First love

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First loveIntroduction: Who said dreams don’t come true.My name is Miki Uno, but my friends call me Amy. I’m a 18 year old senior at St. Mark’s All-girl academy. We moved to the states about five years ago from Japan. And I love it here, the fresh air and the people. But what I mostly love about this place, well more a person than a place, is Sara Ryan. She’s my best friend, but I always felt something more for her. I would call it love but the fact that I never been in love makes what I’m feeling impossible to understand.Now about me, I have long silky hair that reaches about mid-back. My eyes are almond shaped, and I have a round face, which I think looks chunky. I’m about 5’1”and a half with too big of a bust line and a slim waist. My breasts are about 38 DD. I hate them, along with my pale skin, they are so heavy when it’s a gym day and I keep getting stared at every time I go out with friends and the fact that I’m so pale just adds to the imperfectness of my body. Also, I have no butt to speak of it all flat back there. It’s so embarrassing. My butt couldn’t even come close to Sara, which is round and firm, well from a distant any ways. She is so cute, she is 5’4” with long legs to die for that hold up a perfect ass, her waist is slim and her chest is about a C. However, what really draws your attention is her face, and that killer smile she gives everyone. Her face alone would cause super models to stop in their tracks and stare. Her skin is flawless and looks to be so soft it screams that it wants to be caressed. Those perfectly plum lips that are the color of roses and high cheek bones all highlight her deep smoky green eyes. They all rest perfectly on her beautifully round face that’s surrounded by her wavy chestnut hair. I’m always left breathless after I talk to her.Enough about that, this is the story of how my feelings were met. It was a normal day as well a very dreadful day. Unfortunately it happened to be a gym day, and being a girl with huge breasts it was always painful. I was in English, which is one of my favorite classes because I have Sara in it with me. I looked at the clock dreading the next last few minutes that I had because PE was next. Just the thought of being in PE made my stomach turn. I looked over to Sara and saw that she looked a little confused about something, knowing Sara it was probably the lesson we were covering. I knew Sara hated English because she often referred to it as the evil-teachers-hate-students subject. Thinking about her hate for English made me smile. Today just so happen to be an individual work day so the teacher had left to get that day’s homework assignment, but never came back. I walked over to Sara desk and casually gave her a hug thinking nothing of it since I did all the time.“Hey, what are you thinking about?” I giggled. Looking a bit surprised about her hesitation on her reply.“Oh hey Amy, it’s nothing, I just got a schedule change since, you know, Mrs. Lowyer buca escort is on leave.”“That’s right, so what class do you have next?” I asked. While she pulled out her schedule I was thinking it would be cool if she had gym with me next hour I would get to see her in a bathing suit. Just the thought of her in a swim suit had me wet. I was making myself horny and wet for what I thought was the impossible.“Here I have gym next and the lunch after. After lunch my classes are the same as before.”I couldn’t believe it my little dream was starting to seem really close to reality. I usually hated the dreaded PE class but I was starting to think that the class could have great benefits for me at least. I would get to see this girl, the girl I ached for, close to naked right next to me.“This is great. You’ll be in my gym class next period.” I tired really hard to keep my excitement to a minimum. But I could tell I was failing because she gave me a smile that told me I must look super excited. She only gives that look when I have my super excited face on.When the bell rung I practically ran back to my desk and gathered my stuff. I rushed back over to Sara and we walked out the door, we split in the corridor and head to our lockers saying that we would meet up outside the locker room.As soon as Sara was out of sight I ran to my locker, stuffed my shit into the locker and grabbed my gym bag. You could say if you saw me I was stupidly excited and looked a little crazy. I dashed down the hallways, once I reached the locker room I waited for Sara. She arrived shortly after. She looked a little flustered but I blow that off as nothing more as nerves. We walked into the changing room and went to the last row of lockers in the far back. I was always shy about changing in front of others because of my breasts size but I was comfortable about changing in front of Sara since I had the hots for her.I started to undo the front of my uniform, once it was unbutton I undid my skirt and let I fall to the ground. I undid everything with such slowness hoping Sara would look over and couldn’t help but want to touch me. I was lost in my own fantasy that I almost missed Sara question.“Amy, what is it like to have breast like yours?” she asked.“Huh! What did you say?” I asked because I thought what I heard hadn’t been right.I could see her face turn beet red as she tried to ask her question again. She looked so cute that I laughed a little which only set her into a more flustered state.“I wanted to know what it like is to have big breasts like yours.”Now that I understood her question, I regarded her with care hoping it wouldn’t become to embarrassing for the two of us.“Umm, they are okay I guess… sometimes they hurt in gym and I get a lot of unwanted attention.” I shrugged.“Oh okay”An awkward silence fell between us, and when I looked over at Sara she was still red in the face. But what I noticed more was her half naked body. She was stand right next buca escort bayan to me with her shirt completely off and was just about to unclasp her bra.I must have been staring because she asked if something was wrong I said no and turn around and started to finish undressing. In the next moment I felt a hand pull me around, and I was pushed up against the lockers. Sara was in front of me; she seemed hyper but seemed to know what she was doing. Because in the next instant, she was kissing my with full force as if she didn’t want to let me pull away. However she didn’t expect me to kiss her back with the same amount of force. The kiss was hot and heavy. I could feel her heart beating fast against my chest. I didn’t want the kiss to end but eventually I had to pull away so that I could breathe.I looked up at Sara and could swear that she looked at me as if I was her favorite meal that she couldn’t wait to devour. Her look made me so wet that I wanted to rip the rest of her clothes off and take her right there right now. I was so hot for her that if water hit me it would evaporate. I grabbed her head down toward my face and kissed her with so much passion it scared Sara a little, but she didn’t pull back, just the opposite, she push her tongue passed my lips and we started to tongue war by sucking and massaging each other’s tongue.My hands roamed her body as the kiss lasted longer and longer. The heavier the kiss the bolder my hands became. I reached around the front of her bra and unclasped it pushing it off her shoulders. Letting it fall she grabbed my unbutton shirt and pushed it down my arms. She grabbed a handful of my bra covered breast and started to knead the mound.The feeling was incredible, deep moans rose from my throat and vibrated against her mouth. She pulled away and bent down and kissed my neck. I was moaning like crazy. My back arched to her touch, her mouth slowly moved farther down my body to the point that she was right in front of breast. She tugged down the bra and scoped out my tit. She looked up at me as if asking permission.I grabbed a fistful of her hair and shoved her face into my breast. She eagerly devoured my breast sending me over the moon. My juices were pouring, I was sopping wet. The more she worked on my breast the deeper he moans became.I pulled her head up to my face and kiss her and hoping to return the favor. I gentle pulled her to the floor. I showered her with more kisses before I moved down her body. I licked and lightly kissed her neck which made her moan. I moved down lower and captured one of her nipples in my mouth savoring the taste of her soft skin. Her moans grew louder. I didn’t stop there though I was slowly descending her body. I wanted to taste her, savor her flavor like she was an ice cream cone.I kissed her stomach, racking my nails gently along her sides. I swirled my tongue in her belly button. When I reached her pussy, I could smell the muskiness of her juices, escort buca her smell was so inviting I literally ripped her panties off. I spread her legs slowly kissing down one thigh and up the other. Her scent was driving me wild. I lowered my head and ever so slowly licked her up and down her slit. I spread her outer lips open with my hand and breathed in heavy her sent. I stuck my tongue out again to capture her juices as they poured from her hole.She shuddered every time I licked her pussy. When I stuck my tongue into her sopping wet hole her moan became inaudible. I could feel the tightness she was holding on my tongue, the pressure was incredible. Moving in and out of her with my tongue I rubbed her clit with my one hand and groped on of her breast.“Oh my God, don’t stop. It feels so good. Keep going.” She screamed.I removed my hand from her clit and replaced it with my mouth. I sucked and bit the hard bud, while I messed with her clit I shoved two fingers into her and pumped my hand as fast as possible. She screamed from the intensity of pleasure. I could feel her walls tightening around my fingers, she was so close to an orgasm. But I want to be mean for a little bit. I stopped pumping my fingers and pulled out of her.She basically screamed in protest. I moved up towards her mouth and kissed her. Then flipped my body around so that my pussy was in her face. I could feel her warm breath on my clit and it sent shudders through my body. We were now in a 69 position. As soon as I had my pussy near her face she reached up and captured my pussy with her mouth. Moans escaped my mouth as I grinded my pussy into her face.“That’s it don’t stop, It feels so good Sara. Please don’t stop.” I begged.I leaned down and began to work her pussy back up. Abruptly she shoved two fingers into me; she was spreading my walls like no other. She pumped fingers in and out, I moved in time of her thrust. I could feel a very powerful orgasm coming. I then began to work her pussy like she was mine. I threshed two fingers in and was sucking on her clit.A few minutes later, we were both cumming hard in each other’s faces, panting I turned myself around. I meet her mouth for a kiss. We were both sweaty and out of breath. We only laid there for a moment before we heard people coming into the changing room indicating the end of the hour. I helped Sara up from the floor, and then gentle pushed her against the lockers and kissed her softly. No words needed to be spoken everything that we felt for each other was already shared between use. But I said the words that have been clawing at my chest for a while.“I love you, Sara.”She looked at me, her smoky greens filled with such emotion as she repeated my words. We got dress then held hands as we left the changing room.EpilogueSince that day me and Sara have been together for five years now and will soon be having a baby together. Our families are the most understanding and can’t wait for their grandc***d to be born. I can hardly contain my excitement about having a baby, I can’t wait until the little person is born. Even Sara is excited, even has a fool proof plan on how it’s going to go down. I still love her and her me.