First Time I Shared My Dad

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First Time I Shared My DadAs you know I have been having sex with my dad for a little over 20 years now. Most have always been a really fun time and so was this until. So let me start from the beginning.It was in the springtime and I had just turned 21 and I was just finishing up going to Business college where I getting an associate degree in business. While in school I had met a girl by the name of Lisa, her and I became good friends. Lisa and I ran around a lot after school going to parties or hanging out at the nearby bar chasing and teasing the guys.Lisa is a bit taller than me at 5’9″ with long never ending lovely legs that run into a fairly big butt, as she is a little chunky, but she has a pair of the biggest tits I ever saw. She has a very pretty face with long brunette hair. Lisa and I used to go to a near by bar to tease all the guys that hung out there. Some nights when we went we would have a contest, which we like to call “The best dressed slut”, we both would wear a very provocative outfit whether it is a dress, shorts and we both once showed up for a winter party in our bikinis lolMost of the time Lisa would always end up on top mainly just cause of those big ass boobs of hers. The only way I could top her was to show off my hot butt, which I did a few times by just cutting out the back part of my jeans so my butt cheeks showed. lol More than a few times we would take the guys we were teasing and please them in their car or sneak them back into our dorm. Some nights Lisa and I would pick a guy out of the bar and give him a real treat sex with the both of us. However our 3ways were limited as neither Lisa nor I were really into girls but we did kiss and rub tittys together and kiss, lick and suck on each other’s tittys as a show to get the guy going and during sex with the guy. The guy always loved us kissing and rubbing against each other and MMmmmmmm I really enjoyed it especially when Lisa would suck on my tittys while the guy was fucking me. I also love to play with her big tittys too but had to be careful when she was on top riding as her big tits flopped all over the place and damn if you took one to your eye you was going to wake up with a black eye lol During my last semester in college, I invited Lisa to come home with me on a long weekend as we had 4days off from classes. Plus my mom was going to be home so I figured that there would be no fun with dad anyways so I decided Lisa and I would hang out together.When we got to my mom’s and dads house Friday afternoon. I found a note on the kitchen table from my mom saying she would be gone for the weekend and that I should behave for John (step-dad) my dad. Mom added that John had a pretty hard week at work so try not to pester your dad too much. When I saw the note I thought damn it, I could have been having some wild sex with dad but now that Lisa was here it wasn’t going to happen. Lisa and I were sitting at the kitchen table when dad walked into the kitchen peeled his work shirt off exposing that manly chest and those lovely big arms and at 31 years old dad still had his deep cut six pack abs Mmmmmm makes me tingle down below just remembering. Dad looked over at me and took his hand placed it on top of his head and flexed one of his big arm muscles at me and asked ” Well princess do you think I need to add a few more inches or what ” I looked at dad and told him he looked better than ever and he did. Dad was in his prime back during this time. He was running in the morning and lifting weights when he got home.I kind of gave him the once over checking him out. He looked so fucking hot even just looking at him my pussy started to get wet. The sex with my dad back then was off the fuckin wall. Dad was always showing or doing something to me that drove me into total ecstasy. Plus dad was showing me different ways to do it, adding toys to our fun. I used to love it when he would just pick me up into the air and hold me over his cock and I would wrap my arms around his neck reach down and guide his cock into my pussy, then put my legs around him while he put his hands on my ass. I would just bounce up and down on his cock till my juices were flowing out of my pussyI turned to Lisa who with wide eyes was just staring blankly at my dad. The way Lisa was checking my dad out kind of added to me being horny already. I could see that I want to fuck him look in Lisa’s eye, which in an erotic way turned me on more. I had to poke Lisa and I said ” Lisa this is my dad John ” John came over extended his lovely big arms out which went right along side of my head and face as he shook hands with Lisa. As he did I breathed in his smell, my dad has this smell about him not nothing funky lol but just something about the smell of my dad and it drives me crazy and still does today. His smell filled my nostrils; I kind of reached down under the table and gave my pussy a quick rub with my hand. I thought again damn it why did I bring Lisa home with me.Dad shook Lisa hand and he told her ” Glad to meet you Lisa and make yourself right at home here. ” Dad turned to me and said ” Princess I am going to go workout and blow off a little steam had a bad day ” Dad walked away and I saw Lisa’s eyes following him all the way out of the kitchen checking out his butt. Lisa turned back to me and she said, ” That is your dad! ” I just kind have laughed and said ” Yep that’s my dad ” Lisa eyes brighten and said, ” Damn he is an fuckin Hunk! ” I told her he always has been one but even more with working out again.Lisa asked, ” Can we watch him workout? ” I told her we could but we have to sneak down and be very quite. So Lisa and I tipped toed down the basement steps and stood by the doorway looking in on dad has he was doing his workout. As we got to the doorway I sure hoped that he wasn’t doing it in the nude like he does sometimes lol but I saw he had on a pair of shorts.Lisa was on one side of the door frame and I on the other checking my dad out. He was on the floor doing push-ups dad crosses his legs when he does push up never asked him why. But when he does his muscles in his legs just kind of pop out and he looked so sexy to me as I watched.I looked at Lisa and she was again just staring at him. Dad finished his push-ups and walked a little forward where he did some stretching exercises and a few touch your toes, which showed his tight butt. Dad then bent down to grab his weight bar, making that cute sexy butt of his sticking right out at Lisa and I as we watched. I could tell he did have a bad day because he had plenty of weights on his bar, which always meant that he did.My dad squatted down to get the weight bar I heard Lisa let out a little sexy moan. When my dad slowly stood back up and lifted that weight bar over his head his back muscles tighten as they rippled across his back. I glanced over at Lisa who was standing there with her mouth hanging open breathing heavily as she watched him pump the weights.I figured she was watching him and not me so I started to rub my pussy thru my shorts. I love to watch dad work out it always gets me so damn horny and a few times I did him right there on his weight bench. I wished Lisa wasn’t here so I could just pull my shorts down and finger my pussy or better yet run in there and fuck the living hell out of him.I glanced back at Lisa who was still just watching dad but when I followed her arm down I saw that she was rubbing herself thru her shorts. I watched Lisa as she rubbed and pressed against her pussy with her whole hand. Lisa kind of used her whole palm on the front of her pussy thru her shorts. Dad squatted some more and pumped kocaeli escort that heavy weight over his head a few more times as sweat poured from his upper body. I would watch dad for a minute then watch Lisa rubbing her pussy. I was getting turned on from them both and didn’t know who to watch dad or Lisa.Dad dropped the weight down and Lisa and I kind of pulled back from the doorway as he almost turned around but I knew his workout and he never turns around. He always faces his weights or the enemy as he used to call them lol. Lisa looked my way and I kind of just smiled at her and looked down to her hand that was still rubbing her pussy hard thru her shorts.Lisa looked at me and she didn’t say anything but she just mouthed the words. ” I am so horny ” I mouthed back ” Me too” We both turned back toward dad who now was lying down on his weight bench to do some bench pressing. I followed his legs up to that special spot and you could almost make the outline of his cock thru the workout shorts he had on. I looked over at Lisa who licked her lips at me then turned back to dad. Dad started to bench-press the weights and I looked back at Lisa who now had her hand down inside the front of her shorts. I watched Lisa start out slow then her hand moved faster inside her pants. I could tell she was really working her pussy with her finger or fingers. I must admit it got my pussy all wet watching Lisa finger fucking herself to my dad and I wasn’t even playing with mine anymore. I watched her playing with herself more than I was watching my dad.I saw Lisa kind of go weak in her knees and her eyes roll up and she kind of bucked forward a little grinding her pussy onto her fingers as she watched my dad. Lisa started to shake a little and a soft moan came from her mouth so I figured she was cumming on her fingers. I watched her eyes open back up and seen that she was no longer fingering her pussy hard but still just slightly rubbing it. I was so fuckin horny right then from watching her.Lisa pulled her fingers from her shorts and pussy. She brought them up to her nose and she smelled them lol I never did find out why. But I almost laughed out loud but didn’t. Lisa looked over at me and I gave her the SHHhhhhh sign and motioned for her to come on, as I knew dad’s workout would be over soon. Lisa and I sneaked out of the basement and back upstairs into my room were I closed the door behind us.Lisa jumped up onto the bed and said ” Shit your dad is so hot and so built ” and ” Did you see that cock laying there in his shorts ” I just gave her a big ole smile and I asked Lisa ” Did you have an good orgasm watching my dad “Lisa looked at me and said ” Yes and I saw your rubbing your kitty too. Did you get off to? ” I told her I did when I hadn’t cause I was to busy watching her lol Lisa then asked me ” Michelle have you ever seen your dads dick? ” I kind of yelled ” Lisa “But she must have seen that look in my eye cause Lisa said ” You have you naughty girl ” Lisa patted the bed and said ” Come over here and tell me about it.” So I sat down beside her and told her how I use to watch John fuck my mom damn near every time they did it. Lisa told me she used to hear her mom and dad doing it and that she would play with herself in her bed but was never able to watch as they kept the door closed. Lisa then said, ” To bad your mom wasn’t home we could have watched them. ” We heard dad go by the room and he asked, ” You girls ok in there? ” I yelled out ” yeah.” I knew my dad was heading for the shower just like he does after his workouts. We heard him turn on the shower and Lisa laughingly said ” We should just go join him in there. ” Lisa lie back on the bed and gave her pussy a rub. As Lisa rubbed herself she said ” I wonder what your mom feels when he fucks her with it.” Lisa rubbed herself harder and added ” I bet your mom Loves that cock in her ” ” I bet she cums all over his cock when she rides it.” ” I wonder what his cum tastes like. ” Lisa added, ” Your mom is an lucky woman to have an man like that.” Now I had been having some issues with my mom, mainly I didn’t like the fact that she even had sex with him. Where as a couple years ago I would get out of bed and watch them have sex. If by chance I was at home spending the night or something and I would hear them doing the nasty I would just bury my face into my pillow and cry. I know John is her husband and all but I really just wanted him all to myself. I had become very jealous of my mom these last few months. To the point we were even hardly talking anymore. Hearing Lisa saying all those things about my mom. My blood just started to boil with jealousy. When she had said how lucky my mom was well it just made me so very jealous. I am not for sure why but I just blurted out ” Yeah but mom doesn’t fuck him like I do! ” Lisa jumped up to a sitting position in the bed with a strange look on her face asked, ” What did you just say? ” I replied, ” My mom doesn’t fuck him as good as I do! ” Lisa’s jaw about hit the bed and she said ” Michelle he yours father ” I told her then how John is really my step dad so he is not an blood relative or nothing like that. Lisa asked me how long it had been going on and I told her at the time it had been about 2 years. Lisa’s eye lit up and she said ” Come on Michelle tell me everything ” I moved next to Lisa and I said ” If I tell you do you promise never to tell anyone ever. ” Lisa replied ” I swear I won’t tell anyone ” So I told her how it all began, I told her how good of a lover he was and how he could bring me to orgasm using his fingers, tongue and that lovely big cock of his. I told her how he could make love more than just once during the night. I even told her just how damn tasty my dad’s cum is.I told her how special he made me feel when he held me in his arms and how after making love he would just hold me and cuddle with me. Lisa asked if my mom knew and I told her no. About that time we heard my dad asked ” You girls hungry? ” ” How about steaks on the grill for dinner.” I yelled back ” Yeah that be OK.” As Lisa and I got off the bed and walked down the stairs she grabbed me by my arm and said ” I want to hear more about your dad and you.” I just nodded thinking well at least she didn’t think I was sick in the head and she had said ” Well it’s not like he is your father ” so I thought maybe I had found someone to talk with about my secret. We headed out into the kitchen; dad was there with shorts and a muscle shirt on getting some steaks out of the refrigerator. Lisa ran over to him and said ” Here Mr.—— let me help you. ” Dad looked at her and said, ” Call me John. ” ” Ok John” Lisa replied, I watched her brush up against him with those big boobs plus I kind of saw that my dad had checked them out as she did. As dad got the steaks ready for the grill I got Lisa and I a couple big glasses of wine and asked dad if he wanted a beer to which he replied ” Sure princess “I took dad’s beer over to him by the grill. I handed him the beer and while he was turned toward me I playfully ran my hand and finger nails lightly over his cock and puckered my lips into a kiss blowing it to him. Dad looked up to see that Lisa was still in the kitchen so he man handled my tittys with his big hands for a few seconds he no sooner touched my nipples and they were poking out of my shirt. I told dad ” I saw you checking out Lisa’s big boobs. “Dad just gave me a smile and reach down with his hand and swatted my ass as he said, ” She ain’t got a butt like yours princess.” I wanted to bend over the picnic table right then and have him take me.Dad escort kocaeli cooked our steaks while Lisa and I threw together the rest of the meal and we all sat down at the picnic table out side and ate our dinner. Lisa was on one side of dad and I on his other. I caught dad more than a few times looking down Lisa’s tank top checking out her big tittys but then everyone checked those puppies out. lol While we ate I ran my hand on his thighs and even touched his cock a few times especially if him and Lisa were talking lol I love to tease dad like that especially under the table where no one can see what I am doing. My dad had a boner sitting there between Lisa and I as I played with his cock thru his shorts.We got done eating and Lisa got up to take her dishes inside. I took daddy into my arms and gave him a very passionate kiss placing my tongue deep into his mouth. When we broke our kiss daddy said ” Your such an naughty girl ” What if your friend saw you doing that. ” I looked into my dads eyes and said ” It’s ok she knows about us.” Dad and I walked back toward the kitchen and this time dad really smacked my butt hard with his hand and said, “You have been a bad girl Michelle.” I wasn’t for sure if my dad was joking or not, I hoped he wasn’t mad at me for telling our secret to Lisa. Lisa and I started to do the dishes but I wasn’t for sure where dad had gone. Then we heard the roar of an engine, I knew it had to be my dad getting his Chevy Camaro out of the garage. I told Lisa I would be right back and I went outside. Dad’s head was under the hood tinkering with the motor .I walked over to him tapped him on his shoulder and asked ” Dad are you mad at me? ” Dad looked back at me as he raced the engine from under the hood and said ” No princess you just took me by surprise with it that’s all. ” But I could tell that he was mad but just wasn’t telling me that he was.I kind of gave a muffled cry and said ” Sorry dad ” ” I just wanted someone to know so I could talk to them.” ” Lisa won’t tell I made her promise never to tell anyone and besides she has the hots for ya ” ” She even fingered her pussy while watching you workout.” Dad looked at me and shook his head and said ” Princess what am I going to do with you?” as a big smile came over his face. I looked into those lovely eyes and saw that sparkle that I love. I knew then he wasn’t mad at me. I bent over and gave him and kiss and went back inside.Lisa met me and she said ” I thought you just made that up about having sex with him but after seeing you kiss him outback like you did and him kissing you back. ” I just flashed Lisa a big smile and we went into the living room. We sat down on the couch and I told her that I had told my dad that she knew about us. Lisa perked up and asked, ” Did he say anything? ” I told her no but he was all right with her knowing. Lisa then said ” Damn girl it ain’t no wonder you don’t hang with the boys at school when you have that at home.” I told her the guys back at school are ok for a quick fuck but for some real lovemaking I want daddy.Lisa took her arm and bumped mine asking ” I don’t suppose you would share him with me. ” I looked at Lisa and said, ” I might if you are a good little girl “Lisa smacked me with the nearby pillow. I added ” If my dad is ok with it I will ” I could feel my pussy start to tingle as I told her. Lisa looked at me with a worried look and said ” I hope he says yes ” and she started to rub her pussy again thru her shorts and said ” I am so horny for your daddy. “Now I had seen my dad eyeing Lisa up to begin with and I couldn’t really blame him. But I wasn’t for sure whether he would have sex with her or not. Dad and I had talked about threesomes before but never nothing serious. Now just how was I going to talk my dad into having sex with both of us I sat there thinking drinking my wine.Dad came into the room just as we clanked our glasses and he asked, ” Now just what are you 2 scheming over there.” I batted my sexy look at him and said ” Nothing at all dad. ” Lisa looked at my dad and added ” We’re just being good little girls.” As she raised her glass of wine to her full red lips Dad sat down on the couch between us beer in his hand and asked us both ” So what have you good little girls learned in school so far.” I raised my glass to my lips and drank the rest of my wine and told him ” How to party! ” Dad looked at me then at Lisa and with a big ole smile on his face he said, ” Well lets get this party going.” As he took his beer into his hand and chugged it back. After a couple hours of drinking between us we all were feeling better good. As both Lisa and were drinking and talking to dad we both were moving closer to him till we both were almost on his lap. lol I had my hand on his one thigh and Lisa’s hand was on his other. We would run our hands up and down his thighs as we talked to him. Suddenly dad stood up and removed his muscle shirt saying ” Dam it’s fuckin hot in here” and sat back down on the couch.I looked over at Lisa and gave her a little wink. I turned to my dad and said ” Dad would you like to play a game that we play at school with us? ” Dad looked at Lisa well at her boobs and then at replied “Sure princess” and me ” Lisa lets go get ready” I said to Lisa as we got off the couch. When Lisa went to get up she kind of fell forward toward dad who reached up to catch but dad ended up with a handful of boobs. Dad kind of just stood up helping Lisa back up with his hands still on those big tits of hers. Dad removed his hands and said ” Opps sorry about that Lisa.” Lisa just batted her eyes at him and said ” Anytime daddy “I pushed dad back down on the sofa and grabbed Lisa’s arm and as we ran up the stairs I turned and told dad ” We be right back to start the game.” Dad replied with a puzzled look ” Hurry back you two.”When Lisa and I got in my bedroom Lisa looked at me and asked ” What game? ” I gave her a smile and said ” The best dressed slut.” Lisa returned my smile ” You naughty girl you. ” Lisa started to search thru her bag and I search my drawers and closets. I grabbed what I wanted and told her to get her slut outfit on as I was going in the bathroom to put mine on.I ran into the bathroom where I took an old pair of my shorts and cut the whole ass out of them and also cut a slit that when I lifted my leg up onto the toilet seat you could see my pussy which during this time had some hair on it well a lot of hair I take after my mom and she has a furry kitty. lol I also had grabbed my best push up bra and a shirt that once I got them on my tittys kind have overflowed my top. I also had a pair of those schoolgirl socks like you get for your sexy costumes. I returned to the bedroom, to get me a pair of high heels to put on.Lisa was standing there with a red nylon bodysuit on, a pair of really short shorts, which made her butt cheeks kind of hang out the backside of her and high heels on. You could see her big ass boobs sticking right thru her body suit just hanging there both her nipples were rock hard poking thru them. I looked at her and said ” damn girl you are a slut! ” Lisa looked back at me as I walked over and put my high heels on my butt hanging out the back of my shorts and when I sat down I kind of flashed my kitty at her. lol” Talk about a slut! ” Lisa yelled as she also slipped a button down shirt on. I stood up looked at myself in the mirror and then at Lisa and asked ” Are you ready for this.” Lisa rubbed her pussy and said, ” You bet I am. ” Lisa and I walked down the stairs and back into the living room.We both walked his way and as he just stared at us both kocaeli escort bayan I said ” We play this game in school”And Lisa chimed in with ” It’s called the best dressed SLUT. ” I went on to tell daddy how we would dress up and got tease the boys at the bar and have them vote on which one of us was the best dressed slut. ” Holy SHIT ” was all that came out of daddy’s mouth as he took another sip of beer. I stepped a little closer to the coffee table that was in front of the couch where he was sitting.I bent down showing him my overflowing tits sticking out of my shirt and said ” Now daddy who is the best dressed slut? ” Dad’s eyes were scooping out my tittys as I kind of posed for him even opening my shirt some more so he could see my tittys heaving up over my bra. Lisa came over beside she and me said, ” Don’t forget about me daddy.” And that little slut ripped her shirt right down popping buttons as she exposed those big tits of hers and those big hard nipples that were poking thru her red nylon body suit. Lisa started to shake those big tits of her as my dad watched them sway side to side. Dad yelled out ” Damn girl them be some big ole tits!! ” Not to be out done I turned around and bet over and touched my toes while spreading my legs a little and kind of looked back and up at my dad and said ” Look daddy there is a full moon tonight. ” And I started to move my ass, which was totally hanging out the backside of my shorts. Dad saw my ass and he just howled like a wolf. lolLisa looked at me then at my dad and she then plopped out both of her big boobs and hung them down and started to sway them again. I didn’t know about my dad but I sure and the hell was getting a lot hotter. lol I stood back up and put one of my high heeled legs up onto the coffee table and showed dad my slit in my shorts as I did I reach down and felt that my pussy was so wett I couldn’t help myself I slipped one finger into my pussy and kind of twirled it around in my pussy and then brought my wett shiny finger to my mouth and I took my tongue across my finger tasting my own wet pussy juices. I took my finger into my mouth and I sucked it for a few seconds and plopped it out of my mouth while looking at my dad I said ” MMmmm finger licking good.” My dad yelled out ” Damn princess you are such a slut! “Lisa said ” Watch this daddy ” as she took hold of one of her own big tittys and first started to kiss, lick then suck on her own tit. My dad kind of raised up a bit and I saw he had a massive hard on pushing on his shorts, dad reached down and kind of grabbed his cock and looked at Lisa and said ” Now there an true slut. ” I looked at my dad kind of gave him a wink and I went over beside Lisa and I took her other tit into my hand and brought it up to my face where I kissed, licked and sucked on her big tit. Lisa stopped sucking her own tit as I worked by way up her breast till her and I was locked in a passionate kiss. A kiss like we had never done before. Lisa and I stood there in others arms necking in front of my dad as he watched I glanced back at him to see that he had his cock out and was rubbing it up and down.I kind have tapped Lisa on her back and she looked over and saw my dad jacking on that lovely big cock of his. When Lisa saw that her tongue shot into my mouth and mine back into her. We were locked in another passionate deep French kiss when I felt Lisa ‘s hand move between my own legs I felt her finger slip across my wet pussy lips on it’s way to my hole. I just sucked her tongue into my mouth as she slipped one then two fingers into my pussy. Lisa kind of would curl then uncurl her two fingers that were buried in my pussy. All during her pussy play we were still locked in our kiss. I couldn’t help it I had to break our kiss and screamed ” Oh my god! ” As an orgasm came rushing thru my body I just kind of bit into her shoulder as my body shook on her finger. I kissed her once or twice again on her lips as she removed her fingers from my pussy. Lisa broke our embrace and brought her fingers to her mouth where she shoved them into and sucked my dripping juices from her fingers. Lisa looked at me with lust filled eyes like I had never seen her have before and she turned to my dad who was sitting there with his cock in his hand and she said ” Mmmmmmm daddy princess is finger licking good.” Dad stopped pulling his cock and just shook his head and said, ” Your mom is going to kill me.”Lisa was the first to laugh then me then my dad. Lisa ran around one side of the coffee table and I the other and joined my dad on the couch, I slipped beside him and pulled his face to mine and as I kissed him deep and passionately I saw Lisa’s head go down on that lovely cock of my dad’s which only made me kiss him more. I broke our kiss and went down to my dad’s cock where I joined Lisa in sucking his cock. Now Lisa and I had sucking cock together down to a science. lol We both just seemed to know when to replace the others lips on that cock we were sucking and daddy’s cock was no different other than an little bit bigger than the ones we have had before. I have had enough practice on my dad’s cock that I could take all of him into my mouth, while Lisa tried to but would start to choke and my dad would say ” slow down there girly.” Lisa pulled her head from my dad’s cock leaving it all to my mouth where I used it plus my hand as I sucked that cock that I have wanted so much.I heard some smacking going on and glanced up to see Lisa and my dad kiss a couple times then she rose up and shoved those big tits of yours into his face. Dad kissed, lapped, and sucked on Lisa’s tittys while I swallowed his cock. I took daddy’s cock deep and I started to rub his balls and I sucked his cock deep into my mouth. I gave his balls a little squeeze and I felt his cock grow and start to throb in my mouth as his warm cum gushed into my mouth. Daddy moans were covered as Lisa’s mouth took his into a deep passionate kiss. I tried my best but I had to remove my mouth from daddy’s cock and milk out the last few drops as I watched him and Lisa kiss. Lisa broke her kiss with my dad and said ” You little slut I wanted some of that! ” At me as I slipped up next to my dad whose arm dropped down to pull me tight against him.Dad said ” Now don’t either you sluts worry there more where that came from.” Lisa also slipped down beside my dad whose other arm dropped down around her and as he pulled us both into his sides with those big arms I heard those words I have heard some many times before but with a slight twist to it. ” There there my little girls daddy has you and no one is going to hurt either of you, ” said dad as he kissed my headfirst then kissed Lisa’s head.I felt Lisa’s hand hit my hand as I just cuddled up closer to my dad as she did the same.Now that is just what happened Friday night on the couch we all later moved to the bedroom, my dad’s bedroom with that king size bed Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I really loved sharing my dad with Lisa that night plus I had felt something with Lisa that I had never felt with any one but my dad before in my life, I felt safe and secure when she had deeply kissed me while fingering my pussy. I felt that warm rush like I do when I am with my dad. I felt like I couldn’t breathe as my orgasm rattled thru my body feeling her fingers deep in my pussy that night. I felt so wanted and loved when she licked and sucked my juices from her fingers. I felt good when our hands touch as we both hugged my dad.It was a night of first in many ways that I will always hold so close, so dear and all so deep in my heart.Lisa I will always love you.MissyWell I will stop there for now but will try to get up part 2 on the weekend. I hope you have enjoyed it so far. If you are asking yourself ” What jealousy comes out.” That happens later on and will get to this unhappy and sad period of my life.