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DOUBLE VAGINALFirst Double VaginalHad Tuesday afternoon off. Got home at noon to find a note from sig other that he had the boys (2 sons) out shopping 4 back to school. Note said they would be back a 3 and to be on the lookout for his softball buddies Danny and Stan as they were going to hookup around 3. Got in the shower and when I turned the water off I heard knocking at the door. Wrapped in a towel I yelled thru the door, “who is it?”. “Danny and Stan”, was the reply. I opened the door and they came in to the living room. “Be right back got to get something on,” I said and went to the bedroom and put on short shorts and a T. When I came out Stan was sitting on the sofa legs apart rubbing his crouch thru his jeans. Danny was sitting to the side in the arm chair. (couldn’t see his crouch). I asked, “weren’t you guys coming over at 3?” Danny replied, “Thought we would come early and see if we could get lucky.” when I turned to face him he was sitting in the chair with his pants and underwear half way down his thighs and his cock in his hand. A beautiful bartın escort light brown thing with uncut foreskin, half hard and already 6 or 7 inches. Stan patted the couch and said sit down Mic. Should have called it off right then But I didn’t. I sat in the corner of the sofa with pillows in my back Stan move close and put both hand under my T and rubbed my nipples. That did it. Always does. Danny got up and came over, fully hard now and put his dick near my face. I grabbed it; 9 inches long and so big around my fingers didn’t touch. I pull the skin all the way back and started shucking. Stan slid my shorts off and buried his face between my legs. Licking my clit, tongue in my vag and ass hole. Danny pulled the back of my head until I gagged on his cock down my throat. I really don’t hate that feeling and encouraged more by stretching my neck back. I could see Stan taking his jeans off and could see his cock. One of those long pinkish ones with a circumcised head twice as big as the shaft. Stan laid back cock in air and said, bartın escort bayan “Mic, come sit on this” Gave Danny one more tug and lick under the foreskin and headed to Stan. Started to straddle him face to face when he turned me around. I sat down on his dick the head was huge but felt great all the way to the top. Danny cock was back in my face and I picked up where I had left off. For a few minutes we all stroked and sucked and fucked. Danny pulled out of my mouth just long enough for Stan to pull my T shirt off. He reached around and grabbed my tits hard and pulled my back down on his chest. Danny squatted down and put his cock near my full crouch. I pulled my legs way back because I thought I was about to get Danny’s big cock up my ass. But no. He crammed half of it in my pussy with Stan’s that was all the way in. That quick move really hurt and I thought I was going to split. I thought I was going to scream and maybe did. “Easy baby”, Danny said as he pulled out a little. I could fit my pussy juice coming on big now. Stan was escort bartın all the way in but lay still, as Danny started slow strokes putting a little more in with each thrust. What had been a little pain was now wonderful. I tried to move my pussy as I would usually do when fucking bit found letting the guys do the work was much better. When Danny was finally all in the feeling of full and stretched to the max had me on the verge. Stan started to move now sliding 2 or 3 inches out then back in hard lifting me up hard to Danny’s cock. They settled in to a stroke with both going in and out at the same time. Twice Danny pulled all the way out and shoved it back in all the way on one of Stan’s up high thrust. Hurt really good. Stan said in my ear, “Going to cum, Mic. want it in your mouth, on your face or in you pussy?” “In my pussy”, I screamed. They both started going fast and I’m not sure who came first. I could feel throbbing going on in me. That made me cum and cum long. As the both slid out a huge amount of cum and pussy juice ran out of me. I scooped it up and took it into the bathroom where I ate it all and the rest that was running down my legs. I it was wonderful. Of course I turned the water on so all might think I was washing it off. That was my first DV and I hope not the last.