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fishingStratton is a town of about 17,000 founded in 1893, and growing more andmore as subdivisions were being developed fast. The street that once wasconsidered “The Main Highway” in town, was now one of 3 that come in andout, only this road saw maybe 6-7 cars travel on it within the week and thesame amount over the weekends. Back in the early days, it was the mainhighway that town’s people travelled, to get to and from the neighboringcity – just a short two hours drive away. The road was your typical 2 laneand beginning to crack and chip away due to age. Closer to the town theroad was surrounded and covered by the massive forestry, leaves and oddsmall branches. When taking the road out of town and entering into theforest area, the road wound itself around the trees and hugged against themany tiny hills. Approaching the biggest hill that lead back out into theclearing, it dropped down a 45 degree angle 100 meters to its left, and atthe bottom a set of traintracks. The road continued on, passing a bridge,and once over it would take you 15 minutes until you veered to the rightand up a slight hill, vanishing into the forest and hills on your waytowards the city.Once out into the open and looking to your left you saw a lake the sizeof a stadium, with edges swampy and dried up. Just past the traintracks andabout 500 meters was a bridge. Back in the day the water was as high as 5feet and along the banks you would always see fathers and sons and othersfishing. The river travelled a far distance into the woods as it narrowedfrom a river, to a creek and then opened up 20 miles away into a lake. Nowthough, all these years later the water had dried up and under the bridgein the centre near the pillars the water was just a foot deep and aswide. Teenagers used it for drinking parties, d**gs and sex orgies. On agood rainfall and over a few days, the water would reach under the bridge,but only leave a good thick coating of mud.Adam was 10 years old and lived on the older and quieter side of town,furthest away from the new highways that went in 2 years ago, the malls andplazas. He lived on a short dead-end street that had 8 homes on it aroundthe one million price range. See, Adam’s parents were into boringgovernment stuff. Mom was the town’s treasurer working at the Mayor’soffice, while dad was a lawyer working within the courthouse. The street helived on was called Eagle Lane and was just feet away from where the mainstreet disappeared into the forest. Adam loved riding his bike around townand it was Saturday morning when he left for one of his rides. Adam lefthis driveway and went along his road seeing Mr. Whithers washing his carand Mrs. Gibbons taking her daughter to dance lessons. He exited his streetand turned right to take the scenic route through the forest along thequiet and deserted country road.It was hot out, even for that early in the morning, but riding along theroad surrounded by the thick forest and overhanging trees, gave off agentle breeze that was cooling. Adam took his time and enjoyed the scenery,with a rabbit that crossed just infront of him, a small creek bed and manybirds singing their tunes. About 20 minutes later Adam came to the clearingand took his feet off the pedals and coasted down the hill crossing overthe tracks. He pedalled along until coming to the bridge where he stoppedto the left side of it (lake side) and looked out into the water for maybea deer or moose and then upto the glare of the sun closing his eyes to feelthe heat on his face. Adam walked his bike down the dirt path that lead tothe edge of the river and under the bridge. As he walked down he glancedover to see the low lying water in the centre of the dried up riverbed,along with some frogs…and to his surprise, something he wasn’t expectingto see this early in the morning.The bridge itself was wide enough for two cars to pass eachother and forpeople to stand near the railings to fish over it…back in the day whenthere was enough water. There are two pillars in the centre to hold it upand the walls are on a 45 degree slant that goes down into the ground andupto the underside of the bridge. There, leaned up against the wall whereAdam was, was a bike. It wasn’t the bike being there that brought an oddlyconfused look to Adam’s face. It was the fact, that beside the bike on theground were a pair of shoes and piled ontop a pair of shorts, underwear anda shirt. Adam looked around and saw no one along or up the wall, andlooking back behind him out into the lake, there was no one swimming. Itwasn’t until Adam took a step forward past one of the pillars and lookedover to the other side, that he became frozen in his tracks.Adam saw his 12yo best friend, Kevin – Kevin had dirty blonde türkçe bahis long hairand hazel eyes, an earing in his right ear, a toned and tanned body. He hadhis feet buried into the cool mud and was laying against the slantedwall. Adam was seeing his friend in a way that he had never before. Therein front of him was Kevin, totally naked, his eyes shut, and using his onehand to play with or do things to his erect, 4 inch cut little prick. Adamreally didn’t know what to make of it, nor did he understand why he wasdoing what he was. Adam – without realizing it – was beginning to takesmall steps forward watching his friend play with, rub and stroke hispenis. Closer and closer he was getting….until a snap of a branch hestepped on broke the mesmerizing trance he was in, as well startled Kevinwho had opened his eyes and sat up quickly.”Hey Adam! Don’t be scared, come over here,” said Kevin.Adam hesitated a moment and then slowly made his way over as he steppedover the water in the centre. Now standing very close,Adam was able to see much more of what his friend Kevin’s nude bodylooked like – letting his eyes wander. Adam found himself constantlylooking down and somewhat mesmerized by what Kevin was still doing tohimself, and the look of his boyhood.”Don’t you do this to your prick Adam, when you are in bed or the bath?”panted Kevin, as his breathing was getting faster.”Umm – ME! no no, I don’t do that thing that you’re doing,” said Adam, ashis face was becoming bright red.While the two talked, Kevin noticed how Adam fixed his eyes upon his 12yonaked body and fully erect 4 inches. Kevin moved over to the slanted walland laid back down.”It’s called masturbation by the way and everybody does it,” explainedKevin. “Take your clothes off and lay beside me and I can show you and thenyou can try it.” Adam didn’t move a muscle, maybe he feared that they mayget caught, that he possibly didn’t hear what was just asked of him, orthat…maybe he would like it. Kevin patted his hand on the concrete toindicate to Adam to come sit beside him…and slowly he moved. Adam satdown and was moving his eyes and head around like he was being somedetective and was looking for some clue…or in this case – for watchingeyes. He was sooo nervous that he could feel his stomach grumble inside andhis body gently shake and quiver. The one thing that Adam could not stophimself from doing while looking around, was peek a glance down at Kevin,still rubbing away at his very very stiff boyhood standing straight out atattention.”Well, you gonna take your clothes off, or do you want me to help you?”questioned KevinAdam slowly slipped his sandles off and grabbed onto the bottom of hisshirt to lift it up and off. But, not before, he made a quick glance at all4 corners to see if someone was to come down.”Adam! It’s early Saturday morning and the fair is on at the other end ofthe town, and also the only people to use this road at this time are theold people going berry picking at WestMinnister Farms,” said Kevin, nowstroking a bit faster.Adam raised his shirt up over his head, which allowed for Kevin to takein the visuals of a toned and tanned stomach and chest, of this beautiful10yo in front of him. Again Adam hesitated when placing his hands to thewaistband of his shorts, taking one more quick look around…then. He stoodup and Kevin sat up, watching as Adam slowly began to lower hisshorts…actually his swim trunks, with the built-in underwear. Loweringthem down, the waistband rested on top Adam’s penis, which was nowbeginning to harden and could be seen just resting below the elastic. Adampaused for a brief moment, which allowed for Kevin to reach over and grabonto the bottom part of the shorts at the legs. With one steady pull, Adamlooked down and watched, as did Kevin, whose eyes were widening withdelight and anticipation of something sensually stunning. The shorts sliddown Adam’s 2 1/2 inches of boyhood, and once the band reached theend…out sprung Adam’s semi-erect penis, moving up and down like adivingboard.What seemed like hours but was just seconds. Kevin was in pure delight,staring passionately all over this amazing desire in his view. Kevinmotioned for Adam to turn around – and so he did, as Kevin took in everycurve, dimple and crevis of his young friend’s small, tight,marshmellowy-white and soft bum. Kevin then took Adam by the arm andmotioned for him to sit down, and they sat down side-by-side, with legsbent, feet flat on the wall and leaning back onto their elbows. Kevin withhis left hand was still working away at his very stiff and throbbingerection. Kevin then laid flat out as Adam followed and then he watched fora bit as Kevin rubbed and stroked his own penis.”Just youwin giriş watch me and do what I do, it’ll be fun and you will like it a lot,”mentioned KevinAdam took his thumb and pointing finger and placed them onto the shaft ofhis hardening boyhood. The very second that he moved his fingers alongit…up and down, a jolt of erotic sensation shot through him from head totoe. Adam saw that everything around him had just stopped or slowed down,like the birds wings moving in slow motion. Kevin had frozen and it wasjust Adam alone in his new `Erotic PleasureDome’. Reality snapped back, andjust in time too, as Adam’s ecstasy became heightened. Kevin had reachedover and taken Adams penis into his hand, wrapping it around the entireshaft and stroked it faster and faster. All Adam could do was enjoy thisnew found sensualness, feeling his back begin to arch, his heart race fast- as if it were coming out of his chest.Kevin reached over and took Adam’s hand placing it at his penis and gotAdam to, with his full hand, stroke away at Kevin’s erection. Some time hadpassed and Kevin was feeling the passion get to its releasing point. ForAdam, he didn’t know what this burning new feeling was on his face and overhis body, why he was breathing so heavily and letting noises out – like asoft moan. All he knew was that he actually liked it and was getting thethrill, enjoyment and pleasure from his friend he may have dreamed anddesired of for so long. He felt as if he needed to let out a huge pee – notknowing what was actually to be the climax to his orgasm and eventuallyejaculation.Kevin knew he and Adam were getting close and he needed his own hand tofinish it off, so he took his hand off of Adams penis and onto hisown. Adam followed and both boys were working harder and faster. Because ofthe intense pleasure the boys were in, along with the extreme heat of thesun shinning in on them, the boys’ bodies were drenched with sweat, fillingevery part of their bodies, armpits, inner thighs, butt cracks and pouringdown their faces. Adam, within seconds, arched his back more, head tiltedback, eyes rolling in behind the eye lids. Adam let out a very loud gruntand out squirted for the first time, Adam’s pre-cum, fulfilling the erotic,sensual and elation of his first orgasm. Adam was just 10yo so he hadn’tfully matured yet to let out what 12yo Kevin was just seconds away fromdoing.Adam allowed himself time to relax and take in and enjoy the pleasures heexperienced. He was very much still panting heavily, staring down at thestuff that was all over his hand and dripping from his now soft littleprick. Kevin was ready, and his moans were intensified with each stroke ashe curled his toes, arched his back and shouted. Adam looked over to watchas Kevin shot his load up onto his stomach and chest as far up as to hischin-right cheek. Adam looked at it with total wonderment, questioning tohimself why his didn’t look like Kevin’s. The boys laid there for a bitletting their boy juices sit where it fell – although due to the heat,drying and becoming sticky fast.Adam looked over to Kevin.”Hey Kevin! Why doesn’t my stuff look like yours does?””First of all it is called SPERM or CUM, and because you are only 10yoand you are young, you haven’t gone through puberty yet”, explainedKevin. Not really knowing the proper reason, but it just sounded cool andsmart. “So! What do you think, wasn’t it fun and it didn’t even hurt ornothin to be scared of,” added Kevin”Yeah! It was way cool and I want to do more of it,” said Adam, with thebiggest smile on his face. “Do you do this…I mean masturbation a lotunder this bridge Kevin? I really would like to come here and do it again,if you come here too.””Yep! I mostly do it in my room, but I come here almost every Saturdayand Sunday, if you want to as well you can.””A.B.S.O.L.U.T.E.L.Y!” shouted Adam”You know Adam! There is more stuff we can do at another time that I canshow you if you want….If you’re not scared.””There is more? …..I want to, and I won’t be scared, I promise.”Kevin looked over to Adam and smiled, then in a split second Kevin hadturned over and was now laying on top of Adam. They weren’t all thatdifferent in height although 2 years difference in age. Matching theirbodies together, penis to penis, shoulder to shoulder and glancing in oneanothers eyes. Both boys love juices were now mixed together and sticky ashell, as Kevin slowly moved his hip around allowing for both boys penisesto rub and caress. Kevin then moved in and placed his lips to Adam’s andthey kissed for a while, until Kevin used his tongue to seperate Adam’slips and stuck it in finding Adam’s tongue. They rubbed tongues and kissed,as both boys could feel their youwin güvenilir mi soft dicks becoming hard again. Kevin all ofa sudden got this crazy idea and got up, off of Adam, feeling thestickiness rip away from his body like pulling tape or a band-aid.The boys stood up and Adam followed Kevin over to the bit of water thatrested beneath the bridge. The two of them squated down and laid the frontof their bodies into the water to wash and clean up. Once finished, Kevinmotioned Adam to follow him and not to be scared, as they went over andgathered up their clothes and bikes. Kevin lead the way as they walkedtogether, still nude, up the path and onto the side of the road.”What are we doing, aren’t we going to get dressed first?” said Adam, ashe looked around embarassingly for someone who may see him.”Nope! We are going to walk from here to the small building by thetraintracks….nude,” said KevinWith their clothes resting onto the handlebars of their bikes, they beganto walk down the centre of the road towards the tracks. Adam kept lookingforward and back for any cars coming….Kevin just laughed quietlyinside. The building was the size of your typical one car garage that theroads and railway people use for supplies and communications. For Kevin itwasn’t all that difficult for him to feel the sunlight upon his bare skinand for his prick to become semi-erect again. Adam found himself in fullerection and with the sunlight and faintness of a gentle breeze, as wellthe freedom of being naked in public, allowed for him to be aroused veryquickly.Behind the shed the two of them got dressed, Adam completely, while Kevinjust put his shirt and bikini style briefs on.”You’re not going to ride back to town like that are you Kevin?” askedAdam, a bit stunned and confused.”My underwear looks like a bathingsuit and if someone drives by they arenot really going to see it,” answered Kevin.They began to ride, heading over the tracks and up the hill entering intothe forest. A few moments into their ride a car came towards them andpassed by honking, as it was the old folks the Gibsons, heading out fortheir raspberry picking. The opening was coming near as Adam could seewhere his street was, and turning to look back, he saw that Kevin had takenhis shirt off and was riding in just his underwear. Adam was about to askif they were going to stop, when Kevin sped up and raced passed him to nowbe out into the open and where any and all people could see him.Adam had caught up to Kevin who had stopped at the beginning of EagleLane waiting for him. As the two were beside each other a man and womanwalking their dog stopped to chat with them about the day and the fairgoing on. Adam just stood there dumb-founded by how these people could notsee that a 12yo boy was just in his underwear. Were they that blind as tonot see or was it true what Kevin had said earlier. His underwear lookedmore like a bikini swimsuit. Adam ignored the conversation taking place andjust kept looking around for anyone else that had noticed and was enjoyingthe view. The man cutting his grass at the corner of Main St. and Birch,the woman and her 2yo on her tricycle on the other side of the street.Bewildered and totally confused as to what was going on in front of him,Adam brushed the sweat away from his forehead. He looked around once moreand feeling the painful burn on his face from the now mid-day heat, Adamlooked up to the sun and closed his eyes for a brief moment. Adam, thenopened his eyes and allowed them to focus – on what he wasn’t quite sure ofwhat he was looking at. He looked around, a bit scared, confused andparalyzed in thought.Adam, was on his bike – stopped, on the left side on the road (lake side)by the bridge and was now fully engulfed in sweat, shaking all over, a hintof tears in the corner of his eyes. He slowly got off his bike and made hisway to the edge where the path leads down to the water. He hesitated,feeling nausiated inside. Ever so slowly he walked down and stopped beforewanting to look under the bridge – then, nothing. There was no bike, noclothes…and no Kevin.”Could this have all been a dream?” Adam, really didn’t know what tothink anymore, as his stomach was churning enough that he felt as if hewere going to be sick.Minutes later Adam was on the road and riding back home taking his time,still very confused and feeling some kind of sensation moving through-outhis body. It was when Adam got to his street that that sensation grew to ahuge erection, for coming towards him on his bike was Kevin.”Hey Buddy! Going for a bike ride. Want to join me?” asked Kevin.Adam just stood there with eyes wide, his jaw down to the ground and alook that resembled that of a zombie…he was speechless and said nothing.”Well! If you should change your mind, I will be down by the bridge, andwe can maybe do stuff together.” yelled Kevin as he was riding away.Adam slowly turned his head in the direction of Kevin, with eyes evenwider than before…..”HUH!”THE END!