For Him

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For HimI was sitting watching TV in just a t-shirt and a thong. I lived with just my dad as mom had died of cancer a few months ago. I was daddy’s princess. I heard his car pull in the drive and then he walked in the door. He looked so handsome in his dark suit. He kissed me on the forehead and asked how my day was. I told him it was so boring being home alone. He took off his suit coat and tie and sat beside me. He pulled me onto his lap and kissed my mouth. As he put a tongue on my mouth his hand rubbed the inside of my leg getting closer to my pussy the more his kiss deepened. Then I felt his hand go up under my shirt and he rubbed my tits. He played with my nipples and told me I was so beautiful like my mother was. Soon he lifted my shirt and was kissing and sucking my tits as his hand began to rub my pussy. I pulled the crotch to my thong aside so dad could put a finger in my pussy and rub my clit as he sucked a tit. I felt him shove a finger into my fuck hole and push it deep. He was sucking my nipples as he fingered me and I was so turned on. I felt his cock get hard inside his pants as I sat on his lap. I began to rub my ass across his hard cock canlı kaçak bahis as he fingered me. Then he pushed me up just a minute and pulled his pants down and sat me back on his naked cock so I could rub my ass over it. He kept kissing my tits and fingering my cunt as I rubbed my ass on his cock.He then told me to straddle his cock and as I slid down on it he began to lift me up and down and fuck me hard. I loved his big hard cock when he put it in me. He has been fucking me for two years and I need his cock a lot. I let him fuck me any time he wants and we do fuck every day. As I rode his cock he sucked on my tits and then I felt his finger go in my ass. I love his finger deep in my ass when his cock is in me. It makes me cum so hard. I was bouncing up and down on his big hard cock loving the feel of him deep inside me as my tits flopped and he sucked one at a time. He was able to fuck me quite a while before he had to cum. I felt his cum whoosh inside my cunt and he then grabbed me and hugged me tight. He told me he loved fucking me a lot. I remeber the first time we fucked. It was about a month after mom’s funeral. I caught him crying casino firmalari in his room and I went and hugged him and he hugged me. He then kissed my cheek and held me tight but then he kissed my neck and rubbed my back under my shirt. It didn’t take long for him to begin rubbing my tits and telling me he needed me so bad. Before I knew it I was naked and he was rubbing my pussy telling me how much he loved me and needed me. Soon we were both naked on his bed and he was kissing me and then sucking my tits before he kissed down to my pussy and licked me and I loved the feeling of his tongue on my pussy. He put my hand on his cock and I stroked it for him making him happy and no longer sad. Later that night he put his cock in my pussy and I loved how good it felt and now we fuck almost every day and sometimes several times a day. I love when he licks my pussy and puts a tongue in me. He says I taste real good and sweet. He sold our house and bought one way out in the country where it is very private. He always makes love to me as soon as he gets home. He is a great lover and makes me feel so good. We spend most of our time naked in our house so casino şirketleri we can touch and lick each other any time we get the need. He gets the need a lot. He loves pussy. He loves when I suck his cock and take it all the way in my mouth. He tells me I am a great cocksucker. I just love sucking him and do it about twice a day and even wake him at night sucking that big hard cock. Last Saturday he sat naked in the swing in the back yard and I sat on his lap with his cock in my cunt and we swung high as he fucked me. It was the best fuck. I could feel his cock go so deep as he went higher in the swing. Then I stood in the swing with a leg on each side of him and he ate my pussy as we swung. It was wonderful. Then he sucked my clit as he finger fucked me and I can not even begin to say how good that was. I like when I am in the kitchen and he comes behind me and fucks my ass or cunt. Or sometimes he leans me over the table and fucks me then eats the cum out of my cunt or ass. I like to fill my mouth with his cum then kiss him and pass it to his mouth. He loves the taste of his cum on my tongue. I love when he sucks his cum from my ass or cunt and passes it to my mouth. His cum from my ass is really good. Tonight he promised he would fuck all three of my holes for me. I love his cock fucking me hard and ramming me deep. I let him nurse my tits as he goes to sleep and I rub his cock to relax him.