First time cheating

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First time cheatingThis story i read else where I met my wife while on holiday in brisbane 4 years ago. we met got married and she got transferred, but she still has to travel to brisbane for work once a month. not long after we got married the sex dried up to about once a month or less, but i never cheated on her. that was until last time she went away. she had been away all week and on saturday a mate from work asked me over for drinks that night. she wasn’t due home til monday so i thought “what the heck” i got there about 8 with a slab of southern comfort cans. we cracked one each and started drinking. my mate decided he wanted to get some girls around so he phoned one of his friends. we drove down to the pub to pick her up. we weren’t expecting it but she insisted on bringing a friend. when we got back everyone decided to hop in the spa and keep drinking. the two girls were pretty hot, their names samantha and kirsty. my mate was keen on samantha and i didn’t plan on doing güngören escort anything as i’m married as we had more drinks everyone loosened up, and kirstys leg would occasionally brush mine. with a few more drinks in us, we decided to enforce the “tits out after ten” rule, which the girls obeyed. soon we were out of cans so we cracked a bottle of tequila. with a few shots the girls decided to put on a show and started pashing in the spa. my mate gave me a high 5 and grabbed sam and rammed his tongue down her throat. me and kirsty just sat there for a bit. soon i felt a hand on my leg moving up to my cock, i couldn’t stop myself, she had the most sensational d cup tits that were so perky. i reached over and slid my fingers in her willing pussy while i sucked on her tits. for a while it was just two couples making out in the spa. soon my mate and sam decided to head off to the bed room. it wasn’t long till kirsty had my pants off and was riding my cock like a melbourne escort güngören cup jockey. since it had been so long since i last got laid i put in a dismal performance and blew so quick i was embarrased. she didn’t care, she just grabbed my hand and shoved it up her pussy, and it wasn’t long before i was hard again. this time i bent her over the side of the spa and fucked her stunning pussy from behind. this time was a bit better and i lasted long enough to get a decent scream out of her. after dumping another decent load in her we sat back and had some beers we found in the fridge. after a couple each she pushed her head below the water and started giving the most incredible head. i lifted my cock out of the water so she could keep going, and after a while i dumped another load down her throat which she loved. she didn’t stop and this just made me hard again so i pushed her up against the side of the spa and fucked her stupid. having come 3 times already i didn’t güngören escort bayan think i was going to get off this time. i took me a while but she came at least 3 times. when we were done we decided we should have a shower and get some sleep. we got to the bathroom and started showering, to my surprise (after coming 4 times already) i was so hard again within 5 minutes, so i pushed her up against the wall, lifted her up and started again. after about 45 minutes in the shower we were both spent and retired to the couch to get some sleep. when we woke up in the morning i had to admit that i was married. she wasn’t too fazed and asked how she rated to my wife. i told her the truth, that we had sex more times last night than i had in the last 6 months. with that she said “ok well u deserve one more time then” and she jumped on top of me and started riding me again. that night and morning were my best fucks, as she is far more adventurous than my wife. we gave them a lift home after that and i went back to my boring sex life. i fucked her one more time after that, when she turned up to a bucks party i was at as a stripper. she did her job then we snuck out and got a motel room with a spa for another awesome night.