Erotic Dreams

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Erotic DreamsShe laid naked waiting for him. She was his to do as he pleased. She loved his visits to her room. He had taught her everything she knew about sex and pleasing a man. She loved his manly body and could never get enough. She welcomed it in every hole in her body. They met every night in her room and as often as they could when she could get him alone. He was her moms live in boyfriend and he craved her young sexy body. He knew when he moved in with the mom the daughter would be a special treat for him.He walked into her room and shut and locked the door. Her room was on a different floor than her moms so they had privacy. He walked to her bed and pulled back the covers to see her naked body. She had developed into quite a sexy beauty over the years. The sex had started one week end when her mom had to be gone for three days and he was left alone with the young girl. That night he watched her in her sexy night gown and knew he must have her. They watched a movie together and he began to rub her arms and then he kissed her. He was surprised when she did not object and opened her mouth like the movie star in the love scene they had just watched. He kiseed her deep feeling her tongue and then he touched her tits. She had nice firm round tits, still small but sexy. She seemed to like him caressing her tits so he then removed her gown over her head. He looked at his hand on her small tits and started to suck and kiss each one. He felt the nipples get hard against his tongue as he sucked them.He pushed her back against a cushion and ran his hand down her body to the V in her legs. He pushed her legs apart and found the slit in her pussy. His fingers separated her pussy lips and he began to massage her clit as he sucked her sweet tits. He felt her squirm and her pussy got wet. He then got a tight suction on her nipple as his finger roamed down to her hole. He circled the tight hole and heard her moan. He pushed a finger in just a short distance as her sweet hole was kuşadası escort very tight but very wet. When she didn’t protest he kept pushing the finger in deeper. Soon he was finger fucking her hard and deep. He felt her soak his finger as she moaned and let him fuck her. He switched back and forth sucking her small tits as he now inserted another finger in the young pussy. After finger fucking her for several minutes he decided he needed to fuck that tight cunt.He then removed all his clothes. He took her hand and placed it on his cock and moved her small hand up and down on it. She looked at the hard cock as she stroked it with his help. She was amazed how hard and large it got as she caressed it. She liked watching her hand go up and down on the firm shaft. As the hard cock began to leak cum he decided he needed to get in her tight cunt and fuck her and see how much she could take. He laid her back and spread her legs and placed his cock at the entrance to her cunt hole. He spread her open and began to slowly enter her. She was tight and wet and warm and he loved how she felt on his hard cock. She winced a little as he pushed in her but he kept going and soon she had adjusted to his size. He soon had his cock deep in her cunt and then began to pump in and out of her. He felt her cum twice as he fucked her hole. He had never felt a cunt that felt so good on his cock and he kept fucking her till soon he shot her hole full of his juice.After they rested a minute or two, he asked her if she liked being fucked. She said she loved it. He asked if she wanted to learn more sexual pleasures and she said she really did want to. He smiled as he knew his sex life was going to get very hot from now on.He then taught her to suck his cock. He had her lick all sides of it and his balls. He taught her to suck the tip and lick the pre cum. Then he began to enter her mouth. As he pushed the hard cock in her mouth she gagged and he showed her how to relax her mouth and accept escort kuşadası the large member. She was a fast learner and she could take his cock deep down to his balls. He would take her by the hair and hold his cock deep in her mouth loving how she could suck as he pushed into her and fucked her mouth. He made her swallow his cum and then lick his cock clean. He loved how she could suck cock better than any girl he had ever had a BJ from, even her mom.He then showed her how good it felt when he ate her pussy. But first he took her to the bathroom and shaved her pussy and told her to keep it that way for him. He spread her pussy lips and licked her clit before he sucked on it. As he sucked the clit he felt it double in size and get hard. He kept sucking the clit feeling her cum many times. He ran his tongue down her slit till he found her cunt hole. He licked the outside of the hole and again she spasmed. He loved that she could cum so easy as he licked her cunt before he inserted his tongue. When he began to tongue fuck her hole she went crazy cumming again and again covering his lips with her sweet juice. He ate her pussy for over an hour licking and sucking and tonguing her.That week end they fucked non-stop. He could not get enough of her young body and she was a perfect nympho. When he wasn’t fucking her she was sucking his cock. He loved to lay her on her back and straddle her face and fuck her mouth getting his cock all the way deep in her throat. She loved to swallow his cum and many times would just suck him before he even realized she had her mouth over his cock. She loved to suck his big cock several times a day.He wanted to have anal sex with her and so he told her he had a special treat for her. His finger rubbed jell around her ass hole. He had her on her hands and knees with her ass in the air as his finger then began to circle her bud. Soon he pushed a finger just inside her hole. As his finger entered her ass his other hand began to kuşadası escort bayan finger fuck her cunt to get her heated up. As she started cumming he then fucked the ass more and deeper. Fucking both holes made her cum and scream. He kept finger fucking her ass and cunt keeping her hot and wanting more. By now his cock was rock hard and he needed to fuck her ass and get release. He pulled out his finger and placed his cock at her ass and began to push inside. She was tight and he had to go very slow but he loved the feel of her tight warm ass. He soon had half his cock in her and he began to fuck the sweet ass. As he fucked her ass his cock was able to push in deeper and deeper till he had the big shaft in her. He then fucked her fast and hard slapping his balls against her as he rammed the ass. He reached around and found her clit and began to play with it and he heard her moan and scream in joy. As he fucked her ass he gave her a few swats on the ass cheeks till he filled her tight ass with a load of warm cum.During the day he fucked her ass in several different positions. She seemed to love the ass fuckings he gave her. She loved him to lay on his back as she mounted his cock in her ass and as she bounced on the cock he tweaked her nipples and rubbed her tits. He could never get satisfied and they fucked the whole time the mom was gone. After the mom got back he came to her bed every night. They would fuck all night in every hole of her body. They would quickly feel each others bodies when ever the mom was not in the room. They would use the shed in the back yard to meet and have a quick fuck. When the mom went to shower it gave them time to have a quick BJ or he would finger fuck her. But the nights were the best when he could fuck her and they would suck each other. He loved sucking her tits and rubbing his cock over the nipples and covering them with his cum.Soon she was to go away to college and she was going to get an apartment and he planned to move in with her. He would split from the mom and make the daughter his sex toy. No one could fuck like she could or suck cock. She could never get enough sex as he couldn’t either. She was a sex maniac and he loved her body. It was such a great day when he found the sexy nymph.