Five girls and 8 days

29 Haziran 2020 0 Yazar: admin


Five girls and 8 daysI am sitting in my bay window this morning naked and watching the deer graze in the front yard and thinking about the last week or so. Just days before a break from School. There are 5 of us that sort of chum around on campus one of the girls and I have been intimate and have had some great exiting times, her and I were going to my cabin for the break, for some reason during lunch I asked them all to come to the cabin, Diane looked disappointed and then I realized what I had done. She was expecting us to be alone I felt so bad.Well we arrived at the cabin it was cold and took a few hours to warm up, make supper, chatted and watched a couple sappy movies. The next morning I was the first one up and started to make breakfast, giresun escort the smell of toast Eggs and Bacon woke everyone, in the kitchen for coffee and waiting for the rest to be done. Some in bra and panties one in flannel and one in sexy baby dolls, they were see-through. While we were eating I looked at every one and suggested that we all spend the rest of the week naked or with next to nothing on Diane stood up and took off her bra and sat back down, the girls looked at each other sort of grinned and one said is this going to turn into girl sex, my response was it could if you want. They all took off what they were wearing. We finished breakfast did the dishes and went to the living room to watch anther movie. Diane sat next esco to me and rested her head on my shoulder and whispered THAN YOU. Looking at them all this is what I saw. One about my height with very dark but small nipples on very firm what looked like rock hard breasts and the sexiest trimmed pussy with about a 2 inch wide strip from top all the way between her lips. One had larger than I like breasts but very firm with very large light nipples that were very light but puffy and an untrimmed pussy and she had the sexiest eyes. Another about Diane’s height had the smallest breasts of us all and I was getting wet looking at them with very hard nipples standing straight out and a totally shaved pussy like mine. Then there is Diane and myself. Five giresun escort bayan sexy attractive girls watching a sappy movie at 10 in the AM all naked. After the movie I put on soft porn of a girl orgy. Diane and I got up half way through it and went to the bedroom which is fully visible from the living room we laid down and started necking, our tongues dancing and our hands finding all the places we liked touched, I was so wet my nipples so hard and so was Diane. One of the girls walked to the door and asked if she could lay with us but did not know if she wanted to do anything yet we invited her in, I rolled over to her and started kissing her. Her mouth was warm and wet her tongue entered my mouth and my hand went to touch her but Diane had already got there and was touching her. The other 2 went to one of the other bedrooms but could hear them. About 2 hours later making lunch one of them asked if it would be possible for all of ust to be in the same bed.