Fantasy about my wife comes true

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Fantasy about my wife comes trueThis is a true story and like a lot of husbands I had always had a fantasy about a hung guy fucking my wife. However,I never thought it would really happen.My wife and I were in our mid thirties and my shy wife has a voluptous body that catches the eye of a lot of horny men. Linda is 5-7 139 brunette 38d,26,39 with very curvy legs and a sexy dark bush.We went to partys with another married couple Bob and Sue and little did I know Bob had his eyes on my wife. He danced with her a lot when she had been drinking and she bilecik escort told me later in bed that she could feel his big hard on rubbing against her. This talk made from some hot sex for both of us, but I was naive to think that it might progress to anything other than pillow talk.In spite of my unsuspecting thoughts things started to progress when his wife had told my wife that Bob was hung to big for her. I’m sure that made my wife curious. Bob and I were drinking a beer one day when he told me how hot he thought my wife was when he escort bilecik saw her in her bikini. He never knew she had such big tities. I now think he was trying to see how I’d react to his comments about my wife. I think he took it a a green light when I told him she was very hot in bed. He told me his wife Sue never gave him much pussy. I told him Linda wore me out and how she luvd to fuck.Bob and Sue eventually were divorced and a few weeks later while I was outa town on a business trip I was to find out later that Bob had came over and bilecik escort bayan got my wife drinking and fucked her several times with his big dick.My wife confessed to me later on in bed what had happened and was very nervous til I told her it was ok and I still cared aboout her very much. She told me he had come over and got her drinking (her weakness) and before she knew it he had her naked in our guest bedroom. It got me very hard when she told me Bob was very big and liked fucking her dog style mostly. It got us both very hot and we fucked all evening as I got her to tell me details of Bob fucking her with his big dick.Bob moved away shortly after that, but I fantasize I might get to watch my wife with another hung man. She does know it turns me on talking about it in bed.