Desert Heat – Pt 3

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Desert Heat – Pt 3Monday morning, Ginger and packed up in the company truck and hit the road for the hour and half drive to where they had me housed. We arrived, unpacked into the trailer and then headed out to set up all of the test equipment to start recording. We arrived back at the trailer about noon, grabbed some lunch and then I gave her a quick tour of the small desert town including the one and only grocery store and gas station. The town was so big that the tour took a whole 5 minutes, if that. That afternoon and evening, I made my runs out to the equipment to record the data and show Ginger what I was actually doing for the summer. She turned out to be a big help and save me lots of time. She wrote down all of the date while I was bent down at the equipment, doing resets and such. The last run ended around 9pm and the sun was still above the horizon. On our way back to town and the trailer, I decided to tell Ginger about fishing with Bill and Olga and how Olga went topless in the dark. Before Ginger could respond or say anything, I told her that I was so glad that she was here with me. She asked what I meant and I said that I would rather spend my time with her or have her with me if I spend any more time with Bill and Olga. Not long after we got back to the trailer, Bill came over and asked I would like to join them in a beer. He was surprised that Ginger was with me and I introduce her and he invited her over as well. I turned to Ginger and she said sure, that would be nice. We changed into something more casual and cooler and headed over to the trailer next door. Bill opened the door as we approached and invited us in. He handed both of us a beer, but Ginger doesn’t like beer so she declined. They gave her a can of soda instead. We spent the next two hours just talking about everything under the sun. Bill asked Ginger if she liked to go fishing and she said she did. He invited us to join him and Olga Wednesday night and she said okay as long as she gets to keep her top on. Olga laughed and asked her if canlı bahis I had told her what happened and she said yes. Then Olga told her I was a perfect gentleman and although she had them right in front of my face that I never touched them. She looked at me and said I’d better not. It was a little after midnight when we went to bed and Ginger commented about how hot it was in the trailer. I told her how the air conditioner will freeze her out in the morning, but not be enough to cool her off by afternoon and evening. She said she would sleep naked, but keep some covers close by. It had been a long day and we were tired to do anything and went right to bed.Tuesday morning, we woke up and Ginger was freezing in the trailer. The temperature was down to 58 degrees. She was shivering and huddled under the covers and asked me to bring her clothes to her so she could warm them up under the covers. I explained to her that this is what I’ve been putting up with. I have to run the small air conditioning unit all night because if I don’t, the trailer will be an oven by mid-morning. By freezing the place over night, it doesn’t get to oven level heat until early afternoon. About five minutes later, she finally managed to warm her clothes up and put them on under the covers and climbed out of bed. I she wrapped a blanket around her as she sat at the table for breakfast. She was so cold, she ate quickly and went outside. At 7am, it was already 93 degrees and after being so cold inside, she said it felt wonderful. I cleaned up and we headed out for my first run to the field. We made our runs and by around 1pm, the trailer had heated up to the point that even with the air conditioner running full blast, the temp inside was over 90 degrees, but it was a tad cooler than the 112 degrees outside. Ginger commented about how hot it was inside and I told her welcome to my summer oasis. By dinner time, the temp outside was hitting 118 degrees and the temp inside the trailer was 97 degrees, only it felt more stifling inside, probably canlı bahis because it was all closed up. I reminded her that the trailer they had me in last summer in a different area had no air conditioning at all, and she said she remembered that. As we were making our last run of the night, we started talking about going fishing later and Ginger kept telling me that she was not going to take her top off not matter how hot it got and I assured her she would not have to and I didn’t expect her to. We got back to the trailer, changed into some cooler clothes. I put on a pair of cutoff jeans and tank top. Ginger put on a pair shorts and tank top and we headed next door to Bill’s. After helping him load everything up, we headed out to the lake. His van didn’t have enough seats for 4, so Ginger and I followed in my truck. When we arrived at the lake, there was no one around. The moon was just a sliver, but enough to give a little light. We set up our chairs, Ginger, then me, then the beer cooler, then Bill and then Olga. I helped her bait her hook with the stinky chicken liver and she casted it out and sat to wait. Olga kept trying to talk to Ginger, but the two girls were on opposite ends, so she invited Ginger to move her chair over next to her. She looked at me and I said to go ahead. She moved her chair and pole and the two girls started talking like women do. I told Bill that Ginger doesn’t drink beer, but she does like vodka Collins and similar drinks, so Bill had brought some vodka and mixer, so he mixed her a drink with ice and handed it to her. Ginger has a very high metabolism which is why she can eat so much and still have the figure of a runway model. That high metabolism also makes her react to alcohol very fast which is why she rarely drank. But it was so hot outside, that she readily accepted the drink from Bill and went back to talking and fishing. Bill and I were catching a few catfish, but the girls were too busy talking to even notice if they had a bite or not. About half an hour alter, güvenilir bahis Bill mixed a second drink for Ginger and I was surprised when she took it. She rarely ever has a second drink because she doesn’t believe in getting drunk and doesn’t approve of me drinking too much either. I noticed that she was giggling and laughing more, meaning that she was definitely feeling the vodka. About that time, Olga said it was getting terribly hot and asked Ginger if she would mind if she took her top off. Ginger told her to go ahead, but that she was keeping her top on, but Olga went ahead and lifted her top over her head. When Bill and I looked over, Ginger looked at me and shook her head no, indicating that she was not taking her top off and I nodded that I understood and that she didn’t have to and that it was all up to her.Bill and I had taken our shirts off right after arriving at the lake and now all four of us sat there topless. About 10 minutes later, Ginger was feeling some peer pressure and slowly took her top off, but sat very quiet and with her arms over her bra. I gave her a thumbs up and I could tell that she was very embarrassed and uncomfortable.Ginger remained quiet the rest of the night until it was time to pack up and head back into town. As soon as we got up from the chairs to start packing up the fishing gear and beer cooler, Ginger had her top on in no time. We packed everything up in Bill’s van and followed him back into town. On the way back into town, I asked Ginger why she took her top off and she said she that everyone, including me seemed to be quietly pressuring her to do it, so she did, but she was dying a thousand deaths. I told her that I wasn’t trying to put any pressure on her and knew that she didn’t want to and didn’t expect her to. She told me that she also knew that I wanted her to and that ultimately she did it to please me, but wasn’t sure she could do it again or go as far as Olga went going topless. I told her that she didn’t have to strip and that if she was that uncomfortable, that we wouldn’t go fishing with them anymore. She said she hated for it to come to that. By then, we got back to our trailer. The temp was finally starting to cool off and we climbed into bed falling asleep almost be continued