Dragon Age Queens Fall

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Dragon Age Queens FallDragon Age- Queen’s FallBy lilguy lilguy4174@yahoo.comDrax teaches Anora a lessonA Commission I did. Not my characters.Drax was a female warrior and Gray Warden. She was the one of the few left. The Dark spawn had wiped out most of them sense she became Gray Warden. Sense then she swore to end their plague and save anyone who got into harms way. It had been a long journey. Many friends were lost and gain.It was coming to the final battle. The Lands meet was coming up and it was time to negotiate. She had to pulled political favors to get everyone on the same page. They needed enemies to become friends in order to fight this heinous plague. The only hold out was the Queen AnoraDrax stood there by the fire place with her arms over her ample chest. She wore the toughest armor, that had lost some of his shine through the months of battle and putting battle axes through Dark Spawn. Despite this her face haven’t lost it’s shine. She was stunning, short blond hair and deep piercing eyes. The blond hair was strong with dark roots. Her armor plated breast plate showed amble cleavage Her lips were thin and rose colored, like they were perfect painted on with a nice brush stroke.. She wore gloves with the fingers cut out, showing her long slender fingers. Drax nails were painted red. Her shoes and still had her sword and shield on her back.The Queen was also blond, thin but still imposing by her voice and the way she carried herself. She always seem wise but snooty. She had on a dress, with a long gown covering her legs. It was tight and showed very little skin giving her some mystery. Drax always thought she had a stick up her ass..but she also had a feeling she was a secret hellcat underneath.”Really…Drax things would go much faster if you do as I say” The Queen Said”The Dark spawn is coming. There is no time. This is WAR. There no time to play politics””Maybe you don’t know cause you not as learned but war is politics. The fact I know that is why I am a Queen..and you’re a servant””Servant” Drax said with a bit of edge”Yes. You’re a warrior…a simple piece on a chest board. I offering you a change to be royalty. I cant become the TRUE Queen for long cause of how I was born..to commoners. But I was raise as a Queen””Don’t remind me…with your ego it shows” Drax Said”I take that as compliment. Become the new Queen..and people will follow you in this Lands meet. You wont make decisions of course. I will be the TRUE ruler behind the throne. I will make the decisions and you can be there for show…as a symbol to the uneducated masses””And what if I wont be your puppet””You don’t have a choice if you want my help” She Said”Is that So…You know Queen..I met a lot of harlots like you. And I found all they need to keep them in line is a strong hand and to be fuck senseless””How DARE you” Anora SaidAnora face became red. Drax just smiled and grabbed her by her hair toward her. She went to slapped her but Drax caught the Queen by her wrist.”Guards…guards” She screamed”Wont hear you. I had Morrigan put an illusion spell over this room so me and you could have some alone time. She don’t know exactly what I will do. Said I was going to have a little talk with you.”With that she kissed the queen. The Queen struggled against Drax. But Drax hailed her tight against her, squeezing her Anora soft hands into hers. Her tongue explored the queen’s mouth twirling around like a mini Tornado. Drax gave her as a tight grip, taking a thick handfulHer arms soon went limp and lips soften against. The Queen breathed heavily in pleasure, not being kissed so passionately. Drax broke the kiss and pulled the Queens’s hair.”Think the good old Queen are submissive Harlot” Drax Said”Unhand me now…and maybe your life would be spared””Oh no I think I see what you have hiding under that dress” Drax SaidShe held her down over the bed and started tearing off her dress.”Unhand me your She b**st” Anora SaidDrax tossed the clothes to the side. Anora breast were firm and plump. Her nipples hard and pink. Her pussy had a blond hair match and was dripping wet.”Why my Queen…your dripping pussy juice all over your expensive sheets” Drax SaidDrax went into her backpack and took some rope. She laid Anora on her back and tied her wrist to the bed. Anora licked her fingers and pushed it deep into the Queen pussy. The Queen moaned as Drax started to kiss. Her skilled finger explored her pussy making her moan. She gently rubbed the clit and massage her pussy lips, stretching them out.”My My..do be leave I can fit my whole fist in this” Drax Said”Don’t you dare mmmmmmmm””Your mouth resit..but your pussy doesn’t. Least not to much. It be no fund with out a little tightness”Her pussy lips squeezed around her fingers.”Think your cunts Hungry..my Queen”Anora moaned in pleasure, her body riving in ecstasy. batman escort Drax started sucking her nipples, enjoying defiling her pussy with her fingers. The Queen face blushed as pleasure was sent up her body. She never had anyone handle her in just a rough manner.Drax moved her finger faster, and getting a good squeezed of her tits. Her teeth tease the nipples gentle biting it, and leaving small little teeth marks on the side of her breast. Tears of pleasure filled her eyes.”Damm You” The Queen SaidWhen she was close to the edge Drax stopped and pulled her fingers out. She stood over them and parted her fingers in front of her showing some sticky pussy juice between her fingers.”Just a loose pussy for such a noble Queen” Drax teaseDrax stood over her”Oh did you want to cum…no my Queen. Not let. You’re here for MY pleasure”Drax walked into the end of the room to her a case that had plenty of locks. In front of it was a picture of the castle.”I have gold. If that what you want I give it to you” Anora Said”Oh no. I find people hide the good stuff in plain sight.” Drax SaidDrax took down the picture and saw a safe. “ahhh here it is. Bet you have all your secrets here”Drax picked the lock and smiled when she saw what was in there. In the safe were tons of sex toys, strapons, ball gags and the like”Hmm just what were you doing to those poor hand maidens”She grabbed some of the strapons and plopped them on the bed. They were of various colors and hand crafted and molded by some of the finest workers in the world, with molds of the world finest cocks. Many a days has the Queen bent a handmaiden over a table, and use her paddle on them. Now she knew she might get a taste of her own medicineDrax was removing her armor, piece my piece. She was taking her time to let it sink into the Queen head of what will happen to her. She let the fear and anticipation turn. She saw the Queen pussy was getting wet. Drax felt she got the queen hidden submissive side. Is she could let that out and sexual break her then she could control her and she would agree to the lands meet. Also she would have her self a secret sex slave.Drax stood in front of her naked and confident. Her pussy had been shaved and her body perfectly sculpted. Drax nipples were rock hard, pointing out with pride. Her body was sweaty showing ever curve of the warrior. Despite using the sword she had let to have any body scars. Her ass was tight and firm. Her skin was smooth. Even at her height she was also an imposing figure. Anora could feel a sense of the Gray warden’s powerDrax snapped on a strapon and stood in front of her. It stood 12 inches long and bright red. The head of the strapon was thick.”Now we have some fun” Drax SaidShe took the rope and untied her. The Queen tried to run for it. With that, Drax Slapped her sending her down on the bed. She grabbed her by the neck and gave her another slap, open palm. It left a red mark.”Listen You Slut…this happening doesn’t matter if you like it or not. Your to fuck your silly, make you cum till your legs give out slut. And I will make you love it.” Drax SaidShe bent her over, and spread her legs. She pushed the strapon in, spreading her pussy lips. The queen moaned as she pushed the Dildo in. She bit her lip as inches of the dildo went deep inside her.”Ohhhhn God” Anora SaidDrax gripped her hair pushed the dildo deep into her wet pussy. Her pussy was stretch as the dildo fucked her. Her face blushed as she pushed the dildo deep inside her going in and out. Her pussy was so wet it made last splashing sound as she pushed her dildo deep inside her.”Ohhhh Fuckkk…Mercy” Anora screamed”Why your such a slut queen. Your taking the whole cock..your dirty slut. All 12 inches you nasty whore. Your really loving it, look how soaked your pussy getting you slut”She slapped her ass leaving big red marks on her ass”Ohhhhh God its to big””what’s the matter…Didn’t you use this on your handmaidens you nasty slut”She pulled her hair back grinding into her. The rubber balls of the dildo was slapping her ass. Drax put her back into it, putting her whole weight inside her. Drax tits bounced as she fucked her pussy. A smirk cross her face as sweat dripped down her chest. She love the power of putting this slut into her place. The Queen gripped the bed as the cock head hit the walls of her pussy, rubbing against her G spot”Ohhhhhhh Cumming”Drax felt her about to cum. She pulled out and then pushed it deep in as she was cumming. This made her whole body shake as she was cumming with a multiple climax”Fuckkkkkkk”The dildo was going in easier now, due to her pussy being stretch. The Queen never came that hard. Her whole body was shaking and her lips quivered after the post climax. Drax gave her no time to rest. She pounded on her pussy like someone trying to break down the castle escort batman doors.”You made ANOTHER mess…My Queen” Drax Said “Your pussy squirted like a gusher. Going to have to spank you for that”She spanked her ass with great glee”Please No…more…do what ever you want” The Queen Said”Oh I know you will…but I am still going to break you”Drax took hold of Anora tits, massaging them with her skilled fingers. She twisted the nipples, slightly teasing them. Her fingers circles around them as she made the dildo twist and grind inside her pussy. Drax bit her ear, and started leaving bite marks on her neck. Little hickies now covered her neck as Drax pushed in and out slowly”Ever came that good””no” The Queen moaned”Anyone every fuck you this good my queen”She whispered in the Queen ear. She could feel the heat of Drax breath as she spoke seductively”No….” The Queen moaned”Then cum for me WHORE!!!”She slammed faster now. The Queen let out a scream as she started to cum again. This time more intense.”Ohhhhh fuck Drax…your so good”Drax grabbed a paddle and wacked her ass. The hard wood of the paddle made the Queens ass jiggle. She whimpered as her ass cheeks became red as two ripe apples. Her ass had a glaze under the candles lightsMore climaxes hit her body one after the other. The Queen couldn’t take anymore. The pleasure and sensitivity was just to intense. She lost count of how many times she came at Drax skill as a love maker. Drax would cum herself by the friction. She put her head back feeling the rush of breaking her. She felt the her will be broken”Ohhhh Please Drax””Its GODDESS DRAX!!!””Please Goddess Drax” She Said”Well your pussy able to take this strapon anyone…so I will stop using it” Drax SaidDrax pulled out showing a wide pussy. Drax gave it her cunt a hard slap. She grabbed the queen head and made her suck it clean.”Tease your pussy juices whore” Drax SaidThe Queen swallowed the Grey Warden strapon, making her cheeks red as she jammed it in. Drax pulled the dildo out, making a necklace of saliva from her dildo to her cock.”But it said NOTHING about this one” Drax SaidShe held a strapon with two dildo in it. Both were 15 inches long. She pushed the Queen against the Bed post and spread her leg. She pushed it deep in, spread her tightly asshole, and pussy.”Aaaaaaaaaaaa….fucccccccck” The Queen ScreamedDrax kissed her as she fucked her ass and pussy at the same time. Drax gave a long lick across her chest, tasting her sweat. She enjoyed the sweet salty taste and started to kiss. She sucked her tongue as she held the Queen down. Feeling both her whole filled by Drax was to much. Suddenly before she was about to cum she stopped. She started rubbing the queen clit, just enough to keep her close to the edge.”Ohhhhhh God GODDESS….please…please put it in” The Queen said”What was that””Please put it in”Drax smiled”Put it in and do what”The Queen couldn’t believe she was saying that. Drax had broken her to her will. All The Queen wanted was to be abuse and humiliated by her”Please fuck me””why….””Cause I am whore”Drax laughed”Good girl”She pushed the dildoes back in. She felt like her ass hole was being stretch to the breaking point. She had never been fucked in the ass before. She found the pain of it pleasurable. Their breast squeeze against each other, smashing into each other like 4 pancakes. She ran her hand down his back, making her spine tingle. Anora felt Drax gripped her hair. She looked into Drax eyes practically getting hypnotize in them.”Shit your ass as Loose as your pussy now” Drax teased”Please fuck my….tear me apart Drax” She cried out “Please I need it all”The Queen started to cum with Drax. Both her holes were sore. Drax took the dildos out and removes her strapon”Taste your ass Drax grabbed her by the hair and dragged her off the bed. She dragged her to the middle of the room. She tossed her on the ground and flipped on her back. Drax place a foot on her chest and looked down at her with a smirk. She knew she owned her now as her sex slave. She could defile her when ever she chose.”Hope you like the taste of asshole” She saidShe pushed the queen face deep in her ass as she took a seat on her face.”You make quite a good cushion Anora” Drax laughedThe queen started kissing her ass and smelling it. Her nose were deep in her asshole taking Drax essence all in. Drax slammed up and down on her face and commanded to be lick. The Queen tongue went deep into her asshole. Anora loved the feel of Drax soft cheeks pressing against her. Her ass cheeks felt warm. She could feel the heat from Drax skin, warming her face. Drax felt the Queen’s saliva soaked her asshole. The tip of her tongue ran across her ass cheeks. Drax took Anora hand and squeezed them.”Look at these delicate hands you have. Bet you never picked up a sword in your life. They batman escort bayan will do good for massages. You be giving those a lot. Also hope you going to get use to eating my ass whore..cause your going to be doing a lot. Your going to be my little pussy and ass eating whore. Your going to lick and suck me anytime I want. And your going to love it whore. Your going to suck my clit blue whore. I will cum on your face and use you any way I want. I going to fuck your senseless anytime come. Pain and Pleasure going to be your constant companion. No more lip from you when I am giving your order either.”She maneuvered herself on her face, using her tongue as a dildo to ride. The queen tongue dug deep inside Anora was twirling her tongue around deep inside her asshole in a circle motion. It licked around the edge of Drax’s asshole making Drax moan loudly”Yessss….DEEPER” Drax SaidShe was fingering herself as she rode her face. She pushed her finger deep inside her pussy enjoying Anora wet tongue Drax made it hard for Anora to breath as she grinded her face. She was bouncing up and down on Anora face laughing all the way. When Anora was about to pass out from to little air. She would stop, only to slam back down after she got some breath.”Higher…… mmmmmm lick my ass clean. I want my asshole to be shining clean after your done. I want it empty slut. smell it you slut. Does my Ass smell good. Does my thick ass smell good””Yes Goddess Drax””Oh shit..about to cum…you slut…about to cum your dirty whore” DraxHer pussy splashed pussy juice dripping. Drax got off her, and looked into her eye. She squeezed her neck and gave her face a long lick before kissing her.”Did my ass taste good slut” Drax SaidShe slapped The Queen”Well did it slut””Yes…it tasted wonderfully Goddess Drax”Drax gave a cock smile and slapped her again”Your going to be a good little bitch for now on right. Do what ever I say..right””Yes Goddess Drax..anyhing I am your whore”Drax slapped her again.Drax stood up over Anora and open her legs showing off her dripping wet pussy. Anora looked up watching the droplets of pussy juice dripping down her face”I want you to lick my Cunt…little Queen. I want you to taste ever drop of my pussy juice”She sat on her face, wrapping her legs tightly around him. She squeezed her head slamming in her face, like she was riding a horse. She felt the queen lips wrapped around her clitoris, sucking it.”Ohhhh fuck…right there…right there you bitch” Drax Said grabbing fist full of hairHe tongue went back and fourth as the sweet smell of Drax’s pussy got stronger. Her face got more and more soaked. Her lapped up in errant juices, sucking tendering while humming on it. She gave the pussy lips gentle kisses.Drax put her head back and enjoyed the site of the queen eating her pussy. Watching the Queen ounce smug face soaked in the Grey Wardens pussy juices was a huge turns on. Being a Gray Warden gave her intense stamina making her cum again and again. Drax got up for a moment and made the Queen wait there. She went into the Queen private wine collection and took out a bottle. She sat on the queens face again and had her continue to lick her pussy. This time Drax took a slug from the bottle.”Mmmmmm taste it..hope this wasn’t expensive” Drax teasedThe Queen was a quick learner. Drax was close to the edge screaming in passion as the Queen licked her pussy with her little tongue. She lazily drank the wine was the Queen ate her pussy. The bottle went empty and Drax tossed it across the room”Fucking…cumming” Drax SaidDrax body started to shake as she slammed her pussy down harder. She let out a scream..as she stared. Her pussy juice dripped down in the gusher, soaking her and getting into her mouth.”Lick EVER drop…suck it out out”The Queen licked like a cat licking a milk out of the bowl. She made sure to get ever drop of her, as Drax legs close tighter around her. She had force the queen to eat her out for a half hour straight.Drax stood over an exhausted queen.”That was fun..whore. But I have to leave. I expect you to back me when we discuss the lands meet with the other kingdoms”The Queen was on her knees”Please…will you come back”Drax slapped her sending her down. Drax stood over the Queen placing a foot on her sore pussy. The queen face was still soaking wet with Drax’s juices.”When I want. That PUSSY of yours better be there for. I will use it when I desire. It also belong to any of my comrades I say it belong to….. You will loan out as a personal sext toy if I decide. IS THAT CLEAR””Yes Goddess Drax””Good whore. Your now my secret slave to do with as I please. FETCH my armor””Yes Goddess”The Queen got her armor and Drax got dress.”You shall NOT masturbate unless permission. Only way you cum is by my say so””Yes Goddess””If you have an heir..or need to get pregnant it will be by a man of my choosing””Yes Goddess” The Queen said kissing her feet.The Queen was walking away”And to think Morigan said working with Royalty would be boring”The EndFor commissions and to see other storieshttp://lilguy41.deviantart.com/