Explaining Victor about my absence from the club

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Explaining Victor about my absence from the clubI was there that night, in a darken alley outside the club, with my back pressed up against a humid cold wall, my legs spread open, my cotton panties down to my knees and a stranger who was jamming three thick and long fingers up my horny wet cunt…I held on to this man’s broad shoulders to keep from falling as with each hard stroke his fingers dug deeper. My legs were trembling and shaking and I thought that any minute his entire hand was going to slide into my well stretched vagina. The bastard continued to fuck me with his fingers as I hung on his shoulders with my head resting on his chest. I let out a loud sharp cry as a hard orgasm shook my body and felt my legs give way. He quickly caught me falling and picked me up.Still shaking and softly moaning from my orgasm; he carried me in his strong arms around the building and we entered into a dark room located at one side. I saw there was a bed and a dim night light sitting on a table.The stranger placed me on the bed and removed my panties; then he unbuttoned the remaining clothes. My boobs sprung forward, showing my dark nipples were already hard. Now I wanted him to fuck me; my body was burning with desire.He stood back and stared at my naked body. I shuddered with lust and could feel more juices pouring out from my shaven labia.Then he undressed. The more I saw the more I wanted him to fuck me. He was a giant man, big shoulders with a muscular chest and a cock hanging half way down his thigh. It was thick, much thicker than my husbands and at least twice in length…I shivered with anticipation and desire to have this huge cock in me. He leaned over my hardened nipples and took each other between his thumb and forefinger. He squeezed them very hard. Then he released them and in turn he sucked each nipple into his mouth. He moved away and crawled between my legs until his face was over my pussy lips. He then pushed my thighs up and apart. Taking his thumbs and placing them on my pussy lips, he pulled them apart until my slit was open and wet for his tongue. He licked my swollen clit and I shuddered with each long lick he gave me. Then he put his lips around pendik escort my clitoris and sucked hard. My legs began to tremble, but when he flicked his sharp tongue over my clitoris, I pushed my mound hard into his face and held my breath as a powerful orgasm racked my entire body. The man sat back and watched me as my orgasm sent waves of pleasure all over my body.He smiled and, as my orgasm subsided, he moved towards my spread cunt. He lifted my hips and placed a pillow underneath my buttocks, raising my cunt higher off the bed. Then he took a breath and positioned himself between my wide spread thighs. He opened my lips between his fingers and placed the thick cockhead directly over my wet opening.He pushed forward and I felt the pressure as the oversized head tried to gain entrance into my vagina. I screamed as he entered me. I held my breath as his cock slid a few inches inside my hot cunt.The stranger paused and reached down to squeeze again my nipples with his long fingers. He teased me as I pressed up for more cock. Suddenly again he pinched my nipples so hard that I cried out in pain and again my body lurched up, burying some more inches of his giant cock in my horny cunt. I screamed again as his thickness expanded each corner of my vagina. He took my hands and held them above my head. The feeling of being held captive under him was exciting me more and more… Then he covered my entire body. I pushed back against his hard cock and I begged him for more as I clenched his hard rod with my burning cunt. He gave me more by pulling back and slamming every inch he had.I screamed feeling pain and pleasure, as his cock hit my cervix.I was throwing my head from side to side and could feel sweat and tears running down my face. I was letting out strange grunts, but yet I was begging him for more, more, more…He fucked me until sweat poured off my face. I sensed I was in constant orgasm. Suddenly I felt his cock growing even thicker and knew this was a sign he was about to cum.Seconds later I felt his cock jerk and his first squirt of warm semen hit the back of my cervix. I screamed loud in my own orgasm; a very intense one. After several hard escort pendik thrusts we were finished.The man slowly withdrew his cock and he moaned again as I tightened around him, trying to keep that long hard piece inside. But he dragged out and stood at the bottom of the bed, showing me his cock wet and dripping. He climbed off the bed and put a sheet over my trembling naked body. He kissed me on the lips passionately and he went to a bathroom.My body was still tingling as I was thinking about my loving hubby.And my next thought was how was I going to explain those two hours out of the club to him. I knew Victor was a bit fuzzy when I left the place; I also knew he would be worried about my absence…The stranger man came out of the bathroom and then he left.I went into the bathroom dragging my clothes. I had a look in the mirror and saw I had my pussy lips swollen and bright red. All traces of makeup were gone; my hair was tangled and I realized there was no way I could repair myself enough to fool my husband when I went back into the club.But I tried to do my best to fix my slut look face…I did what I could with makeup and lipstick but I saw it was useless: I looked as well fucked up; but then I decided I should return there to face my beloved Victor.I walked into the bar area and immediately saw him sitting alone at our table. As I walked toward him, I saw Victor’s face turned red.He knew I had been fucking all night long. Then he grabbed my hand and pulled me out to our car. When we got home, Victor threw me on the couch and he demanded to take off my clothes…When I hesitated, my hubby pushed me back on the couch and pulled them off himself. He found my cotton panties were soaking wet and he could see my red swollen pussy lips.I begged him to let me take a warm shower and later I would explain what had happened. I cleaned myself up and then put on just a long see-through black night gown.My round boobs swayed as I walked to my angry husband.I knew Victor would get hard while he heard my story…Then I sat down in front of him and started to tell a combined truth and lie about what had happened. “I was sitting at the table with some other girlfriends pendik escort bayan when a handsome huge guy came over. Without speaking he reached out his hand; thinking he wanted to dance, I took it and followed him. But instead of the dance floor he led me out a side door and down beside the building; I began feeling a tingling in my wet pussy.He pushed me up against the cold wall and kissed me, running his hand under my skirt and rubbing my pussy. I struggled to push him away but I stopped when he ran his fingers onto my wet panties and he pulled them down to my thighs. Quickly his hand went back to my pussy and he inserted three long thick fingers deep into my now raging cunt. He ran them in and out and in circles inside me until I gasped for breath and had a leg shaking orgasm. Then this bastard unzipped his pants and took out this long and fat cock and ran it between my thighs. He began fucking my thighs. Back and forth he went slowly moving his dick up until it was rubbing my cunt as he moved back and forth. He continued until his dick was inside the lips of my slippery pussy. I was being driven crazy as that dick which seemed so huge, slid through my swollen pussy lips. My legs were trembling, my breath caught and like a giant explosion I had such brutal orgasm so hard that my own juices ran over his cock and down my thighs. Then he pulled back and with one hand he placed his thick cockhead at my wet opening and he slammed his hips against me. This bastard buried many inches into my stretched pussy and I cried with pain, as yet another massive orgasm racked my body. I fell onto his body, with my shaking legs. Then, like a rag doll, he lifted me off my feet and began to stroke me up and down on his dick. His bulbous cockhead bumped against my cervix with each thrust causing me shots of pain and pleasure running through my womb.I could do nothing but moan, scream, cry and cum onto his dick.I finally passed out, as he kept fucking me. When I awoke I saw he had gone…”I looked at Victor, seeing lust in his face and a bulge in his pants. He walked over to me, pulling me to my feet. With both hands he tore off my gown and he ordered me to get on my knees. Then he took off his pants and put his crotch onto my face.Then I knew I had won the battle. Victor believed my whole story.But then I imagined he would later want to try my tight asshole, since he knew my poor abused cunt would be sore…