First time with Cousin Pt. 2 (Gay)

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First time with Cousin Pt. 2 (Gay)All stories I write are true, nothing that I distribute is fictional, but experiences that I’ve lived through.I wrote part one a few months back if you haven’t seen it I recommend you read that one before this: we continued off to his bedroom, sneaking past the living room, from the fam. We realized that this was do or die. We didn’t want our fam to know that we cousins were engaging is sexual activity, so we knew that we had to be quick and quiet.We entered his bedroom, which had no lock so we had to find a solution to this problem. So as it sparked in my mind, Brian had a spacious closet so I told him we should do it in there. He agreed.We entered in and awkwardly got into position. Being young and naive not watching that much porn, I entered the classic doggy style position. I told Brian “Lick my ass a bit”He agreed and got down on his knees and started to tease my asshole. From the first lick I quivered in joy. I never had anyone lick güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri my asshole, I never knew it felt so good. I was left shaking for more after the first touch. Brian continued to lick my asshole sticking his tongue inside me and kissing my ass literally, and then started to play and lick my balls from the back.After a few moments I told Brian, that I want his big dick in my mouth now. He then hopped in the front. I could tell from his shaking that he was craving the sucking, so I started to tease his cock. I first licked his tip slowly and licked his shaft from below. Then I started to kiss his cock. You could tell from his eyes that he wanted more. From the way he quivered I felt bad, so then I started to ease into sucking his cock. I sucked his tip, then I started to deep throat, his cock. You could see the relief that Brian was feeling. Brian, loosened up and started to get in motion. Brian started to throat fuck me like a monster. I remembered how I loved his black perabet güvenilir mi cock inside my throat. I started to gag and spit flew everywhere. He shouted that he was about to finish, his moans were growing at the point of cumming, I pulled out his cock and told him to put it in my ass.Brian agreed and moved towards the back. Brian licked my ass a bit more kissing it a bit then he started to tease his dick inside me. He put his tip inside me about a quarter making me crave his cock inside. Without noticing I started to give off slight moans, Brian knew I was craving his cock so he then put his cock inside me. He started by fucking me slow. As we went on I was controlled by my cravings and his cock inside me. I started to moan and groan louder from the sensation he was giving me. Brian then started to get in motion starting to fuck me harder and faster. Which gave me a new feeling of joy and pain at the same time. I loved the feeling shouting at him “fuck me harder fuck me.”So Brian did, tipobet he started to moan himself and told me he was about to cum.I told him “cum inside me right now!”As Brian kept pushing my ass with his cock, I could tell he was about to cum. Brian kept getting faster and faster, and our groans kept getting louder and louder. We didn’t realize we were as loud as we were, but we didn’t care at the moment. Brian finished, his cock pulsating in my ass hole felt so good. He rested in my ass for a good 30 seconds and told me it felt amazing. We sat quietly and awkwardly in his closet for a while. I sat down on the pile of clothes and he finished me off by sucking my cock. The night went on in about 4AM we were done with sex. So we finished the night playing the ps2 till morning. Overall a memory that I will cherish forever.————————————————————————————–If you are interested in more of my personal weird experiences. Please comment. I consider myself bisexual and I actually have more stories with more cousins, boys and girls. I’ve had experiences with 2 male cousins and 3 female cousins. Our family is really weird. We grew up together as youngin’s watching porn. Please rate and comment below for my stories, and again all of my stories on here are true. No fiction.