Fraudsters Punished 1832

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Fraudsters Punished 1832May 27th 1832. Percy and Dilly married in Pennydelset church.Chapter27. Sheila a*****ed and abused”What have you been up to Jeremy?” Margaret called, “The police have arrived.” They’d been together for two years and the west end of the old workhouse was converted into three spacious flats, two occupied by middle aged couples and one by a single lady of about Margaret’s age. Margaret and Jeremy decided to keep the entire east end of the house in as near original condition as possible in keeping with modern living requirements. These included the kitchen, workroom, punishment room, scullery and eight bedrooms for themselves and to offer ‘workhouse B&B accommodation’ and link it with women’s craft courses. For over a year, conflicts between architects, planning authorities and English Heritage who wanted the whole building kept more or less as it was, caused them major headaches. Then it was the builder’s turn to reek havoc with their peaceful life style. Finally it was all over and the Workhouse had taken on a new lease of life as a residential, upmarket home for seven people. Jeremy and Margaret kept the part they originally lived in, including the over large kitchen with its solid fuel cooker, the punishment room and the bedrooms and workrooms. All except the punishment room, were tastefully redecorated. At times when things were fraught with the house renovation problems and the tensions strained the relationship between the pair but Jeremy insisted they never go to bed angry with each other. When things were at their worst, sometimes they sat late trying to resolve their differences verbally and by cuddling and sexuality. Now, with the worst over, they could indulge themselves and go away for days at a time.Margaret greeted the constable but it was the WPC with him that spoke. “Margaret Smith?” When Margaret acknowledged she went on, “I’m WPC Rachael Hanson and my colleague is PC John Miller. Sorry miss, but we have some bad news for you. Your father committed suicide this morning.” The news did indeed shock her but she couldn’t bring herself to mourn her brutal father’s death. “Why? How?” was all she could utter.”He hung himself. We were about to charge him with a*****ion and grievous bodily harm and other offences against a young girl.””How bad is the girl?” asked Jeremy, his arm around his partner. “Badly beaten Sir. She’s had a traumatic time but won’t talk about it much.”Margaret shivered, “I can guess, I can guess. She was held prisoner, tied and whipped all over and ****d.””You sound as if you have first hand experience of him.” Rachael phrased it as a statement but anticipated an answer.”Only for twenty-five years. But he’s dead now so don’t expect details.”Margaret had to formally identify the body and attend an inquest. The girl, a Sheila Johnson, was absent, still too shocked to talk and the counsellors made little headway. She’d left hospital and was again living with her mother. “Sheila,” Margaret wrote, “You won’t know me but you may know of me. You may know too how I was made to suffer as you were but it was many years before I escaped. I know how you are suffering for I have suffered too. From c***dhood I was abused and mistreated and know only too well your feelings at this moment. Feelings you can’t share with anyone because of the shame and horror. Anyone that is, that has not been through it all. I went through the hell and have come out and have a life back again. Maybe I can help you. I needed someone to talk to. Someone who understood. By luck I found that person. Now I am offering to do the same for you. If you feel I can help by talking over our experiences, then ring me at the number above and perhaps we can meet somewhere, your place or mine, or someplace in town.”It was actually Sheila’s mother that rang inviting her over and who greeted her on arrival. “Sheila only half agreed to see you Margaret. She’s very worried but she knows more about you than she’s telling me. That I am sure of. I don’t know how she came to be mixed up with him. She s*******n and he’s well over fifty, or was.”The first meeting with Sheila was more a session of crying for both of them although Margaret, by listing some of the things her father had done to her as a c***d, did learn a little of what had been done to Sheila too. For a long time the girl just lay cradled in Margaret’s arms, sobbing quietly. Unfortunately each time she managed to get Sheila to talk a few words, so her mother popped in to see if everything was all right or to offer them tea. However, they did establish a rapport and Sheila agreed to come to the Workhouse for Sunday lunch. Mrs. Johnson wanted to come too but Margaret was adamant that she was not too. “I will get her to call you immediately after lunch and before I hope to start talking with her and again about four o’clock. Please don’t phone between those times. In any case I will get Jeremy to answer. If and when she starts talking, we will not want to be interrupted.” Claire Johnson was a little put out by Margaret’s tone but agreed with reservations. Claire was after all, the girl’s mother and should be the one her daughter talked to, whereas Margaret was the daughter of the person who caused the problem. However, none of Claire’s cajoling or demanding had any effect on Sheila. She remained withdrawn and silent over what happened.Lunch was a little strained. Sheila kept eying Jeremy with suspicion and only pecked at her food and the conversation was short and brief sentences. Afterwards Margaret packed Jeremy off into his study while she and Sheila sat on the couch. She put a match to the wood fire, not because it was cold but added a cheery glow and watching the flames has a hypnotic soothing effect on the mind.When they were nicely settled with a second glass of wine, Margaret gave the girl a hug and started to relate a little of her own story particularly of her treatment as a c***d and early teenager. In doing so she hoped to gain Sheila’s confidence and get her to speak of her own experience. It took more than an hour and another glass of wine before the girl started to open up. When she did there was no holding her back.”I went to a disco with a another girl and on the way suggested to her that I might go away with my boyfriend. My mother always seems so overbearing and even now I am s*******n, she wants to home by eleven. When I left that evening I shouted back at her, saying I would be home when I got home, and that would be sometime in the early hours of the morning. I saw my mother at the door shouting back as I got into my friend’s car.At first the disco was great but then Dan, my boyfriend started dancing with one of his ex-girlfriends and left me out. I saw them leave together and followed and we had a big row. He left with her and I started walking home at about 2 a.m. The girl who brought me had already left as she thought I was with Dan.About a mile from the village a car pulled up and your father, although I didn’t know it was him, jumped out and punched me in the stomach. Next thing I knew I was tied and gagged in the boot of his car. At his house he carried me into the bedroom, took of my jeans and knickers and threw me face down on the bed. I struggled, I really did, but he grabbed an ankle and fastened it to the bottom of one bedpost and then did the same with the other. He undid my wrists and although I tried to hit him, with my ankles held, he was far too strong and took off my little jacket, blouse and bra until I was completely naked. My wrists were then tied to a rope that goes under the bed so I was helplessly bent over the end of the bed.””I know exactly the position,” muttered Margaret, “I’ve spent many, many hours like that while he thrashed and ****d me.””Now little girl,” your father said, “I think you can guess a little of what is going to happen to you. But only a little.” Then he grinned and I felt his hands feeling my crotch. “First though you are going to tell me who you are and why you’re out so late at night.” I kept silent which I soon found was a mistake. There was a swish THWACK!! A few seconds later another swish THWACK!! I screamed at the pain. I screamed and screamed but he said no one would hear me. The old house had thick walls and was away from the others. I guessed which house it was although I didn’t know your father.When I calmed a little he showed me the white plastic cane he used and told me how and where he would use it if I didn’t cooperate. I told him what he wanted to know and unfortunately related I had planned to go away with my boyfriend. He undressed while I was telling him. I saw his stomach and cock were all sort of scarred and he’d no hair around it but it was hard. It was grotesque.””I thought the scalding would have put paid to that but no doubt the surgeons did a better job than they should have,” Margaret commented.”Take a good look Girlie. A woman did that but you won’t get the chance. I’m going to get my own back and you are going to suffer like I suffered. He then asked if I was a virgin. I wasn’t but hadn’t had much experience. “I’ll soon change that,” he said, “I’ll train you like I did my Margaret. You can call me Daddy and by the time I’m ready to dump you in the river, you’ll be more experienced than the whores that parade along the quayside in town.”I pleaded with him but he hit me across the shoulders with the cane. “Listen Girlie,” he growled, “I shall fuck you in every hole and do anything else I want with you. Object as much as you like but in the end this little cane, or the whip or the strap will make you do it. I’ll enjoy thrashing you too. Now let’s see what your cunt feels like around my cock.” He ****d me and…””And he mauled and hurt your breasts at the same time.” Margaret added for her, “And he utterly humiliated you by calling you a whore and a cunt and others things like that. All to make you feel dirty.”Crying Sheila nodded and then went on. “When he finished inside me, I was ordered to suck his cock clean. The scars looked worse when it was shrivelled up. I shook my head and refused so he gave my bum another four with the cane kocaeli escort and told me to do it again. I did it but felt disgusted with myself that first time but after a few days of having to do that and worse I lost all sense of guilt. My wrists and legs were released from the bed but I was spread-eagled under the bed and re-tied to each leg. He also gagged me so my moans didn’t disturb his sleep. I didn’t sleep at all but about nine o’clock he got out of bed and dragged me to the loo. He brought a strap with him. “Piss and shit,” he said, “It may be your last chance for a while.” All the while he stood in front of me with his hard cock almost touching my nose. I thought he’d want me to suck it again but it was worse than that. “Now Girlie, it time for drinkies. My piss goes into the loo via your body.” I hardly comprehended what he said until he ordered me to open my mouth. It hardly went in before it gushed causing me to cough and splutter. A lot of it went over him, which made him very angry.Hitting my face he shouted, “I told you to drink it bitch, not spew it all over me!” Grabbing my hair he dragged me to that pipe that goes above the doorway to the utility room. There was already a rope looped over it so I guessed it had been used before.” Margaret nodded, remembering the times she’d been beaten in that doorway. “With the rope he pulled my arms above my head and then my feet were tied to rings each side of the door sill. I was completely helpless so I started screaming but that annoyed him too so he put one of his old socks in my mouth and bound it in with the other. “Time to tickle those titties of yours Girlie,” he laughed as he swung the strap. I thought the first blow would have burst my breasts like a balloon but all it did was flatten them. The pain was terrible. I thought I would pass out. I wanted to but didn’t. Again and again he hit them until I did fall u*********s. When I came too I was fastened over the end of the bed. He’d removed my gag and I cried and yelled into the blanket. The strap fell across my bottom and he ordered me to be quiet or he would strip the skin from my arse. I tried but the pain in my breasts was so awful it was difficult not to yell.”Time to take your arsehole virginity Girlie,” he crowed. I felt his thumbs push my bottom cheeks apart and then his cock was at my hole. “It’s going in one way or the other Girlie so either relax your arse and let it go in easy or I’ll ram it in hard and split you open. Pretend you are having a shit.” I did and it did go in but oh God, how it did hurt.””I know my love,” Margaret soothed the crying girl, “I know only too well and I expected you were forced to clean him afterwards.” Sheila nodded. “Go, on finish your tale. Get it off your chest.””For three days, he used me in every way and every day some part of me was strapped or caned. On the Tuesday, I heard the police call making house to house enquiries but at the time I was fastened and gagged under the bed and they didn’t come in. Just asked routine questions as to his whereabouts on Saturday night and if he’d seen or heard anything untoward at that time. Your father of course lied and they left. Wednesday night was the first night I slept in his bed. I was tied of course but it made a change from the hard floor under the bed. I did sleep better and your father too seemed in a little better mood. I had to submit to him as usual and had to drink his pee but he even gave me some breakfast. I ate it all as he’d given me little enough on the previous days.Soon after he had a call on his mobile that pleased him. “I’ll be right over,” I heard him say, “About half an hour.” I was taken upstairs and told to get under the bed. He pushed me and I went face down whereas before I was always pulled under face up. It didn’t matter to him particularly as he was anxious to get away but it did mean my tender tits were against the hard floor. Once he’d left I noticed my right wrist wasn’t tied as tight as it usually was and by a bit of fiddling I found I could easily slide the loop up and down the bed leg. The bulbous knob thing at the bottom prevented it going right to the bottom though. Eventually, with much tugging and pulling and tightening the bit around my wrist, I got the loop to the floor. After many attempts, I was able to ignore the pain from the welts across my back and to use it to lift the bed just enough to slip the loop under the leg and free that hand. With the one hand free, even in the confined space I undid the left hand and then my legs. All of this must have taken several hours and I was very afraid he might return and catch me.I’d not seen my clothes since I arrived so I wrapped my body in a blanket from the bed and fled from the house. I was almost too late. As I ran to the road a woman who I knew drove by and I flagged her down. I collapsed in her car. “Police Station Moira,” I sobbed out. Hardly had I shut the door when his car turned the corner. He must have seen me as he followed us for a bit. Moira gave me her phone and said to dial 999, which I did. When your father saw me phoning, he turned back. Later he was found hanging in the woods. I think you know the rest of the story from the inquest and things.”Sheila snuggled sobbing quietly into Margaret’s chest. Distantly they heard the doorbell and moments later, Claire, Sheila’s mother burst into the room. “Is she alright? What have you done with her? What has she told you? Come here Sheila.”Sheila hugged Margaret tighter. “Sit down please, Mrs. Johnson. Jeremy’s voice in officer mode, cut through. “I’m sure Sheila will tell you if and when she feels the need. I’ll bring in some tea and then we can all have a quiet chat.””Has she told YOU what happened?” Claire directed her attention to Margaret.”Speaking levelly and quietly, Margaret responded, “Yes, she has. And before you ask, it is very confidential. Only if Sheila wishes you to know, will you be told. Now that she has told someone, she should start to get over it, but it is a slow process and it will need a lot of understanding on your part or whoever looks after her.””Come here Sheila.” Sheila shook her head and clung more tightly to Margaret. “It’s your fault Mrs. Saunders-Smythe. If you’d reported your father earlier this wouldn’t have happened.””I’m Miss Margaret Smith. Yes, perhaps that is true, but also consider why your daughter wanted a weekend away from home with a boyfriend. It wasn’t just for sex.””It was for freedom,” Sheila spoke bitterly. “Freedom from orders. Freedom to do what I wanted with my life. If you really want me back, it will be with fewer restrictions. For the moment I want to stay and talk with my new friends and maybe learn how to get over the horror. I need someone to talk to, someone who won’t condemn me. Please mother let me stay and spend the evening here. I’m sure they will see me home later.”Disgruntled, Claire left with a parting shot. “Don’t be too late bringing her back.” In the next few weeks Sheila spent a lot of time at the Workhouse but gradually the visits became less frequent as the effects of her trauma lessened. In the following September she obtained a place in college and moved away and visited only in term time breaks.”How would you like to become Mrs. Saunders-Smythe?” Jeremy asked when everyone had gone.”Is that a proposal, Colonel Jeremy Saunders-Smythe?””It is. Although I hadn’t planned on asking you in an off hand way like this. I’ve been wanting to ask you for some time now but we seemed happy enough as we are.””Well Colonel Jeremy Saunders-Smythe. I accept your proposal.”Henry Smith died intestate, and as Margaret was his only next of kin, the house, its contents and the car came to her. They were all sold. After the taxes were settled, Jeremy insisted she keep the money in an account of her own and they set up a joint account for household things. “For your peace of mind,” he said, “If circumstances change, you’ll never need to be a bag lady again.”Chapter28. The Countess”Read us one of the stories from your Journal Margaret please,” Theresa begged. Theresa Harris and her husband Jim had bought the ground floor flat and were the neighbours they were most friendly with. Theresa and Margaret had hit it off immediately they met to discuss the renting of the flat and since moving in, they often went to town together or popped in to each other’s place for morning coffee. Jim and Jeremy also enjoyed each other’s company although they were from somewhat different backgrounds. For most of his adult life Jim had worked as a steward on cruise ships and it was on a cruise he’d met Theresa. “You wouldn’t believe how many women go on cruises just to get some extra cock,” Jim told Jeremy when they were chatting one morning.The relationship between the two couples might have stayed platonic had not three unrelated events occurred within the space of a month. When the rural post van arrived in the mornings Margaret or Jeremy would go out and greet him and often Jim or Theresa would collect theirs at the same time. Mail for the other two flats was delivered to the rear entrance. This particular morning there were two identical packages one for each. Nothing was said as both men took their package but each knew they belonged to the same adult book club. Later Jim asked, “Which book did you get Jeremy?””Lisa’s Life on the Plantation. And you?””Sent to Morocco.” After a short discussion on the books during which each learned the books were read in bed with their wives, they agreed to swap books they had read. It was the first indication each couple had of the other’s sexual activity.Later the same week, Theresa was in Margaret’s kitchen for morning coffee. “I hope Jeremy gets back soon, I wanted him to help turn the mattress and then I can finish making the bed.” Margaret remarked.”I can help with that, Margaret. It doesn’t take muscle. It’s just an awkward job to do on your own.” The phone rang just as the pair entered the bedroom and Margaret returned downstairs to answer it. On the nightstand Theresa spotted the copy of Josiah’s Journal. Intrigued she picked it up and started to read and escort kocaeli was engrossed when Margaret returned. Embarrassed at having been caught, she stuttered, “Sorry Margaret I shouldn’t have… It’s ruder than those books the men buy.” Margaret laughed and agreed and the pair got on with the mattress and the incident passed over.Late one evening a fortnight later, Jeremy was warming Margaret’s bottom with a strap as she lay naked along the bar in the punishment room when there was a knock at the door. It was Stephanie from the top floor flat. Fortunately he had his pyjamas on and his dressing gown was handy. “I’m sorry to disturb you Jeremy but I don’t have any power. When I came in and went to put the lights on, there was nothing. There’s light’s on downstairs.”I’ll get a torch and come and have a look. Probably the trip switch.” He turned and called back to Margaret, “I’ll only be a few minutes.” It was but every time he pushed the switch so it cut out again. “There’s a short somewhere,” he told the woman. It turned out to be a loose connection in a table lamp she had bought but it took nearly half an hour to find and correct the problem.Meanwhile Theresa and Jim returned home from an evening out, saw the door to Jeremy’s kitchen ajar, knocked and walked in. Margaret groaned in her gag, the pain from the bar was getting to be more than she wanted. Theresa and Jim walked through and were amazed and shocked at the sight. Removing the gag Margaret begged them to release her, which they did. Margaret, now in her robe, blushingly tried to explain. “It’s not what you might think. You might as well know. We sometimes do this before we go to bed and you know… Jeremy got called away.””It’s alright Margaret,” Theresa soothed, “Jim sometimes spanks me before we do it. I suppose the two boys are kindred spirits seeing they belong to the same book club.”Jeremy arrived back and seeing everyone in the kitchen stated, “Well I guess you know our little secret now. You can either shun us or continue as our friends.””We’re still your friends Jeremy,” Theresa said, “We do it too only we don’t have the facilities you have. Perhaps we should talk about our interests another evening because I’m sure Margaret needs some urgent attention.” So it was they got together and not only discussed sexual matters but experienced them in a practical way. Both couple used the punishment room and the girl’s witnessed each other being strapped or caned and ‘****d’ afterwards by their partner. So far they hadn’t swapped but they all knew it wouldn’t be long before they did. Theresa had brought up the journal in the first discussion session and Margaret read the first ‘chapter’ to them. Subsequently she was asked to read more of it to put them in the mood at their little get togethers.”Do read us one of the stories from your Journal Margaret please,” Theresa repeated.January 15th 1832It was William Forsdyke who brought me two more women a little over a month ago now. They had come ashore from a ship that sailed from Latvia and, although well dressed, were penniless. The elder, a woman of thirty-two claimed to be a countess and to be travelling with her maid to set up residence in London. Their money had been stolen while on board ship and she accused the captain of the crime. However, the captain and the crew all claimed she had come aboard with barely enough money for the fare and at this stage no one could prove otherwise. At the docks the pair were set on the quayside with just their belongings and the captain rather maliciously suggested they ask for work at the Sailor’s Tavern, he knowing very well, it is really more of a brothel than a drinking house. One of William’s stevedores unloading the ship, reported the altercation to his employer and he persuaded them to come to the Workhouse.”I am Countess Natasha Romeinikov and this is my maid…” She spoke a name which was almost unpronounceable to me but which sounded like a longer version of Myrna so we call her that. The Countess spoke quite reasonable english but her phrasing and accent were unmistakably foreign. Her voice was imperious and demanding and she began treating me as her servant. I took an instant dislike to her attitude and decided that having her flesh bared over the bar in the punishment room and warmed with the birch would soon inform her of her new status. Myrna spoke only a few words in our language although she seemed to understand a little. Both women were attractive, nineteen year old Myrna especially. Her figure was fresh and plump and my cock started to rise at the sight of her.Despite my thoughts, I took them into the parlour and asked the Countess to explain her position. For once, it seemed she preferred to talk directly to me rather than Alice. Perhaps having witnessed Alice laying the strap across Charlotte’s bum before the four of us sat down to talk, may have had something to do with that. Still she treated me as a menial and very condescendingly told me a little of her background.The gist of it was, she was the daughter of a merchant in Russia and he arranged a marriage for her to Count Romeinikov when she was fifteen and moved to his estate in Latvia. After five years she still hadn’t produced any c***dren for him so he banished her to a country home on the estate and took a mistress. He gave her sufficient allowance to run the house and its servants. She took a lover but when the Count heard of this he arranged for the lover to be killed and gave Natasha a week to leave his estate. She took all the money she had and Myrna and bought a passage to England. On the boat, her purse containing many gold pieces was stolen so when she arrived she had no money. “You will allow me to write to my father and he will repay you for your services to me here, my good man. Now perhaps you will get this woman of yours to provide me with some refreshment. My servant will know my likes although she is uneducated in your language.” she ended. Both Alice and I bristled with anger.”Countess,” I said as levelly as I could, “You seem very mistaken as to your position here. I will of course allow you to write to your father but until we receive a reply and reimbursement, you will be treated in the same way as all the other ladies here. This is a workhouse and you will be expected to work. You will also conform to our workhouse rules. Punishment for infringements or laziness is dealt with either by Alice or myself.””You don’t expect a woman of my breeding to work surely, my man. That is too preposterous.””Firstly woman, you will call me Sir or Master. Secondly, yes you will be made to work and thirdly you will be punished and most probably from your manner, it will be very soon and naked and in front of the other ladies.””You can’t mean…” she interrupted.”Natasha, if you interrupt me again Alice will stripe your arse. From the little you have told us, you will have little useful skills, far less so than Myrna and so your working position will be underneath her.””You can’t mean I will have to take orders from her! She’s only a….””Alice, ask Jack to come in please.””Sir, you will please to show me to my room. It must be on the ground floor for I do not wish to climb stairs. I have listened to enough of your nonsense.” I made no move and she rebuked me in front of Jack and Alice who had just returned.”Jack, take this woman to the punishment room,” I ordered, “Alice assemble everyone there.” I was furious at the arrogance of the so-called countess. At first she just looked horrified but soon she started screaming at me half in her own tongue. That didn’t bother Jack at all. He scooped the woman up and threw her over his shoulder. “I’m sure you’ll soon have something more to scream about lady,” he laughed at her. I took Myrna’s hand and led her behind her ex mistress. Natasha, I refused to call her countess because of her behaviour, was still looped over Jack’s shoulder and still struggling when all the ladies were assembled and watching. I could tell from their faces that they were expecting to see a harsher punishment than normal for a mid-week evening.”Put her down Jack.” He promptly dumped her on the floor. “Undress,” I ordered Natasha.”No! I will not undress in front of you and all these people.” I had to admire her spirit but went to the wall and took down a horsewhip and cracked it close to her body. “Either you undress yourself or Jack rips them from you. Either way you are going to be naked and everyone is going to witness you being thrashed.” Again she hesitated and Jack caught hold of the front opening of her dress but before he tore it she said she would do it. However, her fingers couldn’t manage the buttons at the back.”I help.” It was Myrna who spoke almost for the first time. “She no ever undress her own.” I smiled at the choice of words but allowed her to help until Natasha was down to her under garments. These I made her take off herself. Seeing she was likely to refuse, Alice laid her strap hard across the woman’s shoulders knocking her forward. “Everything off, Natasha. The ladies and I wish to see everything.” Eventually she was naked and I had Jack fasten her wrists to the ceiling beam so she was all exposed and had him gag her to stop the abuse the flowed like a torrent from her mouth. Most of it we couldn’t understand anyway.Turning to Myrna I instructed her to undress too. She shook fearfully but started to take her clothes off. “You’re not to be punished Mryna,” I said slowly, “But everyone gets a look and feel you.” There were gasps from everyone when Myrna’s dress came off to reveal a back criss-crossed with welts obviously made by a whip some weeks ago. Touched the marks I asked, “Who did this?””I no please mistress,” was her only reply.I gave Myrna a hug and held her hand. “While you are here she is not your mistress. I am your master and Alice is mistress.” I then gave my usual little speech of welcome. “Ladies, we have a tradition here that every newcomer shows her whole body to everyone present so she has nothing to hide and doesn’t feel superior to the others. May I present Myrna who is a servant girl from kocaeli escort bayan Latvia.” I took her around the group starting with Jack and Alice and introduced her to each and all the ladies curtsied and shook her hand, then felt her breasts and between her legs, before giving her a kiss. Myrna seemed bewildered by it all but accepted it as part of her new life.”Ladies, this is Natasha. She calls herself a countess but here she has no rank. No status. In fact she has been very abusive to us and, as you can see, she is about to get what is probably the first thrashing of her life. I have no doubt though, and I am sure you haven’t any doubts either after seeing Myrna’s back, she has given or ordered many others to be severely punished. Unfortunately Myrna’s command of our language is not sufficient yet to tell us. Please come forward and introduce yourselves ladies but there is no need to curtsy before her or to be gentle when you feel the smoothness of her skin. It will not be that way for long.” Each lady in turn came forward, spoke her name and welcomed Natasha and felt her breasts and cunnie much harder than they had Myrna. Natasha blushed as her body was felt in the most intimate of her places. She even tried kicking but then her weight fell on to her wrists causing pain in her shoulders, shoulders not strengthened by having done any manual work.Myrna stood to one side but I pushed her in front of her mistress. “Say Hello to Natasha.” She said something in her own language and I put her hands on Natasha’s bosoms and squeezed. “I know titties on her very good,” Myrna said slowly, “I know coozie good too.” From this I guessed she’d been forced to have a sexual relationship with her.”Spread her on the bar, belly up,” I instructed when Myrna and the ladies had all introduced themselves. “Now Natasha, you’ve been introduced to Alice but not her strap. It has a fiery kiss. Alice is head of the household and is allowed to use it as she thinks fit on any of the maids. She will use it on you anytime she thinks you are not working or are abusive or for any other reason. For tonight’s little show she’s going to give you a full frontal warming so you’ll be ready for when I warm your arse.” Natasha’s eyes were now wide with fear and tears were rolling around her ears. “Remove her gag, Alice, then we can hear what a countess squeals like when she is warmed.” As she had done on occasions before, Alice unstrapped the woman’s ankles and gave them to Jack to hold together at waist level. She started lashing the strap across Natasha’s thighs a little above the knees and worked her way up. Her victim was now screaming but Alice was in no mood to stop although I noticed she was holding back with the force she applied. She undoubtedly realised the countess wouldn’t stand as much punishment as a working woman. When she reached the crotch, she ordered Jack to spread the woman and then planted two stinging lashes on her cunnie. Seeing Jack’s cock bulging in his breeches, she asked Charlotte to release it for him and then she carried on along the woman’s stomach and finished by bouncing her ample titties with the strap. Natasha’s cries had now become little more than hoarse groans.”Give her some water,” I ordered and seeing Jack look at me I gave him the go ahead to use her.”She won’t have any sponge in, Sir.” Alice remarked.”Her husband couldn’t make her pregnant in five years so I think we’ll forget about protecting her. That way we’ll find out if the fault lies with her or her husband.” Jack held himself back and ravished her for a long while until his seed was forced out of him and filled her womb. Alice suggested a break for some ale and I prescribed a tankard for everyone. Natasha was sat in a chair and Myrna held the tankard to her lips but she screwed her face up and drank little. No doubt she wanted wine or vodka.Half an hour later and we were all in a jolly mood to continue. All that is except Natasha. She kicked and protested as she was strapped down to the bar again, this time with very sore flesh making contact with the bar. I thought it wouldn’t be long before she passed out so I resolved to lay the birch on smartly to cover the widest area. I started at the low buttocks and lashed hard and quickly until her arse was raw and then worked from her shoulders down. She didn’t pass out but it was close. We revived her with a little more ale. “Take her to one of the top floor rooms, Jack. Alice will come up to attend to her in a few minutes and then you can have her as often as you like.”I took Myrna still naked to my room and when I undressed and she saw my hard prick she knew what was going to happen to her. However, I waited and just played and fondled her until Alice returned and fitted a sponge inside her. I didn’t want this little beauty pregnant.”Jack was rogering her again when I left,” Alice remarked as I ploughed into Myrna. The girl didn’t seem to mind and was soon thrusting back to me. “I think Jack will sleep with her tonight so she’ll be well fucked by morning. Perhaps we should keep her next real punishment for our Saturday session her which is only ten days away.” I agreed. Alice showed Myrna how I liked to be cleaned and then cleaned the girl herself. Myrna then surprised us by saying to Alice, “Now you like I coosie you.” When Alice smiled not really knowing what the girl meant, Myrna set too and very skilfully suckled her breasts and continued down to her cunnie. Alice writhed in pleasure. Myrna had obviously done this many times before.When were all resting again, ready for sleep Alice asked, “You have to do coosie to Natasha?””Yah. I no good, get whip.” I would have liked to have pursued that further but her English wasn’t good enough and we were all tired.”How was she Jack?” I asked next morning. “Quite tight Sir. I don’t think she’s had a man for some years and never up the arse. I think I’ll open her up there today – unless you want to do that Sir?” I told he could do it but to let me know so I could watch. “She wasn’t very responsive, but maybe she was too sore for that.”Natasha was much subdued when Jack brought to still naked to breakfast. Her body was well coloured and she walked painfully. She would remember her first night here for the rest of her life. I asked Katherine to find her a simple dress and one for Myrna. Countess finery would not be suitable for working here especially as Alice set her to cleaning stoves and Myrna’s dress could be kept for Sunday best. I assigned Charlotte as Natasha’s mentor as I knew she wouldn’t stand for any nonsense and asked her to walk both girls around the house and grounds to familiarise them with the place. Alice took Myrna as part of the kitchen staff.Later that afternoon, Charlotte came to me and in her forthright way said, “If you please Sir, Jack sent me to say he’s ready to fuck Nat’s arse.” I said I would be right there and asked how Natasha had worked that morning. “Well Sir, of course she’s sore but even so she’s not keen on getting her hands dirty and mutters a lot in that lingo of hers.””Well if there’s no improvement tomorrow, I’ll give you the authority to spank her for minor disobedience. Anything worse and Alice or I will deal with. You may have to be careful though, she likes playing with women.” I knew Charlotte wasn’t adverse to woman sex either.When we arrived, Natasha was bent over the end of the bed and Jack was applying dripping to her virgin bum hole. She cried out every time he inserted his finger and tried to move off the bed. “Shall I sit on her Sir?” Charlotte asked. I nodded. “Thank you. Now I’ll get the best view,” Charlotte laughed. As well as getting a good view Charlotte pulled the woman’s bottom cheeks apart and guided Jack’s cock. We all heard her muffled cries as Jack forced his way in and eventually gained full depth. Thereafter he used long steady strokes, forcing his cock in until his balls slapped against her cunnie and withdrawing until the head almost popped out. He took his time and her cries seemed to die down, but in the end Jack shot his load into her bowels. Charlotte moved off Natasha so she could clean Jack’s cock and when it seemed she might refuse, Charlotte squeezed her still tender breasts, causing her to scream and open her mouth. Jack slipped his prick in. “She wasn’t very willing to clean me in the night,” Jack remarked but I guess with enough encouragement she’ll do it well enough before she leaves.Watching Jack had given me a hard-on too so I bade Charlotte hold her still again. This time the hussy didn’t sit on Natasha’s back but lifted her skirt and slid along the bed until Natasha’s face was in her crotch. “Get your tongue right in there Nat.” she ordered and when she didn’t comply again squeezed her titties. “Having big titties might make you attractive to men but they also are good handles,” Charlotte laughed as she flipped her skirt back down, covering the woman’s head.I pushed my prick in quite easily after Jack had not only opened her with his large pole but had lubricated her with his seed. Still she was nice and tight around my shaft and I enjoyed a good long fuck. Part way through my performance Charlotte pulled her skirt up again and once more tightened her grip on Natasha’s titties. “Get that tongue working Nat. I need to come before Sir finishes.” I did finish a little before Charlotte but held myself within her bottom until Natasha’s mouth was free.I saw Myrna was looking shocked at our performance and I took her hand and asked if she had had it in her bottom. When she shook her head, I said we would try it tonight. She looked afraid but Alice assured her it wouldn’t hurt much.’”That’s the end of that little section,” Margaret stated, “Sex in this institution seems to have been a very public affair and perhaps still is.””Have you had it in your bottom Margaret?” Jim enquired,” I’ve never seen Jeremy do it to you.”Many times. What about you Theresa?””No. I have always resisted it. Seems dirty somehow.””Well, it isn’t really and it did hurt a bit at first especially as my father forced it in. Jeremy is more considerate. Actually if it is done right it is pleasurable. Perhaps we should make you play the countess and let both boys **** your bottom.””I’ll think about it but the story has made me horny and the boys are hard so perhaps we can use your bedroom? And would you mind if I tried out Jeremy?”