First time with a buddy

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First time with a buddyI am predominantly straight, but had a few encounters with guys when I was in my teens. Lately, I have been running every little now and then into guys who are showing quite an interest in playing. But that’s gonna be for another time (or three!).First time I played with a guy was when I ran into a buddy of mine on the street, during Summer break. I had just turned f******n, and he was a good sixteen himself. We hadn’t seen each other in a couple of weeks, since scouts camp where he was my patrol leader. We did some small talk when he told me about his brother’s porn stash that we should check out, and that his folks happened to be out for the day, as was his brother.We got to his place, sat at the table in the kitchen. He left and came back almost right away holding a briefcase: that was the stash! We started leafing through the mags; there were some body-builder magazines, but mostly they were nudist magazines, which were about the most explicit stuff you could find in Canada at the time (we’re talking mid-1960s). After a few minutes, my buddy suggested that we should compare cock sizes; I had never done anything like that (although I had planned to do something of this kind with my best friend, which will be for trabzon escort another story). He went to a bedroom with a ruler (a yardstick, actually; talk about optimism!), and called out his measurement (about 6″). He came back, and asked me whether I was ready to measure mine. I told him I was not fully hard. I had been looking at all those beautiful naked bodies in the magazines, both male and female, but not really with an eye to getting hard. I said I would go measure it, although I wasn’t very hard (yet). He gave me the yardstick he had used himself to measure his cock (speak of optimism!), then I went to the bedroom, closed the door (but not completely) and took my cock out; it was just half hard. I squeezed it and played with it some more while talking with my friend, then in no time it got quite hard as I was anticipating or hoping for some further developments!I called out my measurement (about 6″ too; my cock was already almost fully matured). He then walked into the bedroom, I turned toward him while I still had my hard cock in my hand, and that’s when he suggested that we compare them side by side. Which we did, facing one another, after pulling our trousers down to our ankles so we could really go cock to cock thus escort trabzon making a precise comparison. Both our cocks were about the same length, and both uncut. His had just a bit more girth than the 5″ girth of mine, and the skin was slightly darker and his cockhead slighty more purplish. We then started rubbing our cocks against and around each other, and then we decided to do some fencing, using our cocks as swords! He then slapped my cockhead with his, which stang a bit, more than it hurt actually. That’s when I decided to squeeze both our cockheadss together, to kind of get back at him. It hurt him a bit (or so he said), and then he started grabbing at my balls, which he gently squeezed and pulled. His hand was holding me by my balls, and I decided to give up, offering that we start doing nicer stuff that would not hurt. We then decided jerking each other off would be nicer and friendlier. I had fleeting thought of maybe blowing each other, but I wasn’t sure how well that would go down with him (probably, well, thinking back).(Not us, but just to give an idea of how we measured up, except we were both uncut and unshaved)We started jerking each other off, but only after checking each other out thoroughly, comparing to see trabzon escort bayan who had more pubic hair, who had the hairiest asshole, the darkest cock and sack, anything we could think of! We sat on the edge of the bed, side by side, holding and squeezing each other’s cock. It was awesome to be there holding a hard cock so much like mine, but slightly bigger, with a slightly more purplish head, and to feel its warmth and the softness of its skin at the same time in my hand. We started jerking each other off. I was enjoying watching my friends hard cock, and his touch and jerking of mine. Such a beauty I was holding in my hand! It did not take long for my buddy to start shooting off all over himself. I enjoyed watching the thin white stream shooting in the air and falling on his abdomen. He admitted he had started his day by jerking off and cuming once already, to explain his relatively light load. Unfortunately, he was no longer interested in playing with my cock after cumming himself, so I had to finish myself off, but I was still all hot and excited by the fact I had just played with another cock for the first time, and I had made it shoot off. I continued stroking, then went to the bathroom to cum into the sink.After I was finished, I had to leave. We never had an encore, unfortunately. But it gave me some inspiration to try and convince another buddy of mine that two guys could have fun together too. To this day, I still think about his magnificent cock when jerking.