the bar this past friday that i never would have thought would happen. recently i just broke up with my girlfriend of two years and i was feeling a little down, so i decided to go to a local bar bar to get my mind off of her. As i entered the bar i noticed this very attractive middled aged white female watching me, but i wasnt sure at the time if she had her i on me or not so i turned away to order my drink.As i waited for the bartender to serve me something told me to look again and so i did, and she was still looking my way. It was taking a bartender a long time to serve mersin escort me so i decided to try my luck and find out if the beutiful lady was really interested in me or not. As i walked her way i could see that she definitly was interested so as i approached her table all i could think to say to her was to ask her for a dance, and she gladly excepted. This woman was so hot that as we danced and conversated at the same time my dick started to get rock she kept dancing she could fell it poking her ass from the back. i could tell that this turned her on because she turned around and grabbed a hand full escort mersin of my cock. as we kept dancing we got closer and closer and she planted a big kiss. when the song ended she invited to walk with her to her truck. thats when things started to really heat up. we kissed and pretty soon after she had her hands in my pants stoking my dick. i then reached my hands up her skirt and fingered her pussy which was soakin wet. i then began to finger her ass. at this time we both was hott, and jumped into her suv. She told that we might not never see each other again after that night and she wanted to leave with mersin escort bayan something to remember me by. she unbuckled my pants and began to suck on my cock. it felt so good, she really knew how to work that tounge on my dick. As she kept suckin i pulled out her tits which some of the most beutiful natural tits i had ever seen. unfortunatly i didnt have any condoms so she suggested that i shoot my load in her mouth and we call it a night. she began to put more of my dick in her mouth as she moaned waiting for me to shoot my load. when i finally came it was such a head rush, i thought she was gonna spit it out but she swallowed all of my load,which i new was alot since i hadnt came in about 2 weeks.That was a night that i would never forget my only regret is that i didnt bring any condoms with me so i could fuck that wet juicy pussy real good for her.