First Date

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First DateWe had been dealing with a lot of issues lately that had been keeping us apart. So she and I decided to meet, even if just for a night. AND, because of the nature of how we met, we never actually had a real “first date”, haven gotten to know each other so well by phone and mail long before we met in person. SO… we decided to make this our actual “first date”. Richmond, Virginia just about halfway between us, so we made plans to meet there at the Copper Grill – a very romantic restaurant. Traffic was a messand I was running late so I parked in the lot and bolted into the bar area ofthe bistro. She was sitting at the bar, stunning, wearing a black dress that showed her beautiful cleavage, her nipples peaking the taut fabric. The dress was short enough that passing by her I could see a goodly portion of her perfectly toned legs… She had obviously been there a while, because she was sipping a glass of wine.I took a seat at the far end of the bar. I watched her. I watched the other men who were watching her. I was so longing to take her into my arms, but this was our “first date”, so I had to play it cool. As she neared the bottom of her glass, I smiled at her. She smiled, also, then demurely turned illegal bahis siteleri away. I ordered a glass of Nugan Estate Shiraz for myself from the bartender, and requested that he take her another CherryHill Pinot Noir on me.“Forget it, buddy”, the bartender smiled, “she’s turned down two already.” I asked him to try anyway.I watched as he took the wine to her and then nodded in my direction. She smiled at me again, and then began to push the drink back towards the bartender… but just before he cleared it, she put her hand on his and stopped him. She took the glass of pinot noir and slid off her stool. Unabashedly, she walked right over to me. Several of the men at the bar, no doubt the two who had been spurned among them, watched in fascination as she moved like sensual fluid right up to me. She held the glass aloft as is to toast, then looked right into my eyes and said, “Make me smile, and I’ll drink with you. Make me laugh out loud and I’ll have dinner with you.”The bartender and a few of the men overheard this, and the area around the bar got very quiet, waiting to hear what I would say.Now, I make people laugh for a living, but I had never been put on the spot like this. “Be Funny”, youwin giriş every comedian’s nightmare. So…I smiled at her. That’s all. I just grinned. And as I had hoped, it was infectious. Her stern veneer cracked and she smiled broadly. We clinked our glasses together and drank. She stood there. Smiling, but not laughing. The men stared, wondering what I’d do next.So I laughed. Genuinely, fully, loudly. I laughed and laughed and she kept smiling.And then she broke, and joined in my laughter. She hooked my arm with hers and led me into the dining room. We had a wonderful meal – Shrimp Ravioli appetizer, followed by a Kansas City Strip for her and a Saku Tuna Steak for me. We washed it down with a bottle of Chateau Reynella Shiraz. All through dinner we talked and “got to knoweach other”, asking questions to which we already knew the answers, flirted,laughed; and by the time our dessert arrived, White Chocolate Key Lime Pie, we had fallen in love all over again.We kissed over candlelight. Our “first kiss”. When we finished dinner, I escorted her out and suggested that we take a cab to my hotel (we had consumed a lot of wine). We made out like teen-agers in the back seat of the taxi as canlı bahis he drove us to the Jefferson Hotel. As soon as we entered my room, she melted into my arms and we kissed passionately, feverishly.I looked at her and smiled. “Sweetheart, I hope you don’t think I’m the kind of man who has sex with a woman on the first date!” She grinned, and replied, “Nor am I that type of lady, mister.”So we sat on the edge of the bed and talked. We talked well into the night until exhausted we fell asleep fully clothed on the bed, holding to each other as if afraid if either of us let go, the other might vanish. We slept until morning sun crept into the room.I stirred and quietly ordered breakfast from room service – The Monticello – brioche with hard fried egg and cheddar cheese, Virginia ham, sweet rolls and sliced fresh fruit. She awoke when the breakfast arrived. She grinned, and we ate heartily. Talking more, laughing more… loving more.After our repast, I moved the detritus of our meal into the hall. When I reentered the room I found Susan standing at the foot of bed, stripping seductively. “I thought you didn’t sleep with a man on the first date”, I stammered.She let her dress fall to the floor, revealing her full nudity, perfect pert breasts, rosy hard nipples, and the full natural beauty of her womanhood. I stared, and she laughed… “We had breakfast, silly – this is now our second date. Now, come here and make love to me.”And always wanting to please a lady… I did.