First Time

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First TimeI have been married faithfully for many years. But I met a man online who sparked my interest. He seemed genuinely “normal” and was in a place in his life similar to mine. We were both missing something that we needed and wasn’t getting at home. I love my husband dearly as does he love his wife. There was a mutual respect for that. We both have k**s too and agreed that our home life always comes first. That being said, as our emails continued, so did our curiosity. We decided to meet in a semi private place for our first meeting. I was extremely nervous and excited at the same time. It was like nothing I had felt in a very long time. The first thing I noticed about him was his smile. He made sure to put me at ease and was a complete gentleman. Meeting a strange man in the darkness can be a little intimidating to say the least. But he made it too easy. My mind raced as we made small talk. He was cute and charming and we were alone. I kept thinking was this something I could do? Did I want to cross this line? Once you cheat, you can’t take it back. You can’t make it ever go away. But the instant he touched my hand and looked into my eyes, I knew the answer. His gentleness gave me chill bumps. His touch was electrifying. When he leaned in to kiss me and his warm lips touched mine, I knew the answer. I was going to let this man do anything he wanted to do to me. His lips were warm and soft and he kissed deeply and passionately. His tongue darting in my mouth and me returning mine made my panties moist instantly. His hand running through my thick, curly auburn red hair in the summer night was very sensual. We touched and we kissed and petted and felt each other over many times. The moisture between my legs soaked my leopard panties quickly. We couldn’t do everything we wanted to do there. We had to end it and plan on meeting again. The anticipation of our next meeting kept me in wet panties around the clock. I wanted him. All of him. Very soon.Now to what the story is really about: our first time. We met in a remote location. Close to the lake during the summer. It was a hot, humid Kentucky night. Our emails had escalated to texting a bit. Our friendship had started. I wasn’t worried about being alone with him anymore. He had gained my trust. He had earned that trust and he earned a free pass to fuck me anyway he wanted. We managed to end canlı kaçak iddaa up in the back of my SUV. It had been years since I had made out in a car! But I didn’t care where I was. I cared about what I wanted and what I wanted to give him. We kissed and touched gently and explored each other’s mouths with our tongues. My panties were hot and wet and you can’t even imagine how wet they actually got. When he slid his finger inside my lace panties, his reaction was intense. He loved how wet I was. I knew he wanted to taste it. I knew he wanted to take that tongue and make me cum. And I wanted that very badly too. I slid my hand down over his shorts and he was rock hard. Then I wrapped my hand around his cock and squeezed gently. I couldn’t believe I was actually doing this with someone other than my husband. Or how badly I wanted to do it. The kissing was passionate and intense and the petting was sexually arousing to a mind boggling frenzy. As we tore each other’s clothes off and he stripped my lace soaked panties off, he wasted no time getting his tongue between my legs. God, his tongue was wonderful. This man has a gift. I have always been multiorgasmic, but that night took me to new heights I didn’t think were possible. He teased my clit gently and savored every second of my pussy on his face. He wasn’t just doing it to please me, he was enjoying licking my wet sweet pussy very much. His tongue swirled my clit and he knew exactly where to do it. In no time, I felt an incredible orgasm building inside me like nothing I ever experienced before. I could feel a new level of orgasm coming that I wasn’t prepared for. As he licked my clit in just the right spot, I began to cum hard. Harder than ever before. My body physically shook all over and it felt so good it almost hurt. My mind was having a hard time processing how fucking pleasurable that had been. Before I could come down from that high, as he continued to use that tongue, I felt another orgasm building again already. I couldn’t believe it. But in no time at all, I came hard again. It was like a huge wave crashing into shore that I rode from far out. Holy fuck. My breath was shallow and I was sweating terribly. He didn’t stop. He knew exactly where to move that tongue and when. I couldn’t possibly cum again. Or could I? And the wave built again. I bucked my hips toward his face güvenilir casino and let him know I wanted it. I wanted him to know it felt incredible and I wanted more. As my third orgasm built to even a new high, I squeezed my hips together and rode the wave that washed over me. It was heavenly. As I came, I moaned with pleasure like I never had before. As he came up from between my legs, I needed to kiss him. The aroma of my pussy on his face and what his tongue had just done for me was very sensual. As we kissed, I could only think of one thing. I wanted him inside of me. I wanted him to fuck me and experience an awesome pleasure too. He rubbed the tip of his cock over my soaked pussy and enjoyed teasing both of us. He rubbed it near my opening and finally slid it in just a tiny bit. Then back out. I couldn’t take it and neither could he. He slid back in slowly and went deeper this time. His cock felt so good sliding in my hot wet little pussy. It fit perfectly inside me and he loved it. As he pumped slowly and sensually inside of me I could feel how tense and how hot he was. We were sweating and the taste of our bodies as we kissed each other with the sweat, the cum from my pussy, and the incredible combination of him pumping inside of me was fuckiing hot as hell. I was fucking another man. And he was fucking another woman. And we were loving it.I needed to please him even more. I wanted to wrap my lips around his cock. I wanted to orally please him too. I pushed him off of me and he slid out of my eager pussy. I cupped his balls with one hand and gently wrapped my hand around the base. I slid my lips just over the tip of his cock and licked my tongue around the head. He shuddered with pleasure. I teased the head and just took a little bit of it in my mouth. It was so slick with all my juice on it. I had no problem, slowly and sensually sliding my lips all the way down his cock until the head was buried in my throat. He moaned and tensed with pleasure at this feeling. I took it all in my mouth and he loved it. You could tell this was something he didn’t get on a regular basis. I sucked, and licked, and fucked his cock with my mouth for as long as he wanted me to. He was such a gentleman as he ever so gently ran his fingers through my hair and lightly touched my head as I slid up and down his shaft. I went from a slow, sensual pace to güvenilir casino a faster and much harder pace. I deep throated his cock over and over. My pussy got soaked all over again pumping my mouth pleasing him orally. I get turned on doing this. But he wanted more of me. He wanted to lick my pussy again. As we sucked and fucked and licked, we came up for air a few times. It was very hot inside my SUV. The sweat was rolling off us more and more. As he worked his way back down to my pussy, he slid a finger inside of me easily. The whole vehicle smelled of sex. Hot, lustful raw sex. His tongue found my sweet spot again and again. I came so hard. Many more times. So many times that I lost count. We would come up for air and do it all over again. The orgasms just kept coming. They stayed intense. The waves of pleasure were awesome. I put my hands on his head as he worked my pussy over with his tongue. He loves that too. We licked and fucked and sucked for quite some time. Time seemed to go by way too fast we both agreed. We found out we have many things in common. One being our love for oral sex I do believe. As our night ended, and we said our goodbyes, my mind was still spinning. As he kissed me goodbye, I knew it wasn’t goodbye. It was just until next time. We were going to do this again. I was sure of it. It was too fucking good not to do it again. I knew he felt the same way. My mind was already thinking what new, fun, hot things we could do together. I knew I wanted him to enjoy me every way possible. I wanted to fulfill his desires. I wanted him to want me very badly. I bite my lip during hot sex. It took damn near two weeks for my lip to heal up after this night. I knew this wasn’t going to be the one and only time. I knew we were going to fuck each other over and over again. I knew by how good we made each other feel and how well we clicked, that this was a long term FWB deal. But it’s so much more… There have been more encounters. Much hotter ones and more intense. More dangerous ones. There have many texts and many conversations and our friendship has grown very strong. But those are for more stories later. Where we stand now is much more than FWB. We broke some rules of the FWB relationship I think. We crossed some lines. Because somewhere along the way, we fell for each other. We are no longer just satisfying physical needs with one another, but emotional ones as well. Not a day goes by that we don’t think of one another or need to see each other. We think of one another when we make love to our spouses. We can’t get enough of each other. And this was just the beginning…