Fiancee’s sister

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Fiancee’s sisterThis happened many years ago, when I was a green teenager and was dating my first serious girlfriend Sandra. We were both 18, still at school, but had just finished our final exams and looking forward to the summer holidays.Sandra was my first sexual partner, and we were both learning about sex with each other. We had got engaged just a few weeks earlier. Sandra had dark brown shoulder length hair and a lovely young figure, firm breasts and smooth hips and long legs. She had two younger brothers and two sisters – one older (Maureen) and another sister two years younger (Karen).Sandra lived about 3 miles away, and the only transport I had was my bike, so I used to cycle over to her parents’ house to see her. As we had finished our exams, we didn’t have to attend school every day, and on this day I got my cycle out and rode over to see Sandra, and maybe go to the park and play tennis.However, when I got there the only person in was Karen, apparently Sandra had been press-ganged into helping her Mum with her younger brothers, and had gone off with her Mum and the two boys on a school trip for the kuşadası escort day, and Dad was at work. Sandra couldn’t let me know as they didn’t have a phone, so had asked Karen to relay the message and her apologies.”You might as well come in and have a cup of tea, having cycled all that way.” Karen smiled as she stood back and let me into the house.Karen was in the dog house, and grounded, as she had got herself pregnant – she was only 16 – by a boy in her class. After much family dicussion, it had been decided that Karen and the boy were too young to take on the responsibility of raising a c***d, but an abortion was out of the question. So here was Karen – stuck at home 4 months pregnant.She put the kettle on and made tea.I was obviously disappointed that I wouldn’t see Sandra, play tennis, and maybe have some groping afterwards at the secluded forested part of the park. But my disappointment was soon forgotten as I watched Karen in the kitchen. Karen was blonde, tall, and her bust was already swelling as a result of her pregnancy, while her tummy was still flat. She was wearing a matching escort kuşadası pink tee-shirt and mini-skirt, the latter barely covering her lovely rounded ass, while the tee-shirt was struggling to cope with her bigger bust.Karen took the tea tray into the lounge, set it on the coffee table and sat down on the sofa. I sat next to her, and we drank tea, chatting about nothing in particular.Suddenly, Karen put her hand on my lap “This pregnancy is making me really horny, how about you show me what Sandra has been playing with?” and her hand began to rub over my crotch. My cock had already been aroused by looking at her legs and rounded bum, and her hand was now making it grow to full erection.I was flustered and my throat was dry despite the tea, I couldn’t speak.Karen’s hand deftly unzipped my flies and explored inside, finding my now hard cock, and pulling it free of my trousers. She quickly bent forward and enveloped it in her mouth, sucking hard – god what a feeling!Somehow, my hand was pushing her head down on to me, there was no going back now. I slipped my hand up underneath her tee-shirt, kuşadası escort bayan and freed the clips on her bra, Karen sat up and slipped her shirt off over head, and flunge her bra on to the coffee table. I stared at her tits, her nipples standing out like pegs, surrounded by engorged dark brown areolae, I had to suck those, and pinned her back on the sofa with my mouth clamped on her right nipple, sucking hard.The next few minutes were both memorable and blurred, and before long we were both naked, she lay on the floor and opened her legs wide. “Come on, let me have your cock now!”, and in a flash I was poking her soaking snatch, and humping for all I was worth.For once I didn’t have to worry about taking precautions, she was already pregnant, so for the first time in my life I squirted my cum into a bareback pussy, and boy did it feel good!It was all over very quickly, and I was immediately overcome with guilt and also scared of what Karen might say to her sister. So, I quickly got dressed, and told Karen that she must not say anything to anyone about what had happened. She just grinned at me.I hurried out of the house and rode home as fast as I could.Afterwards, I made sure never to be alone with Karen again, and she never said anything to anyone (as far as I know). She had the baby, which was adopted, while Sandra and I parted on friendly terms a year later.