Experimenting in the locker room

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Experimenting in the locker roomLast night i went to the gym, and there was the usual group there, along with a few others. One of the usuals is Ricky–a hot latino who is about 5’7″ or so, muscular, a few too many pounds, and a hot little uncut dick. Another one is Elaine–a hot MILF who is about 5’10”, hot tight body and huge tits. Anyway, when i went back to the locker room after my workout, Ricky was there walking around naked with his little uncut cock sticking out. not rock hard, but definitely sticking out. I was sitting on the gümüşhane escort bayan bench by my locker before showering and Ricky walked over to me and told me that he thought Elaine looked up his shorts and saw his little cock. When he said it, he reached down and flicked it. He looked down at it, and i looked right at it too. Then he told me that he wanted to put his little dick between her titties. I smiled and noticed that he got rock hard with that comment. His little cock stuck straight up, but it was still escort gümüşhane only about 3″ long. I got a semi when i saw that. I stood up and said i was hitting the showers. I walked back to a little area where there were only 3 showers, hoping something would happen. I started showering and fantasizing about Ricky pushing his hard little rod between Elaine’s big titties while she laughed at how small it was. Then Ricky appeared, with his little rod still sticking straight up. He took the shower next to me and openly rubbed gümüşhane escort bayan his hard little cock right in front of me. He said that Elaine looked at his little dick earlier (and suspected she thought it was way too small for her), but he wished that she knew how big his cums were. I told him i wanted to see that, so i stood next to him with my hard cock rubbing on his thigh, both of us looking down at his really little, really hard cock. It only took ricky another minute or so, and then WOW, you should have seen his huge load hit the tile wall. He kept cumming and cumming. I was amazed that much cum shot out of his undersized little uncut cock. After he got done, i turned towards him, and put his hand on my cock, and used it to make myself cum. I came all over his Ricky’s naked, wet body!