During The Workout

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During The WorkoutDuring The Work OutBy: Londebaaz Chohan Dylan Gibbs; the name gave an impression as if the guy would be a terror but exactly opposite; Dylan was already in the 10th grade but he was very shy, timid and coy among all the boys. Although all the black students were very active in sports, athletics, games, gymnasium etc. but Dylan was never seen in any sports. He looked at all the boys like the most of them looked at the girls but too afraid to come clean or do anything about it. Only Mr. Carmelo Piazza; the Math teacher liked him very much and that too because Dylan was very good in Mathematics and always kind of helped Mr. Piazza to set up the class materials or explain the subject to other students. Mr. Piazza was also the coach for the track team and when he needed a kind of manager for the track team, he asked Dylan and Dylan agreed to volunteer. The job title was a manager but the job was to go mostly along all the meets and keep the scores ready.If an athlete did well, he wanted all to know and as quickly as possible, especially to impress the girls and that made Dylan a very well-liked person by all the jocks. Greco, one of the class mate of Dylan, the tallest and the fastest athlete for a white guy, was not only built big but was also very good looking, with nice manly broad shoulders, blue eyes and blond hair. He got to be good friends with Dylan and one day told Dylan that it was nice to be the captain but in fact the only reason he was on the team, to keep in shape for attracting girls and in the most k**ding way, he even remarked on, how bad shape Dylan was in and asked Dylan to start coming at the team’s weights and workout practice time with him every day. Dylan agreed and that day after the basketball team was done with practice and time for the Greco’s team started, Dylan changed into his Gym clothes and met Greco in the weight room. Besides everything else, Dylan was very happy to get a very good excuse to be in the locker room with most athletes. The only thing of a bit concern was that although Mr. Piazza was the coach of the team, he was not the gym coach, instead the swimming and wrestling coach Mr. Sobers was. Never being an athlete, gym coach was a bit scary to Dylan. Luckily, Greco spoke very yozgat escort nice about Dylan to Mr. Sobers and Mr. Sobers was never mean or nasty like most gym teachers but always treated Dylan nice and friendly. Coach Sobers was mostly there at the time of workout and always showed Dylan the correct ways to use the weights and other gym machines. He made sure to point out any mistakes made or wrong doings for the safety of Dylan particularly. Dylan kept up with his workout schedules and coach continued to be overly encouraging of his progress and commenting, praising Dylan for any and everything good he did. This weight exercise room was a small, tightly fitted room between the locker rooms, wrestling practice room and the showers. After about half an hour, it would start getting pretty hot in there and most guys working would take off their t-shirts. Dylan never remembered who did it first but one day, one of the guys even took off his shorts and worked only wearing his jock strap. One by one, all of the boys followed him and when Dylan saw his friend Greco also took his shorts off, he also took them off. Dylan could see, Greco had a huge bulge in front of him in his supporter and it was almost ready to poke out. Realizing that he had his black uncut cock also being extremely stiff and extended to the max Dylan noticed that every boy had a hard on but all of them worked on, kind of harder now.Soon coach Sobers walked in and saw this. Instead of discouraging them or being angry, he whole heartedly appreciated and encouraged it to beat the heat in the room. He told the boys that in history, most athletes always worked naked. Being a good natured person, he announced that if the boys were going to do this, they must pair up and everyone had to have a spotter over the exercising boy all the time for safety. Greco and Dylan usually worked out together and it was the most logical pair. Now all the boys were made to come a lot more in physical contact as they would lean over close to one another with heavy weight bars and things like that.One late afternoon, coming back from the track meet, Dylan was hanging around the weights and exercise room, as coach Sobers saw him and asked, “Why he did not work out that day”. Dylan escort yozgat told coach that the guys did not get to work out on the meet days but coach said, “Yeah, but you did not do any exercise during the meet” and ordered Dylan to work out there while he would be the spotter. He was told to meet the coach in the weight room quickly after getting ready.Dylan changed as fast as he could but coach was there when Dylan came in. It was real late and no other soul was around. Coach smiled when he said, “I shall take charge of you and be in command as you need one all the time”. Dylan was looking at the floor and did not know exactly what coach meant but he craved the attention of Mr. Sobers. All at once Mr. Sobers raised his voice and repeated, “Do you or don’t you”? “Yes”, Dylan answered softly. Now there was rage in coach Sobers’ tone, “You say, yes sir to me, you asshole” and Dylan quickly repeated, “Yes sir”. Coach ordered him to take off his gym suit. Dylan kept his jock strap on as he had it on mostly but coach asked to remove the jock too. “I shall work you naked like the athletes in history, used to”. Coach was heard clearly. Dylan developed a raw hard on but thankfully, it fizzled quickly as coach Sobers worked hard on Dylan with weights, not letting him to rest. Dylan was now sweating profusely but coach kept working him, encouraging him to try harder and saying that he was a man and should do it like men. Soon Dylan was lying flat on the mat for the sit-ups and coach kneeling on his side, as he held his ankles. With each complete sit-up, Dylan looked straight into the enormous crotch of the coach and his tremendous bulge. Dylan got real solid as steel this time to see this but coach kept him going.At last, coach let Dylan stop but did not let him stand up, instead he asked Dylan, if he could touch and feel his teen hard cock in the jock. Dylan did not know the answer and was only getting embarrassed when he heard, “Do you want me or not”? “Yes sir”, Dylan said in a very throaty tone. Coach let his ankles go and Dylan felt the large hands fiddling with his teen black cock and sperm filled heavy balls. Soon coach ordered Dylan to be on his knees on the mat as he stood in front of Dylan with huge crotch right yozgat escort bayan in Dylan’s face. Coach held Dylan by the back of his head and pulled his face into the front of the sweat pants. Dylan could feel his very stiff and hefty erection. Coach gently kept pressing his foot until it was pressing against Dylan’s hard on underneath, while rubbing his face into the basket, containing couple of eggs and the thick huge beef Salami. Soon coach pulled the draw strings of his sweats, pulling them down and also his jock making his hard cock to spring out immediately. Dylan had never seen grown man’s cock before as opposed to young adult boy cocks and it was not only colossal but beautiful as well. To Dylan it looked real thick, and well over a foot long uncut meat rod. He was scared and had no idea what to do. Coach Sobers held his head again and brought it up against his utterly magnificent cock and asked, “Have you ever sucked a man’s cock”? Dylan respectfully answered in negative but was sure to open his mouth larger to take it but coach pulled Dylan’s head slightly away and said, “Oh, I know, you want it but ask me, beg me to give it to you”.“Please sir”. Dylan quickly obeyed and begged the coach, “Please let me suck your cock, sir please”. After repeated begging, coach lovingly pulled Dylan close to him and let Dylan suck his cock as best as he could. The taste of the meat, the aroma of adult sex and sweat were absolutely overwhelming and Dylan was hardly holding on. Coach asked Dylan, when was the last time, he jerked off and Dylan confessed about last night but was very careful, not to release coach’s thick cock from his mouth. Coach ordered to take out his cock and quickly both were in a 69 position on the mat. Coach Sobers fucked boy’s throat from above with his tremendous cock and boy did no less to fill coach’s mouth with his black cock. The pre-cum was flowing freely from both cocks and in about 10 minutes coach screamed as he showered Dylan’s young throat and filled his mouth with creamy cum and Dylan also came in coach’s mouth giving him mouthful of young black gay cum immediately after. Coach pulled out of Dylan’s mouth and asked him to go take a shower before leaving. Unluckily, Dylan and coach could not work out alone again but Greco the stud took his place and Dylan was not much surprised to learn that at least half of the boy pairs played sexually in the weight room during practice. The End. Your comments are appreciated. Londebaaz Chohan April 23, 2020.