Deni’s Tale

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Deni’s TaleHi, Guys!Lets see if this gets to you…..This was written for us by our friend Durress.We have been web friends for yearsShe writes some Great Stuff.If you can enjoy reading porn,We hope you like this.Have Beautiful suck your cockwhile you are reading it!!!!M~n~DIt is very extreeme…..just remember,it is only a story!!!!Three, plus onePart 1Sue told me she knew this couple and that the wife had been coming on to her. She thought that Denise, the wife, had no idea about our lifestyle, really thought it was more role playing than anything else. She wanted me to seduce Denise and give her an example of what we are. Sue, as my owner, knew that the slightest suggestion was all it would take for me to carry out her wishes. She called Mike, Denise’s husband and let him know what was going on, then called Denise and set up a lunch date with us three girls. The only thing was that Sue planned on not making the lunch.Two days later I was getting ready to meet Denise. I selected black slacks and a black silk sleeveless top with a deeply scooped neck, very deep. That was all I planned to wear, well sandals also. I met Denise at the restaurant and told her that it would be just us two as Sue couldn’t make it. There was no question she was disappointed. Clearly she thought something might happen, or hoped it might, as she was dressed to kill. It was a pleasant day and we took a small round table outside. I sat more next to her than across from her and began my seduction routine. Well, it was hardly a routine as this sort of thing was new to me, but I had decided I would act the way I would like to be seduced. Denise ordered wine and I had ice tea and as we waited for our order I would gaze very directly in her eyes as we chatted. Quickly the conversation turned to Sue and me and our D/s relationship.I explained how we lived our lives and Denise wanted to know more about the lifestyle. I hardly had to feign passion about it and while talking to her would lean close in, looking directly at her, sometimes casting my eyes down for a moment. I made sure she could look down my top as the material fell open. My hand would rest lightly on her arm when I wanted to make a point, gradually lingering a little longer, brushing it a bit. As we ate it was apparent that she was very interested, asking all kinds of questions. My gestures became more intimate as her interest grew, becoming more like caresses. I began to tell her more in detail about us while running my hand along her upper arm, or stroking her forearm when it rested on the table.Her eyes were growing brighter and she was leaning closer towards me. Sometimes she would place her hand on top of mine to show her agreement in something I was saying. It became very natural for me to reach out and tuck her hair back behind her ear or wipe off a nonexistent speck of food from the corner of her mouth. I was finding this exciting and I know my excitement was evident in my voice and my breathing. One time, when I reached over to touch her arm my hand extended too far and I brushed over her breast. Her face flushed, not from embarrassment but from yearning. She now had her hand clasped over mine where it rested on the table, her fingers curling around my palm. We gazed into each others eyes, enjoying the electricity that was building. My other hand slid down under the table and rested on her thigh. She dropped her other hand on top of my forearm and started to stroke it by running her palm up and down. She could not have missed the goosebumps that raised my flesh. As I leaned forward more I pressed my stomach against the table and pushed my body up towards her. I could feel the silk fabric sliding down my front until at least part of my nipples were visible.I couldn’t help myself and my hand started to slide up and down the top of her thigh. We were no longer eating at a restaurant but were in a world by ourselves, the outside world cutoff, all attention focused on each other. I was feeling decidedly warm and I knew she could feel my skin moisten and warm under her hand. Likewise I could clearly feel the heat of her thigh. I slowly ran my hand over her thigh, across her upper leg until the edge of my hand was pressed against her body. I held it there, my fingers just above the juncture of her thighs. Very slightly her legs separated and I paused for a while, then tentatively slid my hand over her thigh and between her legs, just a bit. We continued to talk all this time. How could we be aware of anything outside of each other, we were talking and at the same time were both aware of the physical presence of each other and very lightly exploring that. Her breathing was becoming more pronounced and her voice huskier. I dipped my fingers a touch more between her legs and her legs separated a bit further. I pressed my hand harder against her and slipped lower. Her fingers tightened like steel claws around my arm and I froze, afraid I had gone to far. But she pulled my arm down, forcing my fingers to touch her lower. I could feel her heat through the fabric of her slacks. Her eyes dropped down to stare at my chest, the aureole of my nipples visible above the material of my top, my nipples jutting through the fabric just below the hem of the neckline. I pressed my hand into her crotch, feeling her legs open and her butt rock slightly in her chair. Our faces were now just inches apart. I described to her how Sue was my mistress and the things we did. She asked more questions, clearly becoming carried away with it all. My hand was still between her legs but I began to withdraw it, very slowly running it up and across her stomach until the back of my hand was rubbing across her breast. I pushed against her breast, feeling her hardened nipple. I continued up, rotating my hand until the palm was down, dragging it across her neck, then cupping her cheek and lightly stroking it. My knee was pressed against hers. I turned my hand, the one resting on the table, inside of hers and stroked her fingers. Sensually I slid my hand off her cheek and back down her body, pausing slightly as I cupped her breast before returning it between her legs.I really don’t remember paying the bill and leaving the restaurant but I do remember us standing in the parking lot and kissing. Still oblivious to the other people, to anything but each other. There was no question that I was going to go home with her. We arrived shortly at her house and barely made it through the door before we were in each others arms, frantically kissing and removing each others clothes. She told me to stop a minute as she had to go to the bathroom. There was no way I was going to stop and instead followed her. When she sat down I straddled her, sitting facing her, my thighs sitting on hers. I told her to go and took her head between my hands and placed my open mouth over hers. I pushed my tongue as deeply into her mouth as I could. When I heard her start to pee our lips mashed together, my tongue almost reaching into her throat. I started to pull back and as I did she wrapped her lips around my tongue. I began to fuck her lips and it felt as if she was going to suck my tongue out of my mouth.I heard the last of her pee and pulled my mouth back. I told her now it was my turn, and to spread her legs if she could. Not an easy thing to do with me sitting on her. My hands dropped to her breasts and cupped them for a moment before sliding around her. I pulled her towards me and attacked her mouth again as I began to pee. We could feel the hot flow between us, most of it draining between her legs and into the toilet. As I peed she pushed my tongue from her mouth and slid hers into my mouth. She washed the inside of my mouth, sliding her tongue across my teeth, the roof, everywhere. She ground against my lips as hard as she could. It was so exciting I could hardly go, instead my pee spurted out of me in fits and starts. Finally when I had finished I stood up and pulled her up to me, then led her towards the bedroom. This was so exciting, I was taking actions, not reacting as I usually did, actually as all I was allowed to do.I pushed Denise into the center of the bed on her back and crawled on top of her. As I ground my pussy against hers we kissed. I asked her if she was ready to try some of the things that Sue and I did. She didn’t have to say yes, I could tell by the excitement in her eyes. I slid down her body, tonguing her nipples, tasting our urine on her. Sliding off I ran to fetch my purse and took out some of the things I had brought with me. I cuffed her ankle to wrist, ankle to wrist, then tied her off to the far corners of the headboard. She was in the center of the bed with her legs pulled up and out and after I tucked a couple of pillows under her butt she was totally open to me. Her pussy was soaking wet and surprisingly open. I wasn’t sure if I had ever seen a pussy this wet and yet still yawning open. I stood on the bed and took one of her feet and guided it to my pussy, feeding her toes inside me, getting them nice and wet, using this time to talk to her, giving her some indication of what was in store for her, but not everything. I didn’t let her in to the arrangements that Sue had made with Mike and myself.I removed her soaking foot from inside my pussy and dropped to my knees, so I could lick her wet toes. As I sucked each one into my mouth and cleaned them off, sliding my tongue between them, I watched her excitement grow. One of the great things about being bound, and one of the worst. was not to be able to touch yourself or your partner. Only able to be there, at the whim of the other. Her breathing was rushed, panting, excited. I crawled down the bed and licked her pussy. She was so wet and with her legs spread, she was open. I tickled the giresun escort opening to her pussy, my tongue entering easily, swirling around inside her. Sitting up I could feel the air on my face, cooling as her juices evaporated.I curled my fingers down on my right hand, not making a fist but just with all my fingers extended and my thumb pressed in against my palm. Then I brought my fingers down so that my hand was still straight but the fingers curled down. This seems to be the easiest way to enter inexperienced girls. I rubbed the middle knuckles of my fingers around her pussy and began to push in. I don’t know if she was in fact experienced or just so aroused and lubricated, but my hand began to enter easily. I really hadn’t intended to go in yet, just fooling around, hadn’t even added lube yet, but I was sliding in. Not wanting to miss this opportunity I continued to push in gently and she just took me. Her lips glided smoothly over my knuckles and with little resistance I was inside her. I stopped wrist deep to check how Denise was doing and she was doing great, a small smile and eyes rolled back, breathing was heavy.Tentatively I balled my hand into a fist then gently tugged out to see how she would take it. Some resistance but my hand slid out smoothly. Quickly I pushed back in with balled fist, a quick small rotation of my hand and I was in. She was so hot inside. It felt like a pool of warm pudding. Hesitantly I pushed a little deeper and was surprised to go several inches past my wrist before hitting her cervix. When I did she uttered a short gasp, but a good gasp, one that acknowledged her pleasure. OK girly I thought let’s see…….Giving a short jab to her cervix, her knees jerked and her cuffed hands curled into a ball but she seemed ok. I jerked my hand out then pushed it directly back in, not punching, just firmly. Repeating this over and over I kept watch on her and she was loving it. She began to squirm and groan. Increasing the speed of my thrusts increased her arousal as well. She began to try and meet my thrusts with her hips but without much success. I turned it up a notch and she began to pant. I could feel her vaginal muscles start clamping around me and knew it was time to go farther.I jerked my hand out and watched as she writhed her hips, searching for my hand. Her eyes popped open and silently pled with me to continue. I reached into my bag and took out two soft plastic scouring pads and held them in my fist. Not something for everyone but some of us like it and I wanted to see what a little pain would do for her. With the pads sticking out each side of my closed fist I jabbed back into her. It was as if I had punched her in the stomach. The air was knocked out of her and her mouth opened in a silent scream. Not giving her a chance to adjust I punch fisted her. I knew what those scouring sponges could do, scr****g against your lips, your insides, pulling your pubic hairs, scr****g your clit. She responded beautifully, within a couple of minutes clamping on my arm.Next then. I pulled out of her, loving the squishy sound and the amount of cream flowing from her. I ducked my head down and lapped up the froth around her vagina. My mouth slid down to her anus and lathered over it, licking her juices that had spilled down her ass crack. Still no need for lube I thought, but better use it anyway as I am going for her ass………. Nahhhhh….she’s good and rubbed my hands together, getting the left one wet. I pushed my fist against her asshole and that got her attention, just as she thought she would orgasm on pussy fisting I had moved somewhere else. My intent was to keep her guessing. I knew that others would be joining me shortly but she didn’t, and I wanted her to keep guessing. Also I was afraid that if she had any idea of how hugely we planned to open her up that she might get hesitant.I reamed my left hand on her anus and pushed in. Just as with her pussy her ass began to open, although with a bit more reluctance. Nonetheless I continued and felt her anus being pushed back inside her, then begin to flower open and I was in. Not bad I thought, somewhat surprised and impressed on how well she took me. Clearly she could take more and we would see just how much more. I repeated with her ass the same routine I had with her cunt until I was sliding smoothly in and out of her. I did add some lube to be on the safe side. As I was working up a brisk pace fisting her ass she was responding with more and more passion. I moved deeper inside her until I hit the end of her rectum and began to work on entering there. I pointed my fingers and bobbed my hand around, feeling her expand. Her whole body convulsed when I slid into her intestines and I could feel the spasms inside her body.Ahhhhhhh, dear Denise, this is for you honey……and with my hand well up her ass I jabbed my right hand back into her cunt. I pointed my fingers, and, as I pushed deeper into her ass, making room in her pussy, I pushed against her cervix. Wiggling my fingers until I centered on the opening in that firm little tube I began to enter her cervix. This time her mouth opened in a non-silent scream. She begged me to stop, go slow, be careful…….whatever! As I wormed my hand into her womb she held her breath, over and over exclaiming “Oh My God!” “Oh My God!” “Oh My God!”. I was at the knuckles, jiggling my hand slightly, when her bladder let go and she peed all over me. The “Oh My God!”’s changed to “Slow!” “Slow!” then to “Deeper!” “Deeper!” and finally to “Fuck Me Bitch!”. I did.My left elbow was nearing her anus with several inches below my right elbow near her vagina. That was when I heard her husband come into the room.——————–silly boys–fists are for girlsMike stood in the doorway and I silently shook my head, indicating that he shouldn’t come in yet. I was almost at a stopping stage in my treatment of Denise and needed a few minutes more. I shoved harder into her cunt, pushing deeper into her womb. When I felt my wrists overlapping inside her, elbow deep in both her ass and pussy, I was ready for finishing off this initial phase. Pumping with both arms I punched in and out, watching my fists move under her skin. Denise was producing incredible amounts of cream, some of which was frothing around her holes, the rest running down between her ass cheeks, down her back and spreading wetly over the bed linen.She was rocking against my arms as best she could, straining for that elusive orgasm. I was so impressed with her ability to take a rough fisting and respond so lustfully. As her breathing grew more ragged I waited for the proper moment, listening and watching the cues she was giving me as to how close she was. Suddenly I yanked my arms from her body. She froze for a minute then wailed in frustration, begging me to get back inside her. Ignoring her pleas I waited a few minutes until her writhing body quieted, then as she relaxed I bent over and began to lick up the froth of juices that soaked her lower body. Running my tongue across her I was pleased by how far her juices had been thrown by the violent fisting. I had to lick far above her navel, over her thighs and needed to work my face between her ass cheeks. I was able to easily get my tongue into her anus as it was loosened by the passage of my arm.I slid up her body, her spending dripping off my hands. I thrust my tongue between her lips, letting her taste her pussy. Getting up and I reached into my bag of goodies and taking out a blindfold and ear cuffs cut off her vision and hearing. I wanted her now to start feeling some panic. I knew how losing these senses was frightening, creating a sense of uncertainty. As she had passed the initial trial with flying colors I now wanted her to wonder, to distract her from the sole lust of having her body manipulated for sexual reasons. Would the next phase, a more intense fisting, be able to override the uncertainty of what would happened to her without visual or audio clues?I signaled Mike to come in. He walked to the end of the bed, his rigid cock bobbing, and sat between her legs. I briefly plunged my hands, one after the other into her pussy, wetting them, then, taking his hand in mine, I spread her wetness over his hand and arm. I ignored Denise’s queries of what was going on while still registering the puzzlement in her voice. I placed Mikes balled fist against her pussy and he began to rotate it while pushing against her. I crawled up next to Denise and taking her head in my hands gently kissed her. Her body had reflexively stiffened when she felt this larger object on her pussy and now she asked what was going on, what was trying to enter her. I ignored her questions and just pushed my tongue deeply into her mouth until she began to respond. Her lips hard against mine, her body jerked when his fist slid into her.I released her face and straddled her head, facing towards her feet, and lowered my dripping pussy onto her mouth. I ground down, scratching her face with my dense pubic hair, and watched as Mike worked his hand into her. When she finally got around to tonguing me properly, I stopped grinding against her face and let her lick my pussy. Waiting until she was digging as deeply as she could into my vagina, while her body squirmed in response to the fist sliding deeper inside her, I reached behind my back. Pinching her nose off with my fingers I slammed my pussy against her mouth and began to pee. At first she sputtered but with no options she began to drink my urine. I could feel some of it spurting out but most of it was forced down her throat.With Mike kneeling down behind Denise, his forearm entering her pussy, the action was just before my eyes as I lifted my ass off her face. I asked him if we could switch places and escort giresun he readily agreed. He knee walked around her leaving his arm inside her cunt. I moved down the other side until I was behind her. I was transfixed in watching her pussy lips twist as he circled her. Her lips clung to his arm and swirled about, twisting in a half circle. Once he was on his knees straddling her face, his cock bobbing above her face, his balls resting on her forehead.I reached over for the lube, Wet, and inserting the spout in her ass squeezed a generous amount in. Setting the lube aside I took Mike’s hand, greased it thoroughly, then grasping her anus with the fingers of both hands I pulled her open. Her anus spread as I tugged at it, her insides glistening, red, pulsing lightly. Mike pushed his hand in as I released her. I watched her anus spread over his hand initially until it was stretched tightly. It began to recede before his advancing hand. Glancing at Denise to see her reaction, there was none yet. She had her tongue out, searching for his cock or balls. Back to her anus, the edge of her asshole whitening slightly around the rim as she was stretched by the bulk of his hand. A slight groan from her as his hand pushed harder. Right before my eyes her anus poised stretched for a moment, then released and ran up over his knuckles, swallowing his hand. She had been opened a bit by me earlier but his hands were so much larger. Without pause he sunk his hand in several inches past the wrist. I watched, waiting to see him explore for the opening to her inner sphincter. Instead he just kept pushing in a continuous motion.Her anal ring just expanded, climbing up his arm as he sunk deeper. Somehow he had just forced his way through, his hand now in her colon. He was sunk equally deep in both her pussy and ass. Now he began to push both arms in, one hand in her womb, one in her intestines. I couldn’t believe how strongly this was affecting me, how erotic it was. My pussy was soaking wet, dripping onto the bed. My nipples were swollen and hard. In almost a dream like state my hands drifted towards her openings. I had to stand to be able to plunge inside her. I slid both my hands down his arms, running across his biceps, over his elbows, fingers stretched straight down.The tips of my fingers neared her holes. I stopped just as they touched her openings and held tight to Mike’s arms. I rode his arms as he pushed further into her. The small of her back was supported against my legs, her flesh hot and sweating against my skin. As my fingers began to enter her I was able to drop to my knees, supporting her with her lower back against my crotch. My elbows were bent to the side a bit but my hands were pointed straight down, prepared to dive into her. Her holes stretched more, riding up over the bulk of his arms as my fingers entered her. She was so tight, the lips of her ass and cunt stretched tightly over my hand. I could see the tight circular depressions around his arms where her holes grasped him so tightly.Denise herself was almost an afterthought to us as we penetrated her. She was held almost immobile with her face between his legs, her back supported against me, her hands and feet in collars. We were only interested in her openings, her yawning ass and cunt. Vaguely, in the background I was aware of her body squirming, her voice, muttering for more, to go deeper, that she needed more. But that was irrelevant. It was the penetration that held us, just her openings and the inside of her body, the rest of her was just there, but of no concern.Mike was now elbow deep in her, the palms of my hands against his elbows. She was stretched unbelievably wide, no room for any more. There was no longer any separation between her anus and vagina. Any available gap between them gone. It looked as if we were in the same hole. Mike had reached as far as he could go, both because his arms were to far spread by his shoulders and also because he was at her depths. One hand in her womb, pushing it back until it extended past the bottom of her lungs. The other in her intestine.However I could go deeper, could stretch her further, expand her more. I pushed harder, really pushing. It was no longer a case of sliding into her but one of forcing myself in. I had to lean hard, pushing with my shoulders to gain anymore depth. I did though, feeling my arms tighten with the effort. Slowly I went deeper. Her ass and cunt lips reluctantly yielding, tight bands around my wrists. Her insides were hot and moist, soft flesh, slick, smooth, pulsating, clasping around my hands.I paused briefly before gathering for another push. Her voice rose in my consciousness for a moment. Soft moans separated by pleas. She wanted more, groaning out. I couldn’t see her eyes but her lips mouthed her desire, begging to be taken past her limits. Small utterances given between deep shuttering breaths.I want back to her cunt and ass and leaned into her, forcing my arms in. She may have said she wanted more, mentally want more, but her body was saying “No!”. Her body was fighting against me, reluctant to be spread even wider than she was. I didn’t care. She was just a couple of holes to be used. My hands slid in, feeling their way along Mike’s arms. I had to lean back slightly as she expanded. Her asshole was being pushed back until it was starting to look like it was part of her back instead of between her legs. There was just not enough room between her legs to take so much. I could feel the extra tightness in her rectum as my fingers began to enter her colon. I crawled and wormed my way in until I was into her intestines also. Mike and I joined hands in her colon. My other hand was exploring her cervix, looking for a way into her womb. I searched for any opening, no matter how small. My fingers teased around, probing, searching. There was none. I pushed ahead, forcing in, my fingers forcing her apart, spreading her cervix.I was through, all my fingers pushing into her womb, sliding along Mike’s arm until we could also link hands inside her womb. She now had four arms pushed into her body, merged into two huge fists buried deeply. Tentatively we leaned back to pull out slightly. At first her body refused to release us. We pulled harder, then harder still until we began to retreat from her body. We had to pull hard, straightening our bodies. Her back slid down my legs, sweaty and hot.We pulled straight up, her body coming with us. It was no use, we were going to have to stand. We struggled to our feet, heads together as we bent over her. We straightened up, our arms extended straight down into her body. She rose with us, pulled up by her cunt and ass, which extended from her body. She was pulled off the bed until she was tight against her bonds. Finally we were able to start journeying out of her once she was tethered down by the ankle and wrist collars.I could feel her cervix ride over our combined fist and the same with the inner sphincter of her rectum. We pulled back until she clasped only our wrists. Our arms were outside her body, shiny with the slickness of her body. We plunged back down, passing through her inner barriers, then back out again. Each time a little easier, each time her cunt and rectum growing more elastic. Her insides began to relax, to follow our fists out further. As we pumped her more, her rectum began to be pulled out of her, as was the cervix. They emerged slightly as we retreated, shining red, exposed to the open air.Denise was screaming now, shaking her head, her body squirming. She was urging us on, needing to cum. With Mike raised up I could see her face, exposed at times below his hard cock. Her eyes were wild, yet focused, deep in them was the fierce begging of release. It was apparent that she would endure anything to orgasm. Even beyond that, she wanted more. She wanted us to abuse her more, to fuck her harder. She wanted Mike’s bobbing cock in her mouth, down her throat.We pumped her harder, violently plunging deeply into her, taking strokes from our wrists to elbows. Four hands and arms turning her inside out. Her belly expanded and contracted as we moved in ant out of her. I was grinding my clit against her, building towards my own climax. Mike was thrusting the air with his cock, red, swollen and rampant. It looked so painful as he thrust.I was reaching the end. The end of my ability to continue, exhausted, sweat pouring off me, dripping onto Denise. A few more times we plunged in and out. Pulling her off the bed until she was arrested by her bonds, her stomach collapsing as we withdrew. Then plunging down, pushing her back down onto the bed, her belly bulging as our arms filled her. My crotch slamming into her, my clit scr****g over her flesh. Finally I collapsed as my orgasm rushed through me. My arms plunged deep one last time as I came. My elbows slipped inside her stretching her organs internally. I knelt over her, thrusting against her, juice pouring out of my cunt. Mike continued fucking her. Her womb and intestines held deep inside her by my hands. His fists ripped out of her womb and colon as he continued, pulling back to his wrists, then cramming back inside her. Finally he collapsed also, sinking to his knees, his cock spurting, shooting his sperm over her belly. We hunched over her and came. Our arms buried deeply inside her. I could feel her heart beating.Denise was shaking, squirming. She was begging us not to stop, to keep fucking her.The first time we were aware of Sue was when she stood in the doorway and applauded our efforts.——————–silly boys–fists are for girlsSue, as usual, strode into the room and took charge. She told us to stay as we were, with our arms buried deep inside Denise. Then she snatched the ear muffs and blindfold giresun escort bayan off of Denise, who was writhing on the bed, pleading to be fucked more, and harder, deeper. Looking past Mike’s cock, Denise got her first view of between her legs. Her eyes widened in surprise, she knew she was being stretched, but nothing like this. Although she couldn’t see her anus at all she could see her swollen cunt lips wrapped tightly around my bicep and behind that, the thickness of Mike’s arm on either side of mine. Her abdomen was swollen by the four fists inside and glistened with a thick coating of her cream.She was quiet for a moment, only her rasping breathing loud, then turning to Sue she looked at her, pleading with her eyes. “Oh God, please, more?” “Please, more?” “I need more….let me come….please?” Sue did not bother to reply, instead began to remove her clothes, teasing Denise. When she was naked she reached over, patted Denise’s cheek gently, smiled at her for a long moment, then screamed at her “NEVER ASK ME FOR ANYTHING!!!!!” Sue slapped Denise twice across her face, then turned to Mike and I.I watched Sue intently. This was a rare occurrence for me, seeing her domme someone else. I watched her eyes flare up, how her hair swung when she lashed out at Denise. Seeing her body twist, her abdominals defined, her breasts sway, these were mine, her body was to be used against me. The voice that commanded was for me to here, I was jealous.Sue told us to pull our hands back until we were only wrist deep in Denise. She unsnapped Denise’s wrists and ankles, then bent over to reach into a carryall. Denise’s arms flopped gratefully onto the bed and her legs flopped out to the sides. She was still supported on her upper back, held there by our arms and the small of her back against my waist.Sue stood back up, a large rubber fist in each hand. They were about three inches across at the widest and eighteen inches long. Lubricating the head of one she took one hand and worked to slip the fingers of her hand into Denise’s pussy. If we had been in deep, it would have been impossible, still, I wasn’t sure if there was enough room. She managed to squirm the fingers of one hand into Denise’s vaginal ring and tugged hard. She did make a small gap, but nowhere near enough to get the fake fist in. Telling us to pull against her, she tried again. Sue was clearly straining, pulling at Denise’s pussy ring until a good sized gap was exposed. It was not near enough to get the fist through, but the knuckles fit part way in. Sue leaned her weight down, pushing hard on the fist dildo while releasing her grip on Denise’s cunt. With both hands she pushed and twisted it, forcing it in.The pressure on my wrist was incredible. I felt the blood being cut off by the tight band of skin and feared her pussy would tear. It didn’t though, just slowly stretched further. I could hear Denise in the background, moaning, chanting almost, “Yes, yes…….harder……oh God it hurts……push it in, fill me more” over and over. I watched in disbelief as she continued to open until it popped in. One second the fake fist was stretching her cruelly open, then it was gone, inside her and her pussy was stretched around three wrists.Next Sue picked up the second fake fist and started to do the same thing to her anus. I couldn’t believe this, not sure if even I could take anything close to this. Sue worked hard at getting it in, she was starting to sweat, like the rest of us. Denise’s ass hole stretched further until the second dildo was in. Sue got to her feet next to me, her leg pressed against my side, and leaned over, pushing as hard as she could on the base of the fist dildo jutting from her cunt. It sank deeper into Denise, increasing the pressure around our arms, I was barely able to bear it. Inches moved into her, gliding past my eyes. Inches of flesh colored rubber, stretching Denise, pushing anything before her, ripping through her body, through her cervix, into her womb. Sue’s hand, pressing against the base, neared her cunt.Then it was done. Denise’s vaginal ring closed over the end of the dildo, eighteen inches inside her. The pressure eased off our arms, her belly swelled a bit more. Sue pushed the one in her ass in, into her colon, the fist portion in her intestines. Denise was in another world. Her head was rocking back and forth, a smile on her face. Over and over she was chanting “Yes….yes…yes…yes.”Sue looked at Mike and told him to push his arms back in, into her womb and into her colon, and grab hold of the dildos, making two giant fists inside her. I saw it, but wasn’t comprehending it. She had two male hands inside her to the elbows, two fake fists buried eighteens inches inside her and my two hands. The only relief she could have is that her outer rings were no longer stretched to over six inches in diameter. Still I knew she had to be ruined, her anus and pussy would permanently gap open. Her rectum and cunt visible from the outside, never able to close again.Denise was clearly not thinking of this though, all she knew was she had to cum, had to be fucked brutally. Ineffectually she tried to rub herself, grabbing at her clit, but Mike’s body was in the way. Her mutterings, chanting, had groan louder as she pleaded with Sue for release. Sue had told her to quiet up, but Denise was beyond listening. Sue glared at her, then told her if she wasn’t going to shut up, that she could let the world know what she wanted.Sue told Mike and I to stand up, we were going to carry her outside. Carry her by her cunt and anus. Mike and I struggled to our feet, lifting Denise off the bed. We stepped down and Sue threw open the French doors that led outside. We started to carry her out. Denise’s head was pointed down, her legs arched up then down and her arms flopped out to the sides. Her crotch was the high point, suspended off our hands. As we struggled to carry her I noticed that she started to slide down Mike’s arms. Her body lowered a touch with every step. Every bounce of her body coincided with each step we made. She was still held at my wrists but I noticed she was sliding down Mike’s arms. Her rectum started out of her body as her colon was pulled down, the sheaf over her rectum climbing up my arm. Suddenly I could see her cervix start to leave her body. An angry red column of tissue being pulled from her body.We had to lift her higher to keep from dragging her. Inch after inch of her rectum and womb began to emerge. Denise was hissing at us, telling us to bounce her, shift her insides around, stretch her. We staggered over to a chaise lounge and lowered her onto it. My hands were now out of her body but still within her prolapsed rectum. Mike and I were trying to catch our breath, sweat dripping off of us. Every detail of Denise body was exposed in the glare of the sun.Sue told us to fuck her, hard. We began to shove our hands back into her body. Denise’s cunt and anus stretched over and over as we ran back inside of her, dragging the dildo with us. Incredibly we were pulling our hands outside of her, yet we were still inside of her as her prolapsed rectum and womb exited her body with our hands. As we continued to fuck her my hands were going deeper until I too passed inside her womb and colon. Denise was again being stretched to over six inches in each hole. Her legs were spread far apart by the mass of our arms forcing her apart. So great was the width of all she was taking that not only were her holes widely spread but also her legs. Her abdomen swelled as if she was pregnant. A huge mass that traveled from her pubic mound to disappear under her ribcage.Denise was screaming, oblivious to the world. Begging non-stop to cum, for us to fuck her harder. We were pummeling her, r****g her with deep long stokes, throwing our bodies at her to force out hands inside her . Sue moved alongside of me and put the flats of her hands, palms tight against my arms, next to Denise’s cunt and ass hole. She joined in our rhythm and her fingers entered alongside our arms. Sue pressed in a little further with each thrust, stretching Denise more every few seconds. Deeper she went, ever deeper. Denise’s crotch was a mass of arms and liquids that were pulled from her body. Deeper Sue went until her elbows were level with mine, brutally assaulting Denise.Denise froze momentarily as we shook her entire body like a rag doll. Then she screamed “I’m cuuuuuuuuuming” in a long wail. We fucked her even harder, and she came. We could feel the spasms roll through her body. Her cunt and intestines rolling down our arms. Powerful contractions swept through her. She was held too firmly by our arms to move her body, but her legs and arms were able to flail about. The pulsations of her orgasm were so strong that she began to eject the fist dildos. They began to emerge from her body. Each of her holes were stretched to almost eight inches by the arms inside of her. Eight arms and fists were in her. The lumps created by each fist visible poking through her abdomen as the skin of her belly was stretched tightly over them.When the dildos were ejected to shoot out onto the lawn, the lessening of the tightness of her holes allowed her body to slip off our arms. With one final enormous stretch her asshole and vagina surged over our fists and she dropped fully down onto the lounge chair. We stood and watched as her orgasm wracked her body. Her juices dripping off our arms. For long minutes we watched while her body rippled with each contraction. Her body shot out long streams of pee that arced through the air and splattered over us. Her cream flowed out of her cunt and ran into her widely gaping asshole, only to be pushed from her ass as her rectum prolapsed every time she spasmed. In and out of her body her rectum and womb pulsed. Long tubes of flesh that retreated in and out.Finally the contractions lessened until she just lay there exhausted and moaning. Both her holes gaping inches across, forever open.——————–silly boys–fists are for girls